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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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years of secret planning to pull off. >> >> it's a meeting nearly 1000 years in the make. pope francis and pay tree ark key rail. the head of the russian orthodox church coming face to face at havana's jose marty airport. >> finally pope francis said pay tree ark key rail saying now things are easier. catholic and orthodox church is split in 1054 known as great exist umm and remains separated over a host of issues including the authority of the pope and accusations by the russian church that the catholic church tries to take followers in russia. >> at the airport poan francis wa was greeted by cuban leader raul castro. the second visit bit pope to cuba since september where he visited three sit tee. but this time after the short stop in havana, the pope heads to mexicic for a five day visit. there he is dpoactd o visit the
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pray for those who have died trying to cross into the united states. >> there is also news out of cuba tonight. the obama administration and the cuban government have just announced a his tore ache greement to reestablish flights between the two countries for years. current lit only way to fly to cuba is via a charter flight. with this new announcement, major.s. carriers will nowb able to make the trip. we'll ha a live report from havana coming up on 7 news at 6:00, live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> craig: all right easm and coming up at 6:00 we'll take you live to what snran for reaction to hoo today's historic meeting. >> >> belkeys: now on just one station, an alarming arrest. main hauled tof jail accused of bringing a gun to school. linagy whrif outside that school in miami with the detail. liz. >> repepter: belkeys, when i last last spoke to a lieutenant with miami-dade schools police.
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still being interviewed by investigators at a separate detention center where he was walked in a few hours ago. we were there when this 21-year-old student here at linsey cop hopkins technical insurance you tiewt was taken into police custody. at this point he is a- being accused of bringng ankle unloaded firearm here to the campus on northwest 7th avenue near 20th street in mile. with we have been told that he was talking to investigators and so far told them that he didn't know or rather that had found this firearm a few days ago. had it inside his backpack with you not for any particular rfnlt investigators understand they do not believe this story and are continuing to scwt student aboutut the case. and this is a vocational school run by miami-dade schools. but we 'do did speak with a custodian here at school to see if anybody had seen any of this happen today. >> i come to work here to have a safer environment.
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i come here baw i want to be safe and feel protected and go hoax to 34eu kids and wife. >> well, because this is not your ordinary type of elementary school, middle school or high school. police say this school was never placed on lockdown. thth did say the gun was unloaded when they found it it. they belie he may have showed mun sm one inside his backpack that the gun was there or perhaps someone saw it and reported it to administrators. miami-dade schools police emphasize they trying get people to speak up when they see things like this on campus sthoak take scaifortations before they become can dangerous. so right now a 21-year-old male student is speaking investigators with the police and has not been charged but de brbrg a unloaded firearm here to the campus. live in miami. liz nagy. 7 news. >> craig: it's wrn a string of dangerous days on and around campus this weefntle new details a the nation's a 234eur general visit the area stawk tawg being ways to stem the gun violence.
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o at a beautiful view outside shaping up to be a picture perfect holiday weekend. phil, people always get mad at you when it rains and bad. round of applause for phil ferro ladies and gentlemen for this amazing weather. >> phil: i'm doing it es spcialtly for my wife for valentine's. >> >> belkeys: good move. >> phil: scoring. scoring. >> and a quiet night croos s. nierks cool, looking dry. tomorrow just fantastic. plenty of sunshine. nice temperatures. very little humidity. it is feeling great and sunday, valentine's day grairkts day for take your wife out for a nice outdoor dinner. meanwhile let's take a look at the storm tracker. it is crime. we really don't foresee any chans here. at least maybe bon mon day we may get a few showers. the best chance will probably be on tusms here are the temperatures right now. look at this though, very little in the waive cloudiness.
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71 fort lauderdale. miami 72. the cool spot naples, a temperature of 68 degrees. chaz typical is 62. still waking up to 57 on saturday. valentine's day 58. a high of 73 and then by dinner time it could be around 56 still but very nice. 64 the morning low on monday. then we warm up a little bit. anher week weak front comes through and we're back to the low 60s here for wednesday and thursday. i'll have a lot more on this a lail later on. >> >> stolen from their rightful owners and seeds by depp you teams. loads of fire power among the siements on display today. they stopped a burglary ring that had been terrorizing broward county. from jewelry to ectronics to cep wop ons stlevment plenty goons these guys. brandon beyer live at one of the victim's homes in pompano beach with thvment brandon.
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right. lots of stuff recovered. belkeys as you mentioned we are in the neighborhood in pompano beach where one of those homes was hit buvment tonight deputies have recovered a lot of those items r- and are trying to get them to the rightful owners. watches, ear rings, electronics, even weapons. tafl stolen property recovered by the broward cher ave's office after she say a traffic stop lead them to a robbery ring. these are thing that are valuable. things that have value to other criminals. >> reporter:our men a arrested a an the broward shaifers office says others may still l out there. now they are in the process of trying to get these items back to the rightful owners. stacey seeing l lter and her family spent time friday looking over the tables of stolen goods. >> this laptop and bag of coins. >> right way they recognize some of the things.
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>> just i felt violated. i wasn't even able to eat that night which wasn't good considering i'm pregnant. 2340u9 sheriff's office hopes to find the owners of the rest of theegz things so thing like safety can put the robbery behind theme i've neverhad anything like this happen to me ever. it puts me on leamplet any time at home if i hear a noise, i'm checking to see what it is. >> reporter: all right so. police do believe there maybe more suspects out there. and if you were a victim and would like to see if some of your items were recofered. get in touch with bso if you be help solve this case. as always call crime stoppers, broward county. 954 tip tip. we're live in pompano beach. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: one more time. live pictures from jose marty irp inn airport in havana cuba. u can see pope francis assist boards his play.
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the stairs on the tarc waving to the loap pope as he heads off to mexico for a five day tour after make history. another first for pope francis. >> >> craigig indeed signing that joint declaration with the head of the russian orthodox church. this was sort of an impromptu meeting that was a ringed a little more than a week ago and the pontiff as he was headed to mexico, they opted to do thvment right at the airport. there's no time for him to enjoy any parts of the island this time as fosd last september thvment was just a quick stop at airport for that meeting. that opportunity chat and sign la that dleak racing and catch up with card n n jaime ortega and other on the island and mervetz government and then head on down to memple could. >> belkeys: also here at 5:00, a south florida business burned. sky force hd over the factory finish collision center in oakland park.
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roof long northeast 42 street and 8th avenue. firefighters battling the blaze for over an hour. the building destroyed as were many cars that were inside. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with non life-threaeaning injuries. >> craig: florida has set up a health hot line for those concerned about zee car. the virus has reached epi democratic levels in the wa ca rib yanlian and south america and it has lead to birth defects and muscular problem in new bornlings. five counties and two more ces detected bricking to the tall to 20. miami-dade r rorts seven cases. three in broward. all points got it while over se. the hot line number again. 855-622-67 35. it is staffed 24 hours a day if you have questions or concerned. >> belkeys: in arizona now chaosing on campus. two high school girls found shot to death.
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satellite center with thvment danielle. >> danielle: yes, jpst a tragedy guys. the disturbing discovery happening as 2000 students arrived to start the school day. thbodies of those two females, 15 years old found at the school in glendale. a gun found near their body suggest the boss pos baiflt murder suicide or a double suicide. >> a tragic incident. two young people are dead this morning and we send our ndolences out to the family, the loved ones and friends of those two young girls. what i can tell you is the investigation is still in the very early stages. >> danielle: there is no information yet on the relationship between the two victims. counselors will be on hand when does does resume on tuesday. >> we're live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: also tonight, fireworks on stage. >> the kind ofriticism that we've heard from senator sanders
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from republicans. >> madam secretary, that say low blow. >> craig: and sm sneeches the south hitting a fever pitch as presisintial candidates clash. >raig: and for the most part they stuck to the issues but the democrats traded a few debate. >> belkeys: meanwhile trump spend the day in louisiana before heading to tampa later on this eefnlgt and joel has more on the race for the white house. reporter: the south carolina republican primary just eight days way could be major brash break for spleft maining gop candidates. and the intensity is pal pa bemplet but front runner donald trump tweeting about ted cruz nearly half a dozen times over 24 hours for being disingenuous while simultaneously appealing to a southern voting block. o how could ted cruz be an
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lies so much and is so disis honest? >> john kasich says he is trying to stay above the frai despite slamming jeb bush for being an ee even through see as support or of obama care. >> he spent $7 million on negative ads against me. pgh most were distortion. >> reporter: jeb bush will get a much needed assist in south carolina from his brother george withth bush is fighting keep his campaign relevant. >> unteste people during dift and dangerous times say risk. hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying they have a pension for pose selling. test lg over everything from health care to the job performamce at a pbs debate on friday night the kind of criticism that we heard about sanders from our president, i expect from republicans but not expect from someone running from the democratic nominatio to succeed.
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blow. >> reporter: and while debate moard a towards took heas heat fo avoiding the controversy all together. the state department will release 550e- mails from hillary clinton's private server this weekend. >> in washington. joel walden. fox news. >> belkeys: and if you haven't con so yet, now sayay great time to down load the voice your choice app. the campaign trail latest is at your fingertips. >> craig: also on 7, the international community clong in on what could ul ta mes metally lead tie cease fire in syria. john kerry and top lip dip low mats meeting in munich signing off on hostilities set to be begin a week from now. and that will clear the way for desperately need humanitarian aid to war torn parts of the country. >> rab rath worked closely with me and the rest of the members today and i'm pleads say
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munich, with we believe we have made progress on both the humanitarian front and the says taition of hostilities front. >> craig: there is still a great deal of scep a ta six surrounding this. russia says it will continue it's air strikes and isis that hold large swadges ever syrian territory not involved in these talks. >> belkeys: lots more coming up on 7 news. days after a car stolen way baby on board. police say they made a break in the case. police track down a teenager. >> craig: a south florida mayor has had it. while a parking problem drove him to take action. the more i see him hit him and throw him up on the car t bothers me so much. >> belkeys: a man caught in the middle of a dangerous drive and taken for the riefd his light. >> craig: also a man wielding a machete storm into a arrest tour ant leading to a hot pursuit.
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>> belkeys: macacte mayhem inside a ohio restaurant. customers and staff coming under attack. dangerous dine whg a man leaves a restauaunt only to return on a rampage. >> craig: tonight the feds are involved and danielle knox has more from the satellite sternment danielle. >> danielle: i guess guys that is the quhearks would plaik a man attack a restaurant fawl full of strangers with a machete. that's what police inolumbus ohio are trying to figure out. >> diners in northeast columbus had no idea thursday night out was going to take a terrifying turn. >> according to some of the employees, the man was seen going into the restaurant. there was a conversation between him and an employee. we're not going to get into what
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left. and approximately a half hour, 45 minutes later he returned and immediately started at attack. >> they say employees and patrons. >> like were striepght tack. six people rushed to the hospital. two in critical condition. >> act on tip from m e wit fles and victim pleechts caught up to the armed man core nerg them. he tried to to get out of passenger side and that's when one officer team ted to use a tairs. it was unsuccessful. the suspect ended up getting out of the vehicle all the way. at that point he a machete and another knife in the hand and he lung add cross the hood at the officers. another officer and a cruiser fired a couple shots at him and put him down. >> danielle: now investigators are trying to figure out what triggered the tack. >> we're hearing that there could be possible terrorist tick implications to this attack. have you heard anything to that?
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>> no, we can't confirm anything. swrai lot of information at this point. we're working with the federal partners there. was something suspicion snus at the week. i know you saw some federal partners there. with you right flow there's sng nothing that leads to believe this is nothing but a random attack. >> reporter: a and the local fbi is helping the police with this vaismtion danielle knox. 7 news jie. >> craig: disan el thank. >> belkeys: and a mother sharing her story of survive evaluate after being shot nay robbery. we have it coming up in t lowe down. >> craig: a neighborhood turning into a winter wonderland but mother nature not the only reason.. >> belkeys: and passengers getting ready for a flight to the sunshine state when their plane take a hit.
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now, 7 weather with chief meteorologost phil ferro. >> all right so. the weekend is here and another moarnlg nature is promising a nice one. clear skies saturday and suny. huge dome of of high pressure not just here but across cuba. the bahamas. look at the gulf of mexico not a cloud in the sky. some showers will return a across south florida by next week. our best chance of some rain will probably be tuesday. and then we go back down to near typical levels for the end of next week. and we continue this slow warm
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average low 62. saturday, sunday, there is monday, the warmest morning will actually be tuesday with with a morning low of 70 de. right now the temperatures across the state. 71 in pensacola. mostly clear skies. across the northern end we go. 73 in tallahassee. northern floridada2. jacksonville 70 in gainesville. across the i-4 corridor. again, clear skies. 66 in tampa. 73 in orlando. we had a beautifil day here croos our area in the 70s right now from palm beach through miami. 68 in nay bevmentz the keys couldn't of asked for a better day today. 70 in marathon. same in key west. the wind out of east southeast 9 miles per hour. dry right now. and it should remain dry at least until tuesday and we should see a better chance of
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no advisories tonight. the wind will beair yaib able. seas of one to 2 feet. biscayne bay way light chop. four throughout florida keys, 15 knotifnldz inside the reef two do 3678 beyond the reef building three to 5 feet. coastal water a moderate chop. next high tide 11:58. 11:53 in fort lauderdale. 12:21 key largo. key west will be at 1:10. clear skies tonight. nice and dry. over night lows in thehe upper 50s to the low 60s. by tomorrow beautiful. plenty of sunshine. highs in the 70s. very little in the waive humidity. the wind out of north. here's your extend out look. valentine's day looking great. morning loaf 58. hive 73. maybe a lit showe on monday. and there's that better chance of rain come tuesday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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>> belkeys: hey that's a. >> craig: let's try that again i and cue.. >> belkeys: that's a wrap for 7 news at 5:00. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: my first day here,. >> craig: ready for the weekend for sure. keep it here. danielle and belkeys are next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and now at 5:30, a south florida mayor fed up
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capturing a parking problem on camera. >> good evening everybody. you know it's no secret that parking on miami beach can be difficult and traffic can be tough to drive through. >> belkeys: now the cits mayor wants to go after those who are naik worse. >> yosh rosh low live at miami beach city hall with more of this delivery drama. rosh. >> reporter: and this video was all over the place yesterday a and now reaction from miami beach city hall. >> hey, sir, let me ask you a question. >> reporter: so you've probably seen the video by now. miami beach mayor philip laveen confront aid fed ex driver who was parked in the street ig leally on thursday. >> reporter: we have a traffic problem but don't want the people to make it worse. >> reporter: this was posted to social media when the laveen saw him. he took outis cell phone and record his 30 second clip as a warning. >> what's the reason why you
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reaction to the video has bn mixed. one person wrightuoarkts lol. try finding parking on alton when have you 50 stops to make. another said kudos. major problem. glad it's img dreas oovmentd fed ex reached a statement that read, quote, we take these matters seriously and whether a diswres it with those involved n. video the fed ex employee drives off and laveen was able to catch his license plate making it easy for police to catch up with him and give him two tickets on. reacting. >> lins. i'm just happy people don't videotape me when i'm out there yelling at the trucks because the mayor and a are both supporters of keep owrg lanes clear and a think the mayor was speaking for thousands of people when he got frustrated with that truck. >> lynn: have no problem with what the mayor doovment also a bicycle issue and people not


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