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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. president obama making a major announcement. historic visitcuba. the reaction is split here in south florida. we have live night team verage. aoman steals aal wlet from inside this office building and then goes on a shopping spree. but it's what happened right before that that is also cause for concern.
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robbing a student and that's not all. night how an ale crtlerk tries to stop him in his track. woman caused ccern at south florida synagogue is coming forward. >> i'm here to say love p pce. >> case closetonight. plus donald trump takes aim some one new tonight. pope francis. and a dratic drop from the sky. helicopter going dow in hawaii. i'm craig. >> i'm belkys. the news at 10 starts now now at 10:00. the commander iief is heo havana and tr getting mixed reactiontrip is getting mixed reactitis. >> this president is just playing into the castro hands. >> maybe it's time for a change m>>aybe it's time for a change. >>reporter: hisc chae paving the way for an historic visit. hello again everyone. president obama wi behe
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u.s. history to visit cuba. >> some thihit's premature and sends wrong message. dani is gauging reaction in south florida but we begin with the president announcement and alex has more from that at the satellitcenter. >>reporter: it is historic when presintde obama aivrred in cuba next mont. he will meet with raul castro and white hoe ss he willso speakit those who want change on the island. president coolidge last sitting president to visit havana in 1928 took a battle ship from key west toav hana but wn the esident and first lady a island march 21 it's on air force one. president made a brief statement on the trip during a meeting at the white house on thursday. >> it will be fun when weo. >>reporter: he ofcially announced the trip tweeting next month i'll travel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts th can improve the
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sllti have diffenceer whit the cuban government tt ll raise directly. amwiic asayndman arorod unthe world. >> the openingo tcuba out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people. this is really at the core ofour policy. >>reporter: the visit is a major step in normalizing relations. >> today the united states of americis changing its relationship with the people of cuba. >>reporter: annncouememt ces 14 months afrte whingnto red wit h a vad moner hisric hand afterth american embassy in cuba enedhe d on the island the president plans to meet again with raul caro. he also plans to talk with disdents. activist say since improved relations between the two country short-term detentions have grown from several hundred to about 1,000 monthly. the look of human rights is the reason south florida politicians say theresident
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>> a trip to cuba now will only legitimize the castro brother behavior and make the possibility of freedom and democracy on the island even morrow motel. >>reporter: on thursday secretary of state john kerry met with cuban minister of trade and investment in washington. cube is a calling for embargo to e e but only congress has the power to list it. >> in order for it to achieve the normalization relation between the two country the blockade has to be lifted and the territory occupied by naval base in guantanamo has to be returned. >>reporter: word of the visit by president obama is spreing quickly. >> i it this is a good idea for him to visit us so he can see how cubans live and the dignity we have. >>reporter: rolling stones are expected to conclude their latin american tour in cub when the president is there on the island. cuba national baseball team
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havana. it is unclear whether president will attend the game. live in the satellite center, liveven the satellite center, i'm alex, 7 news night team. risky move other high time for a visit. coverage continues with danielel knox in miami little havana neighborhood. danielle? >>reporter: and guys you might remember when i was out here last night the opinions were fairly tame because it was breaking news about this time lastight. oh, what a difference a day makes. tonight opinions flowink hotter and faster than the cafe here at cafe rice. >> it's another one o o his emm by soil move. i only know two more people that are more idiot than him. one would be hillary clinton and of course joe biden. >>reporter: tell us how you really feel. his opinion more skalingd than his coffee.
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flaring. >> there has been no change in cuba that can merit the privilege of the visit to the island by the president of the world most powerful democracy. >>reporter: the assembly of the cuban resistance, group fighng to replace the castro regime also against the president plan to visit cuba in march. at this cafe more anti-president obama sentiment. >> he's playing into the castroo hands. >>reporter: not everyone is against the vichlt i think it's actually very good for him to go ahead and go at least hcan actually see what people in cuba actually basically suffering tlishtion and still others are withholding judgment. >> if this is only for capitalist to do with the regime i oppose it. if this is to open up cuba to the cuban people, i support it. >>reporter: this woman at mia wait to go take a charter flight to cuba says of the
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commercial flights between the u.s. and the island nation. >> i think that in 52 years noing has really happened so maybe it's time for a change. >>reporter: but roberto isn't changing his mind. >> his visit to cuba is nothing more than one more of his many em be sill moves of the last serve years. >>reporter: so there you have it. a lot of opinions on a visit generating a lot of attention. reporting live in little havana a-7 news night team. stay with the news station and our web site for continueand our web site for continuing coverage. expect to have some live reports frorous. team 7 coverage from havana next month. and now. a woman cashing in. using some one else's credit. going big in illegal shopping sprichlt what was the scariest part about this is it really was an insion. >> tonight the victim talking
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ripped off. so-called bad shopper has expensive taste making a beeee line for big ticket items. >> victim is exclusively talking to ththnight team and nicole is live for news in plantation w`ere the wallet was stolen. nicole st. >>reporter: ell, the victim didn't want to be identified but says a difficult as it was to look at this surveillance video and see a woman buying a very big ticket item with her credit card it was even more disconcerting to know that she had walked around her workplace for several minutes unnoticed. >> i mean i was so sick to my stomach. if you watch the video she walks in. shows themxactly the bag she wants to buy. >>reporter: the problem is the woman you see here in the pink sweater want to buy a 2100 dollar purse with another woman's credit card. how does it make you feel. >> obviously very upset and disgusted.>>reporter: the victim who
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works in this medical building in plantation. police say the thief wandered into the building on the afternoon of january 15 and had no problem checking out the place apparently looking for something to steal. >> i mean she's going in and out of multiple office suite without any concern or fear looking back to see if anybody is watching her. >>repoer: she actually entered one doctor office made her way to the back room discovered the victim purse in a cub board and took off with the e llet that's when the spending spree began. video shows she spent several minute in the store in aventurur pickg out the 2100 dollar bag but flowed that tripp withvisits to best bnd lobster a bj's. what c ccerns the t vhe most that the woman comfortably thr her workplace. in a building as patients waitedor f their appointments or were seebytheir ors. >> i think in tod day a
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that in som sense this was moneyhat can be refuned back but i think fm the safety standpoint it definitely mad us more aware thef that. >>repoer: so let' taka anotr look at that woman who was buying that purse. her fairly clear in the video and if you know who she i police want to hear om you and the number to call is here on the screen.reporting li in pltiontonight, 7 neight neam. new sveillance video onn just one station. man wanted for robbingouth florida student also oaught on camera locdke and loaded. it ago frightening crimet ut friloda gas. walter morris joinslive that sciami. walt?ice say the man who robbed this conveniencestore sunday is the same man who robbeddent in front of his sool. nowonight
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police say he's not gting out any me soon. caught on camera. store clerk turning the tables on a robber lockg him inside aftere grabs cash. now pole say thatan is cked in the jail cell. >> we have halted him from coinuing on to his robbing spree. reporterolice say garciabehind bars fg laundry list at ast 4 robbery in miami since last. most renect here at thenday on north west 20 streetrveillance video shows the suspect in thecket make just after2:30 in the afteoon. rightves goes around to the cashier, makes register then gras thmoneyt the fast cinrk the door before he leaveslos thdoe or before he leaves. poce soor repeatedly knocking over the bananan eapld with the krqtoueet him go.he money and theninal kicksis h way out. garcia no stranger to us.
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porter invgators say is al in th video. robbing aut ode ofthe slamrter schoo juaan >> i ran for my li.>>reporter: robber thelry from the udstent wrist borefe running off. we don't knowhaf next >>reporter that just viol spree. lipoce s gayarcia robbed this shop on west flaer near south west 48 avenue friday night. then hit a subway on nor west42 avenue surday before out the wkend at the west star look at the e y. >>udo to erevneance camera causth is how we wereable to identifyreporter: police able to track gara down thanks to anonymous cme stopr tip and wn he was arrested he confessed to other crimes. rerting live in miami, walter morris 7 nsight team. >> small cld puldlerom the flames tonight. firereakbreakingut at anpartment in west miami-dade.
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and 95 court. 5-year-old girl was home alone at the te and crewse able to safely get her out of a wind. ow she was taken to the hospital and she'sxp eected to be okaka mmi police dertpament will now bender the watchfu eye othe justice deptment. they will monitort the time miami pd over the next four years as part of a a civil ghts settlement in e 2011 fedel investation int me than 30 policinvolved shoongs. the d o will track how dert supervis its officers.s it stands rightnow i'mery comfortable w thi thawe notiated f a long time ff feelood about tm oomentsdepartment. >> miami pd progress repo to theovernment ery vera months. mnwhile miami pdit the stetre to on crerrt say prostitution. it's operation clean up and
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west 57 avehoisitflida synagogueut some on implyg waters findi faith in dierenffn during a time of need. she has terminal cancer and says she's going oa spiritual rosh has t update.>>anted to meet new fends>> i wand meet w friends. tget in t with my brothand sisters report: this wonma was the focus of she waspottn surveilnclae video with h motr at thisnorth miami onsunday. police foundstionedhewednesday >> we ableto talk them and f exact the asons why thehewere tre we ablediel everyone's alarm.( >> well n i'm social person. love people.
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i have lanwa i learnge. and my intention was total s i'm hto say lov. >>porter: a devout muslim has ses to >> i'mkeleton dng.yi myan lik went advaednc. became terminal t.doccorme say okay i thinke can t do m>>reporter: sheays she simp wantedfaiths and tt's why s askedquestions such as lecture time. in fact she visited a church sunday in nor west miami-da and we spoke with e pastor o that church. >> i wil not the only one surprise but the other people also surpris when they came. >>reporter: miami beach policeinveigate a rort that two women t a sogue there and dsk about a prayer service fothe dead. the won nied she vit that dha synagogue >> tre are similaritiess in
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our invtigation thus fare don't believe there's decirt correlation with those. it'sust a similarity>>reporter: the casise closedsay cops the woman he will never give up e w her diagnosi a simple.>> i tell you i am a muslim. i am a christian. and i am a jew. >>reporter: police still want encoura people if you see someing unusual out of theordinary suspicious, pick up the phone a call them. in north mmi beach, news night team. the also from the night team. one is the leader of the cathol church and the other wants to be the leader of the free world. >> tonight a border ballots is ewing between donald trump and poperancis. liz live in the plex to explainthis. liz. >>repoer: donald trump has once ain shown the world no
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targets. 'siton m0to manno a ove ag for donald trump this time the bliilonaire ibeating back against the holy see. >> ty said mr. trump the pope ma a stateme but. i said the pope. what did the pope say i like the pope. wa it good or d because if it g'si le the pope. if is bad i d'tike the pope. no it's true. >>repo: latest round stteard thursy on board thepontiff returnligh f to rome from 6 day visit in mexico. country trump long proclaimed he would seal of from the u.s. >>erson who think only about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. this is not in the gospel. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. and as president i will not allow chririianity to be consistently attacked and weaken.
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harder onche has been hit the former reality star lef hkoo op pe francis. >> if and when the vatan is tackat by isis whi is evne nose is isis ultimateophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only shwied and prayed that donald tru would have been presintnt because. >>report tmp catholic competitor bush and rubioseemed to take the front runner's side.>> i ion't question people's christianity. think that's a relationship they have with their lord and save yournd a themselves so ijust don't think ist' propriateo tion donald trump's v>>atican citcontrols who come in when they come in and and as a result the united states hasight rdo that as well. >>reporter: self-proclaimed nice guy john kasich. >> i'mro p pope put me down in pro popcolumn.
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na voters swho iwoof the wdlyilad of e catholic faith willalize at the pollwill penpos. aoureow n looking live at g to anderson cooper at town hall meetg inin columbia, south rolina. that was very first question that anderson cooper addressed to presidentia front runner donald trump. ve more on that for you come up at 11. trumpls ao frequently stated quote catholic love . me south carolina is a lay evangelil bck trump prov seduccessfulith in past. during theast primyar ic mof there. we a live e he ple 7 ws night te. thanks liz. >>headayhe tk attoeylienritvilege tel no she back cou with ate. vestators say she kws >> wan ambusd at the atm
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with it. >> south floda union says superstar c fend forrsel when she comes to town. we'll plaiex. you are watching south florida's ght team
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court date for the attorney accused of crossing the line on the job. and the client she allegedly had sex with the reported bad behavio got her kickedd>>het e usre's vanessa. sica david and heclient israel gran speakingace--feac.fort few wk eethe two on proctive glasst the brard couy ilvideo then on phone he can't even hold the phone he's le this. >>reporter: the two were
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after a deputy says she caughtthth having sex in an interview room. deputy the pierre says i observed inmate grandstanding behind mrs. david who is bent ov at the waist with her skirt raised to her waist area. >> thoughts allegations are false. there is no evince of tho allegations whatsoe. >>reporter: ms isdavid telling t`e jue the new rule at the jail not conducive f f trial prep but the june shooting that idea down. >> i think that that is a reason accommodation. >>reporter: then m ms david asking the june to relowes drand out on bond. hovewer gndra has alreadyone to prison for attempted second degree murder an is currentl facing two other attemed murder crg in broward and inade. >>sef my discretio put mr. grand on so yr motiono set b advertise denied. >>repoer claims is targing her client
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confidential jailingg in coraba a sndhe claim the whole sixtory was. ver what she is not saying whyir s from herprevious jobt brars regional counsel whichources say stems froanother indecent cidentith what led to your dismissal with the counsel. >> i'll not discuss that right now. my focus police grand. his safety. this is aan who i 100 percent innocentnd the state and bso are stopping at notng to go after him( >>reporter: don't y think you should recuse yourse at this point. >> absolutely not. that's exactly what they want. investating howeveris m david says that she ihas d yet hear from them as forrand, to hear from theas for grand, trial de h not bn set. reportg in foruddaerle, 7 news night tm. cash crime at an mia, atm.
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the while depositinmoy. shsn oher phone and doesn't notice the armed robber sak up behind her. guan snatched her purse then ran away to a waiting get away car it happened last month at wells fargo along west flaglerand 107thvenue. ifou hhe crime cl miami-dade crimestoppersumber on the scenre crash lann. officials say sll pla ove shot the rwaye aport inab tb. plane h athe wayow dn also tookut some powelipilot andob ny on thound w hurt.t caused crash. lso 7.beyoe versusheadge. lipotelling officers to leave the superstar on her own during her south florida show. the potentialoycott is a
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sheldon fox expins. the. repoer: spee he at t beyonceop and polarizing s formation will likely bepemedor sold out marlins park in ail. t throws one miami person notxavier ortizmiam cpterdentf theaternal order pole callingorll a l eor officers to boott her concert letter atth said beyon used superbowl t tividame eranic by pmoroting panthers and he antpoi-lice message.owport laenfoement.>>hi ts vy erbadbecause at the enofd he day you still t pice. uyorote and rve matrtet.rter: the lt grammy winninga sr madesoh florida durgr 2013 visit havana. husband jay triphat irritated a arican community. now ortiz bcooytt cal
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>> first amementbeyoncnce and oizo voice thpinis. reallhiy sut dyo t b s thi a so bolunertes doesn'anha tt the events go police. >>reporter: we reached out to int perhone, xt and e-m.pp by. n answ. did tweet, id tweet thi though, thursday shotut tingereferee th call to back the blueboyct we twted aski fornt spreonse. lead by exple. >>reporter: ortiz newmonth r posting phone numbe andes about thewoman who pled ov miami-dade cop t of the cop speeding one sial networkwe wanted to know from mi chief ortiz out oli. >> it' it's wrong t he has the
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>> up next he hard landing in pearrb jumping into e water help that. police say s d say she did it ain.agagwhy th wisoman is back in hand i'm mike. florida panthserook p som gd to lead la they he their han full unri. plate tryh
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crash andplash in pearl rbor important. helicopteroing down as vitors looked on in horroror. e onof the onlookers caught all the action on camera. others jumped into aioctn. liz is bac ithe salle centerith wis fors now. afterhecraslandge stildotn' ow
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popularionn hawaii. >> fst sai and i said do thosean ld onwate it's coming in. >>rertero helicopters tonhtig lan on terwa witnessdhat unfod in l rbor oked o ove across theaw a helicter oawf kwardlylying around wchg. wh'st doing in thlita aspace ul't figur stted sputte. ry eic.>>reporter tou visited the izona memori privateopter wentown and arte skingseral people rus 5 peoplear.or about 2 seconds indernd guy stted goingn th water and divitwo people up and look ke tyhehree ppleeo outof theelicopter and bug back up.heavy rescued the g unt rescu rived all five people wertaken to
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acrdcoingcords the chopper is ristered to a company that opateresours tn the ea. >> didn't have contl of the plane but lookede ying to not land on land the is no nding area there peopl sndtaingarndou lookingng atht e difrent siste hree.rter: s scary as the sce wasanding on water was thees bt case scenario because the crash could have turned disastrous with all the people walking around. >> if he would have hit on land there was 100 people standing right ththe he would have hurt a lot of people bheul pled wac in the water. >> i guess he trie to do his best to not have as bad an o me. the water itead >>reporter: ntsb investigatats the slite center, 7 ws night team. >> serl stow away trying tog ticket uer arrest again tonight. rilyn h was takenody at chicago o'hare forg probation. she has been caught several
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at airrtpo inseralities ts most rect st -year-old was ankle bracelet and told to stay ayom o. chicago police fnd hairport bus shuttle center and that where they arrested her. coming up on 7 news at 10 officialsa you can really pay for convenience when it comes to on line shopping. >> night team special assignment rort careful. what you wish for. >> it ould be aery nice and quiet night here across south florida. mild weather will continue in through the weekend.entire outlook in just a couple
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an that i very peciallyly when it com to internet shoteethoppinong he biggest on line retailer.>> feare thath e for convenience. it couow somebodthy oughour identitywe all lshoppi and on aman youan findanr hight. azon to f yt now. hsehold goods to technologyrerter: if yo to buy what you wan youn alwa p ionish ly ii want luxury for myselfr there. >>report but what many whenou cck thatutnic whis stli is out erthe forve eryone to s. all y nd is youownmazon si ongngoo list. typeyoer address and see wt is on's belkys.
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legal analt ss fending at y youre sg hav public wldgs wou you rather ke privat >> w far canc or it'sdisease o iays something wh a failed relati. are on a crsoue toou you have just put buet ithe gu. >>porter: not emrrbasmt or iasn o privacy. pacngkixpertspuic ls a gate wayo identity tfthe. >> dangoubecause on to anybody. re>>rter: internet sexpert sfrecure stat tuly used ahis l easily ldak control of a volteer's private acco to find his wi lsht andhrgh ttha we were to up amazon and evenally is them his account from there wwerebl address, last cred cd infmaorti aonnd th furth cpromise. >>port we ntac. theyid respond.
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david sa he's not ging anythingnk t minute youuy b in t on li pcheas open to tse tesyp of atta>>rertpoer: ser hlist t. somebodnow whpike plan. i'm a private person i don't want to have that out there. >>reporter: bottom line no matter the web siteake sure you know what is private and what is public and be careful what you wish for>>nk'llak my list private. >> hiring th c in florida international ivsity teamth fourth annualeteran dan mitary career fair. i local military mehelltadium located atst7th seetrt in west miamda. dafromo t p2:. 2:00.m p. mo than 6 gazaonti will behan nd
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hours. the. ceay ss south friloda. per l 50 in fort lauddale, est. h in the d mitoupper 70's rn ithn e in tem w pary cldy. 69.n miccose. 70 eve pryce else e win around 8 mil per hr but taket e m23 peser hour the wind will increase tonight and itulhod be breezy durin t.humidity 59 stormtckraer showi that erything i d the ar it will probly remain is way thrgh sday.a ttle bette come s infalls we me t of next'sou s see mostly clear except
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e t lhee tldarkhadow. se very level dsing in and ty arhe goingat the timeoa cal waters tomorwrod rohout t bahamas. buover all mostly s had your in firm conol.that going to keep nic d pleasant hever the w llwi be picking mak for some roh boating conditions cnt remain at th beach that'sng toundthrourda as well then in theon run whing ts t anoer f if i it cod move inme time one ekringg our tperaresbackat least coolinga littleit because aad frono warm-up. re's marine fore f. allraftdvisory in effect.reat o biscayne bay choy. for you ys you too lookingt advory.t winds. beyond the reef building
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xt hh ti mia at 7 in fort lauderdale y largo:24. 8:58n key west tight partly oucl. tuing brzy.ow l will in e60's.the wi wl startin iensi btoy morrowsk . log y. the high will be.r extended outok. syda lkietty goo. mondaytuday wednesday a littleit of showerttle bit of cef shers,armerut t b the temperatur cdown to theow l 60's, down to the low 70's for highs. that's the 7 on 7 decen setkatr thanks phi. >> offstpepe a great rides's ccialp so introducing him to thwhich is surroded bay m. officialsed too
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fallsn.akinge icquklyca tthe suacd arstted dry >>utwhile doing .it >> make sure thecane aroue an accide. se.ur still aheadteam.. ohnye. t hhee's losg his y>> noto s cute. rapfit on
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rapper rant revealed. kanye west los it on of "saturday night live". the any tirade was bizarre to say theeast. >> quite bizarre. we have details major melt down. >>reporter: yes. kanye west isn't shy when it comes to his feelings. he goes on twitter rant. he shares his thoughts thieav
10:46 pm
th oall t deliver us. u porter nr eny emotionallytable. he had anpi m mt dn befoul "sarday night wt it h bore actress melissa whoas w hosg e isodepk stage. kae lgtti spthe age etparfsnaiclt ca techni i. kany was overhrdookthtive mle sgefsk agifswtpleivngore e otw goi to do this. we are breaking the mother expletive internet. i went through 6 years of this expletive expletive. as his rant continued he said
10:47 pm
the following people are they expletive crazy? boroughy b50% stanley cuepwrib, apostle paul. picasso expletive and escobar. by 50% more influential than any other human being. although kanye threatened to walk off the live show producerwere able to calm him he performed as scheduled. well source close to kanye saying of course he was upset they took his stage apart moments before he went on live television. he's a perfect physicalist and he wanted it to be just right. live in the news plex, 7 news night team. can somebody explain the party end. the. >> no. not really. >> like a drowl. >> coming up next in sports this star was closer to another milestone tonight against san jose. >> and miami country day girl basketball team goes for
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veck nht in sthloridad good test ight again tst jo sharks f e in thwee ckt u h cseret.
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mites intohe t weavesouic. of the season. re g about 6 minutes later. thornton out fntlologa and beats montoy a.tied at one. t on goaln the period. shoot out rou joe t6 goal opethe sn. quick stop t.up nextey nd oneo st wrt arep.blocrones. panthersos 2-1.. cats still g a point. the to whenever you go i likeis against teame that playing well on the road wechmiart. good in our own soechbility think we did good things in the nsfee zon. only build off it and keep going. >>reporter: according to reynolds associated press bosch back in miami after seeing a doctor in boston. still waing for update on s health stus and if he has another ood clot cb will not
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in atlanta.-bohsc outang mosve to the power fward s ei points a game. 11ear nba vernd two time all srta to be nne. game ged souc'mig enough.i'com nfenidt bse t yea heor moyvrment ion'tan wt them oucldingheirhconvenon label. tt is can do multiple things and guys. >>reporter country in redacinjacknvunertyhristi quarr are spartence erion. the blew itn the thdir for t hig20. ami count d.dy firiast-deun tm to w threeraight state c
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nday rht 7. beg atnoon o and 4s. twqualo duel rac to go. in luntil daytona favoriteale ju takes theleds 43s. cmpn the j thd s sunday erfie. scleh ads. johnso ctact with the mu. bigroub rear cnds upthe hoodf hymn ty snro tose the bacupstart in the back othie f. sch wins start the fourth spot. 20-year-old elliott has the pole for grerican re. bj t golf openg round in l.a.pieth struggled. over sfichbility he's in send last place world numr two mcilroy 4 67.
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i'sum manve seen grobtrotters. one showing skills inangeles. ooter saito be one of thstcult trick sho btsy one on a everried. from 1 off t roof of thetaple center. money.another angle. now scooter h been on the fox tv show hell's kitchen and he's cooking. becausee ma h it look real easy. n fo or the heat at day trade deaine brian roberts and stokes.both mluxury tax.
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t'sere h first at 10:00. ci >>
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esprident ama readyo history as the in chief willoon be cu bound. wom salsinsides office building thenoe on a's what right before that, at is alsosencern. >ndhief accused o off a student rht outsid of sch and police's behin other cmeris andto clerk turns the tabsle.ews 11:00 o'clock> >>news alert at :0110 o'clock. night teacrewene in miami aft robrs srmto's employees inside he everyone. 7 news continues now at 11ontinues now at >>ow n at 11 sooben headgin to havanarkingnoer major miltoestwbeeen the u.s. nduba.


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