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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> reporter: now on the night team, crooks caught on camera breaking into several stores, grabbing cell phones and other items. police hoping surveillance video will help them solve the case. >> robbin: a house of worship turned into a crime scene when the burglar strikes. thousands of dollars in instruments gone.
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death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia, lawmakers launching a contentious debate over his future r rlacement. >> robbin: the race for the white house heating up. republican and democratic candidates focusing on ththnext primary. not wasting any time, gaining as much support as they can. >> jeff: pope francis on the historic mission tomexico. thousands attending sunday mass before a special visit by the pontiff to a childrens hospital. >> reporter: a windy start to the week. nds and temperatures going up. >> robbin: battered by the storm. now back on the high seas. the anthem of the seas once again setting sail. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: i'm jeffffennox. the night team first at 10 starts now. off the top several crooks caught in action pplling off a series of grab and go burglaries across soututflorida. hello again.
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targeting electronicks and cell phone stores. >> and while not connecting all the crimes, they say each happened in the same way. the night team's elitsa bizios is live outside one of the businesses that was hit. elitsa? >> reporter: roroin and jeff, they did happen in very similar ways. we' talking not one, not 2 but t 4 of these burglaries happening within about an hour of each other. one of these business owners thinking they're all connected. >> they took the register and basically everything that they could. >> surveillance video capturing the moment the crooksin the hialeah cell phone store go to town stealing everything inside and leaving behind a big mess. >> most of the phones are missing. >> the early morning heist happening saturday at 9:27 west 29th street.
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like we have alarms and good camera systems but they came in the middle of the night. nobody seems to hear nothing. >> porter: but it wasn't just that store. the crooks striking again. cameras catching them ususg a sledge hammer to smash the front door. this time stealing nothing. but not too far away on west 35th street, also on saturday, a very similar crime. this time the crooks even turning on the lights to get a better look at what they could get their hands on. they are investigating if the crimes were connected. and police do want to hear from you if you know anything about these crimes. the best number to call, ciep stoppers, -- crime stoppers, of course, 305-471-tips. and you can remain anonymous. live in hialeah, elitsa bizios, 7 newsnight team. >> robbin: a high private heightheist at a jewelry store. a thief walked in near 4th avenue and sheridan street earlier this morning.
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employees before locking him bathroom. thcrime. >> it's crazy. i don't think that normally happens in this neighborhood. >> robbin: the crook got away jewelry. if you have any information to help investigators call crime stopper ats 4-493-tips. >> jeff: crooks targeting the temple in northwest miami-dade. stealing instruments from inside late thursday or early friday morning. it's the first time this church on northwest 8th avenue and 11th street has been hit. crooks sxole an ac unit there 3 years ago. if you have any ininrmation, call police. a family desperate for run. lauderdale on thursday. scene of the crash earlier tonight. they lit candles on northeast
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highway and called on the driver to come forward. >> i saw that one of them saw what happened. the guy put his brakes on, knew he hit someone and took on off and we're trying to find who it is. >> jeff: investigators say they're looking for a silver two-door car like that one right there on the screen and increasing the reward to $3,000. call 954-493-tips. if you have any information, remember you can remain anonymous. >> robbin: a teenager shot in miami home from the hospital tonight. 16-year-old eddie ramyoero recovering after being shot in the leg. it happened yesterday on southwest fifth street and 10th avenue in little havana. investigators say he was walking along en someone in dark clothes opened fire. the shooter is still out there. also in the news tonight, the body of justice antonin scalia
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texas escorted by state and federal law enforcement ficials. his family now preparing to bring him home to virginia. his death sparking a fierce political battle in washington and also on the campaign trail. >> jeff: lawmakers on both sides fighting over who should replace them and when that should happenen walter morris live in the satellite center with more. walter? >> reporter: president obama saying he wants to move quickly but it may not be easy.. the makeup of the court is at stake and republicans are promising a fight. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> reporter: igniting a heated debate in washington on the news of justice antonin scalia's death. republicans are promising a fight. >> if obama picks a hard core liberal candidate, no way it gets through. >> reporter: from congress to the campaign trail, the gop going all in vowing to do
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president from filling that seat. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on record saying he wants the next president to make the pick. ted cruz promising to filibuster. and the other republicans vying for the job echoing that sentiment. >> he clearly has the power to do it but given his choice of supreme court justices' in the past the senate of the united states should not confirm someone who is out of the main stream. >> you do not have a lame duck president make a lifetime appointment to the highest court on the land. >> reporter: with the death it's now split between the liberal judges and decisions on abortion rights, immigration and affirmative action all up in the air and now the democratic presidential candidates calling on congress to takekection. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that is exactly what he should doing and with the constitutional process. >> the idea the republicans want to deny the president of
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constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >> walter morris, 7 news night team. >> robbin: all right, walter, stay with us for the complete update on the justice right here and online at >> and the republican cand days going head-to-head in the heated debate on saturday night with the south carolina primary right around the corner. plus the democrats hitting the campaign trail and not pulling any punches. a change in tone saturday night as the remaining gop presidential candidates took the debate stage in greenville, south carolina. after a moment of silence for the late justice scalia and a discussion over his replacement, the candidates left nothing off the table on foreign policy and george w. bush's administration's handling of the war in iraq,
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>> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade center -- the world -- i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the reign of -- >> reporter: trump and cruz also going head-to-head. >> right now today as a candidate he supports federar taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him on that. >> you are the single biggest lawyer. you're probably worse than jeb bush. you're the single biggest liar. >> reporter: marco rubio trying stage a comeback and shake being a robotic candidate. >> the is no one left in the republican field that has more experience or has proven to have better judgment on national security than vi. donald trump had zero foreign policy experience. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich perhaps summed up the debate best with the back and
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>> i have to tell you, this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts, okay? >> reporter: on the democrat side more e-mail questions for hillary clinton. the final release of her e-mails scheduled for february 29th. the day before voting in several states on super tuesday. clinton in colorado going after the gop. >> if any of us needed a reminder of just how important it is to take back the united states senate and hold on to the white house, just look at the supreme court. it's the street. >> and the question that we asked is wall street and all of these other billion acer and wealthy individuals? are they really so dumb? why are they contributing so much money? let the american people make that decision. >> reporter: okay, former president bill clinton will be stumping for hillary in south
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we'll be there for that event. meanwhile the focus remains on south carolina this week. the republican primary is the democrats the following week plus first up they have a caucus coming up in nevada this saturday, the same day as the republican primary. and if you haven't done so yet, choice app. latest news. all the information on the candidates from the campaign trail. robbin? >> robbin: lawmakers in haiting choosing a new leader. the senate chief sworn in as the country's provisional president. he'll hold office for about 4 months leading to the interim government until a new president can be elected. michelle stepepd down last week. the country's constitution barred him from seeking another term. violent protests and accusations of vote rigging
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pope francis ramping up the day and in mexico city meeting with patients and their families. after a brief speech he stopped to give one of the children medicine. earlier today he celebrated the outdoor mass at one of the country's most dangerous suburbs, urging the people to resist temptations and transform into a land of opportunity. tomorrow the pope heads to where he'll hold the service and meet with members of mexico's indigenous community. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to mexico. we'll have the latest on air and online at >> jeff: now with the night team, a live look at downtown miami this valentine's day. meteorologist brent cameron joining us in the weather center with what to expect. brent? >> brent: i'll tell you, this is our transition time valentine's day and tonight we are finding winds switching
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winds off the water and the milder time tonight with the breeze still around 25 at the coast. 18 mph a little further inland. so we do have a breezy night in store across south florida. now at the moment most places are checking in dry but there will be a chance for a few sprinkles with the spots near the coast at around beach locations and that chance will carry on over into the first part of this week. along with some very rough surf as gusty conditions continue. for the president's day holiday, we had the highghof 73 today. notice the jump in tomorrow for the upper 70s to 80 and a 30% higher rain chance. we'll talk more about this for the entire forecast coming up for the week a little bit later. >> jeff: millions of people across the northeast bundling up and feeling the freeze with several major cities bracing for record low temperatures. talk about a bitter blast of cold air.
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single digits. >> and all of this is coming storm. the night team's john cocoa is in boston with the story. >> well, it's valentine's day and i'm sitting here at the airport with my husband at home. >> reporter: denise adams is just one of the many people tryi to fly out of boston this bitterly cold sunday. >> headed to d.c. for a business trip and i was supposed to be on the 5:15 flight and last i checked it was delayed to 7:06. >> reporter: all because of >> cold weather. >> reporter: mass port says they anticipate problems earlier in the day, especially with equipment on the ground. the jet blue spokesperson told 7 news fueling operations are being impacted because of the dangerously low temps. they say they're trying to operate with precaution while refueling the aircrafts. >> we started it was -21 and windchill -40 and get the flight to charlotte back home. >> reporter: michelle hoffman said she was supposed to take off at 2 in the afternoon, got
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>> our car started just fine this morning. the plane hasn't started yet. >> and says she'll find another way to pass the time until she can take off. >> i may have a drink or 2. i'm frustrated but it's as best we can do. make the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> jeff: whatever it takes to stay warm, right? >> robbin: and be ready to go. the night team starting coming up at 10 and the cruise ship getting into those who need it after a rough day at sea. tonight back out for what sailing. >> jeff: protesters calling for change at miami seaquarium. the desperate measures one woman is going to to make sure her message is heard. >> robbin: it's not everyday an ultra sound goes viral. you won't believe what this checkup. >> oh, boy! >> robbin: very good. >> jeff: in the spirit of valentine's day, why not adopt a sweetheart? those animals are cute and
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the precious animals looking for their forever home. >> robbin: kitty! >> reporter: and i'm mike dipasquale. coming up in sports check in with heat star dwayne wade in toronto and the 12-ranked canes looking for the 20th win of the season against the noles in
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sports. >> days after being rocked by huge waves on the last trip is now setting sail. they say it is completely repaired. >> and tonight a new set of passenger system on board hoping for smooth sailing. >> lightning doesn't strike twice. >> passengers boarding the anthem of the seas at the terminal in new jersey hoping for a smoother ride this time. >> went through last week and can get through anything. >> last week -- >> oh, my god! >> reaching 75 mph and waves measuring nearly 40 feet high. the weather leaving passengers in shock. >> everhing was all over the floor. there was glass. everything in the bathroom was
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toiletries and everything and we're like oh, my god! the first thing that comes to mind is i'm going to die! this is it! >> the crew could have easily hidden. they were walking non-stop cleaning debris from the room and bringing water, od. >> robbin: luckily no one seriously hurt during the storm. the 10-month-old ship carrying more than 4500 passengers returned to portlate wednesday night. >> the captain did a great job. >> robbin: before heading back to sea they had to repair the propulsion system damaged in the storm. the coast guard gave the all clear. >> we told crews we have ships that have never come full propulsion motor before. >> people should give cpt to the captain and the people who designed that ship. >> robbin: some say the possibility of inclement weather is part of the cruise
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it should have set sail at all. >> the first cruise had a hurricane and the second cruise a tropical storm and it's just like before. and get sick. >> robbin: passengers received a full refund and certificate towards a future cruise. meanwhile royal caribbean says they'll strengthen the storm avoidance policy. >> jeff: several protesters taking a stand and calling for change outside miami seaquarium. night. please dot right thing and turn around. >> jeff: the group gathering near lolita, the seaquarium's killer whale demanding she be released into her habitat. >> i think it's so barbaric. it's cruel. thaiwild creatures and need their freedom and at places like miami seaquarium they need to be shut down. >> reporter: danielle dolls, a
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live in a bathtub for the next month. she's trying to bring awareness to animals like lolita in captivity. they say lolita the killer whale is healthy and thrive nothing her home of 45 years with pacific whitesided dolphins. there is no evidence the 45-year-old could survive if she were pob moved from her home at miami seaquarium to the sea pen or the open waters of the pacific northwest. >> robbin: still ahead tonight from the night team, shark sitings off the coast of south florida. a huge group of them seen swimming close to shore. >> jeff: back on land, a slithering problem targeting the everglades a thing of the past. the results of the python challenge. >> robbin: and a bus filled with high schoolers goes up in flames.
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from hitting the slopes. >> jeff take a look at this picture. sharks spotted and there are almost too many to count in that image right there. dozens of sharks seen a stones throw away from the south florida coast and turns out it's part of the regular pattern. ke a close look.
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below? those are sharks off palm beach county's coast. >> a bunch ofoffishermen and then look at these sharks around here. >> jeff: we paused the video and in this frame of video alone, we counted 157 sharks. >> it's so cold these sharks are literally a stone's throw away from shore. >> you're looking at the aerial black tip shark migration survey across the crystal clear atlantic. where exactly is he seeing them? >> the sharks we saw today are primarily at palm beach and right up riviera beach off singer island and up to jupiter inlet. >> and one thing in particular that stood out to this professor. and it wasn't the shark inches away from that paddle boarder right there. >> so interesting because there were hardly any sharks south from miami to boynton beach and from palm beach, singer island it was loaded. literally tens of thousands of sharks. >> jeff: impressive. prot fessor still trying to figure out why those sharks are
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area ofofthe coast. robbin? >> robbin: all right, the south florida reptile round up finally coming to an end. the 2016 python challenge ending tonight at 7. amateur hunters removed at least 102 burmese pythons since the competition began last montnt it was to control the invasive snakes in the everglades. the final tally will be announced at the awards ceremono february 27th. taking you cross country tonight, at least 50 people forced to find new places to stay after several california homes go up in flames. look at this massive fire. it spread quickly and fire fighter his to struge to put it out. officials say one person suffered some minor injuries. still no word on what started the fire. >> jeff: a ski trip taking a terrifying turn when the bus fill wide high schoolers goes up in flames in washington state.
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after e students got off the bus in seattle. >> within minutes they were up here at the ski area. we had them safely in the lodge @ and had them all together as a group and went from there. >> good ending here though. no one was hurt on the bud the kids still hit the slopes that day. blaming the mechanical problem for the bus fire. >> robbin: and another big fire. this one in louisiana. the smoke billowing into the air. flames destroying wooden orlean drivers on the nearby boat capturing the blaze on camera. no ininries reported and the ause is under investigation. >> jeff: next from the newsplex, the south florida super star making a difference andoing his part to help the people in flint, michigan, dealing with the major water crisis.. >> robbin: valentine's day weekend setting the mood for the perfect time to say i do and that's juju what this
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florida has to offer. > reporter: hello, everybody. i'm patrick fraser with the next help me howard. most of us are honest and hillary is. when she found $200 she turned it over to police. when one claimed it, she thought she'd get it. but she was ld no, the police get to keep it. >> i kept her on the phone trying to plead with her, you know, and see what she could do. and it was just no. no, no, no, no, no, no, no. >> reporter: if you findndmoney, turn it over to the police and no one claims it, can the police keep it? sometimes.
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tomorrow at 10 on 7 news. >> robbin: a couple saying"i do" for the international boatat show. holding the downtown miami beautiful mystic scpooner boat. onlookers gathering to exchange their vows. they say it was the perfect time and place to tie the knot. >> well, it's vantine's day. it's the perfect day to get married, right? >> it's on the water and on a sail boat. we have the show every year. >> robbin: they're already finishing each other's sentences. the weather wasn't the only attraction at the boat show. the event attracted thousands of people to south florida this weekend. >> jeff: looks like a great time out there!
10:33 pm
a sweetheart in dania beach. dogs, rabbits and pets looking for their perfect valentine at the humane society of broward county! happy endings. wanting a forever home. the shelter waving regular adoption fees and letting families make a donation of their choice. >> if you have love in your heart and in your home and can open up to a homeless animal, adopting a pet is a wondndful thing. >> jeff: a wonderful thing to do. in honor they receive free vaccinations. look at that face! they also got a microchip and free bag of food. >> and back to back#holidays. we'll enjoy that here. and looking at the sun going down after 6:00. that was also with plenty of
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lauderdale and 57 in key west and everyone else in between@ with comfortable air in place. now most places with th dry sweep with the radar and that is spotting off shore in the atlantic and the sign of additional changes as we watch not only the clouds gather and winds picking up through the overnight tonight and heading into president's day but we'll find a fair amount of clouds as well. peeks of sun and some nice temperatures. start off with the readings in the 60s and hardly jacket weather around here especially in the afternoon, but we will find the breeze kind of mix nothing as well.
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but will look for the chancm for about two days until another front comes our way. here's the national view and this is that big attention getter across the midatlantic to the northeast. these will be developing some 1-2, 3 inches and temperatures are such that this snow is going to turn into rain tomorrow afternoon because temperatures are e quite often tomorrow above the freezing point and even in places like washingtond.c. to new york city and it's a big difference starting off this morning when temperatures were in some cases almost 40 below zero. so here's what we can expect here at home. this is certainly something we'll have to use caution on with the risk of rip currents and the small craft visory due to the wind and seas.
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winds out of the east with 15-20 and waters are rough. so we have breeze tonight and mostly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles. not as chilly as previous nights. instead of the s lows tonight in the 60s and for tomorrow well into the 70s and warmest day of the week on tuesday ahead of the weak front but notice the difference is very minimal as that front slides through and skies kloor out for the middle part of the week. that is the 7 on 7 forecast. >> jeff: topping the buzz tonight, alanis morriset announcing she has a little bun in the oven. expecting her second child with husband mario treadway. she spread ththnews on her website friday posting an animated video nding with her family looking at ultra sound pictures. the couple already has a
10:37 pm
celebrating her valentine's day with her newborn son. revealing the first picture of yorkrkbanks on instagram. the baby is sleeping and snuggling against her chest. banks and her boyfriend welcomed their son by surrogate last month. she'd previously shared her struggle to get pregnant to get viewers on the show "fab life." >> jeff: flo rida helping several @n need in michigan. donating several thousand bottles of water to reredents at triumph church in flint, michigan. his donation made through s big dreams for kids foundation. the water has been tainted with lead. >> robbin: the new super hero flick crushing the competition at the box office this weekend. did you see it? marvel comics dead pool taking the top spot with the estimated 135 million dollars in its opening weekend. kung fu panda 3 chopped down to number 2.
10:38 pm
wonder if chris van bleat and that whole interview had anything to do with the top 3? the romantic comedy expected to earn about 19 million dollars. >> jeff: towards the end of the interview he's like 3 minutes in, vino questions in. >> and unbuttonininmy shirt. >> more coming up from the news station tonight, looking for a new way to cook up fish for dinner. a favorite dish getting a twist when we grab a bite with belkys. >> robb: plus history on the track at daytona.
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qualifying coming nup 7 sports. >> robbin: this little baby is already a knock out after he's seen punching himself in an ultra sound that has now gone viral! that does sound strange. an ultra sound that's gone viral. the kansas city couple shared the video of the babyboy during the visit to the doctor. >> jeff: a boxer one day. the ultra sound showing the baby hitting himself hard engh to knock him back in the womb. the night team's lorena estrada has the story. >> reporter: this is the ultra sound being viewed around the world. it shows edward james watson, ej for short, punching himself knocked backwards. mom, vanessa watson, said she couldn't believe her eyes. >> i was watching this and really?
10:42 pm
and her husband dave this is the first time in 20 years she's seen something like this. >> i asked her if everything's okay. and not going to happen. >> once assured that ej was perfectly healthy. daves he posted the video of the 20-week scan online to show family and friends. >> then two days we had articles in the ukraine, honduras, italy, telemundo. >> getting so big and so big and so big. >> already more accomplished than i am. >> though the attention is unexpected and at times overwhelming, the couples it's fun to read the comments and speculate about what that punch may say about ej's personality. >> we tluf on friday and we were just talk being that and maybe he'll be some fighter or some boxing guy. >> reporter: vanessa is due in june and plans to share it with her son some day.
10:43 pm
estrada, 7 news night team. >> jeff: quite a punch! >> robbin: get ready for mma! >> jeff: one day, in 9 months. not done yet! dwayne wade is looking to impress his peers. not pulling any punch there is. in the all-star game tonight! >> robbin: plus the florida panthers still in third place
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the ice! 7 sports next with details. >> reporter: the canada game tonight and each is an all-star selection. chris bosh reserved for the east and didn't play becauau of a calf injury. kobe bryant with the 18th and final all-star game. first quarter, kyle lowrey to dwayne wade. wade to lebron james and lebron slam its home and ties it up too early. later wade goes coast to coast for the dunk and heat's up by 3 after the first. second quarter and bryant will drive.
10:47 pm
and heat up 92-90 at the half and all-star history in the 4th quarter and by 18. college hoops ranked games for the 20th win in tallahassee against florida state. picking it up in the second half and angel rodriguez with reed and alleyoop and up 11 and noles fight back. about 7 minutes later hits the 3 and tie its at 50. not even 2 minutes later tied at 52. to rodriguez for the 3 and angel at 11 and miami's up 3. and reed to corner 3 and had the game high 20. final seconds noles with the ball. canes by 2 and xavier with mays loses the ball and the canes hang on to win it 67-65. u now with the 20 and 4 record and coach l really happy after
10:48 pm
>> you may some 3's and i think angel made 2 and dayvonne made one. and when making 3's i think he's confident and in a good groove. even in games where he hasn't scored big points he's been distributing and doing a good job. >> then it is all fighting irish. going f 2 and then it is going to going for the division and it's going for the conference and then it's going fofothe sunrise. friday night in st. louis and taking it to the cats for 5-3. coming up with 10 goals and not good. and the panthers are not angry right now and they should be. >> we can't purge ourselves and en it is going to the squalls
10:49 pm
you keep playing them as they come and, you know, better be ready and hopefuy we're piseded off going into monday night. >> hopefully they are mad. next sunday right here on channel 7 with the daytona 500 race and history is made in today's qualifying. it was done by 20-year-old chase elliott. he's the youngest pole sitter for the 500 and did it with the qualifying speed of nearly,97 mph. chase's dad is bill, a 2-time daytona 500 winner. still has a 24 car for retired iver jeff gordon. with dad and gordon helping, chase looks to become the ever. >> i definitely think my dad had a lot of success down here and any advice he had to offer is worth lifbling to and i think between him and my 3 teammas teand jeff, i think that's a lot of great advice and great knowledge that's worth listening to for su. if they're speaking, i'm liching. >> the 4th and final round
10:50 pm
and made the move today. on 16 and he like its! puts them in the lead with 15 under and phil mickelson needing to go birdie and 17-6 with the 12 footer from the fringe and on 18. it's the 5 footer with the force for the playoff and he lifts it. taylor wins for the first time in 11 years. it's the 6th straight league win and the first minute to line up for the penalty kick and it's for luis suarez and it's the fifth hattrick this season and it's the top in the league with 23 goals this season and 13 in the last 7 games. barcelona wins 6-1. and h.r. season opener in california. right on the screenment 69-year-old drivergary hits a career best speed of over 307 mph and won the race in just over 4 seconds. right about now w e parachutes slow them down. when the chute opened they did not. did not deploy but the safety
10:51 pm
he wasn't hurt. afterwards he said i ju wrecked a perfectlily good race car. walks away. going 300 mph and worried about his car. go figure! >> and the high school hot shot goes to the senior captain and lets to the high school state soccer championship and gets the hot shot award and finished the season with 59 goals for the wolverines. stay with us. sportstsxtra former pace high school star from super bowl
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robbin and jeff back after this. >> reporter: in the spirit of valentine's day, why not serve your loved ones a heart healthy meal this week. >> robb: delicious fish is on the menu today as we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody. looking for a healthy alternative to tonight's dinner? i got you! it's a pistachio encrusted grouper on the menu. we got this. you will need bread crumbs, unsalted pistachios, grouper filets, two egg whites and salt
10:55 pm
so we goour shelled, unsalted pistachios here but what we want to do is take these and t them through the food processor so they end up looking like this. what we want to do is take some of these and add them to our bread crumb mixture and then toss it around. this is what we'll use for the nice crust on the fish. as alwayswe'll start by seasoning the fish with a little salt and little pepper and put it in the egg white we cracked and this is the glue that will make it stick to the pistachio bread crumb combo. so pistafp yores make for a beautifucrust so don't be afraid to get mesy. we'll put it on the lined roasting pain. bake at 400 for 12 minutes. the nuts are nice and crispy and it looks delicious.
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the finished product. the pistachio encrusted grouper. easy and healthy! if i can do it, you can do it! i'm belkys nerey. bon appetito! >> jeff: for morerelog on to and click on bite. for the latest and greatest in all things culinary, check out belkys's bite blog also on our website. >> robbin: and that's going to do it for us tonight first at i'm robbin simmon.
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the news continues next at 11. >> jeff: in hialeah, the search is on for the restless crowks. >> robbin: the death sparking a battle for supreme court control and presidential candidates are weighing in >> jeff: a cruise ship clear to sail one week after the terrifying storm sent furniture flyingng >> robbin: and breaking down breezy details with brent. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 11 starts w. criminals on camera and this is not the first time for the grab and go crimes. police say the themes are targeting electronics and cell phone stores. >> robbin: and while they've not connected all the crimes, each happen n in the same way.
11:00 pm
reports from hialeah >> they took the register and -- >> reporter: surveillance cameras capturing the moments the crooks go to town stealing and leaving behind a big mess. >> break a lot of s sff and window cases, the door. most of the funds are missing. >> reporter: it happened on west 29th street. >> we have even with the systemem they come in the middle of the night and nobody seems to hear nothing. >> it wasn't just that story. the crooks striking again. cameras capturing the moment they use a sledge hammer to smash the front door. this time stealing nothing. but not too o far away on west 35th street a similar crime d even turning on the lights to


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