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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of this tore tornado trouble. >> craig: we'll begin with vanessa medina in a heart hit part of pompano beach this evening. vanessa. >> reporter: that's right. still so much damage here in popoano beach. check out this massive tree. the ef1 tornado was powerful enough to pick upnd literally pluck this tree from the roots so you can see are a a lot. and flipped this tree over. now, throughout the day crews have been cutting limb and cleaning up and people here and throughout pompano beach and broward county are just thanking their lucky star they are okay. tornadoes touching down in broward county. this one in pompano beach. now, check out this video from davie. >> one second we're looking at a normal patio area and the next second we're seeing everything get wiped away. >> it happened so fast, i can't tell you. >> reporter: frank's surveillance video capturinghe efeftornado moving through.
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per hour causing patio furniture to be cleared out forcing trees down. >> this wa something on a different level. it came on quick. was very powerful. we heard it inside. it shook the house. >> back in p pompano beach. we now note tornado is responsible for injuring drivers. >> 91, what isour emergency? >> and there's a heavy wind or something moving the car. my arm is broken. i can't feel my arm. >> and between atlantic and k0e7 land. >> there was a what sir? a bad storm. something went through the area and messed up bad. they are bleeding like bad. and it's an old lady that needs on ambulance for sure. >> reporter: businesses left sn in sham bell. debris scattered on the roofs of these warehouses. >> we have two buildings virtually untouched and two other buildings that bore the
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>> workers trying to repair the the tornado's damage. >> and bad. the roof. nothing there. >> and across the street at sand and spurs, lots of clean up and close calls. >> my horse is in the stall eang other wa wise it would have been the fenced in area where the tree is inside of at this time and crashed the fencing and that would have landed on my horse. >> nancy olson's horse is luckily okay after this. >> trailers were mangled and they were moved. stall. >> i've never experienced a tornado and i'm thankful to god every one is okay and no upith is humplet now just clean it up and start new. >> repter: so back out live, you're loooong at firefighters pat action area it is cover by trees. he had been in that yairks nancy olson sayi she doesn't want to know what could of happened. other horses lucky as well.
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next to striker's pat pad actioio area as you can see he is hungry and he luck whri is okay at this hour eating carrots. his owner is quite happy that strike ser okay but as for those people who were injured along the way on dixie highway. wele, it's up clear the extent of their injuries. reporting live in pompano beach. vanessa medina . 7 news. >> craig: all right vanessa. well, team 7 coverage continues with ann keil and northeast miami-dade. she has more on the clean up efforts that are going on there. >> ann. >> reporter: well, that' right. one of the northeast miami-dade residents here tell me how he jumped into his bathtub with his cat fearful when he heard that very loud noise, those high winds and likely the destruction it was causing in a matter of seconds and when he walked outside when it was safe to walk outside. he saw a lot of this very large trees toppled over the roots ripped out of the ground and
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on power lines. it's from the building in front the early morning storm surprised. they one tornado that would bring powerful and destructive winds. didn't know what to do. ways trying to shake myself. >> in this riviera condominium employee narrowly escaped. he tells us he live in his car and works here. >> and it was a day and stay on the curb. thank god for my life. he left the car five minutes before. >> so he was born again. >> reporter: it's among the properties smashed ripped apart and destroyed along north east 191 street by trees roofing material and other flying debris. >> there t- was terrible. i was shaking. i hear noise and strtong wind.
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building was the hardest him. water streaming in. >> with wet there. started raining. oh wow. her vawl aibles now covered in flas plastic as she heads over to oafer to a friend's. her unit not safe and others have been condemned. >> right there check it out. from inside a top floor unit, you can see a large section of the roof is mission. entire ac units, one from this roof top also never accounted for. >> lamp post and lights now need to be replaced and some residents here are with without a home arizona the clean up continues the front windshield, all the cars are strached up. >> it's scary because we don't know what too do inside the home. >> reporter: and we're told the building that suffered the most damagee just had high impact windows installed so again, the people out here say they are just thankful to ab live despite all of this damage. reporting live in northeast miami-dade.
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>> belkeys: a south florida daycare damaged by yesterday's storms getting a helping h hd. we'll have detail on that story live at 5:30. >> craig: also in the knew now. two crews this afternoon removed a small plane involved in an emergency landing yesterday in west broward. the pilot of the cessna brought it down on u.s. 27 south of pembroke road last night after reportedly experiencing enge probe lelg. the pilot and passenger were not hurt. the aircraft hauled way just a little while ago. instigators will exam that plane to figure out what caused the problem in the first place. detectives trying solve a cash crime. a man entering a convenience store armed way niecht he walked behind the counter, demanded the money and took off. the worker not hurt. it happened ate gas station in plantation on nobody hill road. we have a pretty decent cros shot of the crook's faisms we'll show u. if you recognize him call broward crime stopperer or make you won't. call broward crime stopper in any event if you have any
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954-493-tips. >> belkeys: you're miami heat is back on the are court for the first time since the all-star break but without chris bosh. >> cb side lined d toy a health care one he has beaten broovment. >> craig: that's right. mike dipasquale in the plex with more on thvment mike. >>e're going to try and give you the latest on what we know right now. the miami heat back on the the court today no. chris bosh. let's take a look a avideo. the heat getting ready to fates atlantic hawks in atlanta on friday. the heat will say thvment chris was not with the team today. did not practice and le not accompany the team to atlanta for the game on friday. now, in regards to chris bosh, there is nothing definitive coming from the heat that he has suffering a bout with blood clots. remember last year he a blood clot in the lung anan missed the final 30 game the season. those closest to the situation are saying bosh is back on blood thinner.
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of playing again this season. thosare reports from people close to the situation. let's hear it from the heat on the latest regarding cb today. >> that's all we're going to comment on right now. he is not here right now. he is not going with us to whrant ta but he wiwi be with us shortly. he will have a statement then. >> we talked and every with one has been in contact with him. so we with were able to get ght to practice and right to work. i think that's what every one wantednyway. >> he is in a great state. he has a positive out lookn life always. it sufnlgtz you know, it sucks. i mean, i've been there before. but i'm not having it happen again, if that's the casas with him. so we really don't next don't want to say too much because i want to remain positive and stay optimistic and you know i'm looking forward to having chris back at some point. >> you know, we talked to cb days before. here's wade reacting to chris
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>> and he is in good spirts. i think tt's the most important thing. like i said, we're not doctors. we don't know exactly what it is but we're going off him and we talked and he is feeling. he is feeling g. he has a positive out look on things so that's all we worry about. >> and we talked to chris bosh several days before the all-star game he seemed to be fine and you beat because he was going to be in the three-point all-star contest in toronto for the first time ever ever ever and be a research for the east scwawd squad. he had a cafl injury and pain and came back to south florida and reportedly had to deal with another blood clot. miami heat are not confirming that but they are saying le not wb the team for the whrant tick game on friday. we'll have the latest as they unfold. from the plex. mike dipasquale. 7 news. >> belkeys: a mishap in mexico as pope francis wraps up his trip. you see there.
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and losing his cool after being grabbed bybyne of the faithful. >> he has been known to interact very closely with the huge crowds that turn out to see him. >> craig: yesterday though while he was spreading h mexico got a little too close for comfort. robbin simmons in the plex with thvment robbin. >> reporter: it is all a cheaj for the security detail to keep pope francis safe baw he is known to wade into the crowd to per nally greet faithful. one managed to get something other than a blessing, a a scolding. >> pope tbran cyst has enjoyed a warm welcome during his stroits mexico, a mariachi band, and massive crowds turning taught greet him at every top stop on his first trip to the country with the second largest population in the world. the pope continuing to address the drug trafficking, poverty and drug violence and ta how that drives many to the
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the mexican city from a across the brund grand fromel pa so texas the highlight of the trip and politically charged but a moment on tuesday has people really talking. that is poan francis being pulled over to a child on a wheelchair by a participate pant who would just not let got his hand. the pontiff's chosen word. >> selfish. and he may have been born and raised in argentina but the former ho hey maria bore go leah $s italian roots were showing as he scold the culprit. and it happened 190 miles west of the capital. the yeefer mercy in the catholic church and pope francis maybe digging deep for his. and he all has tried to to keep. it members of society have for gon gotten. the poor and at this stop the man of one of mexico's most notorious prison. mate lord bless you and protect
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>> may he shine his face pawn and show you his grace. may he uncover his faith and grantou peace. amenen >> reporter: pope francis has a huge open air mass scheduledd for later today near the boarder. he will also lay flowers to remember 6000 migrants found dead on the u.s. side off that boarr in recent years. live in the newsplex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: robbin, thank you. and april sell ignoring a federal imagine is stray's order to help the government unlnlk an i- phone. it be throngtd terrorist behind an attack in souther california. the fbi wants apple to help them access information on that device. but ceo tim cook is ignoring the order saying government official are trying to get apple to build a back door that would bypass digital lork protecting consumer information. that would create a dangerous press a a dent. the phone belonged to farook and
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fire at a san bernardino office building in december killing 14 people. the couple died later in a gun battle with police. >> >> belkeys: a deadly blast over seas. terrorist strike turkey with deadly results. danielle knox in the satellite center with this. danielle. >> danielle: and 28 people killed. more than 60 others injured. let's look at a- the match the chaos unfolding on the streets. the heist of rush hour is when it happened. the car bomb exflotion an ca ra. take a look at the huge fire bat. it carried turkish military personnel that were stopped at of traffic lights. other vehicles caught fire as well. flames lighting up the night's sky. at first the call came in as an explosion but once the fire e s out. that's when officials determined the blast was intentitial. now no group has claimed responsibility. but turkey has been involved in u.s. efforts to combat isis and neighboring syria. we're live in the satellite
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i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> on now to the race for the white house. a big endorsement for marco rubio. south car carve govenor nicki hayley backing the senator for president. she will make it official at a rubio rally in the state later tonight. it come at aritical time head of saturday's first in the south republican presidential primary. on the democratic side a new poll has imer any sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck head of saturday's caucus there. it is 48 to 47. hillary. with clinton holding an edge among female voters and sanders with voter under the age of 55. >> craig: there's much more coming up here on 7 news. two women caught on cram have police take notiti and have a couple synagogues concerned. the video on just one station. >> belkeys: and a south florida officer shot in the line of duty saying thank you to young supporters.
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big stink in a aort lauderdale neighborhood. tonight people are breathe a big sigh of relief. >> belkeys: and a big blow out on the runway at miami airport. a cargo plane taking off and quickly touching back down. >> craig: also he looked like a doctor and acted like one too but cops say this west palm beach teen was anything but.
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>> craig: a west palm beach teefn accused of prarveg 'tissing bad med ien. >> >> belkeys: and official say it's not the first time he has got in trouble for plaig doctor. lynn martinez in the plex with this one. lynn. >> lynn: not only is this 18-year-old accused of practicing medicine without a license. he was accused of run ago a medical clinic. but investigators say he wa a
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>> malachi they say you've been practicing medicine without a license. >> detective with the palm beach county sheriff's office a rechg 18-year-old ma la chee love robinson for practicing medicine without a license. acting on a tip they went to the new birth new life medical center in west palm beach where they say a teen performed an physical exam on an undercover agent. >> they say you examed a paint today. >> you will hear from my lawyer. >> hi mother and friends and business partner all attending the celebration. >> just a few week later, the sheriff's office and health department say he was practicing medicine without a license and slapped him with handcuffs. according to this facebook page and web site, dr. love robinson offers ho list tick and urgent care a well as family counseling. his business partner has anything nog but good thing to
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i think he is amazing. i really do. it's just jel a sivment it stem from people. any time any one has something to say against some, it's all because he they are successful. this isn't the first time he found himself in trouble. just lft year when he was 17 years old he was busted for posing as a doctor at west medical center inside a exam room. he was dressed in a st. mary's lab coat and seen by doctor andnd staff for at least a month the hospital denied he ever camen contact with with patients and police determined no crime had been committed. and now one year later ma a ma lie a love robinson is back in handcuffs this time facing serious charges. i'm hurt because of the accusations and allegations. but like i said, this is not the first time i have been accused.
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the teen bond out of jail early this morning. he is facing several charges including fraud. >> at the news desk. ling martinez. 7 news. all right lynn. next up from the newsplex. we've been waiting weeks to catch a glimpse of the big power ball winners from florida. tonight we meet the lucky couple. also scientist in south florida on the froro lines in the fight against aevastating virus. see how they are battling zika in a special assignment report put to the test.
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now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> will right. good after noorch every one. what a nice day here across south florida. the skies will remain clear over the next few day. we have a huge dome of high pressure sitting across the southeast and that will ensure some nice clear skies and mild temperatures. dry now. we may see showers by next week. especially as with we move in through tuesday and wednesday. a far a temperature are concerned. a cool night and then we start to warm up. 59 wakingp tomorrow morning. and then take a look at this by tuesday, the the morning low should be 71. what is average 63 degrees. temperature right now across pensacola. clear skies. 65 degrees moving g wards the east here. 70 in tallahassee. jacksonville. the same with 70. 71 in gainesville. the i-4 corridor this afternoon. a beautiful not a cloud inhe sky.
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74 at the theme park. here in south florida it's been a fantastic caicht we've seen temperature in the upper 60s. to the low and to mid 70s across the area and the keys today,y,nce again place to be. seven to degrees. mostly sunny with the wind out of northwest. here's the marine forecast for tonight. we are looking at the winds at around ten to 15 nauts. biscayne bay with a light chop. for you in the florida keys, exercise caution. coastal waters will be turning choppy later this evening. next high tide 5:15. 0:10 in fort lauderdale. key largo. 5:48. 5:36 in key west. mostly clear. cool. by tomorrow another beautiful day. breezy. here's your extend out look. temperatures near seasonal until monday and tuesday when we warm up. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> zelkeys: that is a wrap for 7 news at 5:00. caio caio. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. keep it here. the ws continues at 5:30 with next.
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>> >> in is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: now at 5:00. residence of one south florida neighborhood raise ago a stink over a big sewage leak.
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this bad break had a lot of people holding their noses. >> danielle: it certainly did and now some are breathing a sigh of relief. jeff whren kno living on the scene in fort lauderdale where clean up crews are make pro progress. jeff. >> reporter: they certainly are lynn and danielle. the water has been removed. pump out of this apartment complex in fort lauderdale but the smell is still pres present in this neighborhood. the strong stench ringers. >> it's an o disor likeead animal and a person together. >> and crews cleaning up this mess. >> tim kelly says its ways rough night sleep with his home filling of sewage at the regal apartments. >> and the break sent sewage and water gushing all over five square blocks at this complex off the 500 block of northwest 4th avenue. >> and bad man. >> and he grabbed his cell phone
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the rup cure happening outside his window. the water reached up to a foot in some spots. >> you were there w wn it happened? >> i'm the one that called over 911. the next thing you heard was boom. william says it took a couple of o hours for the strong odor to set in. i had my windows closed but you could still smell it. >> residents and worker at a nearby dare center rushed to move the vehicles as water spilled on to the roads. >> one of my teacher was trying to get into her vehicles soso it's real crazy. >> at night fall tuesday pump trucks moved n. people using plastic bags around their feet to get around. >> of course the sewer, feces and urine got into it. i have three bags on each food and two rubber ban on each foot. a cautionary order put in place. avoid water related activities like swimming and jet s sing on the new river thvment as the


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