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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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that's slowly growing for jaden as he was hit by a car on saturday afternoon and shortly thereafter pronounced dead at the hospital. let me showou a picture, he was in town visiting his grandparents, as you bothing mentioned, according to the police, he was trying to avoiding stopped for a traffic citation, speeding, and tried to make the turn a and lost control and hit little jaden, and then fled on foot before being captured by the police. he was in the cououhouse today, facing a judge, and he was issued no bond, charged with vehicular homicide anan felony mur, and the police said that he well. we spoke with the family members of little jaden, who as you can
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>> he's not getting no bond, and not only that, but i hope that he never comes out of prison or whatever they decide, the judge decides that he's never out again. he had records, and he should have never been released from prison.ter: so family members having a hard time understanding why the suspect, lex eugene, was behind the wheel of a car in the first ple request his lengthy criminal record. more on that tonight at 6:00. brandon beyer, 7 news. >> taking a look outside, a breezyay, as rain returns for presidents' day, and the question is, how long will it stick around. phil ferro is live in the ather center. >> phil: here are the headlines, more rain in store tonight and
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and as far as the temperatures are concerned, we're going to remain on the warm side tonight and in through tuesday. we may see a little bit of a cooldown as we head into thursday morning. as far as the stormtracker is concererd, we have areas of spotty rain, moving in through broward county and miami-dade and broward, pembroke pines, heavy rain, and the same in westin. in i-595, now moving away from sunrise. tomorrow, the winds willick up, and we're going to get a chance f rainfall across south florida, on wednesday, and the front moves out of here. we're going to see just minimal cooldown, especially as we move to thursday morning, but the clouds will clear out and it
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low, 6 2, and tomorrow 71, and then once again above average. that's the latest. and i'll have more on the local fraternity. >> police are looking out for a thief w o pulled off a high-priced heist. the man walked in yesterday morning wearing a ski mask. the police say that the crook pistol whipped an employee before going into the bathroom. and the residents are left shocked after the brazen holiday heist. >> i don't think that that normally happens in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the robber getting away with half a million dollars in jewelry from the store near park road and sheririn street. if you have any information, call crimestoppers, 954-493-tips.
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and bruised in las olas after a storefront comes crashing down on her. witnesses say there was a large shatter and she was on the ground. it happened at east boulevard and southwest 6th avenue, and woman is still in the hospital being treatedded for serious injuries. >> comcast experiencing a nationwide outage. reporting a national disruption in service, and south florida is one of the areas affected. the company is yet to had announce a cause for the disruption, but they're working to fix the problem. >> former president, bill clinton, stumping for support in south florida as hilliary clinton makes a run for the white house. south florida and nevada are next, but frida will be the fos next month. while hilliary clinton campaigns out west, her husband is meeting
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live in vero beach, jeff is where the president spoke. >> reporter: on this presidents' day, former president, bill clinton, acting as hilla's surrogate at this event. this afternoon, looking at video as the president made his way onstage earlier today. hillary not here because of her very busy campaign schedule out west right now in nevada. the caucuses out there happening this saturday. and bill clinton making hillary's stance clear at this event. in palm beach, looking at how hillary is looking to restore the american dream, and climate change and how she will help americans overwhelmed by college debt. running nationwide with bernie sanders, and take a listen. former presisint, bill clinton, stuffing for his wife, the former secretary of state.
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americans, to restore broad-based process territoryan d taking it into the future. have to deal with all of this anti-immigrant talk from the republicans. hillary supports the dreamers and wants them to stay in america and have a future in america and make their lives in america. hillarand i he always been very strong supporters of the state of israel. she got those iran sanctions, she did the things which i think will make the future safer there. but we are strong supporters of the muslim americans who live in this country and have made our country a better place. >> an unstricted moment, he makes his way into the middle of the crowdwd and held up a sign and
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the crowd booing, sayayg that i took trump's money years ago to help out the foundation and americans. looking at the polls, in nevada and south carolina, those are the two upcoming contests, and right now, hilliary clinton is leading in those polls, but again, nationwide, hilliary clinton and bernie sanders in a tight race. jeff lennox, 7 news. >> also this afternoon, while the coury remembers a legendary justice, a supreme debate is brewing in dc and on the campaign trail. the sudden death of justice scalia has be kickoff a battle. >> why his successor may not be confirmed until after the presidentialing election. >> reporter: while the body of late supreme court justice scalia is transport to
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his replacementominates the campaign trail. ted cruz criticized his main rival, donald this week. >> anyone who writes checks to reid, hilliary clinton does not care about issues. >> trump struc back. >>e voted favor ofobamacare. he got there because ted cruz pushed him like wild. >> reporter: he jeb bush took a more measured tone. >> reporter: i think that president obama is going to submit a nominee, and i think that it will be rented by the senate. >> reporter: marco rubio pismissed to concerns about the supreme court working vermont with only eight justices. >> so let the voters weigh? in november, and we'll have the justices all the time. >> reporter: but on the other side, bernie sanders talked about t.
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mcconnell has it right on this. the constitution is pretty clear. is the job of the president of the united states to appoint and nominate members of the supreme court and the senate ks. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the beverage, and that's exactly what he should be doing, and leader mcconnell should follow the constitutional process. >> lynn: coming up tonight at 4:30, in just a few minutes, primary preps in south florida. what's being done to solve the problems from the last presidential election. wel talk about it. >> danielle: pope francis headed out for his third day of his historic trip in mexico. he touched down this mning, and he's set to deliver a homily at the city's sports center and meet with members of the indigeno community. earlier, he celebrated an
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country's most dangerous suburbrb urging people to resist temptations and transform the country into a land of opportunity. and on sundada the pope visited a children's hospital in mexico city, meeting with patients and their families. after a brief speech, he even stopped to give one of the medicine. >> lynn: ahead on 7 news, it has become all too familiar. hit-and-runs followed b painful pleas. the authorities are taking action. >> danielle: and teens getting ready for a day of funun when they're suddenly forced to make a fiery escape. >> lynn: and a surfer headed back to shore with a gash if his head. what caused it may surprise you. >> danielle: skiers he headed up the slopes when they're left
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it start to set in. >> lynn: high school students getting ready for thrills on the slopes, but the adrenaline gets going on a burning bus. see the ride going up in flames near a ski resort. >> danielle: why it didn't get
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>> reporter: employees of a ski resort near seattle were getting readier in a regular reeked. but things took a terrifying turn. a charter bus carrying a group of high school students catching fire on its way up the mountain, just a mile from the resort. they were o the way to enjoy a day of skiing when the bus burst into fmes. fortunately, everyone escaped unharmedded. >> we had them safely in the lodge and had them all together as a group and went from there. >> reporter: the teens putting ththe frantic moments behind them and hit the resort, the resort offering up a lunch and free gear for those who lost their gear in the flames. >> anything we can do to accommodate them here in the mountains is what we're all about. >> reporter: not the average ski day that they were hoping for, but not a bad day that began in a scary way. >> all in all, it worked out all right. >> reporter: it appears that a
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caused the fire, but that's under investigation. lorena estrada, 7 news. >> lynn: scary. >> danielle: but you know how kids are. >> lynn: let's go skiing. coming up tonight at 4:00, one of the biggest drug busts in our country'sistory. we're going to explain how bras were part of this multimillion-dollar operation. >> my whole life, as well ass other students,ave been told to trust your teachers and go to them when you need help. >> danielle: and a studede said a teacher tried to help her, but
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stay with us. >> actually, we have had a gray day across south florida. and all due to a front sitting 20 our north. it's bringing in all of the cloudiness in the gulf of mexico, and just having it stick right across the area, giving us a better chance of rainfall tonight and then again tomorrow. the temperatures this afternoon have been kept in check, due to all of cloud cover. 74 i ifort lauderdale. and the same in miami. key west, a temperature of 73 . here's the stormtracker, and you can see that there's still a flow of moisture coming in out
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some of the heaviest rain is moving across i-75 and westin, and across palm beach over the next 5 minutes organization, and there's still a chancef rain as the moisture makes its way into south florida. area of low pressure here, trailing warm front. and looking at the colddront that's coming out of that area of low pressure, that's what we're going to be watching for tonight as it makes its way into e western atlantic. by tomorrow, another chance of rainfall, and it will be cloudy. some of the models are hinting that by late afternoon, we should start to clear out and then by wednesday, a beautiful day. highway patrol builds n. and moreunshine, it should be cooler as we go from wednesday night into thursday morning. small craft advisory in effect, and the winds will be ping to 25 knots. biscayne bay, choppy. please be extra careful.
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advisory, due to the wind and seas, coastal waters choppy. the next high tide will be at 3:04 in the morning, almost 3:00 for fort lauderdale. key largo, 27, and 5:04 in key west. tonight, cloudy and showers around, and overnight, on the warm side, what's typical, 61-62 , so almost 10 above average, and it's going to get breezy overnight. morning showers, and there's a possibility that we could s art to see sunshine in the afternoon. but the temperatures will be above average. what's typical, 76, 77, and by wednesday, looking nice and dry, and then look at thursday morning. maybe one day back into the 50s for sth florida. that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> danielle: a right, phil, thank you very much. a long island teacher is facing pretty serious consequences for showing compassion tard a student.
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this teacher in hot water. the high school teacher said that she was trying to comfort a depressed student when she took her off campus to get her some cocoa. but the school board said that she violated policy and removed the teacher from the classroom. >> my whole life as well as students, i've been told to trust your teachers when you go forr help. >> she needed someone to talk to, and she was in crisis. i want to be there for the kids and there i ithe classroom. >> the school board is not cleptoth situation, but said@in a statement that the board is acting inhe best interest of the students and the staff. >> lynn: what ahame, she might have had good intenses. >> danielle: absolutely. >> lynn: taking you ahead on deco dayside. justin timberlake may have to have an extended stay in south florida. >> danielle: and coming up at 4:30, hundreds of girls at one
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stay witit us. >> lynn: well, you can't ride like charlie sheen, if the price is right. >> danielle: l l's talk about
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he said that the price of living in luxury has gotten out of happened for him. maybe chris can lend him some more, he's on deco dayside. >> reporter: i don't$ think that i have much to loan him, but yeah, from album sales to having a high end clothing line, kanye west said that he's carrying mega detect. $53 million ithe hole. and since he's limit to 143 characters on twitter, he didn't explain where all ofhat money went. but he's hoping that mark zuckerberg will come to the rescue. word is that he wants to invest $1 billion in kanye ideas. justin timberlake is doing a show this july, and he might extend his visity a day or two. he's being sued by a photog who said he was locked up in the shop after taking pictures of
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the judge said that he ain't buying t. and told biebs to start talking by the end of ly. we hope that bobbi kristina brown is resting inneace because her estate is not. they other being sued a the administrator said that they are not paying the bells. grandma doesn't want to sign checks that are unreasonable. and that means that people are not getting the cash had a they need. now you can roll like charlie sheen if that's what you're into. the warlock is selling his custom car on he ebay it went through seven years of tiger blood parties, and it's bulletproof. it's up to 240 grand, or you can buy it for 325 now option.
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stitches, why she's a selfish designer. i'm chris van vliet. and let's send it back to the desk. >> dananlle: thank you. >> lindsay: i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox..%
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ahead. >> families that have lost loved ones from hit-and-run crashes, bad to worse because


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