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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> 7 news alert at 4:30, live right off the top here. you're looking at history in the making. 1,000 years in the making. a joint declaration being assigned here between pope francis and the russian patriarch, creal, taking place in cuba, and it's quite historic to see the two sides of catholicism can bridge the gap that has divided them for 1,000 years now. >> danielle: and that's whatness made this occasion so historic, and they're expected to touch on the most historic issue of this% whole thing, and that's the
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catholic and the orthodox churches, with people from iraq and syria being driven and killed by the islamic state group. it's in the ideal location of cuba, which is far removed from the agent lick and orthodox battles happening in europe, a catholic familiar to the first pope, but equally familiar to the russian church, given it's anti-american and soviet legacy. >> belkeys: as he says a few words to the people here, he arrived yesterday, and he was greeted by cuban leader, fidel castro, andnd today, he was also greeted by the cuban leader when he arrived at the airport earlier today. the pope is just making a pit
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mexico and he will be in mexico for a five-day trip of that country, and he just made the stop here to see if perhaps this historic meeting could take place. it took two years of secret planning behind the scenes to get these two leaders of catholicism behind the secret meeting to be able to sign this joint declaration, tt hopefully will improve the relations between the east and west that has divided them for over 1,000 years. as we understand, there's an english translation going on here at the meeting so, let's listen in and see what they're saying. >>and with a full sense of responsibility to work together so that there is no war, so that
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throughout the world. to strengthen the pillars of personal troup and social morality, and throughgh the participation of the church in the lives of modern cuban society. the name of our lord, and the lord jesus christ and the holy spirit are glorified. words from his holiness, pope francis.
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your eminences: we speak as brothers. we underwent the same baptism, we are bishops. we spoke about our churches. we agreed that unity is built along the road. we spoke clearly, without half measures. and i confess to you that i have
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spirit in this dialogue. i thank his holiness for his humility, for eternal humility, and his good wishes for unity. we have comer forward with a series of initiatives that i bebeeve are feasible and can be carried out. that's why i want to thank his holiness once again. for his benevolent welcome, as
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collaborated, his eminence, and cardinal with allf their delegations who have worked together for this. i don't want to leave without offering my y artfelt thank you to cuba. to the great nation of cuba, it's people. and its president, present here. i thank you for his active willingness.
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will be the capital of unity. and may all of this be for the glory of god, the father, the son and the holy spirit. and for the good of the holy, faithful people of the lord under the mantle of god's holy
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[ applause ] at this m ment, greeting to all present delegations. >> belkeys: to there you have it, we heard from the russian patriarch, and from pope francis, and they thanked each other for taking this historic step today. and pope francis thanked him and the people of cuba, and thanked raul castro as well. obviously lots of many years of distruststnd suspicion between the catholics and the russian orthodox church. but hopefully this step, this declaration that was signed today is a good fir step for some healing between both sides. >> danielle: that's million what
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improving ideological relations between the two churches, and this joint declaration is what
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>> it's 4:39. 39. >> a mayor has the city fired up about traffic problem. if you're driving on miami beach. >> danielle: it's adding to the traffic problems that the city already faces, and rosh lowe is live on miami beach with the story. rosh. >> reporter: traffic is a major issue, a major buzz word on miami beach, but i can tell you from speaking to several people today at city hall, the mayor is
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>> hey, so let me ask you a question. >> reporter: after probably seen the video by now, the miami beach mayor confronted. >> we don't want people to make the traffic problem worse. >> reporter: on social media, the deliver real estate man, parked on alton road and 14th street. he took out his cellphone and recorded the clips a warning. >> why do y/u have your truck parked there? >> the reaction is picked. lol, try parking when you have 50 stops to make, not a truck driver. and another person gave levine kudos, major problem, and glad it's being addressed, mayor. and feddix wrote "we take these matters very seriously and will address it with involved. in the video, the fedex employee
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able to capture his license plate and catch u with him and give him two tickets. on friday, the miami beach commissioner reaeted. >> i'm happy that people don't videotape me when i'm out there yelling at the tcks. the mayor was speaking to about 100,000 people when he got frustrated with that truck, and i have no problem with what the mayor did. >> reporter: there's also a bicycle issue and people not using bike racks. the city put it out this week, which ruffled some affecters. these are not legal parking spots. use it or lose it. hashtag miami beach. >> it was only supposed to be in the lincoln road area, but it made it looks like it was city wide and we were jacking up people's bicycles, but that's not what it was. >> reporter: the bicycle issue was been clarified saying that it was specifically for lincoln
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and as far as mayay levine's video goes, you heard from the commissioner, and he said a lot of people are frustrated by the exact same issue. live on miami beach tonight, rosh lowe, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, rosh, thank you, a man accused of ambushing a miami-dade police officer is facing charges. first-degree attempted murder with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest among others. his attorneys pleaded not guilty on his behalf. and you may recall that mejia is said to have pulled up to a miami-dade police chief and he shot officer david starling once in the lower body and that officer is recoveringt the hospital. 7's skyfoe getting a bird's eye view in miami. along with local, state and
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participating in a new training exercise today. this is said to be part of the if you see something say something c cpaign. the goal, to urge the public to@
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anything suspicious. >> it's because its christmas
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naughty list. >> belkeys: there you have it, a super hero looking to unleash comic book chaos on the silver screen. he was funny, marvel's long-awaited debut. >> danielle: and my son can't wait. two comedies sure to leave you laughing in your seats. what's new at the movies. >> turn that other guy into a kabob. >> this is a different super hero story. >> reporter: the long-awaited dead pool movie. it holes tells the story of how had marvel's anti-hero got his super strength, and how he uses his powers to seek revenge on the man who tried to disfigure him. and it appears -- >> i'm going to remake all of ryan reynold's movies, with one slight adjustment, make them
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>> finish your tweet, get them, tiger. >> reporter: dead pool is red r. if you don't have a special someone this valentine's day, you can laugh along with how to be sine. a female comedy about navigating the dating scenenen new york city. it gives moviegoers online date advice. >> you should be honest about the stuff that you write. there's no point in makin crap up. >> you were great last night. >> how to be sim is rated r. >> we're back! >> reporter: they surere, and while you practice your blue steel, zoo lander 2, featuring ben stiller and owen wilson, as they return to the runway. this time with celebrity cameos. >> everyone wanted to be involved. a lot of incoming calls.
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>> zoolander is rated pg-13. omar lewis, 7 news. >> belkeys: oh, that looks silly but funny, and these movies are oking to dethrone kung fu panda 3, which was number one at the box office last week. >> the weekend is here, and it should be a very nice one all across south florida. let's take a look at the temperatures from this morning. everyone was in the 50s. afternoon h hhs in the low to mid 70s. no rain in the rain gage, and a little humidity. it really feels nice. temperatures right now in the low to mid 70s in key west, throh miami and fort lauderdale. the wind, around 6-7 miles per hour, and the humidity at 52%. stormtracker showing everything is dry. our next best chance for some moisture to move in across south florida will be monday, and i think the better chance will be on tuesday, when we get some
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60s and0s from key west, all the way through pensacola, and it should be a mice, mild evening. high pressure dominating our weather, not just tonight but during the day tomorrow. we're getting a weak front moving through, and it's going to arrive unnoticed. very little moisture and temperature hight, and as a matter of fact, it's going to keep everything dry here. as we go t tough the second half of the weekend, maybe an isolated shower late in the day keeps miami-dade and the upper keys. here's the marine forecast, no advisories. wind 5 knots, and biscayne bay, light chop. for new the florida keys, the winds occupant of the northeast, seas inside the reef, 2-3, and beyond the reef, 3-5, and coastal waters with a nice chop. next high tide, 1:58 tonight. and water temperature, 69 . tonight, mostly clear skies. the winds will be variable except for the keys.
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the mid to upper 50s. key west, 63 . tomorrow, just looking beautiful. plenty of sunshine, the wind out of the north, little humidity. average high, 76, 77, it will be there across the mainland. lower 70s for the keys. here's your extended outlook. sunday morning, 58, 73 for the high, dinnertime outdoors, 65 , and a little better chance for rainfall. on monday, showers on tuesday, ahead of a front that will warm us up, but then it's going to bring us back down into the low 60s for wednesday and thursday..% that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> danielle: all right, phil, thank you. a sea lio pup, look how cute. found taking the best seat in the house at a san diego restaurant is on the road to recovery. the radio and pictures of her sitting at the booth went viral.
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since she was found, an update on how she got into the restaurant in the first place. they must have good french fries. diana diez has the story. >> she was right here, man, sitting here like this, service please, where's my food? >> reporter: ever since this little sea pup went viral, we wanted to know how it got from the ocean to one of san diego's best restaurants. and the chef thinks that he has the answer. >> she went up here on the flat form, went through the hole, and she's small, and she went boom, boom, boom. >> down the room and into the mamane room's dining area. >> i have to tell you, she was very very smart, because she picked the best table in the house. jumped right over here and sit down, and then she just went, where's breakfast? >> reporter: it probably hasn't eaten in quite awhile.
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injured eye, and sea world stepped in to help and s s's on the way to recovery. >> she has already gained four pounds, and well nourished after fluids and oral nutrition. >> as for the eye, they have her on medication, and her inflammation has gone down, and her blood looks good. >> we're optimistic that she'll make a full recovery. >> reporter: but before that, they need to make sure that she has her appetitit back, and she's willing to fight for fish in the wild. as for chef bernard, he can't get over t. >> this is the 75th anniversary, open for 75 years, and the front door, and back door, and nevererame in. >> and that little pup found in his marine room was affectionately named marine. >> how appropriate is that? it's a great story. it's valentine's day. and it's so neat, you know. it's really cute. >> very special.
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supplies, and the unusually high
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40 sea lion rescues this year >> danielle: well, that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you so much for watching. i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 with belkeys and craig starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> >> craig: pope francis returns to cuba for a major meeting. >> the cold weather fizzling.
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store for the evaluate intines day weekend. a student arrested of packing danger on campus. just one station there. deputies layout the law and layout what they found. a group of suspected burglars bug busted. the democrats facing off and turning up the heat while the republicans sprint through the south and rally for support. and a relaxing meal ruined. >> he had a ma shel shet ti in his hand. >> a man goes on the tack inside a rest restaurant. >> craig: hello and welcome on this friday. i'i'craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. this is 7 news at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> belkeys: now at 5:00, pope francis touching down into cuba hoping to heel the the great de vievmentd tonight the world is watching two religious leaders making history in havana. >> hello again every one. pope francis celebrating a historic meeting with the head
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>> craig: happening on cuban soil highlighting the island's new role on the stage. >> and w wl esm diprado in the plex with with mompt alex. >> reporter: and it is the first time the two have ever met craig and in the last half hour the the pope and russian pay tree ark sign age joint between the opportunity two countries. this is video from havana. the two embracing with a hug a short time later. pope francis then spoke through a translator. >> we spoke clearly without half measures and icon fes to you that i have felt the comfort of the holy spirit in this die looking. i thank his holiness for his humility. eternal humility and his good wishes for unity. >> reporter: what is the pope speak a few moments ago in havana.
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years of secret planning to pull off. >> >> it's a meeting nearly 1000 years in the make. pope francis and pay tree ark key rail. the head of the russian orthodox church coming face to face at havana's jose marty airport. >> finally pope francis said pay tree ark key rail saying now things are easier. catholic and orthodox church is split in 1054 known as great exist umm and remains separated over a host of issues including the authority of the pope and accusations by the russian church that the catholic church tries to take followers in russia. >> at the airport poan francis wa was greeted by cuban leader raul castro. the second visit bit pope to cuba since september where he visited three sit tee. but this time after the short stop in havana, the pope heads to mexicic for a five day visit. there he is dpoactd o visit the


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