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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: how odd was this for you? >> it was very odd. they actually eventually conveyed that to me that they were muslim. >> reporter: shie saturday more, a member of the synagogue thinks it's strange when they pull out a koran. you can see him following the women outside the synagogue. he calls security although no crime was committed. >> i was trying to understand the purpose of all this. the purpose of the engagement and the purpose of the content of conversation. >> reporter: these same women were at a sin na gon going the previous friday and asking the same questions. >> very simple. you see something, say something. no matter what religion you are. if you're a 7th day advantage, or a temple, someone that doesn't belong there. don't just sit back. say, get on the phone and call your local authority. call 911. >> reporter: a similar incident happened at a miami beach synagogue this past
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they asked about a spik prayer service and when it takes place. police are several agencies are trying to find out if the same women were involved in that visit. >> north miami beach police say we received an information report of a suspicious incident and have forwarded it to multiple agencies who are actively investigating. >> several departments have come. they are look into everything and taking it very seriously. >> reporter: so you heard it there from that community activist that police are look into this case and in fact with we did speak with police in several different departments today and they all told me that they are take seriously. no crime has been committed. but they are actively inzestigating this situation. we'll keep you updated. we're live on miami beach night rosh lowe. 7 news are. >> also tonight a massive mess remains one gai after a devastating storm. >> no roof over there.
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>> and residents heart broken. >> my home is demolished. my car. >> officials saying the catch was caused by triple trouble. >> belkeys: three tore day knows cutting across south florida. >> craig: it could be a while before some businesses and residents geact on their feet. we have live coverage brandon beyer with home owners who were devastate bid the storms. we'll begin with vanessa medina and the scattered disaj a crolts area this evening. vanessa. >> reporter: that's rye. three tornadoes across south florida. two ripping through broward ciewn tivment you can see mangled metal still left here. we have tree limbs. crews have imn out all day trying to clean up this mess and what a mess it is. check out this massive tree. look at this. this was pulled, plucked from the ground thvment was an ef1 tornado with winds up to 95 miles per hour now residents here in pompano beach and miami-dade county, t ty are just
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>> tornadoes touching down in s. this one an ef1 with winds up to 95 miles per hour intensifying in pompano beach. this one in david l- veevment an ef10. clearing out patio furniture and bringing down trees this this was on a different level. it was quick and powerful. we heard it it inside. it shook the house. a third tornado moving through northeast miami-dadad this is video from the riviera coon do minute yums along northeast 191 street. i hear a noise and strong wind and a boom. yvette rodriguez now has water damage. wet there. started raining. parts of her roof still missing jose feels lucky. check out his car. he was in it moments before this tree came crashing down. >> i stay in the car.
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thank god for my life. >> >> reporter: now the clean up and repair is und way. the same scene in pompano beach. >> it's bad. no roof, nothing in there. we have to move everything out. >> reporter: businesses forced out because the catch to these warehouses just too much. >> we havee it taken care of. we have crews here to do clean up and repairing roofs.p >> reporter: across the street at sand and spurs, lots of clean up after this. >> trailers with were mangled and moved. one was almost on top of a stall. it was right up against the stall. >> reporter: nancy olson almost losing her horse when the a tree fell on his paddock. luckily he was inside eating. >> i'm thankful to god every one is o csm no one is hurt. now it's just clean tup and we start new. >> >> reporter: now bac out live, you're looking at nancy olson. this is where her horseas. where you see all these trees
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luckily that horse h d just gone in side to eat at the time. but this is just much of the scene across pompano beach n davie and northeast miami-dade. still so much metal and trees left behin it will be several weeks before this mess is cleaned up. we also know that several people were injured when flying debris came in through their windows as they were driving. it's unclear the extend of those injuries. reporting live in pompano beach this evening. vanessmedina. 7 news. >> craig: now another hard hit area where some residents are realing from the storm. live coverage continues with brandon tber hollywood. brandon. >> reporter: well, craig, some say sthe were sound asleep signed their trailer when the storm came raising through. they had no idea it wassing on it's way. it took a neighbor to get them out safely when it hit.
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ripped away her home. >> he saved me. pgh he saved me. >>8 some are manning hugs and thank her neighbor to. he says he savav her life tuesday morning after powerful winds destroyed herollywood trail earnd trapped her inside. >> he used to live in this trailer. and he knew how to get in. >> i just ripped the wallop. they don't get out. the doors are gam jammed. they were shuvment they could not get out. >> so tom found a way in. there was a part of a wall that was because of the tree started to rip o. i just ripped the trailer off. summer and her husband william just moved to fla from california. they lost everything they had in an instant. my home is demolished. my car. >> i feel very blessed it's just kind of hard to look at. >> by wednesday morning clean up was underway. trees cut back. what is left of there the trailer removed. but a friendship remains in tack. maybe stronger than ever. >> they were screaming.
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was hurt so we got her out. we got you out. >> she's okay now. >> reporter: well, be on scree osly that trailer not safe to live in any more. they will now turn to the red cross for help. we're live in hollywood. news. >> belkeys: all right brandon. what a difference a day makes. chief meteorologist phil ferro live in the weather center with this phil rks. >> phil: and luckily all that nasty weather is long gone. now we're in for a pleasant cool night here across south florida. a little chilly. a little humidity values. by tomorrow a butiful nice thursday and nice will also be the key word there as we move in through the weeke. well, here the storm tracker. everything is dry. palm beach, broward. miami-dade and the keys. >> and that's how it will stay at least 'til sunday. a better chance of showers moving in monday and tuesday. so high pressure will dominate our weather here.
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and quiet. the winds are going to pick up from the north coming in out of the east. especially by friday. another front tries to move n. i think that just going to slow down. could brg us actually warmer weatherby monday and tuesday before the weak front actually move through and bring our temperatures back down to near average. we'll have a lot more on this a little later on. >> craig: also now at 6:00. the 17-year-old driver who crashed his car in key imis cane and left a passenger dead apared before a judge. charged as an adult he faces charge of vehicular homicide. bond set at 100,000 do lamplet he will remain on house arrest as he waits for trial. investigators say medina was driving a porshe on new year's day when he crashed into a tree on harbor drive. 18-year-old can nel a san miguel died at the scene. officials say medina fell asleep
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and the poo at jose marty park become open after the garbage truck plunged off the overpass. the pool remains closed for the time bsmght the driver of the truck is still in the hospital recovering from injuries he suffered. and one truc trashed through a barrier wall and has reopened to traffic. no word when thatt other lane might reopen again. >> belkeys: a south florida ofoicer who was ambushed and shot on the job has recovered and now going back to school. the reason why had every one smiling. sheldon fox is live in northwest miami-dade with more on this special visit. sheldon. >> reporter: tons of smiles belkeys. this one even though it stems from mean stuff in the miami gardens streets will make you feel a warm and fuzzy inside. cute tissue and cue the goose bumps. >>
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>> want a hug too? okay andndhe hugs were plenty at o cola lake elementary school. >> thank you for saving my community. i hope you feel beer. as girls embrace power from the afterchool pro grament gram got a surprise greeting by recovering cop david starl ling. >> i'm getting betr. yes i am who made his first appearance from being shot last month while on duty. >> this right here is what make my job, all that yes do ik tell from the letters they sent and cards that it was again you in. >> deer officer starl ling. i hope you get well. thank you for protect iewssments the police velt ran was april bushed and shot in the back side while on the job january 22. the suspected shooter is is off the street. locked up. >> i made it so i guess it wasn't time to go yet.
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still here officer star spoke exclusively to rosh lowe from his hospital bed. now he i i up walking with a cane and promise tok bk on the street. hi fighting spirit got f fuel from a fresh face class room sweet hearts. >> and he is very kind >> reporter: girl power. you saw him walking with that cane hob belg around. officer sar gefnlt not walking but hob belg with the cane. he says if fiscal therapy hasn't started yet but le back on bra on the street with the miami police department for. that's what he has known for many years and all he has known. live tonight in west miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right sheldon, thanks for that. >> craig: and we have live pictures coming us to from south carolina. there's senator rubio.
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eve of this weekend's primary. he is about to score the endorsement of that state's govenor nicki hayley. she was flirting with getting behind bush and chris tee who is now out of race. she made her pick and will make that formal announcement in a little bit. stay tune for more on that. >> belkeys: and south florida playing a key role in the fight against zee a cavment a special news 78 assignment report put to the test after the break.
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>> belkeys: well, a feefortz zika virus cross in the globe. they are working to put an end to the out break. >> craig: and danielle knox shows us how the top researchers are put to the test. >> danielle: inside this lab at a the university of miami top scientist are work around the clock to put an end to the zika
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>> my approach it it to hirte hard and hit early. >> a. >> danielle: and they say the pressure on them so to find out what this mosquito born disease can do. >> it's up to scientist to come up with the evident to support an absolute link between zika and microceply which i think has been the coughs all this fear and rightfully so. >> danielle: fear over a% terrifying condition briefed to be cawg babies in brazil to be born de formed and with brain damage. >> fear that strike a cord when we see infants born with microcephaly. >> danielle: the link between zika and microcephaly is still unknown but the race to stop the virus rus becomes more crititil as each day pass ooze first we get the tool to figh it and then by the time we have that we'll be ready to determine if
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microcephaly and other hugh plan defections. >> danielle: and they have complete an important first step. develop age test for zika. >> we're using it here and in brazil to identify individuals who became infected with zika. those are the individuals we'll obtain an antibody from. >> and those antibodies are what they use to create a vaccine and they are to get rid of the infection. the goal to stop the spread of zika altogetmer. our job as scientist is to make sure that if zika could co become a problem here. we're ready for it. >> and dr. stevenson says a vaccine should be available within a year. >> for more information on the zika virus. log on to our web site we're live in the plex. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: as we continue, we're keeping an eye on one very busy pontiff who is continuing his visit in central america right now on the u.s. mexico
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in the pope mobile greeting the thousands who gathered there. this is the pope's final day in mexico after a five day trip. the sunsets there. beautiful site. beautiful sound.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and a nice day here across south floridada we had morning lows in the 60's.
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upper 70s and just a little trace of rain across key west. right now mostly clear. 68 in miccosukee. 70s every place else. the windt around 7 miles per hour. calm at the coast. the humidity very low with 35%. here's the storm tracker. nothing to report and it should remain this way through sunday. a little better chance of showers come monday and tuesday head of a weak front. for the time being hower, high pressure will build n. it will be a bit cooler tonight. by tomorrow the wind out of northeast. going to be breezy feeling very mild here across south florida. with highs right around the mid to upper 70's. where they should be. and then as we move in through the end of the week. high pressure starts to of move way. ill breezy. very pleasant. we may see a little bit more in the waive cloudiness come saturday and sunday. but again, the moisture if any should arrive monday and tuesday. here's the marine forecast no. adviser re, biscayne bay with a
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for you throughout florida keys, exercise caution. coastal water will be turning choppy. and the winds picking up to 20 knots. meanwhile next high tide miami. 5:15. 5:10 in fort lauderdale. key largo 5:38. 7:30 in key west. tonight mostly clear. staying dry. a little cooler. could see a temperature of 59 in miami. 60 in fort lauderdale. 63 in the keys. for tomorrow mostly sunny. it's going to start to get breezy with the wind out of northeast. 15 to 20. highs in the thehe low 70s for the keys. mid to upper 70s for the mainland. and that's average for us. here's your extend out look. the breeze will continue on friday. saturday and sday, the clouds build. better chance for rain monday, tuesday. also warmer and then we get our tempmpature back down to near san nal values by next wednesday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast.
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>> craig: and we are live thing on south beach. a new fim set to hit the big screen. the stars are treating fans to a whril baste meet and grief. the film eddie the eagle is about an unlikely athlete's journey to the olympics. >> >> belkeys: i was reading that girl's sign. and the stars including an a list ter shining bright in sch toght. live with we go to south beach where chris van vliet is live for us. hey chris. >> reporter: that was quite the sign wasn't it belkeys. and. >> and that was quite the sign. will be here. the movie is called edie dethe eagle. and a british ski jumper who qualified for the 1998 winter o. up to that point britain never had a ski jumper before and they
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it he became loved because of his heart and termination. it hits theaters february 26 as we wait here for hugh jackman and tar ron who will soon be coming. for now we're live in south beach. i'm chris van vliet. 7 news. >> craig: all right chris christ clis. >> belkeys: awesome. i bet they will have everything life on deco dry. stick around for that.
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>> time now for 7 sports with mike dipasquale. >> hi every one. here's what we do know regarding heat's chris bosh. he won't be traveling with the the team to atlanta for friday's game. donovan campbelloinss live with the heat practice. hey dono. >> and another health care regarding chris bosh. the miami heat have a lot to worry good moving forward. the heat holding the first practice since the all-star break. obviously chris bosh wasn'tt practice and he as you mentioned he is not traveling with the team to atlanta for friday's game is backing on blood thinners tore a possible blood ot in his cafl. they may address his current medical situation on on friday. but right now every one in the heat organization is just worried about cb's health. >> this suck. you know. i mean, i've been thereefore. you know but not having it if that's the case with him. you know, we really don't know. i don't want to say too much.
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and d ay optimistic and i'm looking forward to having chris back at some point. >> we're not doctor. we don't exactly what it is but we're going off him and we talked and he is feeling g. a positive out look on things and so we that's what we worry about. >> not only willhe heat be without bosh on friday. they will be without hassan white side who will miss friday's game are due to a suspension for throwing an elbow. today white side wassked about the rumors of him being in every trade scenario possible with the the miami heat. >> you know, it's all speculation you know, and whatever happen, happens. you know and i'm just going to keep oming out here and producing and be the the best player i can be for whoever i'm with. >> it's great to see everybody in the heat organization remaining optimistic regarding white side and as well chris bosh. live ataa.
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>> thank i donovan. marlins pitcher on the training starts. and the starter will be jose fernandez. 2016 will be his first full season since undergoingommy johns surgery in may of 20 14. during the off season there were trade rumors involving fernandez. >> the first time to have it here. you can' control. it we're working hard. i get out there every d d and a feel g. i feel good and i'm ready to get give 100%. >> cane host virginia tech tonight at buc. that's sports. back to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: thank you mike. >> craig: and that's 7 news at 6:00, thankor tyneing in i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:30 around the bend.
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>> this is seven dmiewz at 6:30. >> lynn: off the 207 at 6:30 alarming gailingses ax a youth counselor from i church accused of an unholy act. police say he had sex with an under aiblgd girl. >> danielle: and they say it happened inside a place of worship. 7's nicole whrin lynn is in coral springs with more. >> reporter: well, at the time the young plan was a youth counselor here at church by the glades in corporal springs and according to investigators. all this started when victim was just 13 yeats old. >> it's definitely a violation of trust on so many level. >> reporter: a violation of trust that has landed 1-year-old sylvester pa roan in jail according bso last summer he was a counselor at the youth for middle schoolers church by the glades. one of the middle schoolers a 13-year-old girl. >> what he did was cultivate a relationship with her and he was aible to have sexual encounters with her. >> those encounters happened


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