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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. right off the top, two south florida schools stepped up security after being struck by bullets two days in row. >> omar: today the teen suspected of pulling the trigger faces the judge as the police search for more shooters. going to school is different experience as the schoolsame under fire earlier this week. >> diana: and let's go live to elitsa bizios with the latest outside coconut grove school.
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this morning, it was really tough for parent parents to drop theirids off hereful they said they have confidence in the school and the police presence that has been increased here at this elementary school. students are back in school friday at francis tucker elementary. police officers seen on patroj to helping students and parents worries the day after shots rang out outside of the school. >> it is disturbing. so, but, just glad everything's safe. >> reporter: thursday morning just after 9:00, a drive-by shooting at 3900 south douglas road making its wayp to francis tucker elementary. >> my teacher turned off the lights and we went under the desks and didn't turn anything on so they wouldn't hear us. >> reporter: hat little boy's innocence taken as he describes e moment he is wednesday through. another life spared. >> multiple shots fired. it went through the glass,
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almost hit four students. i hugged those students, one with tears in his eyes not understanding what had happened. >> reporter: this was one of those four. >> told us to get on the floor and we were crying. >> reporter: parents god word via text message and raced to the school. >> they're innocent childrenful someone needs to do something about it. it needs to start at home. parents need to check and see ha they're doing at homeful >> reporter: bullets hit for a second day in a row, it's not so easy for parents. wednesday, gunshots went off around carroll city high school in miami gardensful >> when that's best chance they have in this county, something is terribly broken. >> reporter: police have arrested cedric anthony adams for wednesday's shooting, a guy they say is a known gang member. friday he went before a judge and will be placed on house arrest. back at francis tucker elementary, it was tou for parents to drop their children
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but they're all grateful no one was hurt.. >> (inaudible) that's okay, nothing happened. >> reporter: that's right. luckily nothing happened. these parents, school leaders and children, who come to school to learn, think ear asking if you know something, say something. the number to call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. and remember, if you would like, you canremain anonymous. for now live in coconut groe, elitsa bizios, 7 news. and also this noon, the country's top cop is in town. she's talking aut preparing and bidding relationships between concerned communities and the police who protect them. attorney general loret lynch making several stops across south florida as nationwide tour and superintendent of schools speaking out as well. jessica holly is live at booker t. washington high school with ha they had to say. >> reporter: after the two shootings this week near schools, there was a lot of talk
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you saw something, will you please say something. but that exchange of information does not happen without trust. that was the focus of this town hall meeting. as we go to video, you will see attorney general loretta lynch. her visit here at booker t. washingtgt high school focused on building stronger relationships between the community and police. she met with students who were named peace ambassadors, youngsters willing to step up and get involved in positive chan. >> and the people that i found students. they were youou people who were facing the issues of how to relate to police officers, of how to relate to violence in the community, w w were facing the issues of how to feel safe. >> it's very positive that she's coming down here to talk to us and think about what we want to do an get involved with the police forces in miami-dade county and just veryositive to have our involvement with her
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>> the fact that u.s. attorney lynch came to visit us, it's almost a good way of ending the week. after tragedy, there's triumph. after destruction, there's rebuilding of the spirit, the soul and our way to collectively bring about the better reality for kids. >> reporter: the attorney general making three different stops today in south florida. we will have much more on her sit coming up later today on 7 news.. for now live in miami, jessica holly, 7 news. and developing now in arizona, police on the scene of a deadly shooting at a hig school near phoenix. two female students shot. one of them kledful right now the school remains on lock down and police say the situation is contained and is not an aboutive situation. no shooter is out there right nono no word if anyone has been arrested.
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accused of ambushing a miami gardens police officer. david mejia charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer. they say mejia pulled up to a police suv and open fireful he shot david starling once in the lower body. a man appearing in court accused of a terrifying crime spree. walker released from a medical hold. he's being held without bond on multiple charges, iluding attempted murder. police say this is the 22-year-old on surveillance video attacking a person at is swap shop with a sword. he is accused of beating a man inside a shell gas station. a meeting of holly and historic proportions about to happen in cuba.
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russian patriarch for an a sit down. the world will be watching. the meeting could benefit much more than just their representative fates. >> omar: this afternoon, alex de armas is following the story from church in miami. alex? >> reporte the reason high this meeting is such a big deal and so historic, it's the very first time in history that the leader of the roman catholic church has a meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church. and on top of all of that, it's happening in cuba. the leader of the russian orthodox church is now in havana cuba, awaiting pope francis arrival. here's the pontiff leaving for cuba. he will be sitting down with the patriarch, the leader of the russian orthodox church. here he is greeted by raul castro at the international airport.
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the two and fst meeting between pope francis an the russian church leader, cleaning p those visited. >> it's important, a historical moment and so significant that it's happening right here in our country. >> reporter: the leaders will meet at the international airport where they will sign a joint declaration designed to ai of healing the divide of the east and west. >> everybody realize this is is a risk that has to take in order to be global in his image, in order to rise up to the level of patriah. >> reporter: russia, the largest country in theorld t vatican and the smallest, establish formal diplomatic
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>> its's probably the most numerically strongg is also to be in theleadership where experral relations are concerned. >> reporter: this tripp will mark pope francis's trip to cuba and in just fivi month, the pontiff visited the island last september after playing a role in helping the country restore diplomatic relations with the united states. the religious leaders in south florida hoping this meet willing be equally successful. >> we want the church to abreathe with both lung, the eastern and western ngs. we want theture p. to be united because that's what jesus's will is and hen thers unity among christians it's a bit more convinci. >> reporter: and i just spoke to a member of the russian orthodox church in miami and actually agrees with the catholic an a, bishop. if they unite, perhaps it can
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the middle east. pope francis ischeduled to arrive at 2 p.m. alex de armas, 7 news. a big weekend on tap with valentine's day on sunday and president's day on monday. will the weather finally warm up in time? 7's meteorologist vivian gonzalez is in the 7 w wther center with a first look at the forecast. viv? >> vivian: hey there. we started off on the chilly side of things. overall it is a cool friday and we are expecting a nice holiday weekend. morning. 55 in miami, 52 in fort lauderdale to 58 degrees in key west. degrees. as far as your lunch hour is concerned, it remains nice and dry and that's who we're expecting all the way through sunday. temperature reading right now bouncing back to warmer levels in the low 70s with a lot of sunshine. 72 right now in miami, 73 degrees in fort lauderdale.
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ocean, so that's aiding and that slight warmup that we have in the air. we're going to keep things cool the entire weekend with a front crossing through unnoticed between saturday and sunday. so that will help veer the winds more off the ocean and warm things up a little bit more on president's day. once that happen, we will introduce a slightly better chance o rain. right now that rain chance for valentine's day on sunday is only at a 10 percent. i'll be back with the complete weekend forecast i a few minutes. t world health organization saying the vaccine for the zika virus is 18 months away from large scale testing. the health emergency surrounding it seems to be growing in south florida. someone else in miami-dade has come down with it, b bnging the total to 7. there are 7 cases in broward and broward and dade remain urn alert.
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mosquito-control officials met yesterday to discuss the battle plans important to know all cases involve people traveling. no one has caught it here in the sunshine state. zika is primarily spread by mosquitos in central and south america and causes muscular as well as nerve disorders. there is no vaccine. turning now to the race for the white house. they're digging their heels and throwing political punches at each other. >> diana: as they go face to face in a debate. joel has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: after bernie sanders 20-pnt she lacking of hillary clinton in new hampshire, the gloves camam off in milwaukee. thee two typically more docile
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afraid to m it up when it comes to important platforms like foreign policy. >> i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. i will not take advice from henry kissinger. >> i do know journalists have asked who you listen to on foreign policy. kissinger. >> reporter: the attacks had little to do with things. following accusations that texas senator misled caucus goers in iowa. we are getting reports they're doing sleazy an push pulls on me. we are watching. cruz countererred the bold assertion accusing trump of being tasteless peppering the campaign trail with exlis it lang wage.
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excited whoant a president who will get rattled when upset yelling curseties and vulgarities. >> reporter: he called a very political person and plans pontiff's plans to vis set near the u.s.-mexico border, joel waldman, 7 news. and coming up. i'm vanessa medina on pompano beach. i'm live with the broward county public schools annual food shsh. that's coming up next. and later, a south florida major act aing as the city's parking patrol when he spots someone hogging the street plus, p%ople across the globe travelling to florida
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report: spiritual journey. welcome back. if you were a victim of a burglary and live in fort laudurdale, chances are police have your belongingsful >> diana: >> diana: brandon beyer can tell you how to claim those goods. >> reporter: good afternoon. broward sheriff's office claiming a lots of stolen goods. this happened this week and they are now in the process of getting these stolen goods back to people. this started from a traffic stop tuesday night and look at all
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recover as a result of that traffic stop. lots of electronics here. as we move on down the table, you will see a a table full of jewels, watches, some of the stuff looks like it could be family heirlooms and acrosssshe room, stuff they are glad they got off the street. a lot of weapons. handguns, stolen ammunition, several riflesful all of this stemming from a traffic stop esday night in a probation office parking lot, believe it or not. they picked up four suspects. we will show you the mug shots. among these things, large tvs. people are already coming to claim some of their stolen bengings. if that's you, you want to pay attention where you can come and get this stuff. let's let you listen to the lieutenant who helped recover all of these stolen goods. >> i'm not surprised because these are things that people like to steal. they're valuable. things that obviously have some value to other criminals or further their criminal
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in assaults or burglgries or robberies. >> reporter: as i mentioned, again, this started as a traffic stop and as a result of the investigation, these are the four suspes they were able to arrest at the time. this is an active ongoing investigation and this could be more arrests down the line. if you recognize something that you've seen on tv, get in touch with the broward sheriff's office and they will let you foe how to reclaim your stolen property. brandon beyer, 7 news. good afternoon, south florida. it's looking absolutely gorgeous on this satellite picture. mostly subny skies underway statewideful and even for our friends in the bahamas. now if your lunch hour takes you through south florida, the radar isn't picking up a drop of rain. and this is going to be the trend in the upcoming weekend.
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# 2 in miami, # 3 in fort lauderdale, grand bahama islands at 68 degrees with the breeze more off the ocean out of the east-northeast between 6 and 13 miles an hour. nowhen we factor in the humidity, it is nice and low at about 53 percent, which is helping conditions fee very comfortable this afternoon. now the big view is showing around the great lakes and parts of the eastern sea board we have some snow and heavy lake-effect snow for/lake erie and ontario up tow a foot likely through sunday morning for them. this bitter cold air will continue to spread into the eastern uted states. for us, it will be nice an a mild with some cool starts all the way through sunday. we'll have another front cross through unnoticed. but overall, as far as rain chances are concerned, it will be very slim and we will only see an isolated shower going
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no advisories are in effect, if you're going beach or boating. biscayne bay is at a l@ght chop. coastal waters of the florida keys are at moderate chop with seas building two to the feet inside the reef. the next high tide in miami will happen at 11 clp 58 tonight, 11:53 in fort lauderdale and 12:37 in the afternoon for key west. otherwise, look for these highs to remain in the low 70s staying dry through tonight, nice with temperature readings in the upper 50s for dade and broward, low 60 dz for the florida keys. on your extended outlook, count on having beautiful weather through valentine's day, a chance of showers, much warmer going into the upcoming week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. and who better to te side what should be on the school lunch menu than kids who have to eat it. >> omar: that is happening right now at pompa beach high school. we find vanessa medina to tell us what cuisine the kids wanto
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>> reporter: that's right. we have chicken alfredo with a twist, beef brisket and some of the things that could possibly be offered on next year's school menu. we can go to video, students walking through pompano beach high school. vegetarian items also available. this pita with bean puree was pretty good but who am i to judge? once they do the taste test, they rate the item on an irk pad, giving it the vote of awesome, pretty good, i like it, nah or gross. their input will help decide next year's menu. what's so awesome about it? >> just the taste of it. it's really delicious. i can't explain it.
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>> reporter: sit an upgrade from what you eat in your lunchroom now? >> big upgrade. >> reporter: and why is that? >> our food's not really much interest. this one like new foods t t try. >> reporter: so you can see the students are taking this seriously. there's also a man key juice that has hidden vegetables inside that the kids real hi seem to like. my personal favorite was a waffle and chicken tenner. it has breast of chicken with waffle, breading with maple syrup included. it was pretty good. the gluten free chicken tender, i have to take a pass. the students will decide which items make it onto the menu. vanessa medina.
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chicken waffles. >> omar: what school is that? >> diana: you go back to school. you're alone on that one. ahead on 7 news at noon, when we absolutely need a space in miami beach, sometimes you can't find it. you will see what one south florida mayor did about an it. plus, later on this afternoon, she was nearly killed, shot in the face during a robbery. some how she survived. now she's speaking to rosh lowe
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down. a south florida mayor acting as parking patrol. the fedex driver said he didn't have any where to park that big truck. >> diana: and that's when the delivery drama began.
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have t t fedex truck parked in the middle... >> repter: mayor turns meter maid fed up with this driver blocking trqffic. >> we have a traffic problem an we don't want people to make it worse. >> reporter: you don't have to look far. delivery trucks parking illegally taking up valuable space. >> let me ask you a question. >> reporter: sohen he saw this guy, he took matters into his own hands, grabbbbg his cellphone, shooting a 30 second clip and posting it online with one goal. >> a warning to all of these big trucks double parking on our main streets. don't do it. >> reporter: this is the problem he's so fired up about. we're here at alton roro. that fedex truck literally is parked in the middle of the road. naturally`a lot of people are talking about that and reaction is mixed. one person laughing it off say try finding parking on alton when you have 50 stops to make.
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another giving the mayor major kudos saying major problem. glad it's being addressed, mayor. fedex firing off this statement saying in part we take these matters ver seriously and will address it with those involved. >> will be getting a call from the chief. >> reporter: the fedex driver drives off when confronted. >> the mayor shooting his license plate making it easy to getwo tickets. next time he should pull into a loading zone. >> i'm sure he's a nice guy. i get fedex myself. okay? just don't make an a problem that we have worse. >> reporter: walter morris, 7 news. >> dianana and in the statement, fedex said the behavior shown in the video is not consistent with policy. time for a break and check on wall street.
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>> the dow is up around 230 points. nazdaqaq is up about 50. and s&p 500 is up 27.
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back. people across the world coming to florida for unusual reasons. >> omar: they're looking for answer as from beyond. patrick fraser with the special assignment report: spiritual journey.
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florida to enjoy the present, to build for the future. here they come for the past. >> they may want to speak to their mother, their father or their child. so a lot of people come here for ma reasons. cassadaga is a small town with a church, a park, a bookstore, a few homes and an apartment complex. each one of the residents here have one thing in common. theyeye spiritualists. >> a spiritualists is a person who believes in communicating with the other side of life. in other words, they believe that we never die, that that is a policy we keep on living, just in a different spiritual realm in a different form in the spirit form. >> reporter: in cassadaga, they believe each of us have a spirit and after you or love one passes
12:33 pm
communicate with the spirit. >> those people are still around, still loving on p us. it brings a lot of healing and comfort to people. >> you have to take care of yourself, especially your stomach. i have a very strong discomfort. >> reporter: john works with us. margarita talked to him and did a reading. >> i have a big j. okay? a big j, so very strong. for me, this could be like a father. >> reporter: listening to spirits is not new in cassadaga. in 1984, george moved here an created the community just for spiritualists. now people ce here to learn about themselves and their late loved ones. >> we have people who come here from all over the world as far away as japan, even. >> reporter: don't believe you have a spirit?
12:34 pm
and laugh at the ability to speak to their dead loved ones. the spirits of cassadaga have heard all of that. >> we don't want to be seen as fortune tellers. castsadada is not a place of witches. we're cycles, healers. >> reporter: she has the ability to communicate and after@ she died, he came to cassadaga to talk to her. >> i'm going to find out if it's the biggest farce on mankind or if it's real. >> the big j is a strong energiful i don't know if he was military. >> reporter: the j who might be in the military who was a father
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onn's father's name was john. he did national security for the u.s. government. heassed away eight years ago. >> very proud of you. ere is a message for you from him. don't you ever forget your family he started. and those that walk before you. >> reporter: in cassadaga, there is a message for everyone. i'm patrick fraser, 7 news. a news alert for you, carroll city high school is placedn lock down. >> diana: ralph rayburn is here for us. >> traffic reporter: what you're looking at crime scene, shots fired at 39th avenue and 191st street. what we've got here, we counted 28 markers that indicate where they found shell casings in the
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they have closed off the roadway they have closed off the roadway here. we have pretty heavy police presence and if we swing the camera over, you will see there's residential homes here in a canal. we have a middlechool and we have an elementary school that's on lock down. carroll city is overr here, we do not see any keen of police presence over there as we looked a short time ago. these two schools do remain on lock down, unknown who fired the shots. nobody's stepping forward to say that they saw somebody or heard anything so far. police are talking to witnessesful as soon as we get more information we will get it back to you. that's our report live from skyforce hd, i'm ralph rayburn.
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break. and now, a tale of tragedy. >> you never know what is going to happen to you. >> now a story of strength. >> thank you god for every minute, for every second. >> a woman shot in the face beating the odds to see her family once again in her own wordul a mother's fight to survive. >> it's a story of strength and per severe rens, a womanan shot in the face lived to talk about it. >> omar: and her message o of hope is nothing short of inspiring. rosh lowe has it in today's
12:40 pm
>> t is person tried to kill me. and what about my family? what b about a -- what about my family, what about m daughters? >> reporter: the emotional pain will never fadeful she's been granted the ever lasting gift of life; a chance to see her two daughters again. >> don't forget kiss your daughtersful don't forget say how much you love yourfamily. you never know if@ you're going to come back. >> reporter: it is a gift she can see every day, a gift she feels when she hugs her children. she survived being shot in the face at close range. >> e`erything was so fast,, and i
12:41 pm
receive a shot to my face. it was here and the bullet, the bullet came and to here. >> reporter: january 24, 2013, evelyn was going to get some food for her family in the area of northwest 53rd street and #th avenue when`she's attacked and robbed at gun point. >> reporter: hen you hear evelyn's story, you understand it. the mom's in the car an gun is placed to her head. the gun goes off. at that moment, all she could think about were her daughters. a man locked up forcrime serving 30 years in prison. evelyn has been through four surgeries. jackson memorial hospital showed the x-ray images of the bullet lodged inside of her neck. an we heardrd from one of her
12:42 pm
>> i'm very grateful to her because she gave me life. >> reporter: doctors since removed the bullet. look at her three years ago. look at her now. think about how close that bullet and its fragments came to the main blood vessel of the neck i say thahas good for giving me one more opportunity. it's amazing. >> this is an opportunity to give thankssecause for weeks she was in the hospital, the x-rays showing t(e shattered bones but she never questioned why. and you can't shatter her spirit. she vowed if she made it out, she would inspire others to make them realize there is hope and
12:43 pm
in miami, rosh lowe, 7 news.what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? ? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with chokse your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit tor only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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themoke can be seen for miles away after an auto pod di shop goes up in flames. let's go to the latest with ralph rayburn. >> traffic reporter" yeah burning through the roof.
12:46 pm
started maybe ten minutes ago. they made it a second alarm fire and now asked all of the firefighters to get out of the building. they're going to defensive posture just to keep it from spreading. we're at 875 northeast 42nd street in oakland park. oakland park fire rescue on the scene along with police officers here blocking off the roady. one of their engine companies blocked out front. we will zoom the camera here. they are putting a lot of water inside. that's what is burning the vehicles inside, paints and sol vants inside. that's one of the reasons why they asked the firefighters to step out. it says factory -- what does it say there factory something collision center. the address 875 right there off northeast 42nd street and we have second alarm fire and structure there. no injuries reported. that's our story from skyforce
12:47 pm
live. he panthers back home tonight against st. louis. they split two games on the road. in their last game on tuesday, the cats scored # goals at buffalo. they lead the division. they have a six-point lead on detroit, 28 games left an next six of those are at home. >> w just want to take t one game at a time obviously. a bit cliche to say that but we have to focus on that. once we get past that, we go to next one. sometimes looking at big picture can beoverwhelming. >> st. louis is good. blues are here tonight. he had missed seven games because of injury. the next hasan whiteside misses is because the league told them to. suspended for one game tuesday night on the right side of the screen. elbows san antonio center in the headful he was ejected from the game. now he's got to sit out the
12:48 pm
break b february 19th against atlanta. it will cost whiteside 9,000 bucks. chris bosh has been an all-star all six seasons with the heat. you may have forgottenhat bosh played in toronto. his hair was long. played there his first five years in the league. the all-starrame this sunday is in toronto. >> back in toronto, it will be cool, go by my old department, see if the door p man is there. i'm kind of into a routiti with the whole weekend and my kids are going and show them where daddy grew p up playing basketball, they won't care, movie. >> steve: say hello to the doorman. i'm going to show you highlights fm a golf tournament looks more like outtakes from happy gillmor. no shirt, no shoes. he's in the mush. no success. he sends up with a double bowgy on that hole.
12:49 pm
shirt on, no shoes. this time he knocks it up within inches, six en. s of the jar. he does not put his golf shoes back on. he taps in barefoot. round. you know what, we only have one rule here in the newsplex and that is keep your shirt on. hey, well, you know what? when you got it, you know what i'm saying? when you got it, you got it. [ laughter ] i'm steve shapiro. make it a great day, e erybody. well, tushing t the buzz, look conier west fashion show. lamar odom making his first appearance since being hospitalized with a drug overdose in october.
12:50 pm
his side. and 2016 nba all-star game adding another dose of star power. that's right. sting will have the halftime show. nelly will sing the canadian an they will. the game is on sun night at 8. african penguins makin a big move, introducing their big exhibit home to ten endangered penguins. it feares 800 square foot rocky area an 9,000 gallon pole. guest wills be able to get up close and personal with the penguins viewing them above an below the water. there are several interactive educational displays. check them out.
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back. food made on the streets on thai land are most. >> omar: that's what is on the menu as we grab a bite with belkys. in the kitchen today, chef b in the sunset harbor neighborhood of miami beach. >> here we offer you like family style. we have good cocktail and variety of food.
12:54 pm
daughter, serving cuisine inspired by many asian coununies. >> i'm thai and falling in love with japanese cuisine. >> they're open for dinner every day with dailylyhef specials. the dish we're making today, thai street chicken dumplings. >> my mom cook for me when i was a little kid. delicious. >> in a bowl add minuted . >> you see the black pepper or white pepper. >> next comes: >> you can get this at asian market. >> mix the ingredients together. next set out your wanton wrappers. >> you can get this any where.
12:55 pm
starch to keep it from sticking. >> try it at home, it's fun. >> next fry at 350 degrees. >> about three and a half minutes. >> make sure it's nice, golden and crispy. >> while that's cooking, make a sauce n. a bowl, add soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and chili pepper powder. >> we like it hot. >> finally sesame seeds. stir well and set aside. when the dumplin are done, drain and you're authentic thai street snack is ready. chef plates in a bowl with chped thai chili peppers and serves with a cocktail. >> welcome to our restaurant at sunset harbor. here our thaitreet chicken dumplings. >> thanks, chef. the recipe and thelog is about on our web site f. you click
12:56 pm
fastest way to cool off after eating something that's too spicy. check it out. it's a good tip n. the newsplex, i'm belkys nerey,bon appetito. >> traffic reporter: you're looking live at pictures from skyforce hd. i'm alralph rayburn. the place is called factory finish collision center. smoke pouring from the roof, a two-alarm fire. northeast 42nd street. there is a mutual aid call now meaning other agencies are assisting. no injuries but is a defensive fire. they're outside of the building trying to bring it under control. that's our story from from skyforce hd reporting live. that wraps it up for 7 new this is noon. i'm diana diaz. >> omar: and i'm omar lewis.
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at 4. >> today on "fablife"... >> our valentine's day extravaganza with chef curtis stone and hiwife, actress lindsay price. >> was lindsay a bridezilla? >> no, she was a dream. >> ohh... >> plus, do you hear that? (bells ringing) >> wedding bells >> there's a couple in our audience who is about to get married, but the bride-to-be doesn't know it. >> today? >> (laughing) >> please welcome taylor's mom melanie and her best friend... >> the union of taylor and eddie in marriagage.
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>> welcome to "fablife." there's been hearts and cupids floating around these halls all week long in our countdown to valentine's day! >> yeyh! >> whoo! >> (laughing) >> and today we're all celebrating that love with one of our biggest shows yet, because we are helping you plan your wedding on our valentine's day extravaganza. >> yes! >> and i promise you, we have the biggest surprises and twists and turns ever. i'm so excited, guys. >e too. (applause) >> and we've got amy marella he, which is so exciting, who's one of the leading wedding experts in the country. shshs gonna answer any and all questions you might have. we also have some tips on what to diy for your wedding and what you should just buy. but we have some special guests in the kitchen today. joining us to talk wedding menus is actress lindsay price, and her chef husband, a favorite of ours, cucuis stone, is here. (cheers and applause) >> ha ha ha! >> all right, guys, are we ready to get this love fest started? >> yes.


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