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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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lauderdale neighborhood just ten minutes before 8:00 on thursday night this pink spray paint mark thaw see on the ground is where police officers found his body laying. they are still investigagang this. and now a new clue thing. we want to show you surveillance video that fort lauderdale police are now releasing. they believe this white or silver light colored two door door is the one responsible for hitting black ledge as he was liegdz bicycle on dixie highway from north to south just passed northeast 16th court is where they say he was hit. that car never stoppedr it maybe put on it's baks based on what the witnesses were saying. lard regardless the police say he left him out to die here on the roid. they are look for information on that driver. they are calalng this car a car of interest. now just a miew few moments ago we spoke tie friend black ledge, the man who was killed out here about this investigation and
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he took someone's life. regardless of how it happened, whether you were drunk or texting and driving or being a smart bleep and trying run someone off the road. you killed somebody. you killed a great person. you wrecked f fily and friends and you need to come forward and justice needs to be served regardless of who you are or how it happened. will you be caught. we will catch you. >> reporter:nd police loapg this 11 second of surveillance video that they just released will help them find the driver in that light or silver colored two door car they believe was maybe responsible for hitting and killing the man. we'll bring you back out mere live with wre family and friends have been gathering on and off over the past few days trying to kong sole each other and find answers w wle detectives continue to whrook for that driver. we'll show you aicture again of that car because they are seek the public's help in all thvment if you recognize this car, either you know who it belongs too or perhap you see it out on the road. fort lauderdale police want to
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you can leave a tip a none nowsly by calling crime stoppers. live in fort lauderdale. liz nay imeevment 7 news. >> belkeys: cameras rolling as crooks suddenly barge into several hialeah businesses swiping smart phones. police trying determine if there is a crime connection between these cases. 7's a alex de armas is at one fts crime scenes with more. >> they took the register. they took everything they could. >> reporter: crooks inside this hialeah cell phone store caught on surveillance video stealing everything in site and leave being behind a big mess. >> break a lot of stuff. window cases. the door. most of the phone are missing snoot early morning heist happening saturday at 927 west 29th street. >> it's insane. we have an alarm and good camera system. wean that t ey came in the middle of the night no one seems to hear nothing.
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just that store. crooks strike again. cameras capturing as they use a sleaj hammer to smacht front door. this time stealing nothing. not too far away that same day another store hit. this on with west 35th street. you can sigh as the crooks even turn on light to get a better look at what they can get their hands on. >> nearby business oer like vasquez says it's heartbreaking to see this happen nextxtoor to his pizza shop a. >> he is hoping these gad guys get caught soon before they strike again. so if you have any information at all with these cris, hialeah police want to hear fruvment the phone number to call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. remember, you can stay anonymous when calling police and if your ti leads to an arrest. you can even receive a cash reward. reporting from hialeah. i'm alex de armas. 7 news. >> craig: police are looking
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high price heist over the weekend. the jewelry stote and a man wearing a ski mask and pistol whim whipped an employee and locked two in the restroom at business on sheraton street. the crook got away with half a million dollars in jewels. >> crazy. i don't think that that normally happens in this neighborhood. >>raig: sphru any information call crime stopper. 954-493-tips. >> belkeys: a new case of mosquito bornika in s. a 4th painlt guy diagnosed with the virus in broward county. that brings the total to 21 state wievmentd miami-dade has seen seven cases. five counties across the state have reported people with zika. all got it overseas. the state has set up a hot line that is staffed 24 hours a day to answer questions and concerns. there's the number. 855-622-6735.
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our web site at >> craig: cable giantnt compass is working to restore service after a natio wood outage. from south florida to new york to california. last check the company says nearly all those feactd are back on line. they will work into the night until every last one is of there 27 million subscribers they say has that service again. >> belkeys: another wafer words as republican presidential candidate donald trump takes aim at ted cruz. >>raig: meanwhile jeb bush is calling on his brother. the man who onceeld the job he hopes to have some kay to give him a boos in south carolina. sheldon fox is live for us in e plex. shell dong. >> reporter: and gop presidential candidates are doing candidate things and sometimes that means there are fighting words. today you'll hear these things coming out of south carolina. gie.
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on fire or at least firing off shots at political opponents like ted cruz. >>. >> i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> reporter: and jeb bush. >>e is jeb bush. so the expla maition point bush. >> reporter: in south carolina supporting his brother was a target over the weekend for lieuing the 9/11 tack to hapn according trump. trump echoed thoho sentiments in charleston? the worse attack ever in this country. it was during his presidency. >eporter: but trum kept blasting cruz. he threatened the legal action for being the subject of the a recent attack add. >> we will bring the lawsuit if he dispn a reaction. >> >> reporter: cruz said he would not respond but also said this. >> a curious thing. two of the candidates in this rairks donald trump and marco rubio.
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when ever any one points out their record, they simply start screaming, lie a lie a liar. it's a odd dynamic. >> >> reporter: and kasich stayed away from the slug fes. >> i don't like anything birks big labor, big business, big government. >> reporter: and back here rubio focused on how he had lost sca lee and when to replace the conservative judge whose body was transported to washington of a his death in texas. >> i believe iebl the next president and i'm goingp to look for someone who is as much like scalia as possible. >> reporter: rubio, bush and trum all scheduled to be in south carolina night he has a meeting with his brother at 6:00. live in the plex. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craig: and bill can clinton is here in town.
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hillary. more on his appearance at 6:00. >> belkeys: records shattering coco over the weekend to storms pack heavy rain in the forecast. the east coast continues to deal way messy winter mivment the midwest also getting a taste of of mother nature. andrew spencer has the detail. >> over the last couple of days some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in new york city in the last 20 years. >> reporter: on the heels of an extreme frees across the northeast this weekend another front will be coming from the midwdwt through the eastern sea board. more than 85 million people are expected to endure snow and freezing rain into tuesday. >> it is still bitterly cold outside. with we want fem to take precautions snootd washington metro areas are not take the warnings lightly. transportation crews spend veabl tines day weekend spreappedding sand and salt on the roadways throughout vir. >> these roads will be trerts rows. >> reporter: washington dc
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orm. boston had sea smoke forming over the water. together is kreehaitd especially cold air moves over the warmer with waters and in the midwest chunk of ice have formed along the banks of lake maish michigan bell mard harbor in chicago. not every one is heeding the warnings. >> what are you coog out in the snow on a bicycle going the wrong way on 52? >> well, you're not lewd to ride the wiek down that way and i'm hungry. sometimes have you to do what have you to do. >> reporter: andrew spencer. 7 news. >> craig: other news today hospital horror in syria. official say as many as 50 saville yang where's kill and many wound on air strikes ofnfn five medical facilities and two schools in the northwest parnt of the country. children and staff are a nongt dead. tact were blainched russia. something moscow de nievmentz
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been a long term key ally of president assad through the course of the the five year civil war that' been raging there. today strikes a major setback tie temporary cease fire agreed to days ago between powers including russia to allow for the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid. >> belkeys: recently released video of fidel cal castro meeting with the russian or though dosm church. the friday's sit down in what snran between ca real and pope francis raised worldwide hopes for peace. those two leet leaders held the first meeting in nearly a thousand years at what hawaii vanna's jose marty airport oofnltd they a feactd the growing pro fienlt world stage. >> since it restored diplomatic ties with the u.s. last year. >> craig: pope francis we wai special message in mexico. the pontiff celebrated mass in cha pass in three indian
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homily 'cresd two concerns in in dig ga nows call tour and a call for the need to care for the environment. on sunday he urged the country fight corruption and crug violence. his six day trip thereo mexico wraps up wednesday. >> belkeys: lots m me coming up here on 7 news. a nonohwest miami-dade teen shot and recovering in the hospital and day later police would plaik a deadly discovery not far from that scene. we're live with this at 6:00. >> craig: and a miramar boy losing his life after a man is accused of running from the law. >> belkeys: fhp on a mission to track down, to crackdown i ould say on hit and run drivers. we'll have their message in the next half hour. >> craig: and today skiers will never forget the scare on the sloavmentz we'll tell you about this after the break. >> for the weather and sports. tap the 7 news it's free. just search wsvn in your app store sponsored by paul bains roofing.
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>> 7 news now bringing you more news than any other station in the country with three extra hours of tod in florida. sunday's eight to 11:00 a.m. just one station haws covered. 7 news. >> belkeys: crews rushing to make a ski resort rescue when people get stuck in the air. dozens traveling in trams when suddenly the cars stopped moving in sub zero conditions. >> craig: 7's lynn martinez in the plex with more on this ski scare. lynn. >> lynn: with well, belkeys and craig, skiers new new hampshire certainly know what it is like to be left hanging after
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>> not wait skiers hoping to ride slopes through the white mountains here in new hampshire expected to go down. >> it was scre frightening actually but they did a professional job and a was happy to get back on the ground. >> lynn: four dozen skiers and one very young site sr were on board two trams when the cars suddenly stopped sunday afternoon. >> just swung hard and swung back and we knewwhat there was a problem. >> passengers in the car 40 feet up repelled down to safety one by one with the help of s s patrol. had a pretty come forth feeling. ways being sad. the strand pangsz came up with creative ways totoass up the town waiting to be rescued which for some was hours. >> every one was laughing and having fun. so it was just a different experience. resort executive sed say the cold weather had nothing to o do with the problem. an issue with the service brake actually caused the ride to stop. >> we actually run a tram
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all the moving parts every sith morning regardless if it will operate for the public that day or not. >> lynn: pretty scary. no one injured. the passengers treated to warm drink and food when they returned back to the lfnlgt in the newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: thanks lynn. >> craig: well, next up from the newsplex. more dra man ot slopes. a bus carrying teens suddenly bust into flames. >> belkeys: days after getting battered by a nasty storm. a cruise ship sailgt sailn it's next voyage. >> craig: and doctors and nurse who's helped s!ve their lives.
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>> hi everybody i'm danielle knox. coming up many ahead at 5:30 swarm of sharks spotted off the fla coast. we're not talking dozen. we're talking thousand. we'll tell you wrvment the
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what election official are doing to make your trip to the polls a whole lot easier. and flames and families devastated after losing loves ones in hit and run crashes. now troom per are helping cament pain to help sto these deadly accidents. that and more p when lynn martinez joins me in about 16 minutes or so. we hope you do too.
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>> >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> and a gray and soggy president's day here across
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there's still a chance for a few more thousands later on tonight as we get some moisture coming in from the atlantic. the actual front that we're watching is right here. that should make it's way into south florida during the day tomorrow. so for tuesday, it looks like there's a better chance of rain. 50%. noas now most of the model are saying that by the afternoon we should start to dry out. speaking of dry. look at wednesday and thursday. and then very low values until next monday. how about any cooler air. well, if the front doesn't fall part. we just may see t trsday morning with morning lows in the upper 50s but this will only be a one day affair. at's about it. let's take a look right now at the temperatures. 67 in pensacola. under mostly clear. i have cloudy skies i should say. plenty of heavy rainfall there and a lot of adviser reessmentsz 66 in tallahassee.
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79 gainesville. central florida you're looking at plenty of clouds croots area. temperatures in the 70s a across the i-4. meanwhile across south florida, it's been a cloudy day. temperatures in the low 70s. gray for you as well throughout the keys. temperatures r rht now 74 marathon. 73 key west. the wind out of east southeast. so here's what we're looking at. there's an area of low pressure right here strail trailing front. a lot of moisture ice and snow aiming for the mid atlantic states and the northeast. but back to florida, i was just mentioning pensacola. all of these counties highlighted in yellow are under a tornado watch until 10:00 p.m. and this small area just north of pensacola right now under a dor tor r y do warning. so here's what we can expect. there's the low trailing front. it will continue to head our way. there's a chance for some showers maybe even a couple of thunderstorms between tonight and tomorrow.
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i should add a question mark to. that that all depends on how fast thisront can move out of here. and then by wednesday, high pressure builds n. we should see more sunshine. and we should return wack to a very nice pattern. here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip currents. small craftt advisory. biscayne bay looking choppy. bad conditions as with well throughout the keys. you're looking at an advisory. winds building to 20 nauts. coastal waters choppy. next high tie miami just after 3:00 in the morning.. almost 3:00 in fort lauderdale. key largo 3:27. 5:04 in key west. for tonight cloudy, possibility ave storm or two. over night lows in the low 70 east. what's average is about 62. 63. tomorrow it's going to be warm. some showers at least until noon. hopefully we'll start to dry out afterwards. average high is about 77 degrees. again, it's going to be a warm
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here's your extended out look. wednesday dry. near seasonal temperatures. thursday morning if the front has enough of a push. we could be wake up to 59 and then back to near seasona temperatures through next monday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> okay phil. still head here from the news station. another big break through when it comes to u.s. cuba relations. an american company set to open up shop on the island. >> craig: also a little girl doing something for the first time at the toronto zoo. >> for news 24/7, just go to
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>> craig: that's it for this edition of 77 news at 5:00 on monday. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and first at 5:00. troopers strieg stop a troubling trend as the number of hit and run crashes is on the rise.
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the mission to put the brakes on these horrifying accidents. >> craig: and. >> lynn: and their campaign with the families that have lost loched ones. jessica holly with our top story. jessica. >> reporter: we're talking about a teen who willever see her mother had will never see her daughter again and the campaign going from bad to worse. >> i beg you for your help. >> a teenage girl making another plea for help in finding the driver who killed mer mother. a white sa disan hit them on the night of december 11th on kendall drive and 101. the day of the crash she had this message for the driver. >> you are not going to runway from the problem. >> reporter: but so far that driver is nowhere to be found. same goes for many other cases as miami-dade and broward counties lead the state in hit and run crashes.
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it's sad that we have so many people down here that are willing to leave the scene and live alive like nothing ever happened. >> it is clear. it is the law. the law stais you cannot leave a seen. >> reporter: but drivers continue to do it like on i-95 south of palmetto park roat on october 26th, 20 14. that driver hitting andilling road ranger arnold mattel as. >> and every day i miss him snoot jeep cher t t found in the crash found but not the person behind the wheel. >> so i'm just begging, begging for my childldn's sake you know. somebody come clean. >> reporter: last year 929200 hit and run crashes in florida. many cases now cold leaving families without the closure that comes with an arrest. >> so if you saw something, just
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that's all we need fromm you. >> reporter:r:o the ghoafl campaign is to remind every one, if you see something, police say something. also if you remember be, if you leave the scene of a fatal crash, you could spend a mandatory four years in prison. live in wt miami-dade. jessica holly. 7 news. >> danielle: jessica, thank you. a dangerous drive for a south florida officer. the cop caught nay chain reaction crash in miami. the three car yek happening early this morning near the turnpike extension. a driver struck another car dhawgz person to side swipe the officer's unmarked car. the vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. a gar daj badge truck catching fire in west miami-dade. you're look at the aftermath there. the blaze breaking out on 112th avenue and 8th street this morning. crews forced to dump trash on the streets as they extinguished the flame. no one was hurt.


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