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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is seven dmiewz at 6:30. >> lynn: off the 207 at 6:30 alarming gailingses ax a youth counselor from i church accused of an unholy act. police say he had sex with an under aiblgd girl. >> danielle: and they say it happened inside a place of worship. 7's nicole whrin lynn is in coral springs with more. >> reporter: well, at the time the young plan was a youth counselor here at church by the glades in corporal springs and according to investigators. all this started when victim was just 13 yeats old. >> it's definitely a violation of trust on so many level. >> reporter: a violation of trust that has landed 1-year-old sylvester pa roan in jail according bso last summer he was a counselor at the youth for middle schoolers church by the glades. one of the middle schoolers a 13-year-old girl. >> what he did was cultivate a relationship with her and he was aible to have sexual encounters with her. >> those encounters happened
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investigators say as often as one a week. >> in a place that shoved been a safe haven for the child. they would have these encounters at her homom and the church. places where the parents expect their kids to be safe. >> the. >> reporter: the girl's parents with went to police and now the 18-year-old is facing eight counts of sexual battery. this the pat towards and leaders of the church bit glades were sadden to learn about the sinful behavior on the part of one of our a ten degrees. the greatest concern is the well-being, healing and pro tesks the victim and family. end quote snoothurch tells us they are cooperating in the investigation and,bso says that is true. they have been more than cooperative. as for pa roan he remains in jail. no bond until he has another hearing. reporting in coral springs. nicole linsalata. 7 news. >> danielle: all right nicole thank you the residents in fo lauderdale breathing easier as
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we're e lking about a sire line that ruptured failing a nehborhood with filthy water. northwest 5th street and 4th avenue surrounded by sueup to a foot deal. that break now capped but a boil water advisory remains in effect. >> i have three bag on each foot and two rubber band on each food. >> danielle: five square blocks feakd. the situation made worse by all the rain. >> lynn: neighborhoods across south florida still cleaning up one day of a trio that touched down. now there are three. crews hard at work in poano beach ut cg down what is left of snapped trees ncht other parts of broward, workers fixing damaged warehouses. and residents in davie pick up pieces of furniture blown ash their backyards by this big storm. >> and similar scenes across northeast miami-dade. trees cut down by a tornado. heavy limbs and branches crashing down on top of cars like that car. an apartment building left
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air conditioning units also sent flying. >> danielle: also on 7 tonight. pope francis wrapping up his trip to mexico and losing his cool with a rowd disi crowd. eye mishap made him lose his balance and he was not happy about it. >> robin simmon live in the plex with the pope's reaction. robbin. >> reporter:r:t was pretty surprising. with one person maybe hoping for scolding instead. the pope's trip was about a moment that happened a few minutes ago. let's take you to video of the blessingnat the u.s. mexico boarder. people from both sides of the boarder fence watching as the pope frai prayed d ishere to remember the lives lost. people crossing mexico into the u.s. hoping for a better life and he has really been focusing on the many migrants trying to make their way to better lives all around theorld and he has been warning against what he
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difference. >> pope francis enjoyed a well warm welcome to his trip to mexico. a mariachi band and massive crowds turning taught greet him at every stop to the country wiwi the second largest pulation in the world. the pope continuing to dreats drug trafficking, violence and poverty affect sog many mexicans and how that drives money many to the iewvment. hi visit to to the mix cal can city across the rio grand from el pass so texas, the highlight of trip and politically charged during this presidential election. but a moment on tuesday has people really talking. that is pope francis being pulled over on to a child nay wheelchair by a participate who would just not let got his hand. pontiff's chosen word. >> selfish and he may have been born and raised in argentina but the former ber go leo's italian roros were showing assist scold
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it happened 190 miles west of the capital. the year of mercy in the catholic church and pope francis maybe digging deep for his busm on the last day he wants to put the focus back on where he tries to keep. it member o& society are often forgotten. the poor and at this stop the men of one of mexico's most notorious. >> may the lord bless you and protect you. may he shine his face upon you an show you his grace. may he uncover his face and grant you peace. amen. >> reporter: and the pope ding his trip want open air mass while blessing the boarder. le now be returning aback to rome. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: now to the race to the white house.
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in a huge endorsement with a key primary a few days way. >> ladies and gentlemen f we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. >> lynn: south carolina govenor nicki hayley backing the florida senator for president and it comes at a critical time of the state's gop primary ising on saturday. meantime the democrats have their eyes on the southwest. they are competing in nevada in the caucus there this weekend and a new poll has bernie sandnds neck and neck with hillary clinton. >> danielle: well, tech giant apple is ignore age federal imagine is stwrait's order to unlock a i phone. that i phone in question belonging to a terrorist behind the tack in southern california. and the fbi wants april tole help them hack it but ceo tim cook is fighting back saying government officials are trying to get apple to build a back door that could put
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at risk and set a dangerous precedent. the phone belongs to say he'd fa roofnlgt he and his wife opened fire in san dpern san bernardino at an office building killing 14 people before being gunned down by police. >> lynn: daindly blast overseas. terrorist strike the capital of turkey. craig stevens in the satellite center to tell us what happened. craig. >> craig: lynn already could be den nation of the tack that killed 28 people and injured 600 other. it happened at the height of rush hour. a car bomb exploded. the bus stoppeded at traffic lights and on those bus fur cish military personnel. other cars caught fire. it was very clear this was an intentional act no. group has thus far claimed responsibility but turkey has been high profile in it's efforts to help the u.s. combat isis and neighboring syria. that's the latest from the satellite center.
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7 news. >> lynn: craig, thank you. >> danielle: play time is over for a south florida teen accused of pretending to be be be a medical dodoor. >> lynn: and south florida dancers putting their best food footorward as they learn from a world renown choreographer. ankara.
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>> >> danielle: a south florida teenager called a doctor imposter by police. now he has an appointment with a judge. he sa accused of pretend tok a real life due guy houser. >> lynn: adged now he has a prey description for trouble but he is promising to clear his name. >> malachi they say you've been practicing medicine without a license. >> lynn: detect tiches with the palm beach county sheriff's office arrest 158-year-old ma lie a ca robin son. for
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license. they ts from a new birth new life medical center in miami beacac where they say the teen performed an physical exam on an undercover exam. >> and you are will here from my lawyer. >> in january he held a grand opening for hi new medal clinic. his mother and friends and business partner all and hing it the celebration. just a few weeks later, the sheriff's office and health department say he was practicing medicine without eye license and slapped him with handcuffs. according to facebook page and web site dr. love robinson offers ho list tk and urgent care a well as family counseling. his business partner has nothing but good thing to say about this. >> i think it's amazing. just jealousy. it stem from people. any time someone has something against anybody smb, it is because they are successful. >> this isn't the first time he
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>> just last year when he wooz 17 years old he was busted for posing as a doctor at st. mary's inside a pregnant woman's exam room. according police report he was dresesd in a st. mary's lab coit. wearing a stej a scope and seen by doctors and staff for at least a movement the hospital denied he ever came in contact with patients and declined to press charges and police determined no crime had been commitovmentd and now one leer yeer later robinson is back in handcuffs this time facing serious charge. i'm hawrt because of the accusations and allegations but like i said, this is not the first time i have been accused and i will pure this. >> the the f. >> lynn: the teen did bond out of jail early morning. he is facing several charges including fraud. 7 news at 6:30 coming right back.
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>> >> lynn: an artistic director visit age south florida high school and inspiring the uninspiring. a group of students getting an opportunity of a lifetime. >> danielle: absolutely and it come a days before special series of performances are set to hit the stage in soovment shireen sandoval live in the plex with the ststy. shireen. >> reporter: well f you're going to learn how to dance, why not diso it from the best? the artistic direction foferlt cans theater is getting in step
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>ne, two, three, four. >> reporter: when it coment to dancing. >> and then just break it up. >> robert battle, the artistic director of the dance theater knows his stuff. >> i think it's amazing that someone of robert's stat tiew tour iss coming to weston to help% them worg with the students. it gives them hope and something to look forward too. >> reporter: he held a work shop for inspiring dancer all the northwestern senior high school. >> i really look up to him. >> battle attend the school back in the day for two years. >> i remember what teachers said and how it made me feel and how it really made me step outside of myself to now become the head of the dabsheater. he says the experience gave him confidence and courage. >> i come back in hopes that my story will connect with these young people. >> reporter: and for many it
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>> it means a lot that he actually you know livedn my same area and attended the school i attend now. that shows mow no matter where you come from you can make it in life. the class kickoff five performances a the alvin ali company at the a kree an ash nter starting thursday. >> and if you want to see the alvin ali dance company in action they are fab fan. log on to for more information on the performances here in miami. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: good looking night here ahead for us here in s. temperatures across the state. 06 in jacksonville. gainville one degree warmer. orlando 72. the same in miami. 70 in fort lauderdale a key west. right now it is dry croos south florida. our next best chance for some rain will probably be monday and tuesday of next week.
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and by the way, monday and tuesday will probably be a warmer 24 to 48 hour period. the front that caused all the nasty weather yesterday has moved into the western atlantic. look at all these clear skies. that's what we're going to enjoy at least through sunday. here's the marine forecast. no advisories, 15 knot wind. biscayne bay with a light chop. for nut florida keys, exercise caution. the winds will be building to 20 nauts. seas beyond the reef three to five fees feet and coastal waters turning choppy thing. next high tide 5:15 in the morning. 7:30 for the lower keys. water temperature 72 degrees. tonight mostly clear. 59 along the coast in miami-dade. little cooler inland. 58 for the with western suburbs and broompletd 70, actually 60 at the coast. and low 60s for you throughout the florida keys. tomorrow mostly sunny. the wind out of north northeast. that's going to keep the humidity down.
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highs in the 70s. here's your extend outook. breezy on friday and saturday. little better chance off rain as we go in through monday and tuesday and look at. that temperatures back into the 80s before they come back down on wednesday. >> that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with with mike dipasquale.
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is not traveling with the team for friday's game in n lanta. donovan campbell has the latest on his health stawts and what this could mean for the rest of season. >> holding the first practice since the all-star break. basketball was the farthest thing from the miami heat players mind. this is life and have you to zeal with thing and we'll@deal with with it and the most important thing for all of us, anythihi that happens to a teammate or friend. you care about their health you know and basketball comes second when if comes to that. >> you know t suck. you know i've beenhere beforo but not having it happen again, if has the case again. so you know, we really don't next i don't want to say too ch because i want to remain positive. >> chris bosh having another scare are regarding the blood blood clot niz lung. lp exact lay a year to the date
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of all-star game could be anotheheblood clot i was talking to him about it and he is staying positive through the whole thing. 'loud me to stay positive as well and not knowing what was going on. i think he has a better understanding when he got back here. >> via social media and friends ch bosh expressed he hopes to play again this season. and cb is in a great state. heaz a positive out look on life always. >> i view it from a basketball standplint. we're going to miss him. >> and chris bosh is expected to meet with his doctors tomorrow where we'll get a better understanding of his immediate future. at aaa. donovan campbell. 7 sports. >> and florida had an off night. they host the sharks tomorrow night. commissioner gary bettman up he held a 20 game suspense for dennis weinman. weinman cross checked line man done henderson during the game last month. the suspect is the second longest in nhl history for
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and coverage begins here on channel 7 at high noon a. and chaseel yovment 20-ye-old is the youngest driver who ho h- to pull for the 500. he takes over the the car and jeff imor done. talking abozt big shoes to fill. and just just a as much pressure as he let be there. so for us. we have expectations and thing we set upon ourself in the race feem as i do personally and that's the only eectation and pressure that is even rel van. rest. so rierkts wrong or in different. that's t fa loss fee we'll go into the season with and hopefully it's the right way. >> and dale earnrnrdt junior will qualify for one of the remaining races in the dual race. and take a look at deal the back ground. who knew deal junior might be the easter bun next photo bombing while hopping a aund like a bun next that's what we do around here sometimes. lynn and danielle back in a
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>> >> >> danielle: that is 7 news at 6:30 thank you so much for watch fg m i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. have a great night i'll see you at 7:30 for deco and you'll see danielle later to night at 10:00. have a good one. >> danielle: good night everythlng. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. everybody. > real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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epic coughing fit. what this specialist says hillary needs to know. >> there's actually a breathing technique that he says will shut off the cough like a light switch. then -- the fake doogie howser. >> you say you've been practicing medicine without a license? >> he even has a doctor's office. >> you examined a patient today. and death of a contestant from "the bachelor." >> how they tried to save her life. >> please send someone fast. plus -- here they are. the other winners of the largest jackpot in history. finally come forward. >> i lost a lot of sleep. >> i lost over ten pounds. and breast milk for sale on the street. >> it's $4
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dollars selling it. >> we've made a pretty penny. >> it's not just for bababs. wait until you see what else it's being used for. but how safefes this stuff? >> wait, wait, wait, we just want to talk to you. >> now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining ps. it's that time of year when colds and coughs hit a lot of people. but presidential hopeful hillary clinton had a coughing fit during the speech on tuesday and it kept her from speaking for a full two minutes. and it's not the first time 's happened. so steven fabian has some tips on how all of us can stop coughing. >> first it was barking. now it's coughing. hillary clinton suffered an epic coughing fit o. the campaign trail. >> you can make a difference. [ coughing ] [ applause ]


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