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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is next door sto could ro what santa ta na's business. my roof, my home,verything down. >> she was inside her car when the tornado moved through.. >> it was ter able. you see the metal and you think you're going to die. >> reporter: her worker outside the roof above once was once a factory blew off the force of the wind so frightening for san nan, all she could do was close her eyes and hope. >> i pray to god. >> i pray to god for my live but you have to keep going you know. >> reporter: i have sad for san tan navment se doesn't know how her business will recoverage. she is doing what t tse workers are doing too. she is cleaning up and trying to cln up after this mess. coming up at 6:00.
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at the pompano square mall also caught in the middle of thvment we'll have that video coming up next. for now reporting whrif in pompano beach. 7 news. >> craig: and live coverage continues with rob robbin simmons in any mir march as cameras there captured the rough weather moving through. >> reporter: that weather moving through very quickly. a lot of these homes have enclosed yards with fences but at this home, take a look at what's left of the fence because of thal nasty weqther that moved through. a lot of damage but folks here really pretty g gd nate iewrd about it all. oscar uz had an a brief yaitd day at home. his wife called to hell them hymn something happened and one check of the surveillance camera shows the storm blowing a path of destruction down their miramar street. >> i was in bed and heard a huge impact on my window. i thought it was a tree and when
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>> reporter: the winds whisk a glass tabletop from the patio and turning their pool into an under water version. and now the yards late erd with them apart. >> if you lift back the debris the windshield is crush. and wind came pass joe's neighborhood. >> lynn: got a call from my wife thatt said the tree is down. and she said where is it down? on your car and it is on my car right now. debris littering the streets. hollywood fire rescue keeping an eye on downed power lines. back in miramar at southwest 27th street and 137th ter a qhe sign hasn't been up righted but the home owners association made with quick work of the clean up. they just wish mother nature would be kinder during this part of the k58 endemplet. >> just crazy. all the changes. i was not 1k3ebg9ing it. all right.
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nate iewrd. let's take a live look at situation in hollywood where thing got incredibly scary for one woman. tht area of 58th street and arthur where the storm knocked down a tree on to a mobile home. most storms moved through just before eight ook this morning. they moved mard. that woman only fre after they literally had to pry through the wall to get to her. let's listen. >> we can't doat imet out o house. i tried to to kick the door open but everything was buck neld time. we were able to get out of side of the wall. the switch is here on the left. >> i have nothing any more. everything got smooshed on top of my head and body. >> reporter: all right. sosomagine, that woman thankfully is okay after being
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home because the tree that fell on to it in hollywood. but here in miramar you see a lot of clean up. a lot of tile roofs in the area shattering, crashing, smashing the window of that vehicle there so he there is still going to be eye lot of clean up. a lot of tile roofs to clean up, but again folks incredibly grateful that no one was seriously hurt. reporting in miramar. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> belkeys: and robbin f the situation in broward wasn'tt enough a second tornado in northeast t ami-dade. alex de mars reports from that alex. >> reporter: well, belkeys, we've seen everything from downed power lines to damaged homes and cars. the clean up process has been going on all day long. as you can see crews still have a lot to go including clieng up this massive tree as you can see is in pieces. >> reporter: this northeast miami-dade apartment complex
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>> right there check it out. >> reporter: this trampoline tossed into a tree. >> ow wow, that's a start toy morning. >> reporter: and a transformer compl ploagd. lighting up the stormy sky. all of it from a tornado touching down in miami-dade county on tuesday morning. >> it woke us up. >> the trees against my window. rain going upwards. everything was going sideways the national weather service on site to survey the damage. most on 91 street near 14th avenue. a. >> all this happened in a matter of ten second. it was amazing. it's crazy. we've seen broken fence. several massive trees ripped from the grounds. cars barely advicible we heavy free clip. power lines on the ground and others toppled by more branch. people who live here so scared
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like a freight train. i got the girl up a and we went to the bath room. and. >> reporter: check out this. in it you see heavy rain an a large piece of material flying across the streen. otherr in north miami beach, fem not even sure where this air convenient came from or this canoe and in a venture rarks this cabana ripped apart caught in the wind. it's a disaster here. i don't know how to say. it's snot not safe to be on the road. >> miami police driving around make sure it's safe out here as those dealing with this mess try cleaning it up. >> reporter: so back out here live, still a busy scene in northeast miami-dade. people who live in this neighborhood still have no power. the good news though is thatt no one was hurt. >> reporting live evening fm northeast miami-dade. i'm alex de armas. 7 news.
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may not come as a big surprise but winds were stro enough to cause a tractor trailer to flivment the highway patrol had to shut down i-95 in both directions. ann keil live near that scene in northeast miami-dade to tell us how that we earlier today. ann. >> reporter: well, the description left behind by that severe weather. the high winds possibly from an ef1 tornado is shocking a tractor trailer overturned and another example. go headnd take a look behind me at this large inster state sign. it was likely placed here on the side of the road after posing a real danger to the drivers in the area. delays. >> i see the tree flying and a t of wind and bleep flying and my truck flipped over sphie. head. an overturned tractor trailer closed i-95 to traffic heading south and traffic in the northbound lanes was barely
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get around it. >> i have been stuck in traffic for probably. wow, sce 11:30ish. >> and they say try to go around. i'm from biscayne. this is crazy. >> the stretch between ives dairy road and miami gardens drive hit the hardest by severe area. itid a lot more than just flip that vehicle over. a vehicle was hit by that sign and subsequently three oer vehicles involved in an accident that also include an overturned tractor trailer. >> reporter: luckily no one had to be whoptd with injuries despite damage to their vehicles. >> and a big metal sign just flew into my car and shattered the glass. >> reporter: and the lanes were reopened as tree brasmgz and other debris that blew across the roadway was hauled away. >> i'm mad but there is nothing i can do right now.
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i'm showing some people that have something negative to say. i'm going to be nice with miefnlt thisis messed me up. >> >> reporter: again, all southbound lanes of i-95 that were closed to traffic are back open after that frightening weather. a witness described how he watched as a large interstate sign freed itself from those metal bars and came right for him. reporting live here along the interstate. ann key. 7 news. >> belkeys: the damage remains but the storm are long gone. chief meteorologist phil ferro live in the with weather centete with more. what an eventful day phil. >> phil:ncredible and we should all let out a collective sign ofelief that no one was injured. we had the twisters it this rning but now we're in for a nice quite night here in south florida. the rest of the week is looking good as well. here is the latest math ri as far as the storm tracker is concerned.
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dry in palm beach, broward, miami-dade and the keys. now, aren't for the nasty weather this morning, this front, this is the same front that was sting right over the southeast yesterday causing a series of tornadoes there. this will continue to move way. tonighgh looking very nice, mild. and skies clearing out. and then as far as wed day and thursday. looking at a nice chill and nice afternoon weatherby thursday. that should set us up for a nice weekend as well. average low is 63.ake up to 62. 61 on thursdada and then we remain in the 6 all the way through next tuesday. as a matter of fact we have a lot of dry air that's behind this front. there's still lingering moisture moving in across the bahamas and western atlantic. that dry air is what should be moving in over the next few days. it should be very, very nice and mild over the next 24 to 48 hours.
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tornadoes a little ler on. >> belkeys: all right phil, our coverage continues throughout the evening. a look at a daycare badly damaged. storm. >> craig: and animals caught in the s srm. horses left injured in the process. stor struck the stable. >> belkeys: and when the nasty weather rolled n. our 7 newew viewer stepped up. we'll tyke a look at storm snapshots all of you sent to 7. >> craig: this just in in other news the president taking o a time out from a summit. the vacancy in the u.s. supreme court. >> belkeys: lynn martinez in the plex with more on this. lynn. >> lynn: and president obama feelgd questions for the firir time from reporters since the death of antonin scalia reiter thraight has every constitutional right to nominate a replacement and not wait for
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>> either they disapprove of that nominee or that noom mee is elevated to the supreme court. >> historically this has not been viewed a a question there's no unwritten law that says it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constitutional text. >> lynn: justice scalia passed away every the weekend at the age of 79. republican law maker as well as each of the six remaining gop presidential candidates says mr. o bhap should not have the power to make a lifetime appointment as a lame duck preevmentz the president says le nominate a supreme court candidate who iss in dispute ta bli quamentd qualified for that seat f. he does, this will be the third seat he has filled. >> craig: all right lynn.
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removed from a miami-dade apartment. tonight inveveigators trying to figure out how they died. and if they were killed whorks want theme dead? >> craig: and a dangerous drive in the keys. a man's attempt to get away in a backhoe. belkeys: what could be a health care for a miami heat star and something chris bosh has beaten before. >> craig: investitors find a critical clue in the wreckage after the garbage truck falls
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stay t ted. >> craig: also tonight a disturbing discovery. two women found dead ch plice and family member. >> i just hope t ty find the person or culprit who did this. >>raig: are desperate for answer. the deadly discovery made inside a miami apartment. >> belkeys: tonight detectives working on how they died.
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with more. sheldon. >> reporter: and the miami police are still tryg to tell us. that why they haven't set said definitively why these ladieie ended up dead ch only that they did end up dead. and people telling us the surrounding area very hard and difficult at time with crime and drugs according to neighbors but inside that property, perhaps the hardest thing was discovered by miami city police officers. the city of miami cps continue to work the area where two women were found dead hours earlier. >> people getting killed for nothing and this jusus don't make sense. >> family members say the body of 44-year-old mother of two sha lan da lynn and one other were removed from an apartment tuesday morning at northeast miami court@ and 75th street. this is a puzzle of an investigation that we're putting together eye got a phone call saying my sister was shot. i came here. >> officers say shots were herd
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shan da lynn is the sister of late sha lan da lynn. they entered the home and found two black female deceased. a ter able situation. ter able for family members and a crime still unsolved. >> city of miami cops thrown for a loop here. do you know anything about this one? p happened last night around 7:00. 305-4715tips ch the number to crime stoppers in miami-dade county. collect cash thehe legal way for the right anonymous tip. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay sheldon, a dangerous joy ride in the keys bhain decides to go on a bizarre run from the liewvment disan el knox in the newsplex with thvment danielle ievment. >> danielle: what made it bizarre is what he used to to make that get way. he ended up in police custody. let's take a look. dashcam video shows the wild ride. a man taken eye a- a stolen backhoe on a dangerous drive croots 7-mile bridge.
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officials forced to shut down that bridge in both directions for almost three hours this morning. deputies finally able to lay down spike strip blowing out the tires on the huge piece of construction equipment getting the man to stop. obviously he was immediately arrested. let's take a look at the mug shot. his name is carl play nick. he faces several charg including wreckless driving and fleeing and eluding police. five # year-old taken to the hospital for treatment. trfic by wait was lewd back on ts bridge just after 3:00 a.m. live on the news desk. danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: and a boat nup flame while docked. sea tow fort lauderdale responded and sent us this video. 7 skyforceen rs on scene as crews put out the fire no. injuries report and no word right now anyway what started it. >> belkeys: next up here from the newsplex.
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will soon be easier than ever. big changes ready to take flight. >> craig: a case of finders keepers had one woman confused and then turning to "help me howard" with patrick phrase iewmpt stay tune for her story.
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7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: very scary morning fooforts mied and broward county. two tornadoes touching down. right now beautiful weather. skies clearing out. temperatures in the 70s.
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the humidity 48%. storm tracker right now showing that everything is dry croos palm beach, broward, miami-dade and the florida keys and it should remain thisay in the days head. let me take you back to this morning at around 7:15 a and you see a nasty line of thunderstorms and there it is, right around 7:15 in the morning. that red dot. thats wa the first tornado that we had touching down. just west of u.s. 1. what we know so far is that it was about three to 4-mile long. we really don't know the will yecht the national weather service will provide that later on tonight and the damages also includes a blimp hearng. then a little bit later on like around 7:50 in the morning. here comes another round and you can see that big arch right there. that was yet another twister im nactime northern miami-dade county. now, this second twisterer also had a path of about three to 4 miles and it it quickly made
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the best newss of all, we've had some damage to s!me property but no injuries have within reported. both of them have been categorized as an ef1 between an 86 and 110 miles per hour, moderate damage and that's what florida. aside from the tornadoes, we also had some straight line winds report bid the national weather service. the strongest pembroke pines, 62 miles per hour. here is that front that caused all the cafnlgt it is move waismght clear skies on the back side. and that's what we shomld enjoy in the days to come. biscayne bay with with a light chop tonight. for you throughout the florida keys, no adviser reerkz theind at around ten to 15 knots. next high tid will be at 4:12. 6:27 for the lower keys and your water temperature at 71 degrees. for tonight skies w)wl continue to clear out. over night low lows will be in the low 60s.
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western suburbs of oward. the keys in the mid 60s. by tomorrow a lot more sunshine. highs in the seven 350es to right arouou 80. here's your extended out look. coooish come thursday morning and then near seasonal temperatures all the away through next monday. that's your seven on 78. 7 news will be right back.
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at 5:00. we thank you for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here.e. 7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: now at 5:30, tornadoes. >> we heard a roaring aich lawd loud roaring. >> danielle: a day car damaged. horses hurtnd home owners wondering what to do. >> it was just very hard this momoing see this come through. >> danielle: the storm station in the heafortd hit areas with team coverage wicked weather. >> >> danielle: and good evening everyone. if you're alarm didn't wake you up this morning. mother nature certainly did. >> lynn: storms leaving behind a trail of destruction all over the claim plais a. jeff lennox begins our coverage jeff. >> danielle: and lynn, we surveyed the damage behind me here at this home.
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and damage all over. let's zoom out to the canal this this backyard and you can see the large ficus tree that was knocked over early this morning when the storm moved through. >> ran out to call my husband. >> reporter: neighbors like this is a this storm came through like a freight train eye am lm thoughtndrew came back and hit us. it was almost day asia view for me. >> reporter: residents here got alert on their phones that i nasty lief line of storms was on it's way. >> next you thing you know we heard a l ld roaring. we we set said let's get tie safe close eat. >> donny got larmt too. >> we got the kids and took cover. i went out to get flashlights and i saw the with wind coming through sideways. >> reporter: in just a matter of second the worse part of storm came and went. this the aftermath. >> all these tree top ended up in the cool. a lot of this stuff got ripped
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>> reporter: check this out. this rod iron table belong to this whriet house in cave vievment home owner said once the storm moved through he found his heavy table good two houses down the street. >> devastating now with this property. my husband prides himself on his yard. >> you can see the roots om them. it's just huge and surprising to see how quickly that can topple over. >> look at this. we'll get to the trees and we'll will happen. >> reporter: at a mobile home one home. >> ad all of a send the shows shook and we didn't know. it then i come out this morning and look croots street d i saw a room. i felt sorry from the guy it happened too until i realized this wasine. >> reporter: while the damage is wide spread in davie, no one wases seriously hurt. >> we weren't ready for this this morning.


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