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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> danielle: o theop at 4:30, nearly a dozen pple arrest a loa food a police van and hde td during a crackdown. most of the arrests were for prostitution and drug dealing. >> lynn: it was all part of a major operation in theity of miami brandon beyer is live outside of the auditorium with the crackdown. >> reporter: one of the arrests is happening behind us.
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a closer look at the suspect. unclear what this person is being charged with at this time, but the miami police are loading her into the back of the van there, where they will finish processing her along withra others. as of a couple ago, t miamiole said thathey have ten arrests, and we have three or four since then. itlltartedn the mide thth night. 4:35 the miami police will continue this operation cleanup, they call it. into the evening hours as well. it's a huge swath. it's anrea from 8th street up to the36. and then e et west, it's fm ler to 17venue. miami. we went on a couple of rides with the police as they were canvassing today. they were looking for people intoxicated, drunk on the
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these arrests as they find them. >> we're focusing on all crimes, from drinking in public, prostitution, narcotics, to any complaints that the area might have. >> well, if it's sething that's going to help the city, it's very g anything that's for the before the city, i support that situation. >> reporter: okay, so youeard there from a resident that lives in this area. off of flagler in miami. and who says, hey f. the police are out making the streets safer, that's something. the police said that they listened to theomplaints of the residents and that's why they have targeted this operation cleanup. >> lynn: trouble on a south florida street. a pedestrian shooting a driver in the arm outside of a cvs. sky force over the scene on 147th avenue in northwest
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that man driving himself home and now the police are searching for t(e shooter. >> danielle: the south florida teenager accused of being a fake doctor is accused of stealing thousandn of dollars fro an 86-year-old patient. chi robinso w arreste h performed a physical on a undercover agent. and last yeaea he was accused of posing as aoctor. >>alhi, theyouhave practicing medicine witht and you examined a patient today. >> y wouoll hear from my lawye >> repter: the teenager is accused of practicing without a cense and grand theft. >> danielle: a federal judge ordering apple to unlock the phone of the san bernardino mass shooter, but the company said that it's password protected. it's controversialle ntroversia
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th government and theri pvacy rights of citizens. >> reporter: apple and the fbi. the feds taking the tech giant to is court to make the company unlock an i-phone. >> i think that it's scary and invasive. >> if it's that bigger a threat and you have nothing to hide, why not? >> reporter: the case over the fallout from the san bernardino shootings. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people in the deadliest terror attack u.s. soil since 9/11 and now the fbi wants apple to unlock his i-phone, but they said thathey can't without compromising every i-phone. tim cook said that it's equivalent of a master key to open hundreds of millions of locks, and no reasonable person would find that acceptable. >> we're not asking apple to redesign its products or create
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this is a much more specific request. >> reporter: news of the decision sparking protests at the apple store in san francisco. the company said once it comes upith the technology, it could easily fall into the wrong hands, puttingearly 900 milllln appleho-pnes at ri. apple promising an appeal while many are wondering if it's worth it. >> we have to giv up some basic freedoms for the sake of everybody. >> i think that the government already looks into people's phones, and i just thinkhat no body wants to have their privacy innovated. >> ape now has less than a week to cooperate with the fbi or prove that this is too big of a burden. >> daniee: now cross-country, buildingser burned in oklahoma. take look. firefightersattlin ag bzela
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complex in oah city. thick smo gutng the building, and the crews sayha tt a complex was gutted by fire hours before. it's understanding investigation. >> lynn: in st. louis, a blaze caused an plosion, and residents noticed heavy fire and thick smoke before hearing a loud noise. a gas main had may have been the cause here, and nobody was insi adet the time. >>anielle: a rough rescue in minnesota, where two dogs were saved from a fire. the home going up inn flames wi the dogs still inside. they wering both pulled to safety. dan one of them wasnc uonscious. after receiving oxygen he came around and both pups were taken
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>> lynn: also on 7, a tough lesson learned for a colorado couple when one of their dogs was blamed for a kitchen fire. the pets home alone, and one of them got too curious in the kitchen. >> danielle: and that sparked the fire. christine cruz has the story. >> i walked over there, and it was just shock. >> reporter: he got a call from his landlord, saying thais home was on fire. and no one was there except for the four dogs. >> we had just shot orve trehe and an up there, and it was on fire. so we kept y yling at them to let the dogs out if the dogs are in is there. >> danielle: fire oiciaffdai that it wne that turned on the bne trying to get to a pizza box that was left on the stove. it's something is that pacheco said that he does all the time and so do other homeowners. >> we see fires all the time
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have not been placed on that area. keep them three feet away from the stovetop area. >> what we did, thatasor out of hitab. >> two ofil ty pets were killed in the fire, and two otereed.ofciayhat a l26n dama the couple how the community has come together to le a helping hand. i'm crist crist, 7 news. >> lynn: well, a bald eagle is free as a bird after being stuck in a tree. residents of seattle calling for help after spotting the bird hanging upside down. arriving with a long ladder and a set of trimmers to reach the trapped eagle. they were able to cut the feisty bird free. >> he has been up therfor a long time. and so i'm pretty surehat he was ver fed, pbabl in a lot of pain, i'm sure. he was relatively calm, but once i got him up, he statted perking
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face-off. >> that's a good sign, i i guess. not for that guy. the eagle will remain in rehab, he's not going anywhere, but based on its recovery, it will be either released back into the wild or stay in captivity. man, those beaks are huge. >> he was so calm when he said he just tried to bite my face-off. no big deal. >> lynn: he's a "birdman." >> danielle: coming up from the news station, a firefiger from jamaica getting on the rod to healing. >> lynn: plugs, a new yorker loses his wallet and is surprised to get it back. but it's the personal message that came with it that's getting all of attention. >> danielle: roll out the red caet, b-teim movietan i south talking news
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a >> phil: a lot of us. to know. it's the second most active day outside off the tropical season.
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twistets on march he 27th. >> phil: so this is a great story. a norker lost his wallet at a concert. and the wallet was found and returned with almost everything inside. >> lynn: with it ceam a brutally honest letterm t per w fodun it. asea jnne moo r, it has y nk cy lang. >>epr: h to a concert in brooklyn, and when ryan flaherty got home, he realized, uh-oh, i lost my wallet. moment. >> reporter: but the crazy part happened two weeks >> this crazy letter h sadhows upstrsai, iound y walle here a the cdi car
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newshe badews. >>i kept the cash because i needed weed. >> the metrocard because it's 2:75, and the wallet cover because it's cool. >> reporter: it's a had handmade letter wallet. he post today on social immediate ja, writing thanks, i think. the next thing you know, it's on the front page of the paper, and enjoy the rest 6 your day, toodles, anonymous. >> reporter: what kind of american talks like a teeeeger? >> toodles. >> the ironic thing, we could have been good friends. same safety in music, wallets. >> reporter: it's sh a new york thing. a little selfish, a little selfless. >> anonymous' honesty is actually kind of clamoring. >> weot this pot smoking modern day robin hood o there.
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scrolled letr wteh a crlie brown stamp. maybe that's a cool, maybe charlie brown did it. >> reporter: jeanne moos,nn, new york. >> lynn: they went through a lot of effort and time to write that out. >> danielle: his honesty was interesting. >> lynn: beyonce', ahead of the south floridaenter star's stop.
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desert goers. >> lynn: red carpet ready, and he has been red carpet ready all the time, and so is 7 news. >> danielle: chris van fleet is always red carpet ready. >> reporter: woling out theed r capital for thetars of eddie the eagle. spenngdi time with fans and
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he just had couranddete@nation, a he wouldn' tny sp him.y ouy, neay amuch as govplero aut ede e 88gast all odds. huysgh trainer getting him to be his best. >> i'm not really a kind method person or anything, and i don't kind of stay in character, but i knew i wanted to look as muc like him and get io the spirit of him. >> reporter: it was an uphill had hill. they had nevev had a ski jumper and they forced him to pay for himself. >> have you ever had a time in your career wn people tell you, you can't do that? and sometimes ey were right andometimes not. but at the end of t day,
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het, determination, ando matter country you from, you were rooting for eddie. >> where are you going? >> the olympics. >> i think you might need this. >> reporter: i think it's a reminder to everyone, go for your dreams, noatter what anyone says. news. >> danielle: i love that. >> eddie the eagle hits theaters on friday, february 26th. >> lynn: look at this, in australia, a trainer is teaching dogs to chase waves instead of cats. hanging tail with his dogs, this is happening in sydney, but what looks like a fun game for the dogs is actually his way of training them. he said that the technique teaches discipline, and now he wants pet owners to get onboard. look at that, he's onoysysack. >> he's looking for birds now, and he's looking around, and
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not move. so whene'refing with the do,gs they're allow toook around but not dot to to do. an australiansphierer. he goeonimal shelters h theogs thisef bore ti. he needs t ce to th dog ann med >> danielle: watch new7ight good afternoon, everye. aeild y da south flor de afrn h,ig a 78righow,ooki lt ahed t ou et-noheast, er han t pst ormtraer showing erythveg thesohoitw remaint aletas
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some ri arodhe beach. din the y torrow. clrkies shendesoft e lkil. buig in, ll bre heez acrlemoarki s tonig a to. hovewer, te, woet gghoanghet the beachouldrodrohouty sunday mi tldperatus sre. an the fnt. thatm w this u the start of next week. bring wit it, sweho, an by week, we could heav cooler temperaretu coming back oulo fda. threaturnt s craftdv0 knot winds
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vi no20 w.-9ee andstalaterser turugroh.nextigh tide,:2 dan 6:53 lower keys, the waterur7 . tonight partlyloudy skies. wer0sd wt thertt. and youhis? breezy, eecsplly at. an t byorroomearki.loy frida erag we' ingooe bboooel ow that. >> here'e eenxtd k.oo stlil oatury. mi on sday. monday wtartp a ttit b bteethancefsher thatth o fntes through,y thursday, the mpteeratesl back down near seasonal values. that's the 7-on-n- forecast. >> belkeys: hey, everybody i'm belkeys nerey. two hours of new strait ahead anhe's theineup.
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he travel to cuba. reactiroonsoutheamn til. dond talmp a of words with popenisra fi out sparked t verbal atta and hospitalked a major cyber attack.
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straight ahe o7n news a 00. >> lynn: that is 7 news at
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ank you sehom for watchingment i lynn martin. danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 00 starts right now. >> now o7n ns. >> n fm the newsplex, her apr i historic aninge shape.>> president obama is going to cuba nightoretion priou in. we have live amte 7 trulashing wi pope the pe isoldhat ld tru is not arson. >>elys: the pontiff estiredel hopefus fah. a a attorney d o ving sexith onef ntnow she is back in court and talking about the allegations. a hl hacked and unable to get ahold of pieatnt made. >> and a rpeapr going on a the word on kawest's on saturday .
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a c goingn the waw tempt detail coming up. craig stevens. >>ke:ys i'm belkeys nerey. >> this is a 5:00. now at 005: a mannouncement rding u.s. cuba relation. will head to slan na. >> in 50 nothing has really happened. so mbe it's time tore anchge . south fdalo is this preside i pla ing castro'd. ant we relatiship o rip ra 7 com ge of tsit >> ra: andrentsi t mt cand t fime t early>>nd a have 7 ssjeica holly gri local e' gllet t he hre pside
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president obama mahiicpo cubarn hinilleet with raul castro and they say he will speak to those who want change the islan >> it is historic. for the first time in cades a, aitting u.s. president will st foot in fiew cuba. present o oba na tweeting next month i willravel to cuba that canannr improve theiv thwi the cuban pple. nc de withthe ban governmenthat i will isca will forum han ritesaround wor. wl firslady michelle o ball ma march 21 for a two davis it. last time if happened is when preaz cool laj and his wife took a battleship to ha in 1928. e openingaub hieftz ban cuopleth s ath ie ce o e itil


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