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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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isdz is you. it hasn't been done in
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two reline us leaders coming together. in cuba. officials clearing the runway for commercial flights to and from the island nation. >> accused carjacker caught and cuffed. after taking off in a car with a sleeping baby inside. poor parking during a delivery. bigger debate on miami beach. >> the holiday weekend is here a.lot of great event taking place. will mother nature cooperate? >> missing for decades all over now. just one station there as south florida man is reunited with his family. and we are following breaking news in north lauderdale. deadly wreck involving multiple vehicles and a juveniles dead. on the scene. hello everyone.
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relimb us leaders face-to-face first time in 1,000 years. happened in had a van 8. continues this way cuba is the capitol of unity. >> night team, historic needs. >> hello everyone. castro greeting the pope for thsecond time and making international head liens. >> alex is at the satellite center with more for us. alex. >> it is the first ever meeting between the two address of the two churches and took two years of secret planning to come together. it was a brief stop for the pope but it was his second stop in hana since september. head of it. then pope francis and patriarch hugged. it was nearly 1,000 years ago
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>> we spoke clearly without half measures. and i confess to you that i have felt the comfort of the holy spirit in this dialogue. >>reporter: catholic and orthodox church split in 10 54 known as the great schism and have remained vided over many issues including the authority of the pope and accusations by the russian orthodox church, the catholic church tries to recruit followers in russia. >> we spoke about our churches. we agreeagreed that unity is built alonghe road. >>reporter: declaration calls for peace in syria, iraq and ukraine and urges europe to maintain its christian roots. the meeting took place at international airport where cuban leader raul castro greeted the pope.
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pope left cuba for mexico. m in a light hearted moment he donned a sombrero onoard the plane. the pope touched down in mexico city to much fan fare for 5 day visit which will include a stop at the u.s. border to pray for those who have died trying to enter the u.s. enter the u.s. pope francis is scheduled to visit places most affected by povertyviolence and immigration during his visit to mexico. ve in the satellite center tonight, 7 news night team. historic change between th united states and cuba will soon be runway ready. commercial flights are set to resume this year and walter is live at miami international airport with details on that. walter? >>reporter: well, we already see daily charter flights to and from cuba here at miami international airport but for the first time in 50 years commercial flights will resume and they could take off as
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union decades in the making. she's waited 22 years to hug her younger brother mitchell and meet his new wife fresh off one of the few flights from cuba. >> i'm glad. i'm hahay. >>reporter: now with big announcement it may be easierfor family like theirs to stay connected. >> u.s. airlines will be able to offer scheduled service between any city nuts and any city in cube eric's tuesday rep for the state department and department of transportation sign historic agreementn havana resuming commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba. that means airlines can start bidding on routes and airport slots off limits for more than 50 years. with the decision on who can fly where made this summer. >> u.s. carriers will have 15 days to submit application to the city that they want to serve. >>reporter: this is all part of the deal president obama and raul castro made in december. allowing m me than 100 daily
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u.s. and island nation. majority going to havana and third spread between 9 other cities which means more optionscities which means more options. >> ferry nan nann do hadn't seen his wife and daughter for 10 years and news of the new flight has him hopeful he may be able to reconnect with other family members like mother an other. tourism still not allow under the agreement u.s. sentences must clarify with the state department the reason for going to cuba under 12 approved categories like visiting familycategories like visiting family. the brother just one of hundreds of thousands of passengers who already fly between cuba and miami international every year and she's hoping more commercial flights will lead to more reunion like theirs. >> they need it. not me because i don't want to go back to cuba. >>reporter: and officials@ saying this agreement should not affect how existing charter flights operate. reporting live at miami international airport, 7 news night team. back to the breaking news
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juvenile has been killed in a 5 vehicle crash. >> alex is at the news desk with this. alex. >>reporter: deputy heard the impact of the collision involving these fi vehicles and called this in. we have some video that is just come in from north lauderdale. this is where five vehicles have been involved in an accident and a juvenile has been killed. we don't know the age of that juvenile yet. we are waiting for a public information officer to fill us in on some of the details. this is at tam 0chante boulevard and rock island boulevard in north lauderdale. impact involving 5 vehicles. juvenile unknown on the age killed as we get more information we'll turn it around. we also have sheldon fox heading to the scene. as soon as he gets there, he'll provide us with a live report. for now, we are live at the news desk, 7 news night team. also tonight teen behind
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mother's v vicle with her sleeping baby inside. >> sheldon fox at the scene in fort lauderdale. >> why did you take the car. >>reporter: no comment from an accused carjacking kidnapper who himselff is a kid. >> you take that car? with the baby inside. >>reporter: fort lauderdale cops say that's exactly what brian jean did monday and why he was walked into the juvenile assessment center on friday. the print were said to be found on the inof the car stole from the laundromat on sunrise boulevard. car r ich contained some extremely precious cargo. >> i left the car running with the baby inside because she was sleeping and i didn't want to wake her. >>reporter: miss lopez said what video showed. car washington baby on the inside taken by the shady character from the laundromat. >> man just kind of walked up.
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car.kind of just like casual. real casual. then just drove off. i saw the police come up and out screaming. >>reporter: horrified mom here who was just trying to get the wash done while letting her 10 month old sleep soundly. some three hours later and after an amber alert issued and panic felt from fort lauderdale and beyona mom's chevy cruise was found ditched around power line road and mcnab. baby still inside unharmed. she would be reunited with mom. >> you take the car. >>reporter: and the cops say the guy who put them through hell is now locked up. so the huge scare in the beginning of the week ends in arrest toward end of the week for a guy who is going to be charged with auto theft and kidnapping. we are in fort lauderdale, sheln fox 7 news night team. now on just one station. video of a shooting suspect wanted for opening fire outside carol city senior high school.
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afternoon. 19-year-old who police say is a member of an opa-locka gang accused of opening fire on another gang member near campus wednesday. some of the bullet hitting the miami gardens school officials say. gun violence just has to stop. >> ts becomes personal for me. this becomes personal for pastors. this becomes personal for leaders of the community. >> i want to thank the community for the fact that the community stood up and the community spoke up and it was using information from the community that decided to break the code of silence that we were able to make these arrestswere able to make these arrests. >>reporter: mean time stepped up police presence today after shot rang out near francis tucker elementary in coconut grove yesterday bullet pierce ago classroom. no one was hurt.. police still looking for the gunman in that case and another man wanted in the carol city senior high shooting. call crime stoppers if you have
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there could be a reward in it for you. just one station video 21-year-old student arrested accused of bring ago gun to campus. cory faces several charges including possession of a firearm on school property. police say the gun was not loaded. the weapon discovered in a backpack at lindsay hopkins technical education center. the vocational school in miamithe vocational school in miamial north west 20th street and seventh avenue. florida setting up help hotline for people concerned about the zika health emergency. mosquitos born virus reached epidemic proportions in the caribbean, central and south america and has been linked to birth defects as well as muscular and nerve damage in newborns. health emergency remains in effect for 5 counts. two more cases have turned upbringing the total to 20. miami-dada reports seven, broward tlechlt all of the patient's got it while over seapatient's got it while over seas. again the hotline we talked about here's the numbe.
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you have questions or concerns. we he that number for you in case you haven't gotten it right here. you will final it at the. started as a delivery drama. miami beach's mayor confront ago driver parked in a busy road but tonight at this time advertise spiraling into a wider street fight. we are not just talking about large trucks any more. >> no there's a question now about bicycles. here's rosos lowe. >> let me ask you a question. >>reporter: you probably seen the video by now. miami beach mayor confronted a fedex driver parked in the street illegally thursday. >> we have a traffic problem. what we don't want is people to make the traffic proem worse. >>reporter: posted social media when he saw the delivery man parked near 14 street he took out the cell phone and recorded a 30 second clip as a warning. >> what is the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of our most t sy
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>>reporter: reaction to the video has been mixed. one person writing quote l o l. try finding parking on alton when you have 50 stops to make. not a truck driver. another person gave levine kudoanother person gave levine kudo. major proroem. glad it is being addressed, glad it is being addressed, mayor they wrote. fedex released a statement that read we take these matters very seriously and will address it with those involved. in the video the fedex employee drives off however levine was able to catch his license plate making it easy for police to catch up with him and give him two tickets. on friday miami beach commissioner michael greek reacting. >> i'm just happy people don't videotape me when i'm out there yelling at the truck because the mayor and i are both big supports of keeping our lanes clear and i think the mayor was speaking for about 100,000 people when he got frustrated with that truck. i have no problem with what the mayor addition that's not the only issue dealing w.bicycle issue and people not using bike racks.
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which ruffled some feathers. the tweet reading quote these are not legal parking spots. tagging bike that are illegally parked. move it or lose it. hash-tag miami beach. >> yes only supposed to be for link on road area but made it seem like we were going city wide and jacking everybody's bike that's not what it was. >>reporter: clarified by commissioner greek saying specifically for lincoln road and not city wide and as far as the mayor's video goes you heard from the commissioner in the story. he said a lot of people have the same frustration. on miami beach, 7 news night team. . one candidate threatening legal action against another as the race for the white house heats up. reporter mary maloney has more. >>reporter: after autraphing a baby in louisiana donald trump pledged to go positive. >> i won't use foul language i'm just not going to do it.
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later trump threatened ted cruz with a lawsuit tweeting if ted cruz doesn't klein his act stop cheating and doing negative ads i'll sue him for not being a natural born citizen. cruz returned fire. >> there is more than a little irony in donald accsseirony in donald accusing any one of being nasty t.givenhe amazing torrent of insult and obscenity and vulgarity that come out of his mouth. >>reporter: in south carolina where v ver cast ballot later this month the air waves are plastered with spiteful ads. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time this. >>reporter: one back firing on cruz. his campaign pulling it after finding out this actress is an adult film star. cudz team refocus with a new spot spoofing the movie office space. hiary clinton also in south carolina. >> i'm going to go after every
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the way of what americans can do. >>reporter: hoping the palmetto state slows bernie sanders momentum following his big new hampshire win. >> thank you new hampshire. >>reporter: fight for the first and south primary will likely hinge on support from african american voters who make up over half the democratic electorate in the state. clinton lost african americans in south carolina to president obama in 2008. >> thank you south carolina. >>reporter: but monday another president will be in southcarolina. george w. bush wanting to lift his brother's campaign. this is 7 news night team. if you have not done so yet down load the 7 news voice your choice app. we have the latest from the campaign trail right at your finger tips. a lot of options for this long president day weekend.
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festivalicks off tomorrow ruru through monday. a this is now open to the public. dozens of gallery show case art with contrary flarereo monday. miami international boat show is under way. 2000 vendor on hand at both the marine stadium keyeyiscayne and the strictly sales show at bay side. it runs through monday. a lot to do and we are hoping for weather that is just perfect for the weekend. >> i hear it's going to be very nice. phil told me so himself. great job with the weather, phil. we appreciate it. >>reporter: it is going to be beautiful you. you forgot a very importan event taking place this weekendevent taking place this weekend. at's valentine's. tonight a quiet night all across the area. nice a.d cool. looking dry. saturday it's fantastic. plenty of sunshine after a cool start. it will be a mild day and of course valentine's day looking outstanding as we speak. for the moment everything is dry across the area.
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while. it wilil row main dry at least until the early part of next week. looks like tuesday we may see finally some much-needed showers across south florida. 61 in palm beach. 66 fort lauderdale. same in miami. look at this. very little if any cloud cover whatsoever across the region and that's how iwill stay over the next 24 to 48 hours. average low 62 degrees. we are waking up to 57 tomorrow, we are waking up to 57 tomorrow, 58 on valentine's. high of about 73 and if planning out door dinner maybe 6 or 7:0:0p.m. item probably in the mid 60's. nice light jacket may be required. we warm-up to 70 on tuesday for a morning low. then we get another front coming in and bringg us right back down to near seasonal values. we have a lot more on this a little bit later on. thank you phil. still ahead on this friday night from the night t tm. an exclusive. >> danielle knox works the
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>>reporter: after 40 years a homele man homelessness has come to an end in heart breaking heart wrenching way but there's s happy ending. we have those details coming up for you after the break. stay with us. >> broward business burned. flames tearing through it fast. the man rocking a driveway smash ago window and making a grab for cash. >> crook put quite the collection together. the jig is up. and deputy help victims get their stuff back. you are watching south florida's night team.
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we want to get out to north lauderdale now where there has been a pretty bad accident and it involves one death. >> sheldon fox has just gotten into position to bring us what he has been able to learn so far. sheldo >> big time problems craig and belkys.
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lauderdale and show you what is happening out here set the scene for you. . ou have members of bso with the lights on and shut down sectiom of street. this is rock island road and south west 12th street and then we take it down the street which is completely shut down because you have got 5 vehiclesbecause you have got 5 vehihies. involved in a crash. we are told that one young person has died. only described as a juvenile by cops. they have got several other people sglird all of this. people taken to hospital aswell. police on the scene. look like a white car there at the very least up on the sidewalk and we are talking in the area of north lauderdale states. anybody with travel plans that include rock island road and south west 12th street you need change the plans right away. because you have got a doozy of a crash right now with injuries and one fatality lots of police out on the scene as we come back this way. we tell you that we are going to have updates op this one throughout the course of the night right now you still have
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lots of members of the browardsheriff's office in the street trying to work this crash and tragic one on a a iday night. on this one. live in north lauderdale, sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> now on just one station. brother and sister coming face-to-face for the first time in decades. the man has been living on the streets of south florida and hasn't seen his family in what eternity. >> but they are finally together again. and danielle is in miami lakes with this exclusive. danielle? >>reporter: i use the word heart wrenching and heart breaking but one lesson learned tonight that neither time distance or space can ease the family love. not even after 40 years. >> don't recognize me? oh, >>reporter: with a hug and
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known as chico nights of homelessnevs have ended. the hug lasted several minutes. his sister traveling from north carolina to see a face she hadn't seen in 40 years. it's almost like they can't believe it. >> do you know how hard it was to get here? >>reporter: happy ending. but every happy ending has a beginning and fairy god mother of sorts. >> guadalu@e. this is chico. i miss you all very much. >>reporter: this woman g gby changed chico's life. >>. for the last 10 years his house the streets of downtown miami. he met gabby after receiving free meals near the art center on tuesday. when she learned he hadn't seen his family since he was 25 years old, she made this video. and social media did the rest. on tuesday night chico heard his sister's voice for the first time in decades. >> can you be ready friday or saturday. >> you are going to come down
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>> yes. >> that's my youngestest. aaron. >> glad to meet you. >>rerter: now she is not just a voice but a face. with loved ones who can't wait to take their loved one home. >> we were at chur today. pray for you all. >> thank you. it helped. >>reporter: i have to tell yoyo just so sweet what he said there was don't let go. and interestingly enough lupe said to him one of her other sons his name is isaac. reporting live in miami lakes i'm danielle knox 7 news night team. also here on 7. south florida business burned. sky 4 over the collision center in oakland park. heavy smoke shooting from the roof along northeast 42 street
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firefighters battling the blaze for over an hour. th building destroyed as were the cars inside. one firefighters was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> surveillance video capturing a smarn and dash at h hlywood restaurant. crook throwing a cinder block through the window of the drive through. he first tried grabbing a cash drawer from the register but it was empty. so he climbed in and stole two bottles of wine. it happened at las vegas cuban qui kind along sterling road month. another look at the guy if you can check it out you know who he is. call crime stoppers at this number on the screen if you have any information. >> also onon 7. group of burglar busted. july ri gun electronic they stole seized by investigators. dedety are showing off the stash and hoping to find the rightful owner. here's brandon. >>reporter: watches.
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electronic even weapons all of it stolen property recovered by the broward sheriff's office after they say a traffic stop led them to a robbery ring. >> these are tngs that are valuable. things that obviously have some value to other criminals. >> 4 men were arrested and the broward sheriff's office says others may still be out there. now they are in the process of trying to get these items back to their rigigful owners. stacy and her family spent te friday looking over the tables of stolen goods. >> the coin station. >>reporter: right away they recognized some of the things their home was broken into in january. >> i felt violated. i wasn't even able to eat that night which isn't good considering i'm pregnant. >>reporter: now the sheriff's office hopes to find the owners of the rest of the things so people like stacy can put a robbery behind them. >> i have never had something
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it's definitely put me on alertit's definitely put me on alert. any time i'm home if i hear a noise i check and see what it is. >>reporter: so again deputy think there may be more suspects out there if you know anything that can help call broward crime stoppers with number on the screen. we are in pompano beach, we are in pompano beach, brandon buyer 7 news night team. >> up next o osouth florida night team. he looked both ways and started to cross. >> but this pedestrians was in the path of a driver who w w running from the law. >> i'm donovan campbell coming up in sports. first police florida panthers could start the 6 game home stand with the win. >> heat star will not be participating in all star weekend. 7 sports is coming up with the
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he had the right-of-way and started crossing the street b
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a dangerous driver. hit-and-run was caught on camera. >> victim is speaking to the night team's susan tran. >>reporter: cuffed lednto the woovr police department delgado run from the law ended when investigators found him hiding under a bed in a relative dorchester home 30 hours after he asasulted an officer and drove into an elderlyap cross ago street. >> thinks a very disturbing incident involving career criminal who showed reckless disregard for the safety of those around him in our community at large. >>reporter: it started wednesday morning. police say delgado went to old work site at the asphalt company to try trepay the company gas card he had been skimming money off of. the owner called police. officials say delgado shoved the officer to thehe ground and drove off. then slammed into 65-year-old alfred but keptoing. >> i don't think i'm ever going to be there again. >>reporter: they search the anybody for the 29-year-old that police say is a career violent felon but it was a
10:32 pm
officials to delgado. >> very relieved. we dedicated extensive resource from his this police department as well as i said the state police task unit and. >>reporter: alfred recovering from a fractured ankle and in a lot of pain. his wife says she's just glad police were able to find the man responsible. >> the more i see him hit him and throw him up on the car it bothers me so much. it could have killed him. >>reporter: delgado faces stripping of charges including assault and battery on a police officer and leaving the scene an accident he is set to be in court later today. in will burn, 7 news. >> coming up on 7 news at 10:00>> coming up on 7 news at 10:00. something new is on the menu at certain south in schools. >> we are checking out what will soon be served up in cafeteria. >> holiday weekend is here. looking like a nice one. great day. plenty of sunshine. nice. mild. a little humidity and very pleasant w wther will stick
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entireutlook in a couple
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it is time for a taste test it is time for a taste test. something new is coming to the menu at schools this one countymenu at schools this one county.
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thought. lunch is to help students threw ththr studies. >> this time they get a say. night team vanessa has a look. >> crunchy chili and chips getting smiles from these girls. all part of broward county public schools annual food showpublic schools annual food show. >> i hate to tell you but it has vegetables in it. >>reporter: low fat and low in sugar option. all items that could possiblymake it on to next school year's food menu. >> we want our students to give us the input if they like things or they feel it's not going to be something they are going to want to choose. >> i liked everything except the potato wedges and the no. 1the potato wedges and the no. 1. i forgot wh it was called. >> the potato wedge is a little gross what was it you didn't like. >> it was gross. >> out of all the food. >> t kid have so many options to choose from.
10:37 pm
ham and cheese hawaiian roll and hum must. kind of fabulous for the kids to be tasting all these food items. so south beachood wine fest eat your heart out because here we have a kicken and waffle bite. breast of chihien with waffle and maple syrup all in one. who knew. >> imporornt for us from business perspective we only put items on our mean you that student want to eat. >>reporter: students tasting. then voting on an i-pad whether it's awesome just okay or gross and these kids are taking this job serious. >> taste of its really delicious. can't really explain it. could be crunchy and some soft. >>reporter: upgrade from what you eat in the lunch room now. >> yes. >>reporter: the best scoring foods will then make it to a
10:38 pm
officials can then make a final decision. in pompano beach with the future foodie of the world. vanessa, 7 news. some south florida schools are struggling to make the grade. results release for last year based on student performance and standardize testing. miami-dade broward county receiving over all b but broward the smallest portion of a's. just 84 schools and largest proportion of f's, 29 schools. 167 miami-dade schools received a's with 20 failing. see how your school did log on to our web site a athis the weekend is here. should be very nice. today was beaeaiful morning low in the 50's afternoon high in the 70's. a little humidity. no rain in the rain gauge. right now temperatures are in the 60's except for miccosuke
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degrees. the pressure is falling. the wind is calm at the coast about 5 miles per hour.. humidity 63 percent. stormtracker is showing everything is dry across south florida. we have been dry. we could use a little rain. next best chance will probably be on tuesday as another weak front approaches the area. right now across the peninsula 60's and 50's just about everywhere. the cold spot right now if you will naples a temperature of 57 degrees. high pressure will dominate our weather tonoght and in through the weekend. by tomorrow we get a weak front moving in. no rain and really no big temperature change. all thathis will do is ensure that this pleasant weather will stick around through sunday as well. high pressure right behind at. breezy. we may see a few late day showers across the keys and the florida straits so here's the marine forecast for tomorrow. no advisoryno advories.
10:40 pm
biscayne bay with moderate chopbiscayne bay with moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys looking good. however the winds will pick up a little bit. 15 plus winds especially by early tomorrow afternoon. sea beyond the reef building 3 to 5 feet coastal water with a moderate chop. next high tide mia 12:55. 12:50 in fort lauderdale. key largo 1:18. 2:14 key west. for tonight clear skies. nice. dry. nice chill in the air. if you will. overnight low will be in the upper 50's.63 in the keys. wind will be variable. tomorrow it really doesn't get any better than this. plenty of sunshine. dry. a little humidity. highs will be in the 70's and by the way for the pain land this is pretty typical. wind out of the north. 10 to 15 miles per hour. here's the extended outlook. sunday making -- waking up to 58. high of 73. dinner time temperatures r rht around the mid 60's. light jacket if you go out
10:41 pm
president's day very nice. few showers late in the day. tuesday that's the best chance for rain. high of 80. that should be thearmest day next week. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. >> thanks. specici delivery aimed at helping area love bird. see red this valentine's day. ups unloaded several thousand boxes of roses at miamiinterfere national. the flowers are coming if from equador and columbia. stored in 27,000 square foot freezer. officials say more than 90 percent of the world imported flowers will travel through mia. >> this time of the year our second biggest holiday for us. mother's day is a little bit bigger than valentine's as i alwayspsay everybody has a mother. and it's a very intense holiday because everybody wants on a certain day and everything has to be cramped into 48 hours. >>rererter: ups expects to bring in more than 100 million flowers this year weighing over 10 million pound. i'm glad to see the flowers i
10:42 pm
>> i got my flowers today. >> you are welcome. >> needless to say they weren't froa him. >> how do you know. >> they are from me. >> you got my flowers. >> nice try. tv husband. >> darn it. >> still ahead on the night team. only one thing that can save the world super models. >>reporter: behind the scenes
10:44 pm
familiar faces are making a fashion statement. zoo lander is back and as erce as ever. top model have to save the world once again. >> we go behind the scenes. >> biggest super model in the whole world. >>reporter: new model in tgwn. actually there's a lot of new models in town. zoo lander 2 is non-stop runway show of cameo. >> peace out world. >>reportrt: so many guest
10:45 pm
the stars aren't allowed to say who is in the show. >> designers a a very special ed. tor. >> we have seen the movie. talking about "vogue"uber editor and win tour. once she was on board everyone else followed. or else. >> great to be able to say she's doing it. and then w wwere able to get real fashion people in the fit movie weren't able to get because didn't foe what they were doing. >>reporter: we can't show you but trust us. everyone who is any one in the fashion world they are in this movie. >> unit male or female model. >> all is all.% >>reporter: all is going to be the next big thing in "vogue". >> only one person who would know. >>reporter: and the person in charge of interpreting the lookcharge of interpreting the look. penelope cruz and doesn't take her long to identify suspect number one. played once again by will pharrell. >> bad to the core now.
10:46 pm
the 1515ears between movies staying in model condition. >> we can't age and get fat and all perfect pet ateed by the fashion rld. >>reporter: eternally sexy cruise is responsible an trying to get revenge by manipulating the long ago orphan son. >> handsome. what is your problem. >>reporter: if you like crazy fun sla stick and sardonic humor you are going to love zoo 2. >> make sure you see the movie now because of the cast says there will be no third installment. zoo 2 is in theaters now. in the plex, 7 news night team. i may have to give in and go to a movie finally for the first time in i don't know how many years. >> you think so. that's my line. >> i never go.
10:47 pm
>> you make fun of me all the time. >> i see them on dvd screeners at least. >> in any event don't care about any of it do you. >> first place panthers. >> of course i care. >> 6 game home stand with a win tonight. >> they are like a family. th care. >> one of the heat twoal star not playing in the nba all star game this weekend.
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what's up south florida. we start the sports party with the florida panthers. who got off to the 6 game home stand singing the blue. turns 44 monday. what? first period. off the rebound. check it out. he light the lamp. the early one nothing lead. then all blue. which made it happen. david with the slapper just past i i for the equalizer. three goal in the first. only game this season the panthers given up up three goal the first period. starts the second if st. louis and to vladimir. make things interesting. campbell to jonathan for the goal. cats down by one but not even
10:51 pm
florida falls 5-3. >> weren't as sharp as we were the past few games. tomorrow we have to come back and be better defensively. >> we just didn't play physical enough in the first period. after the first we were fen but not hard enough in the first. >> due to this bosch will not participate in the weekend all star game. >> would have been flank in the city where the career started.also scheduled to in the three point shoot out. with dprou that as well. >> fashionable as always. wade in toronto. enjoying his 12th all star weekend. the heat in the eastern conference at thth break and 9 and a half games behind cleveland for first place. wade thinks the conference is up for grabs and knows what the heat need to fix in the second half. >> everyon knows very competitive right now.
10:52 pm
for us we have to get more consistent. second half of the season we have to become more unselfish and become more healthy. i'm looking forward to the second half. i noe hope we are healthy. >> after 20 seasons kobe bryant is 188 final all star game. career cims playing in the league so long the face all star weekend begin to change. kobe was shocked to find out that some of the weseern conference team mates on sunday have been watching him sense they were kids. >> i look around the room and i see guys i'm playi with that are tearing the league up that were like 4 my first all star. it's truly amazing. how many players can say they play 20 years and have seen the game go through three 4 generations. >> the first all star weekend with celebrity game tonight.
10:53 pm
kevin hart coached the american team and refused to shake drake hand. >> that's all my mine is on. didi't shake my hand. i'm canadians. i have manners. we are trying to be plight but it is what it is. >> bitter sweet because i have love for canada. but today today i'm here to crush canada and i apologize in advance. >> wow! for americans actor jason was hot. you have to plalawell in front off our girl. that's his fiance cheering on for canadians team. tennis player after being dow laid hard call his own number. in the game. funny man stretching right away unfortunately didn't help as canadians won the game 74-64. you are a phone guy.
10:54 pm
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that is a wrap first at 10:00. ciao ciao. happy valentine's day. i'm belkys. >> stay tune.
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10:59 pm
meeting for the history books in havana. pope francis becoming the first pontiff to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. >> that meeting not the only historic news out of the island nation today as liar changes take flight between the u.s. and cuba. >> it looks like the mild weather will continue for this holiday weekend. i'll have your forecast. >> after 40 years homels man homelessness coming to an end. heart warming story coming up. developing tonight. chain reaction crash involving multiple cars and t results
11:00 pm
we have it in all a live report straight ahead. hello welcome everyone. >> 7 newss continues now at 11>> 7 news continues now at 11:00. we begin with the developing story several cars involved in a deadly crash in north lauderdale. hole again everybody. one juvenile is dead on the scene. >> sheldon fox is live in that neighbor with the detailon what happened. sheldon. >>reporter: just an awful friday night craig and belkys. we are told it's a rollover wreck and told at first thed broward sheriff's office it was a 5 vehicle crash. since correctetethemselves and said three. nevertheless we have big problems here. we'll pu it back down that way and show you what is going on. it looks as if there's a car up on the sidewalk. if not up against the wall. this is in the area of the north lauderdale staecects you have a road completely shut down rock island road right near south west 12th street. traffic being diverted at 12th street and you have got a


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