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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> craig: breaking ns from washington, it appears president obama is set to travel to cuba and it looks like it will happen in just a few weeks time. i'm craig stevens >> belkys: i'm belkys nerey, a a that is not all that we are working on the night team. >> two women dressed in muslimm
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>> it could be a secret weapon in the fight against on-line predators and the right here in south florida. and it is a night team's special assignment report, high-tech hunt. he thought his landlord was rking in his room. so, he set up a camera. a story about renter's rights, in tonight's edition of help me howard with patrick fraser. >> belkys: and new from the news plex a teen accused of posing as a doctor walking out of jail tonight, the night team live in west palm beach. >> this is 7 news at ten. >> belkys: straightto thaha news, that we go, president obama is visitinguba as early as next month. hello again, this will mark the first te a sitting u.s president has visited the island nation in nearly 90 ars. >> craig: it has been rumored for weeks or even months but tonight it appears an
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simmons is live in the satellite ken we are with w wt we know >> reporter: we knewed that intentiod to visit nine months after it was removed fromm the state sponsored terror list, a u.s. president is planng a visit >> today america chooses to cut look the shackles of the past. >> december, 14, 2014, president obama announcing the new renewal of relations between the united states and cuba after decades of old war, reopening embassiesembassie just mths later he met with castro face-to-face, and president obama and the cuba leader shaking hands, mr. obama talking about the long and complicated relationship between tht two natns and said cuba would not be removed from the state department's list of state response ors of terror without
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the session was reopeped as the embassy, and protestors gathering as they raised the flag. in august, secretary of stat jo kerry,raveled to can you t watch as the american embassy was reopenednd the american flag raised. and marco rubio said that if he we president he would visit a free cuba. >> i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change but it has to be reciprocal, and look at what we did with burma, and today, the minority party is the my jorty, because the change towards them was the conditional upon the change to the people. >> to p the significance in perspective, the last visit was 90 years ago, the president calvin olidge, president obama plans to visit some time in march. >> belkys: and we caught up with representative ross, and she is
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>> i find it just income prehenceable that the leader of the greatest democracy in the world, the united states of america,resident obama would be going to a linin america military dictator ship. >> and former president, jimmy carter visited in 2011 but he was all out of office, an official announcement is expected from the white house tomorrow, and abc news and reporting that president obama is going to be in cuba, onarch 21 and 22nd, and it happens to be aig week in cuba, the rolling stones are set to play on sunday the 20th a t 22nd, the tampa bay, raysill play cuba's national team but it is not clear at this time if the president will attend that game. live in the satellite center, robin simmons, seven news night team. >> craig: now to the center here, danielle knox i live in little havanna, and gaging that reaction.
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guys, newsrals fast ande w literally just got out here a little while ago but people were already talking about it, let's's take a listen to what they had to say. >> he has the right to go, he is the president of the united states and he can do whatever he wants. but i believe that being friendly with the dictator ship that violates the human rights of its citizens every day, is not what somebody tt believing freedom, and human rights should do. >> do ul think that this happens the diplomatic relationshihi between the united states and cuba. >> of course, serve the people, and the businessmen is interests are everybody's interest. so that would open the business doors. >> reporter: so you think this is a good thing in your opinn. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: so there you have it in just a short period of time we got reactionrom both sides. obviously this is a big deal for both sides. it is a developing story. but we of course will stay on top of and we will stay out here
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for you and bring it to you just as soon as we turn it around, but for w, we are live in little havanna, >> craig: who thought that we would see this day, when the president does make t tt trip to cuba you want to keep ituned to the news station, stay right here for the comprehensive coverage from the island nation. >> anchor: and new, the so-called, doctor is out of business and tonight, out of jail. here is the thing, he is not a doctor at all, he is a teenager. >> craig: but the police say that did n n stop him from practicing some bad medicine. the night team's nicole linsalata is live for us in west palm where he opened a practice. >> reporter: well, craig, the story is pretty amazing. he is 18 years old. and he opened this practice in this building behind me here in west palm beach but he claims
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never claimed to be a medical doctor. >> mees, allow us to deal with this issue the way that any normal family would >> reporter: and the issue of this -year-old is dealing with is certainly a serious one. he is accused of practicing medicine without a license and stealing thousands of dollars from an 86-year-old patient. >> they say that you have been practicing medicine without a license. >> the cops arrested robinson tuesday. investigators say he performed a physical exam on an under cover agent. >> you examined a patient today. >> you will hear from my lawyer. in ein janua he even held a grand opening for his medical clinic, hisother and friends and business partner all attending the celebratn. just look at his facebook page, he says he offer urgent care and family planning and his business parter has nothing but praise. he has run into trouble before, last year at age, 17 he was
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saint mary's medical center in west palm beach. he told a west palm beach tv station there is an explanation for that. >> i requested to shadow some physicians. next thing i know, cops were there. all i know. i have no idea. >> reporter: i lists himself as an natruopath and a phd and even an ordained minister, he says that he is not an md as his taped over clinic sign saysys that was a mistake. but he is not saying much else as we leaves the palm beach county jail wednesday night. >> just please respect our wishes and allow our attorneys to do the best that thecan to work on this case. >> reporter: and he is in some big trouble. he is not only facing the charges having t# do with practicing medicine, but also forgery, and grand theft charges. and as for that incident, though at saint mary's hospital. at the time the hospital did not
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and at the time police said they did not believe any crime there had been committed. reporting live in west palm beach, tonight nicole linsalata seven news night team >> night team. >> belkys: was it a spiritual search that sent two women dressed in muslim garbe to a south florida, synagog and some say that the visit was down right change. alex diprato joins us live and has new details on this. >> reporter: it is important to point out that no crime was committed. and tonight, the north miami beach, police department have interviewed these women and one has a terminal illness andas simply exploring different religions. >> i actually have a lot of faith in the police department, and i believe that homeand security, and the police department and whoever else is on top of ith >> rabi, reacting after north miami beach, policic interview
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in muslim, garbe and walked into an orthodox synagog and started questioning this guy who was sitting&outside. >> when are the lecture times here and you know, when do the people come for lectures. >> how odd was this for you? >> it was very odd. thth actually eventually conveyed to me that they were actually muslim. >> mora the member of the synagog thought it was strange, especially when one pulled out the quran, according to the police, incident report, the woman asked did you have services already and when you are saying that yister which is a prayer for the people who have died. >> i explained the similarities that they are from the right to left. >> you can see it outside of the synagog, he called security and although no crime was committed. >> i wasrying to understand the purpose of all of this. the purpose of the engagement and the purpose of the content of the conversation. >2 the same women were at the same synagog the evious, friday, late wednesday night the
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seven news that the what m in the video has terminal cancer and was visiting different houses of worship with her mother to learn about different religions. the north miami beach, police department says that at this point we don't believe that there is a public safety threat. he says that the community can never let its guard down. >> weeave to be vigilant. >> there was also a very similar incident in miami beach. the police are still investigating that. but here is north miami beach, they believe this one woman was just checking out different religions with her mother. we are live in north miami beach, tonight, i'm alex diprato, seven news nightht team. >> craig: alarming allegations against a youth pastor at a south florida urch, a judge denied bond for paron and faces 8 counts of sexual battery, at 18 years old he became involved in with a 13-year-old girl, one of the encounters happened by the church in the glades where he had been working.
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the pastors and the leaders of the church by the glades were saddened to learn about the alleged criminal and sinful behavior on the part of one of our attendees and the first and greatest concern is the well-being and healing and row techniques of the viwtim and family. >> forcing a cargo plane to make an emergency landing, the 747 touching down safely this morning, the crew detected a mechanical issue. when it landed, one of the tires blew out. but the pilot was able to safely bring that 747 to a stop. now, that plane is under going maintenance. >> crews are removing a plane that also made an emergency landing in south florida, the pilot of this cessna brought it down, south of pen brook road last night after experiencing engine problems. the pilot and t t passenger were not hurt and they will examine
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caused the malfunction. >> to the race for the white house, a big endorsement for marco rubio, south carolina governor, hailly backing the senator, she is hugely popular in her home state and considered a rising star in the republican party herself, the endorsement comes at a critical time ahead of saturday's first in the south, republican presidentiaj primary. and among the democrats, a new poll will have bernie sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck ahead o@ the saturday's caucus in nevada, it is 48, 47 mrs. clinton, and sanders with the voters under the age of 55. >> belkys: from the news plex a little school stand out is catching the eye of the canes, and he is only in the 8th grade, but the u, is already sending him offers. can you imagine? >> the 8th grader.
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>raig: the night team's me is here. >> if it all works out, he will be part of the u's 2020, recruiting class and these pictures tweeted out tonight, the coach and mark, flashing the u, and offered the 8th grade quarterback a scholarship, and the young man is from georgia, and couched the bulldogs and knows all by bailey in t past season, and helped the school win the grade school title and the 6-3, 175 pound, qb passed for 1600 yards and rushed for over 1200 and 39 touches in just eight games and tweeted this tonight and blessed and humbled to receive the first offer from the u. it is justn offer, he can't sign a letter of intent with miami or any other school offering him a scholarship for another four years. think about what you were doing in 8th grade. i will leave it at that. from the plex, mike dipasavale seven news. night team.
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night, president obama is preparing to visit cuba next month and the trip is expected to coincide with several, major events on the island nation, including a rolling stones concert. >> craig: yeah somewhere in the middle of the month, it ill with be the first time in a very, very, long time a sitting u.s. president has been to the island. and you are going to want to st with us, because over the next hour and a half or so, we will have more details as they become available and reaction to the night team we will be ba. can investigators order you to crack the code. apple and f.b.i. going head to head. >> a south florida, company is working to catch, predators one click at a time. it is a night team, special assignmentreport, high-tech hunt. >> he thought his lease included some privacy. but. >> he comes in without a shirt and tries to turn on the light. >> can your landlord come and go as he pleases?
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me howard with patrick fraser. >> and then some serious star power in south florida. hugh, jack man coaching me through the red carpet and
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film. >> and now, it is enough to make you sic >> people were asking for retired cops, lawyers, teachers, coaches, unemployed people, tutors, all walks oflife. children. but investigators are getting some big help. a south florida non-profit joining th high-tech hunt. >> belkys: law enforcement around the world has a secret weapon in a s@emingly never ending battle against internet, child pornography and it is florida. >> craig: investigator reporter has our special assignment
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willlldvise you before it starts, you might find some of details in the story disturbing. >> the color dots lining up this problem. each one represents a computer, distributing lewd images of children, many showing children being sexually abused. time. >> that is far more prevalent than i think that most anyone will believe, 30 to 50 million records into the system every % day, worldwide. >> bill is the executive vice presidentt of the child rescue coalition. the non-profit is behind this powerful software that scours the seedier parts of the internet in a 24-7, search for child porn. >> the red dots, are obviously our way to show, sort of the ope, globally of the problem. >> but it is on a local level that the graphic details come in
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>> so this report is actually from a target in hollywood. this individual is most likely interested in an average, 10-year-old female victims. >> and in miami dade. >> that address to miami and this is someone who has been seen on-line, recently, distributing one or more of the files that you see on the screenn right now. pregnant and incest, you will see incest, incest. and the child rescue coalition does not know whwh is watching. or downloading the images, or even whe exactly they live. >> we don't have a dot on top of sosoone's house that says, here is where they live, illegal acacvity is occurring >> reporter: instead it provides law enforcement with the ip address and then the police get the subpoena and a search warrant to go inside, they hope that it is enough to make an arrest. >> our system is responsible for
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>> and gymnastics coach was arrested after it led deputies to his home. there investigators s s they found, 7 videos of child poography. he has pleaded not guilty. >> so whether it be the data side of i don't you are cell phone, open wifi, secured wifi, or plug in the computer, it is all occurring on ip addresses. >> detective rob moro has used the program to make 20 to 30 arrests. >> we are going after the worst of the worst, the type of files that we are seeing, are infants, toddlers young children being sexual lil abused by adults. >> not everyone will be caught.. just look at the child porn activity in florida over the last ye. but moro has a message for those looking to play the odds with police. >> see you soon. >> seven news. >> belkys: the childescue coalition says that the software which it provides free to law
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6500 arrests worldwide. if you want more information, visit >> >> detectives are trying to solve a cash crime, videos captured a man entering a store with a knife and took off. the worker was not hurt, it happened earlier this month, the mobile gas station, along broward boulevard and knob hill road in plantation, here is a pretty good shot of the crook's face. if you recognize him, call the broward crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> craig: if you rent, maybe you know ts feeling, you come home and things seem a little out of place as though someone was in there moving stuff around, one south florida man suspected his landlord and so he went ahead and installed a camera, the out come in tonight's edition of help me howowd with patrick fraser. >> help me howard.
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looking for a rental they wanted a clean and inexpensive place and found a man who had room in the mobile home. >> wn i met him he seemed like a straight forward guy. and he said that you seem like a couple. >> patrick: it was not fancy, a bedroom with a kitchen and a bathroom. things were fine until they weren't. >> the lights would be on in the kitchen and the lights in the bathroom will be on and all of a sudden we will see that things will be moved. >> patck: he mentioned it to the landlord and pointed the finger at someone else. >> andndhen he go ez to me, well it could have been the previous tenants that were living there because they could have made a copy of the key. >> after the closet was left open and more things were moved around, he installed a camera to record while they were gone, two days passed and then --. >> the third day, it was when i was shocked because this man just came in, he comes in without a shirt and tries to turn on the light. >> that is his landlord that goes over to the bathroom, checks out the fridge and the freezer and leaves. only to return a few minutes
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>> we were violated. and this is very, youknowow frustrating. >> oscar says that his landlord never asksk for permission to come into the place and so one day he told the landlord that things were still being moved while they were at work. >> he es, oscar, i can assure you that i have never been in there and then his girlfriend comes in and stays that we have never been there. >> he did not tell them that he was recording them and then he ka i am ip a few more times, appearing to be checking the temperature in the place with a device and looking at the fuse box in the room and that is when he called us to see if he could come into the place without his permission. >> absolutely not, florida law is very specific that except for a true emergency like a flood or a fire, a landlord cannot enter your apartment without your consent and they must give aou at least, 12 hour's notice, if they don't stop when you tell them, call the police. because even if they don't take anything, it is still a crime.
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>> patrick: he then let his landlord that he had been recording him as h came into their room. and the landlord response, get out immediately, and he said, i am not returning your security deposit. >> he asked me to leave by the first. he says that you havav to leave by the first, there is no question about it. >> that only gave him fr days to get out. we then talked to the landlord, he told us, he tried to contact oscar, to let him now that he was going in to check on things but that oscar did not return his calls and text and then agree to give him more time to find another place to live, and he returned oscar's $34400 deputy. >> a got a new place. >> patrick: he got his deposit back and got away from the landlord. >> he came outside and i heard that you called help me howard and that was not a nice thing to do and told me that i need to give you the deputy and here is a check. >> patrick: glad that we could help him out of thatsituation. >> if you have a nosey landlord,
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locks, but you can't do that. because the landlord has t/ have a key in case of a major leak or a fire, don't waste your money. >> got a problem intruding in your life? think that we could be a key to unlock things? contact us, hopefully we can get a break in solving it. wiwh this help me howard, i'm patrick fraser, seven ws. >> belkys: a heartwarming show and tell for a miami garden's officers, shot, and he was paying a surprise visit to a group of young supporters at elementary school today, the girls from the embrace, power after school, program, and created dozens of get well cards for officers, starlinghile he was in the hospital. and recovering from gun shot wounds he wanted to show his appreciation. >> this is awesome, this is, and this right here, this is what makes me job all that we do, and this is what makes it important and i could tell just from the leleers that they sent and the cards that it was genuine.
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thank you for proteing us. love. >> belkys: well the 8-year, police veteran was ambushed and shot in his leg, on january 22nd and he is using a cane to walk but is expected to make a complete recovery, and the suspected shooter has been arrestede >> craig: the city of miami rescue, celebrating black history nth, and the day that the firefighters from station, 13, visited kids at the elementary school and took the time it read and educate them on the achievements of african, americans and also learned about famous, african american, baseball players, and scientist and inventors and also, learned what it takes too become a firefighter. >> seven news, alert, it is official, president obama will be visiting cuba. the trip is set for next month. and it is expected to coincide with big events, taking place on the island nation, including
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stone's concert. >> reporter: apple and the f.b.i. facing off over unlocking a terrorist iphone and why the company is fighting the feds. >> and i'm mike dipasavale and bewill hear from the hear and the concerns about chris bosh after coming back from a blood clot in his lungs last year, he now has another health scare,
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sports. >> craig: a federal judge, ordering apple to unlock the phone of the san bernardino masked shooter, but the company says, iis password protected. the iphone fight is controversial, a delicate balance between the power of the government and the privacy rights of the citizen. >> walter is live with reaction to this, walter? >> reporter: well that is right.
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unlocking a terrorist iphone and the judge telling the company to figure it out. and now apple is saying that they are going to put up a fight. apple and the f.b.i., the feds, taking the tech giant to court. asking the judge to make the company unlock an iphone. >> i think that it is pretty scarey, i mean, kind of evasive if you ask me. if it is that big of threat and you got nothing to hide then why not? >> the case over the fallout shootings. killing 14 people in the deadlyist terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11 and now the f.b.i. wants apple to unlock the phone, the company can't without compromising every iphone and setting a dangerous precedent, tim cook said that it is opening hundreds of millions of locks d no reasonable person would find that acceptable. >> we are not asking apple to
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know, create a new, back door to its products. you know this is a much more specific request. >> reporter: news of the decision, sparking protests at the apple store in san francisco. the company says once it comes up with the technology it easily could fall into the wrong hands, putting nearly 900 million iphones at risk, wednesday, apple, promising an appeal and while many ask if it is worth it. >> we have to give up some basic freedoms, if you will, for the safety of everybody. >> i think that the government already looks into@ people's phones, and i just think that nobody wants to be, you know, have their privacy invaded. >> and now, apple has less than a week to cooperate or prove that this is too big of a burden, reporting live in south beach, walter morris, seven news night team. >> craig: the word came out just a little while ago that it appears the president is set to
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middle of next month. a formal announcement from the white house is expected some time tomorrow. >> belkys: speaking of tomorrow, what is the weather going to be like there phil? >> you know that we are going to go from tornado to terrific, and the high pressure, building in right across the area and we are going to stay nice and quiet, with the mild temperatures to the end of the week. and the entireut look in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: i'm ris, live on south beach where the red carpet is rolled out for hugh jackman and he is talking to the night
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>> now seven weaer with chief meteorologist phil ferro >> phil: it was a beautiful day and we had the morning lows in the 60s, and the highs, 76 in keywest, and 77 in miami, and topping off fort lauderdale 78 degrees and key west, had a little choice of rain today,nd right now, mostly clear and everyone is in the 60s, and the temperature of 61, in the warm spot, key west, with 67 degrees, the wind has gone cm about three miles per hour, at the beach, and the humidity at 60 percent. and this is the storm tracker, and what a big difference from yesterday when we had all of the tornados moving through the area. and right now, everything is nice and dry, from the lake okeechobee south and that is how it will be at least through sunday and the next best chance for the showers will probably be monday and tuesday of next week and it is also going to be warmer by the early part of next week. and look at this, clear skies, across florida, the gulf of mexico, south east, and all due
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anda bit cooler tonight as the high settles in and by tomorrow, the wind out of the north east keeping us feeling mild and it will be breeze and then as we go to the end of the week, that high pressure, starts to move east. and staying breezy with very, pleasant temperatures, partly cloudy skies, as we move in through saturday, and sunday. here is the marine forecast for tomorrow. use caution especially as the winds pick up. and seas along the gulf stream current, building at feet, and the biscayne bay with a moderate chop, use cautious and the coastal waters will be tug choppy and now the next high tide, miami, 6:12, and 6:07 in fort lauderdale, and 8:18 in key west. tonight, mostly clear, staying dry, 59 in miami, and 60 in fort lauderdale and 63 in the keys, and a little cooler here in the
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broward, by tomorrow, turning breezy, the wind out of the north east, 15 to 20, sunny skies and the temperatures will be in the 70 degree range, by the way, fort lauderdale and miami, very typical for this type of year, here is your extended out look, breezy on friday and saturday. and some more clouds over the weekend, better chance for the showers on monday and tuesday. but also getting warmer, and that is your seven on seven forecast. >> belkys: a super star in south florida as his new film takes flight, hugh jackman giving us his take on this inspirational story. he was runway ready and so are we, and do you love our new red carpet or what? chris, you are not the only one on the red carpet tonight, even though youre on south beach and you are with the real celebrity and everything else, ris, all right, you win, take it away. >> reporter: very nice, there belkys.
10:39 pm
jackman and one of the nicest guys in hollywood, and the latest movie, you think kind of like cool runnings, or rudy, it is a movie with a gat message. >> rolling out the red carpet for the stars of edid. die the eagle, spending some of with seven. >> you know, t movie is about a british ski jumper, but why is it so relatable to everyone. >> he was an average, sort of a joe in a way. he was not overly talanted he had courage and would not let anyone --. >> i take it seriously. >> the movie tells the story of eddie edwards, a jumper who competed in the winter olympics against all odds, hugh jackman plays his trainer pushing him to be his best. >> your coach you arecrazy, but as your friend, fly. >> i am not really kind of t method person or anything, and i
10:40 pm
that i wanted to look like him and get into the spirit of hih. >> it was an uphill battle for him to go down the hill and britain had never had a jumper and refused to fund the dream, himself. >> have you had a time when the people tell you in your career an you can't do that. >> yeah, yeah, lots of time. sometimes, they were right. and sometimes, not. but at thend of the day, i think that i have learned is trust in your gut. >> it is a story of heart, and determination, no matter what country you were from, you were routing for eddiearnings. >> where do you think you are going? >> olympics. >> go for your he dreams rngs it does not matter what anyone says. >> you are eddi the eagle. >> reporter: it hits, thee turs next friday, february, 26th, we are live on south bebeh, i'm
10:41 pm
>> belkys: how many newsrooms in the country have a red carpet? >> just us. seven news. among the few. >> craig: i will have to say, >> belkys: thanks, chris. >> craig: we will have sometng unique, still ahead, it is probably more money than they know what to do with, although the funding just try and get it. >> that is a big check. big. >> and part of that record setting power ball jack pot is now theirs. and we a going to introduce you to two, filthy rich, florida ans, and are they looking for
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
we are available. >> belkys: the odds were against them, but they bought the golden ticket and now they are rolling in money. finally, they cameorward today, collecting their big money. big big big big money. >> craig: big money is right. now they are boasting oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of
10:44 pm
the bank. >> please join me in welcoming david call smith and laruen, smith. >> after weeks of anticipation, we know who is taking home a third of the winnings from last month's record breaking power ball jack pot of $1.6 billion, 55-year-old, david, and 70-year-old, smith, broke their silence on wednesday, ting the lump sum payment of 127 million dollars. >> could you tell us what you are going to do with the money? >> no. the winning ticket was bought near the beach at a super market and it has become the talk of the town there for weeks. she says that she has beeee playing the same numbers for years. she bought this ticket the night before the january, 13th drawing, and went to bed. >> i went to go to work and it was like 6:00 a.m. and you no heyou know, we had a saturday drawing before and she had circles all of the winners on that one and when i woke up on wednesday there were no circles on it.
10:45 pm
ticket and everything matched up% and said that she is messing with me. >> it wasn't a joke. >> we didn't believe it, we just kept watching it. v and going on-line and rechecking and then they announced the public beach, and we said. this is a real deal. >> with news crews all over the ty, this veteran, 34-year-old, manufacturing engineering, who now plans to retire, and his wife, say they just acted normal. and stayed, quiet but it has been a tough month. >> a lost a lot of sleep. >> lost a lot of sleep. >> and i lost over ten pounds, and it is a lot of pacing at night. >> the couple will not say if they have any children, they do y this they plan to use the monthny to take care of family and don't think that the mey will change them. >> it is not going to change my day-to-day life, insteadad of designing airplanes, i am going to be doing charity and tax strategies and invevements. >> i am afraid that it is going to make me less friendly, because i will be worried. >> they plan to stay there for now and r rurn to that same
10:46 pm
theiei second home and even though they plan to help special people in their lives they know a couplee of things they want to splurge on. >> he wants to get a car. >> how about you? >> i don't know, i want to get a massage. >> with that kind of money, you can have whatever you want, lady. >> as for the other winning tickets the two of them, a tennessee couple came forward days after the drawing but the winner in california, so far has t. >> belkys: wow, all right. more good news, a major furniture store making a generous gift, the city furniture president,resenting their long time partner habitat for humanity of broward4 with a $2500 check, the donation comes as the company celebrates the new opening of a new ashley furniture home store, and as they roll out a new design look for their pine city furniture show room. >> and we are thankful to bee
10:47 pm
we can help them, and we are thankful that they are good people that do such a great job. >> not onlyy has the city furniture helped us with monetary donations but all of their associates come out and help to build houses. you know, that speaks, volumes for when a business, is committed to their community. >> the company, also plans to donate a portion of first month's sales at the two cations to habitat for humanity. i want to know, where to buy, that cute little baby. >> excuse me. adorable. >> craig: yeah, stay tuned,
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
>> belkys: the baby. >> time now for seven sports with mike dipasavale. >> reporter: hi, everybody, here is what we know with chris bosh, he will tno be traveling with the team for friday's game in atlanta, the team will not confirm it, he is back on blood thinners and this time in the left leg, a year ago he had a clot on his lung and missed the final 30 games of the season, he has started the medication again, with the hope of playing again this season. >> it sucks, you know, it sucks, you know, i mean, i have been there before. you know, but notot having it, you know, having it happen again, if that is the case. you know, we really don't know. >> we are going off of him and you know, we talked and he is
10:51 pm
feeling good a a he has a positive out look on things and so, that is all that we need to worry about. >> the former james, weighed in on the health status and the two are part of the two championshs from miami and four memorable years together. >> i texted him today and said that i am sorry and i hate that he has to go through this again, just a great guy, man. just a professiol and a great ga guy and something like thth to happen to him after he was cleared it just sucks, big time. >> to th task at hand on the core, miami heat on friday. and out for the hawks game and will serve a one game suspensn from the a. the heat with 29 games left and right now they are just fifth in the east, and two out of 8th spot and two games out of the third place spot and it is a long jam in the east. >> we feel great about these next 29 games.
10:52 pm
east is competitive and we are in as good of a situation, as anybody else. you know i have tald to them obviously, but the focus is with this group and like i said what we have ahead of us. >> reporter: theollege hoops tonight, and the canes hosting unranked virginia tech, and the guard is out with what the school is calling a medical condition. >> and check out the coach, gabbing in his chair and looking to pick up win number one, and stepped back and the three ball and miami is up win, and later, the canes are up, and reid dribbles off of his own leg, and the canes are down at the break. and a minute in the second half, with the steal and he is going three. play. and theanes are pulling away in this one, and angel rodriguez plays high and seek with the defense and the canes led by as
10:53 pm
late in the game and sunday we are your hope for the daytona race and by the way you must provide your own ear plugs, and so r, chase elliott, and the 20-year-old, driver is the youngest driver to ever have the poll for the 500. and now he takes over the 24-car and gordon and talk about the big shoes to fill and it starts with the great american race. >> how could you not have respect for what jeff has done and he has been a great mentor and a great friend to me. and he has welcomed mo'o he with open arms and he has been supportive over the pa, you know, few years that i met him and got to know him in a little bit and it has been an open book as far as questions and thihis to try to help me. >> mature young man there. d we have seen the crazy dunks but we are about to show you something that brought the house down, and make that the entire rim and glass back board. the university, flying team off of the tramp to make it look easy and the final dunk, and
10:54 pm
they don't make the glass, back boards like they used to. i if they had a big broom to clean up the mess, and led by four and had the night off and the cats, host the sharks tomorrow night in sunrise and
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
are back after this. sgr >> anchor: that is a wrap for us first here atten, chow chow i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens,
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
comes next right here. >> belkys: breaking news, we have been following this one all night long. we now know president obama is planning to visit cuba. as early as next month. hello and welcome i'm belkys nerey >> craig: and i'm craig stevens, seven news continues at eleven. >> this is seven news at elev. >> craig: breaking news at
11:00 pm
to make a historic trip to cuba, it looks like it is going to happen some time in mid to late march. good evening again, it has been nearly 90 years since a sitting u.s. president visited cuba. the nigig team's robin simmons is live in the satellite center with the late-breaking details on all of this. >> reporter: it is really worth noting that the cuba embargo is still in place and so we will not so it completely opened to tourists until congress opens the embargo, but it appearsrs that president obama is just weeks from being the first sitting president to visit cuba. >> december 17th, 2014, president obama announcing the renewal of relations. the goal reopening embassies, and just four months later he met with castro for the first time at the summit of the americas in panama, president


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