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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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tornadoes touching down in broward county. and this one in pompano beach. now, check out this video from davy. >> one second we're looking at just a normal patio area, and the next second, we're seeing everything get wiped away. it happened so fast, i can't tell you. >> reporte the video capturing the ef-0 tornado moving through. ferro, winds up to 85 miles per hour, causing patio furniture to be cleared out, forcing trees down. >> this is something on a different level. it was very powerful and it shook the house. >> reporter: back in pompano beach, we know the tornado is responsible for injuring drivers. >> 9-1-1, what is your emergency. >> i'm on 50 right now, and it looks like a heavy wind or something, -- it's broken. and i can't feel my arm. >> on the highway between
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>> there was what, sir? >> something went through, and they're messed up and bleeding like bad. and it's an oldady. >> reporter: businesses left in shambles, debris still scattered on the roofs of these warehousus. >> we had two buildings untouched and two other buildings that bore the brunt of the tornado. >> reporter: workers trying t t repair the tornado's damage. >> no roof, nothing want. >> reporter: eddie espinosa forced to move his auto business. >> we had to tell the customers to give us another week to start over again. >> reporter: across the street at sand and spurs, lots of cleanup and close calls. >> my horses were in the stall, eating, and otherwise, it would have crashed the fence and it
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>> reporter: betsy olsen's horse is luckily okay after this. >> trailers were mangled and they were moved. one was almost on top of a stall. >> i've never experienced a tornado and i'm thankful to god everybody is okay, and nobody is hurt, and now it's just clean it up and we'll start new. >> reporter: so you're looking at firecracker's stall, and luckily, he was not in his stall at the time that this tornado moved through, and also the injuries that we know of, at ast two people were injured. and we do not know the extent of those injuries. reporting live in pompano beach, vanessa medina, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, vanessa, and now onto the damage in northeast miami-dade, ann keil is live with tt story for us. >> reporter: well, danielle, trees are were uprooted and others fell onto the other areas of the complex. look at this car here, or what's left of this car.
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was actually inside of the driver's seat when that ef-1 tornado went through the area. >> it was from the roof of the building in front. >> reporter: most say they didn't get the warning. >> it's scary because we do not know what to do inside of the home. >> in the front of the building. >> reporter: this northeast miami-dade condo employee watching as his mangled car, trappednder the trees, was pushed across the parking lot by high winds. winds. >> reporter: destroyed on 191st street at the condominium, by trees, roofing material, and now the debris. >> it was terrible, i was shaking. i hear noise and a strong wind
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>> reporter: the ef-1 tornado came through and yvette rodriguez's building was hit, water streaming in. and take a look. this picture was taken on her roof where a large section is missing. >> right there, check it out. >> reporter: entire ac units, one from this rooftop, also never accounted for. lamp posts and lights need to be replaced, and some residents here are without a home as the damage is repaired and the cleanup continues. >> that windshield is all scratch under. >> reporter: still, no reported injuries, a lot of people feeling lucky today. one man describes how he actually jumped into his bathtub with his cat, simply hoping for the best. ann keil, 7 news. >> and coming up, in a few
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fast and furious storm system is hit by major damage as well. and now the business is getting help in a hurry. >> danielle: now other news for you, a crime at a south florida gas station, let's look at the surveillance video. it captures a man coming into the convenience store armed with a knife. he takes off with an undisclosed amount. it happened on broward boulevard in plantation. if you have any information that can help the pice, call broward county crimestoppers. and crews return together site of a tricky touchdown in pembroke pines. the pilot making an emergency landing near pembroke road last night. the plane is in the median and it's expected to be removed later in the day. the two people onboard making the difficult landing after experiencing engine failure. >> lynn: also on 7, this huge
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head back to mia because of tire trouble. this very large cargo plane making for very large concerns while approaching the runway. as omar lewis reports, the officials took plenty of precautions to keep everybody on the ground safe. >> we're understanding that there's a plane that has a potential hydraulic or other control issues coming in toward miami international airport. >> reporter: wednesday morning started when emergency for the crew aboard a cargo plane, headed to buenos aires. >> reporter: they were away from the run way. >> reporter: so around 8:30 in the morning, take off turned into touchdown again, and it was back to miami international airport for the crew. a blown tire caused the panic. emergency crews standing by for any emergency problems.
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standing by, that's perimeter road, and look at the fire and rescue chasing after the 747. >> reporter: as a precaution, the miami-dade police shut down the surrounding streets just to minimize the traffic flow. the dolphin expressway closed. and the drivers putting the brakes on northwest 7th street and permitter road. >> reporter: you see the landing gear is damaged on this airplane, and the tire is off. you can see smoke coming off of this airplane. reporter: spectators watched as be the plane made its way down. >> the idea that they have safety procedures, and they should be carrying a big load. >> reporter: with just a bit of smoke and a lot of worry, a landing for this cargo plane with a blown tire. >> it looks like a very good landing by this airline crew. >> reporter: back here at miami
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see that things are back to normal. all the roads that were closed, taking off at the runway and it's undergoing maintenance. no word when it will be backn the air. reporting from miami international airport, omar lewis, 7 news. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates have two nights to pitch to voters, starting tonight. >> one will be picking up a big endorsement today, and the other is tied in the polls. scott th the latest on the campaigns. >> with all eyes on south carolina, president barack obama is making a bold prediction about the frontrunner. >> i predict that mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is that i have a lot of faith in the american people. >> this man has done such a bad job and set us back so far, and for him to say that, it's a big
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>> the south carolina governor, nicki haily, making her stance on donaldrump clear. >> we don't want him to tell us what we're not doing right. >> but donald trump doesn't seem to need haley's support. the billionaire has the support of 38%8%f republican voters. 16 points ahead of ted cruz, and
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behind. >> one of the san bernardino shooters, thefbi says that important information on the dedember 2nd attack. >> a deadly terror attack, dozens are dead. and it appears that members o o the military were the target. 7's belkeys nerey, live satellite center with the explosive details. belkeys. >> at least 28 people were killed and more than 60 others injured.
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streets of turkey's capital city city, a aora, at the height of rush hour. buses carrying turk military personnene stopped at stoplights, and others catching fire, and thick smoke could be seen for miles in the night itt sky. at first a call came in with the explosion, andonce the fire was out, the officials determined that the blast was unintentional. >> just ahead on 7 news, crews working around the clock after a bad break leaves a community underwater and with an awful smell. >> lynn: a south florida teenager hauled away in handcuffs, accused of playing doctor, and this was not a child's game. >> and officials have to bring
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>> phil: since january, miami-dade a broward counties have seen five twisters, and now
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to terrific. le. >> danielle: the operation was set up after the health department took notice thahat he was illegally playing doctor. >> mall sky,hey say that you've been practicing medicine without a license. >> reporter: the cameras roll as the west peach peach teen is allegedly giving an exam and medical advice to a woman who was an undercor officer. patient today? >> you'll hear from my lawyer. >> reporter: he was charged with practicing medicine without a license in october. the investigation revealed that he had opened up a practice in west palm beacac county, setting up a website. concerned family members called the health department, roared
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and they prompted the peach peach narcotics task force to investigate, and robinson continues to deny the legations. >> they will be cleared up and you will hear from m lawyer. >> reporter: but they say that he was practicing medicine without a license, and slapped handcuffs on him. the teen, chaed with practicing medicine without a license and is being held on palm beach county county jaiai on $6,000 bail. >> this is not the first time that i've been accused accused and i will pursue this. >> reporter: the health department said that they sent robinson a cease and desist ignored. ashley jones, 7 news. >> lynn: at 4:00, a house destruction. the homeowners say that they're staying while the city calls for demolition. >> danielle: and how much would
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a a. >> well, a pricey property became a symbol of canada's out reach prices.
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dollars. just two weeks ago. it looks like it has a lot off land. but the property, the realtor says that the appeal is not the building itself. but the upscale neighborhood in one of the hottest cities in canada. >> phil: what a differee a day makes, everything is looking nice and mild. 75 right now, miami, 74, and 71 in key west. 70 in south florida. it is dry in palm beach count and broward and the keys, and we don't see any changes at least through the early part of next week. here's that front that went over us yesterday, causing all of that nasty weather. continues to move into the west atlantic. clear skies in the gulf and
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and that's what we're going to be enjoying over the next few days. a bit cooler going into tonight and tomorrow as the high pressure builds in across the southeast. tomorrow, the winds generly out of the northeast, feeling nice and mild. very little in the way of any humidity. it will be breezy, and then as we go into the end of t t week, high pressure still in firm control. we may see an isolated shower in the florida straits, but it's going to be very pleasant here in south florida. partly cloudy skies as we go into the weekend. and that's about it. slight chance of rip currents tonight at the beach, the wind out of the north, seas 2-5 feet. biscayne bay, a lighthop, in the keys, exercise caution, winds building tonigig, seas 3-5 feet in coastal waters will be turning choppy. rt lauderdale, key largo,
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tonight, mostly clear, staying dry, and look at this, 59 in miami, and 60 in fort lauderdale and 60 for you in the lower keys. by tomorrow,unny skies, maybe a little breezy, especially in the afternoon. highs will be i the low to mid to upper 70s across south florida. and here's your extended outlook. friday, looking beautiful. the breeze will still be around, and that's going to stick around for this saturday. saturday and sunday, a little bit more in the way of cloudiness. check out monday and tuesday though. we start to warmup ahead of another front. a few more showers, and then by wednesday, just a slight cooldown.
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7 news will be right back. >> lynn: poor kanye. he says that he's drowning in debt. >> danielle: oh, w wl, and it seems like some of his fans are saying what you just said, poor guy. shireen sandoval is live with that and more in deco dayside. >> reporter: can ray west tweeted recently that he's $53 million in debt. and now a fan is coming to his rescue. kanye has a new go fund me page helping him raise some money. he didn't create it, b the way. a fan did. the fan said that he doesn't want a single penny for himself. and that's a good thing b bause not many people have donate.
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i wonder if he really is going bankrupt. rihanna's people are sticking to their story that riri canceled her grammy performance at the last minute because of bronchitis. but tmz said that it's nothing to do with her health. she had a meltdown because her rehearsal didn't go well and she left. country star, sam hunt, didn't win any grammys, but he did take home a consolation prize, actress, kaylee cocoa. they were glued together all night. the actress has been sim since divorcing her husband last year. tonight on the drive, with temps dipping into the 50s, and sometimes we need something to warm us up, i'm not talking about a jacket but hot cocktails. that's tonight on it deco at 7:30.
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>> danielle: all right, hirine, thank you. >> lynn: thank you for watching.
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>> i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: it now at 4:30, crews working around-the-clock in hopes of stoppin the stench after the community is flooded by waste water. can you imagine? the sewage spill making for a very nasty night outside of dozens of apartments. >> danielle: and while the smell is better today, the nasty situation has gotten better. jeff lennox has a smell report as well, jeff. >> reporter: well, i will say, danielle and lynn, it's getting better out here in fort lauderdale, the 500 block of northwest 4th avenue.


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