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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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pl welnd so you have veryone. highlights a 1. that's sports. ck to craig a belkeys. >> belkeys: thanks mike. >> craig: thiss ns at 6:00. hope join us again at 10:00. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. stick around. 7 news at 6:30 is coming up. see you at 10:00. caio caio.
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>> this is 7 news at six 2k34r07b. >> now at 6:30, a major relation. president obama stheegd havana. >> in 50 years nothing has really happened so maybe it's time for a change. south florida divide ood this president is just flying castro's hands. >> and presidential hopefuls weigh in. >> i want the relationship between cuba and the u.s. to change but it has to be resip ra call. >> and team 7 coverage heafdz >> lynn: good evening every
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history will beade in havana when president obama visit ts island nation. >> danielle: and we haven't seen a trip like this in am a century. alex diprato in the plex with the details. alex. >> reporter: danielle, the the last visititg president to visit cuba took a train to key west and then a beat ship to cuba. when president obama boards airforce one to fly to cuba, he will meet with ras ctro and the white house says they will speak withdy dissidents who want change on the island. >> it is historic for the first time in decades, a sitting u.s. president will step foot in cuba. president obama tweetingext month i'll travel to cuba to advance ourro pgress and efforts that can in prove the lieftz cuban people. ce we still have differences with the cuban government that i will raiseseirectly. america will always stand f human rites around the world. the prident will travel with first lady michelle obama to the island mash 21 for a two day visit.
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when president cool aj and his wife took ah a battleship to havana i1928. >> the opening to cuba hold out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people. >> this is really at core of our policy. >> the president plans to meet with dissidents during hi visit. relationships were improved between the two count treatment short term groups of protesters has turned from hundred to a thousand monthly. >> and today america is changing it's relationship with the people o o cuba. >> reporter: the president set this day in motion back in 2014 w4-9 u.s. government reopened ties with cuba. then last year the cuban embassy in washington reopened. the embas in havana also opened it's doors. earlier this weekhe obama administraonti gave approve sphral for a u.s. companyo manufaure tractors the island. south florid politicians are ng thereside planned visit. there is no just ta fa
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obama make a visito t cuba before any real and sub sta tiff demoaticefcrorm are me by the castro regime and no such reform have happened. >> reporter: the rolling ones are dispoangtd include their latin america tour while president obama is on the island. and tampa bay will play the team during the visit. however it is unclear if he will attend the game. >> reporter: last weect two countries signed a dealn air travel allowing u.s. airlines to fly commercial roots 22 count treatment however tourism is still banned. it will be up to congress to lift the embargo. live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> lynn: all eflt, thank you. president obama' plans for historic visit to cuba generating many concerns here in the u.s. assembly resistance, a group fighting replace the castro regime denouncing the president's plan to the island
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positive step tore ward. >> if this is only for capitalism to do business with the capastro regime, i oppose it. if this is to open up cuba to the cuban people, i support it. >> this president is planooght castro's hands. >> lynn: and newssf the historic visit drawing quick reaction from republican a on the exainl trail as expect oochtd the can a dates are critical of the president's plans. >> seand to hear that but i i wasn't surprised that this was for shadowed or a long time i i think it's a real miss taifnght i think the president ought t t instead be pushing for f aree cuba. >> it breqk my heart just as we legit ta miez the regime in iran by negotiate age nuclear agreement of we're doing the same by diplomatic relation ch we got nothing in return and my hopepes cuba will be free one day and that's when the president should be going there. a year and two months after the opening to cue baflt the cuban government remains as o press sif as never but now they have
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billions of dollars in resource that's they didn't have access to before is onipeng. >> lynn: senator marco rubio also sent a public letter to president obama urging him to reconsider theherip. >> danielle: and 7 news will be inub ca for the presintde's vissnts we'llave live could of from the island nation that again is mth. lynn: also on 7, republican front runner donald trump locked in a boarder battle with the pope. >> pope fncrais takg trum to task o his har line stance on immigration. >> daniee: and the donald not wasting any time firing back. >> liz nagy in the satellite center withhe t story. liz. >> danielle: snoo donald trump has had his faith questioned before by votser andomomrs r thomeinationnd h a is one agn tshi teim up against the world's most famous religious leader. in this round it's former reality starersus theple's
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>> i just got a call. as i'm wkialng up here. they said mr. trup, the pope made a statement about you. said the pope? >> what did the pope say? >> i like the pope. w>>as it good or bad. ift' is good, i like the pope. if it's bad i don't like the pope. >> no, it's true. >> reporter: heading home from a six day tour of mexico corks the pontiff offered a few words on trump's taughted plan to build a wall between the u.s. and southerneighbor. >> a perern who thinks only about building walls wherever they maybe located and not buildingridges is not a christian. this is not in the gospel. >> i am christiannd proud of it. never ontoe take an insult without a quick rebullet. >> for a religious threerd question a person's faith is disgceraful. i'm proud to be a christian. and as president will not allow christianity to be consistentlyttd and weakenednlike what is hpen nowg wit our current.
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trinthl carolina fellow pureblic cte jeb bush d't question any ri. th rnsatp yave th your cator and only enables bad behioavr enwhfrom o o country tru oop and on c>> april the is n nion onarth that ise coasmpsionatat we r. we ceac a million people every year legally. no other country does that mico doesn'o that. y offered his thghtsoun trump'space but short on offergin adve amecanot as you sd wldou i adve to te vote? m t going t getol in. sayay this man is not astian.n. ife has saidhings like that. >> repteorr:d p called pope francis a pawfn the in the satellite center.
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7 ne. >> danlle: now to a helicoer crash tha was caut a in haiawieave being one peonrs in c co five people on board thvment private chopr there making a splash lding near pearl harbor this morning. witnesses jumping in and pulling the passengers to shore. the the victims taken to nearby hospitals. the uscae othqt cra is being investigat.ed >> ln:yn coming up tonight on 7 news 5:69:30, an a any accused of in a pro bre et relationships way client. th woman here is the one a dudes night shes answeri to those allegations. >> danielle: and rest cets in one south florida neighborhood resting easier night after one crime crack town. >> lynn: and a fighter putting his skills to good hughes when he seize a crime go down ate drug store. 7 news coming right back.
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>> dane:n a attory neaccused ofehavior back court with a clit enshe was dl with. theouth frida attorney askg to let them out of il oond wiehrhe tri. >> ln: 7's vansaes medina in fort lauderdale with this story. >>eporter: mishali david with herlienting spacto face. fo t the past two wksee sthey have only spoken behind a glass. then on the phone. cenlt hold the phononanlike over because he a chain on his waichts the tw were forced to interact thatay w aft the depu says e caught them having sex in a ierview rm. deputy t jnea prriee ssay i observed gra da and mishali with area. >> those allegations are false no.
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whatsoever. mishali david telling the judge that the knew room are not condive to trial prep. >> however the judge shooting that down. >> and i think that's a reason bea come investigation a. and then ma call shallly aed the judge to reas bond. and he isurrentacintwo other attempted murder charges in broward and in dade. >> you will be an abuse of my disstriks to let mr. gna out on b. so theot mion ttd ideed. mishi daviso rginlier becseau h me condentfilinformantep dutie brginginanms t w sextory wasfaathe i not sangs wh s ias w fedt a the pre bwarord ver n cilhi sem fmronotherdeent cavment what
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council. to discuss. that mr. i dhi setafy tments i 100% innocent andhe sta ao are stopping at nothing to go aerftim h. >>on't you you suld recues yourself aabluly nth i ectlyhat w they would ar is aornghali a oteenet s derdvassa naanllieinghe streets of miamio t today officers making mor thana se any res.tsndtionti. operation cleanp and targeting t area ad west 57th avenue. the area for crinal activitynd tyhe want to chgeanat. > >>e w ccentted on thisrea beca an with
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far ey have made 15 reases d will continue the operation thughout the nig. >> student feeling sick at school in miami tod. paramedic responding to maya elementary alongorthwest 32 reet and9th avenueg ur boyto tot. as genine to 11 tated andin no w o what made themick. >> cing up nsew station, a would beobber getting quite the surprise when the tables are ourred on him. >> phil: all right. mostly clear skies across the southeast. just a few row level cloud over our area. what can we expect tonight in the entire out look in a couple minutes snie. >> lynn: all right phil and night on the drive. she's a star on the court and in the cij. venus williams htiitng soflo to strike aos pt to show off her laters interior design to deco. that's a lovely couch.
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>> lynn: aan m turning the tables on a would broe bber. the man climbing over the uncoter at a wgreensnd reatening ploy eechtz one was his girlfriend s didha wt he esdo besms the fighter going on tack. the fighter pinning dnow crook unl police arrivedo re him. thre go. e thook wasding drugs. gess have gu n, 7itiechfmeorolistog ferro.
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e lk he sho quite here acssro soutorida.temperaturesight now througco spot jasonville. egre. ing pretty goo on- our area 72 fortndia m.71 iken est. as far as the nice, dry, j wrvmt and not just here butroughout the rest of the pen lachi think t nextest ceanf rn wi bellhe the rly part of a a approaches. we're going to warm up a ltl bit. see some rainfall and thenaybe hursdaus jt a little bit of a co dolown. it is clear everywhere. ok at the the gfx the soheast. bastere the fo oome low levcuse eevie in croos oward and the tueonight and that wl moveayuring the over night hours. high pressure building across the area. a ienigh tig. iitwille breezy. toght and o toin get vy
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>> some rgh bittins and ofhe beach conditions will be terrible as wh ththe reat of rip currents. so it will beking nice on saturd. there's that next front that we'll be watching. shouvingn bthe early partf nexteek. re of rip currentst aeach. small craftisory. biscay bneay choppy. for you in the florid key a an adsevir rimpt the winds will be picking up.coastal waters tningme 6:12 will t next high tide. 6:53 for the lower keys. water temperature at 72. tonight partly cloudy. over night lows in the l to midz 50e678s tomorro mosy sunn highs in the mid 70s. here'sour extended out look. breezy. some more clouds. it's going to be a ltle bit o wet side. warm, and then here comes that cool down. that y'sour 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> >> time now f 7or spos with mike dipasquale. >> your first fcelorida panthe continue the six game home sta tonight against the san jose shancth cats are usinrookfrom minor like gain shaw fill theid f plaird right now. the veteran injured player. he played the role of 36 game with the panther and the first two months of the season logan was bouncininback and forth from portland main to south florida. and i chose t/ have confidence in us and which is huge. it shows that they have respect for us to bring us in here and pl us all as much as we've been playing t it means a lot
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obviously i have the work e put in down there and cue goz to the accohing staff and every onene down i foreign as well. down the it's a good feeling. >> panerth highligs at 10:00. with the starl break over y'roue mii heat get back it at it in atlanta tomorrow night. and e onmore practice before facing t hawks. with chris bosh out. wade is the heat lding sarco withth close to 19 points a game. he sat out parts today's practice. >> i'm going too situt o a lot of practi. th'sat the a advtage i hef beinheg re 13 yeanow, k jt goihrghpracce tod behind m kn got a ltle me precautio d and hefully be back tomorrow. time fan traded on tuesday to memphis.went thrhrghis first practice today. the bird man did not play much r the heat this season b he
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ampiipun.>> mnial reactasnoo be titratr u for sog shlied ate rhaeam onouheiar oh.inchs lalaod t in ngpaab ontry y in 19 thebreapanspe on inhe t d arr.on.hoop miami-deda wins. thirdtrght tit the ird and inhe ciewl rac we'll ha 4 re rht here on channel 7. lynn and danielle back in a nute.
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>> >> >> danielle: edition
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>> lynn: here is debra nor develop with a preview. >> thank lynn and danielle. coming up. think your neighbors are bad? wa 'l you meet the worse neighbors image inable. dogs screeing a gun an the bikertha kidnped the rongan m. toit into e 5:07 on 7. >> lynn: thankforatching. i'm lynn mtinez. >>aniell and i'm dielle kn. lipl see ut 7:30 for drind i'l you:0wi0 t res the gang. make it areat night everybody.od night. al-time clos caponing proved by u.s. ctioning company.
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>> the worst neors in erica? >> speeding cars. wild dogs. fighng. gunshots day and night. ime being family ling xt these people. nye st meltdown. >> don't [ bleep ] wi meme don't [ bleep ] with me! don't [ blp ee] with ! >> horribldey lusional > d ana al last gasp.


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