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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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president obama mahiicpo cubarn hinilleet with raul castro and they say he will speak to those who want change the islan >> it is historic. for the first time in cades a, aitting u.s. president will st foot in fiew cuba. present o oba na tweeting next month i willravel to cuba that canannr improve theiv thwi the cuban pple. nc de withthe ban governmenthat i will isca will forum han ritesaround wor. wl firslady michelle o ball ma march 21 for a two davis it. last time if happened is when preaz cool laj and his wife took a battleship to ha in 1928. e openingaub hieftz ban cuopleth s ath ie ce o e itil
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s bn abli toesid shis day in bk i20hen the u.s. gerenped. th last the reochtd the em t snran also op it's crsoo eaiethr wba administrati gave approval tore a u.s. to manufacture tractor on t land. south ora politicns are slamminghe president's planned visit. >> there is no justification for esident obama to make a visit to ca before any real and s sta ti democraticeforms arere made by the castro regime and no such reform have happened. >> this is a president who ca help himself. he cannot hellf or bong to thna n mm andhe ia mftz itedtated enemies of u. interest. e rolli r wlehi present obam isa on the isnd.
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the vit ie wi attend e wk thntes sign a deal on air tra airlines toly commercial roots 20 too two is. ur tousmrisll bar.nd it ummo ton that b >> lin t nplex. aliptone t>>ident' hcis here ckho inilmoit nd wenewhe presiddha blking t n t a da andiring upionut histhe hasee at c mithe aisit td mtowful repte a fing replacehehetrogime denyi
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opinionss stronas the coffee. hisus p praying into stcaro's hands. >> we have to beo other things. >> reporter: not just the tale ofwo sides. some withholding judgment to see wh president obama pla to do d who he pla to meet when hearrives i caub on march 21. >> this if is for capitalism to the cuban ra geernlings i oppose it. it if this is to open up cuba to e cuban people, i support it. >> reporter: opinions so takiff at ami teinrnational airport. 's kind of a mixed emotions. >> >> reporter: a lot to take in. also this week the u.s. and cuba signed an agreement to resume commercial flights this fall. >> i think in 50 years nothing has really happened so maybe it's time for a change. >> the past year, a year of change between the two countes busome maintain it h accomplish notng. e annocement of norma lying ties between the siewts united states and cuba haead to i no
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freedoms ithe iansld. >> those against this visit say it will send a dangerous message. we're going to have more on thoo p coming up on 7 news at 6:00. for now we're live in little havana. jessica homily. 7 news. >> craig: and several of the republicans running for with this. >> belkeys: lynn martinez in the plex with some of their lynn. >> lynn: and the reaction was quick and as expected critical to the president's plan. surprised. time. i think it is a mtake t- i think there psident suld be pushgin for to free cuba. >>t ire baks mhay mplet just ke we legi taiezed wh iran by negotiating a nuclear reement of we're doing the same with cuba. my hope is cuba will be be free one day and that's when the the president should be going. a year and two months after opening the cue watch the cuban
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press if as ever but now they have access to billions of do whra of resources that they didn't he access toefore thng. >> craig: all right. as lynn was telling us, senator rubio wrote a letter urging the president to recrcht we'll keep an eyeing on that if that ever happens. 6:00. we'll take you live to what snran for reaction to word of this historic trip. keep it here. also tonight donald trump firing back at pope francis for. >> a religious threerd question a purgeperson's fths i >> after the pontiff. >> iee s tsan m is notchristn. >> a putthn i focus.>> a boird btle far yon ndail. >>nd peop francis tak issue with donald tmpru's plee to build alal 20 u.s. and liz nagy here in the the
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>> rorter: andon dald ump had his faith questioned beforeyoters andhealomio nn. ihesing on the deendifer aiagn on t s t agast the wld f relious leader. >> in this round it'ormer reality star versus the people's pope >> iotalli'wain the said . trum t popestemenat with you. tope? he pope say? i keli the pop e. was it go or bad? >> if it's good like the pope. >> ift's bad i d't like po. >> reporter:di hom fm ur of thepontiff offed a f words on td platon bld ll0 u.s. a neighbor. >> a person who thinks only walls,here theyay loced builngri iot a richstian ooflthi ts notgospel. >> i a chrtianis and proud it. er one to take an insult
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>> for a religious threerd question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> i'm proud to be a christian and presint i will not allow christianity tbeo assistanyked and weakened unling nowwith our current president. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in south carolina,ellow republanic conteer epped in. >> i don'tue qstionny one's chst th's a rations h yr cre and itenables badehavrhen someonfrom oside of our countrme op. >> as far a building a immigrants and terrorist coming across the boarder noto t menti tru dgs thoard. >> rily poispu oof his thoughtsn tmp's ftht offering advise to american voters. >>s a you said woi
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i am not going t get invvedt. i say this man is not a christian if he says things like that. >> and they called the poam a pawfnt the mexican government. live in the plex. z nagy. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay liz. pope francis also addressing the zika out break as it pertains to women who live in countries where this virus is rampant >> avoing pregnancy is not enou to assertvil. and in this case d t one i fd bless a ed paul the it was cle. i would you you urge doctors to do their up most to find evacuate diseens for moss key coaz who carry the disease. >> this needs to be worked on. >> the pontiff a- a avoiding the iewfs contraception to avoid geg pregnant hower,ve the reiterating a biet option. home,ew cas o
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urfo cases diagnosedrd the total statene wide stands agents 24. eight counties remain under a health emergency. l of the cases were contracted overseas. here some of the s t zika. rash, feef vemplet joint pain and red-eyes. currently there is no vaccine. thste ate has set up a hot line that is staffed 24 hours a day to answer questions of cerchlz you can cl 855, 622, 675. we also have that number post ond craig: now at 50,:0 ft flhtig homestead midedl scoosm police calledo redlandsmiddle. souteshwt 248th street and 162 avenue after a fight involving two students broke out. one had to be rlaiifted to niolas chiren's hospital no rd on that student's condition or the nature of the injuries. >> >> belkeys: alsls here on 7, an
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back in court wh at client she was allegedly caught having sex with. 7's vanessa medina na is live outside thero bwa crdountthouse with more on ts. reporter:ell, a bsodeteion she s an inme is hhaving aon cga gisit.however thatg e whole thing is aon cspiracy and heclntie's safety is at ris hal david and herran gphien spk faoacast o weeks the two spo b velatcounty a vid me and td the pho. t chaiunis the two re forced intertac that way a deputy says she caught them having sex in interview room.m. deputy john pierre says i
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vid who was bt it wh rais to her istwarea.>> those are flassments iso evidence o th so ever. >> ma cial telling jones th tew rule at the eot conducive to tjue sthooght down. i>> tnkhi thast' a rnbleaccommodation. en ma mhali askinhe jge g him o on bon he is currently facing twother te t mr charges in broward in dade. it will be ulwode an abuse of myissphrek tput him outso the motion to bond i ed >> misha davis cims r getting h client because heecamen confidentia rmtanuffingai deputies
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is why she was fired fro jobro bward cncil anotr incen gra. l>>to yr dmiss .>> i'm gng to discuss that. my focus is bl gran saturday. his safety thiis a man whos i 100% innocent and the state and bsare ptopping anothgo t er him. >> don't you tnk you should recu yourself at this point? absoluly not. that's exactly what theyou wld want. >> s the flodariar b is atin however, mishali david tel 7 ne she het to h ksisri deat has y yet >> reporting live in fort laudng vanessa medina. seven news. >> cig: now tohat video justn iom px. pter ming a spl. 7'nielle knox inhe t e er with the behind thvment danielle. >>rett incree to see that th drohaing i hai
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d and take a loofnght the chopr pemay haveeen congmi in r a landin when somhing nt wrong. r ddenly plungingwn into the water. it happened at a popular touristdestination in o a h earlr iereports say five people woren oard. all five were rescued and brout tohore. as injuries, was rushed to the hospit critonti more as wge it. >>n e satellite c i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: all right danielle, thanks. >> belkeys: lu lots more coming up on 7 news. a visit cal causing concern a a a south florida sin na goal. w a wan coming forward to exn wh she was there. iaolice htiitng the str and crack onng several cresim. el>>ys a supar hithe t in south flori but tonht poce uonoycott an saimpmpt the beyon. thasonig and several kids gettingk at ho. thconcfrpu >> belkeys: and a hospital
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instead of waiting for the feds to dea wit hk attack. >>
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>> >>el a hospitalcoming thege oac hk he tirom might network held hostage. >> craig: theyinally got backckp a an runningfter panganso r daniel klenox in tle px wi nor on this crime. danielle. >>anielle: 9nd the hospital decide tyhe w payp fofighting b b hool hollywood presbyterian medical center in los angesel california fell victim to a new wayber crime it'sledea and inlve the hacr
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>>nd peopl g idnthey recei a spoofs e-ma had d ich cause theto open u` and drop dowrop per. itouromtepu stontacts me to t interneto t a come mand and s srts process. >> dielle: the trole hollywood presbyterian was first ct on fruebar25y th but 10 ds aylate tyhe say a werbackmal. eventually the system shu h ospital g rmso notehe attacker leave a calling card that explain to the victim that theata h been in crypted if they wish g it back they will have to make a payment to get the in description key sent to them. thhackcks demanded 40,000 coin ads up to $17,000. and the hospital paid up and they notified the fbi.
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information back. this i a ranm. vik eorxton. can pay is better than walkedway fromhe locke data. >> and wehould say here so far investigators say no sign that patient data was at all corompmised. live in the plex i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> c cig: okay danielle. >> belkeys: still head from the newsplex. a south florida company seching the weab w- wb and finding graphic evidence wheit come to sickening against 's a special assignment report. high-tech hunt >> craig: and a firefighter long road to recovery ahead of of him and he made a long tm trip to south florida to get what he nee. elke: and the rant you didn't hear. kanye west soundg o off before hisat lest gig.
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>> craig: everything looked great on cram but raprs rant is now coming to liecht kanye west hadad a major meltownac spha. >> belkeys: kanye had a melt down? >> craig: imagine that. >> belkeys stop. it that nev hapnoes it shirn saoval. >> reptet: of urcose not. can ra n shy when it comes to hieeli. goes on twitter rants and his miew moo sick and now he may have gone too far after an epic melt down before alive tv appearance.
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the greatest pepe perfoers of all time. >> deliver us peace. >> reporter: but flow some are calling kanye with west emotionally unstable after he had an ecpi melt down befe hi scheduled performancen o saturday nht life. >> oncega, kanye with west. t happened minutes before ma list mccarthy who was hosting took the stage. >> kanye losing it when production staff ha stage he w performn. o snlla se nal iss.ueinuo lk at thatxp t ty m expletive sta ogenl withow nhattars laklenybe me set.i'm not goinghi for
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cti hnued s i lufollow e they exptivebro by 50% oppose sal paul. pissleve a escar. 50% more you influenti talhan any other human bng.ei >> although kan walk off the the show. producer were able to cam him and he performed as seduled. >> a source close to nykae saying of course he was upset. they tookis stage artpa monts brnt lf telesion. he is a perfectioni and he wanted it right. live in the plex. shireesan di esovaluate. 7 ns eye now time for 7 weather with chief meteorologi. >> pl:llight g. ternoon every one. it was aic ne de acss south florida. high pressure will stick arod an bring mild weather. look at that clear seski all
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allyre not expecting changes th ere. drnow. next week with we could see showers moching in a across south florida. espeally by tuesdaynd a wednesday. but nothing really out of the nomplet over night lows so turning a little warmer. we are going see them sk rket here towardshe 70 degrees for your low on tuesday. what is typical is about 63 degrees. here are the temperatures right now. mostly clear aoss the panhandle. a temperature of 65 in pensacola. as we move to the east 71 in tallahassee. still in the 50s herecross jacksonvil, gainesville a little warmer with 65. central florida has been just beautilfu tod. tampa 73. 69 in orlando. south florid m mtly sunny except forhe t ere cme here. 'veeelouds movi in temperature in the 70's. key west anoer ge r foday in
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72 m a thoe with wind t ofnortast 14 miles per hour. so here's the marine forecast for tonight. threat of rip crents at the beh. smalraft advory. sb cane b choppy. orrohouthe floda keys, so 20 knot winds. seaseyd threbuilding thre a coastal wate turng rough.igh miami, 5:29.24 in rt lderde. largo lookin 5 t. lyudy tonight. turnzy. eright ne in s. byorrow to see sulin ses looking. aut 76, 77 butbreezy here'sourxtd too waer. lile bte c owers thr and th noer fnt mes br cps temrapetusre down st a little bit.ou7 on. 7
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>>7s newt watching. svens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nereyey o. keep it right here.7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> tss 7 i ns at 5:00. >> dielle: n aowt 5:30, doze of op caughtnd ffed. ending strg msage asouth ora
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utsoflidaer. ynn:s tre t rackdown. 7'srandon buyer iliven i our brdo >> >>epor wl,te lynn, poli av he busy tonhestres oet miami. they said theyto run operation clean up d clean up part of the seetsyave ests iol ftreetsaf ser rticar in trehey focus nea up. concerated on thisre caee w aisn sue ndicstutionhat s a ccerns. a 732 >> o gathered rl ca at the mmi county l's mak surer rie vilagint pin attention and bac ehthererp. >> a hhe and f pstitesro and drug


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