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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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esprident ama readyo history as the in chief willoon be cu bound. wom salsinsides office building thenoe on a's what right before that, at is alsosencern. >ndhief accused o off a student rht outsid of sch and police's behin other cmeris andto clerk turns the tabsle.ews 11:00 o'clock> >>news alert at :0110 o'clock. night teacrewene in miami aft robrs srmto's employees inside he everyone. 7 news continues now at 11ontinues now at >>ow n at 11 sooben headgin to havanarkingnoer major miltoestwbeeen the u.s. nduba.
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andatn, reaction is mixed. the ope hols out real pmio imovelives people >> together our broerd ond douns this i thi iavorable inurntry. one more ep ibrinng tunies clos >> we haover ce ohis historic v wte house says the president will work tbuild relations th ca th govnment there to improve the recordn han saye ouldben' gog in fir this. . >>reporter it ioric president arrives in cuba next month he will meet th raulastro. whithoussaysll als to those whoant change onhe island. >>report: er president cdge st president to visit huh-ust presisint tsit havana 1928 took a battle from
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redent obama and the fst lady it' air force one. president made a brief statement on thtrip on thuray.. >>t ill be fune day he officially annnced tweeting next month i travel to cuba to advance ourprreogss and efforts that can improve the lis othe cubanople.we still he difference with the cuban gernment that i wi rai dseirectly. america will aays and arounthe woyvrmentd the openi to cuba rea promi toprovehe liv of e cu ople. at the core ou policy. >>reporter: the visit mar np malizing relations. >> tayod the uted states of america is changing its relationship with e peoe of cuba eric'announnt ces 14onths afr washington retaesblishedie was havs after that historic handshake and 6 monthsfter the americanmb eassy in cuba open itsoors on the
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he ao pla to dis. acst s improve la uncoshtet- denon ve grownrahul ndreto about,000 hum ranigsht i ie re sthlorida he presidentould scr thep. now will only legitizehe ks to brhe would mehepossibitiln othesld rerter: nhu t seetary of steerryet minisr of trad inwashington. cuba is calling forth embargo toutcongress hasthe per tow lif rolling stones a expected toour of last inamerica in cuba when the president ithe also tay rays inhi mr. obama is there.
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ll aend the baseball g ve ine nighteam ta sy with 7 news for coverage on president obama's historic visit. we'll ha livrepos from vat mth. > back to t news alert. policen the scene late into the night tonight after restaurant is rob. >> daniee is live on thscene it. >>reporter: hi. if you loobehind me yoyo can inksti a faiy investition. th icdonald's aven andouth west eighth streetn cityf mmi police on escene very als informati at this point but what we ustansd menob rthed restaurant then fled wer mol car. le to videotape for you a little while ago. what we yocau is pol an idea of the car they are looking for but have not yet confirm that car and so what they are doing right now is that they are going to go
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and talking to which is at the restaurant because remember this mcdonald's was open for business when this robbery occurred. it was bustling inside. puzzlingng out at the drive through. and so us a can imagine employees and patrons alike shaken up. in fact onee witness who didn't want to good on camera says one man camenside with a gun. ok one of e plees tothba whilenother m and then they made t gway. back now lmcnald's has relessayin sthe safetyits cusmers ium pberiority and so if you his tctiv callme stopperst the number on y screen.we are here in miami, 7 news night tm. cameras rolling as woman ba as pcey purse on whatpolice say is someone else's
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>> sricaest part about this is it really was an invasion re>>port: tonighat victim speak to go just one station abou the credit crime. >> police saiwoman wander around a medical building with patients and doctors insidbeforereeaching into a woman's purse and taking off. luxury store wasn't the only place where she cashed in. nicole spoke exclusively to that victim. >> i wasaso sick to my stomach. shealk ws show exactly theba he want to buy. >>reporter: the proembls the man you see here in the pink sweater wants to buy a 200 dollar purse with anoth woman's credit cardw does it make you feel. >> oly vyer disgusted. >>ep rorter: the victim wasd not t rks ts medical building in plaion the thi wanefred
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had no problhe place looking for something to steal.. herygoing in and out of oice any concern orar looking bko if anybody is wchating her. >>reporter: s auallct entered one dtor office made her way to ck room. discovered t victim's purse in a cupboard andh t t's when the spendi spreeegan. survllance v shows sheent severalal minute in the in aventura picking out that00 dollar bag but llowed tp visits to bj's best boy and red lobster. what what concerns the victim the most is that the woman comfortably strolls unwhich could through her workplace. in a medical building as patients wted for the apintments or were s by docto. i thin ioday day andin erody's ncerns that in meso senseey that can be rennfueled from a setstandpoint it
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s you thi you womannd s ispret clearerace is s ettytlancevideo,go aad call crime stoppers. thnumbe t on your scrnthe mb flames tonight. re bfibrt an in west mia-dade happened alo we and court. five-year-old girl at therewere able to safy pu h window. he was taken to the hospitil okay store not so fast to robber when he tries to take off with quick cash. ththclerk tried to keep him stuck until police arrived. police say this isn't the only crime he's comtted. here's waltete morris. >> caught on camera. sto clerk turning the tables on a
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cash.ce say that man is locked in a jail cl.el >> we have halted him from spree. >>reporter: police say alfredo garcia behind bar fing a laundrisof charges for at leasfoobbery iniami m mon recent heret the gas station sund o north west 20st and north wt 22sten. surveillance videohows the suspect in the make move just after 12:30 ine thteoo.n rits customer leas vehe aundgoes aund roheashier,open the cash regi grabs the mon. fastockshe borefhe leaves. lice say thas garciainth knocking over tanan to let hio turns some ofhe ticks has way. >>aro us heoeav vntnamil pa.
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robbing a osiutdeheslam chaerchl ran i ran mif le. >>report: rob ath jewelry t bore rniof >> weon d't khate' caext.>>: t's ni arsvienara robb this sp d sho westouthest 48 aven friday nighthent hit a subway on 42 ue saturdathbe at the west star wre theyot gat g t gheuy.udo teveryoheoes havehe tse camabecausw we ato identifhim >>repo policke dn thas to anonymocrime opr tip wn t h ced t ohe cmes. porting 7 nenighteam. still 7 news at 11:00 ipo the atm. quickly tu fghriningwhen a teftr sikes isen ndswhenhief strikes in serncoey her centare ck iter beingnacdse an inprop
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lealgations. is >n atrney and herace--ftoaceor the rstime t wks she cedom se alinged inftle alled gebad behaviorhile her client behind vanessa reports >>repocaav didnd
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eangace-toacefothe wks two onehind protective glasat the bwa cnty jail. thenn a phe can'tve eho theonhehis re>>porter: the twoererced to inafter a deputy says sheaught them having sex in an interviewroom. pe say i oerved inmate grandstan who i bten or atvethe waist her skirt rd to her wai >> those aeg false. theriso alontis whatever. >>repoer: rt david judge hmes theew re at the ilre f iatrep the june tteaow i think tha acnmm. >>reporter: then miss david the toelease grand out on bond. howerra gnd has already gone to prison for attemed second degree murder and is currently
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murder charges in broward and in dade. >> it would be an abuse of my discretion to put mr. grand on the street so your motion to set bond thes denied. >>reporter: david claims bso iar tgetg her beca cd frt desal infmanting jai deputy bringg in c from band thesty orwasabrica wever is sin 80's she was fromer previoward's counsel whi stems from anoththndecent wi gra l t koichbilys i'll not scuss that ght now it the focus pole icgrdan, histhsa 100ernt innont and thetate s epptoinatg nothingafter don't you t you shou recuse yoursel
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investiging howeveissdavid ss that she is ye them. asor f gndtria hasen set. rerting inor ft laerda, 7ht tea atm danger in stvideop ka turd the moment a woman got robbed at gun pointsiting money. she was on her phone didn't notice the robber sneaking up behind her.nman snatched the puts and car. happened last mon at wes fargotes wt flagler a 107 avenue.if you might know something or saw someg 5 crime stop ears call at this site. >> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. it w a is inay acrs florida. sure was. stay th for theekend fict it surethe weenll. as a matter foftgets eezy tonight in throughrighow all through sunday we lo outlook whenome back n after e neth.
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on deco drive a11 >> so we are looking across south florida. 6degr miapartly cloud ses. relative humidityen a little bit more in the 8 way oflouder i fudle. mpteerature herwhile key stwe clear 69 degrees out of the east 13 lemis per 's the srmtracker.s alls uth not just here.stf e st it sho remn aithis w a leas unt mbe sundaopd a li b ofmoture movesn iand so warrheasn well. ok.t oud eefrll acrs e lfgu a east except right onghe east coast
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we have someowel cs movi beneral tomorrow we expect, we e e ing me sunshine. reason forhiss pe firm control it will be breezy howeverer trible behac condition.risk of p current theree'llhave rough water for boaters and as weove in through thefirst half of your weekend still looking nice and mild but we are lookit the next front.thou be movinin by the ddle of next week. re's marinfocast threat of rip current. smalcrtaf advisory.20 knot wind. business contain bayho cppy. florid ks y t are okg aisdvory. windki up 3 t9oo ftea. water. nextigh tide 7:01 the 8:lower key. water temperature 71 degrees. tonight ptly cldykies.overnit low very mild in the low mid 60's. tomorrow we should see me
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ghn thmis0'. now here's yourxt eendedsatu zy. ld on s. more clostt to moven agent better chancef some rain. monday. tuesday. wednes. petting warmer ahead of that front fannehat front doesn't fall apartnce it moves through cooler temperatures for next ursday atth's the 7pen 7orast.
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ainst san jose. h it first place panthers against san jose tonight.
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head coach former cat and pete stay scoreless until the third 3 minutes into the period. vincent weaves through track. finds him. goes the 5. 18 of the season. career goal no. 7 40. 6 minutess later. joe thornton out front to loganjoe thornton out front to logan. petitions machine toy a tied at one. only shot in the period. third round. joe. 26 goals on the season. beats montoya. up next needs a goal to keep it going. the at the time wrist of jobs. panthers lose.cats still g a point t. rade deadne at 3 this afrnoo fo nba. heat made no big brian rober one day wh made to get outrom tablingts bosch in mafr seeing a doctor in btonafter seeing a doctor in boonst.
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health status a if he another blood cl. wade on massale teenreprd actice the heat in miamomrow >> i tnk right now is beg bam we can we have to find a way wege are missing a. sly void but you have to o guys step up. ot>> lnro is llinheext play for thevs ainst the bulls tonht.d gion bumping each all the way down the floor. after the dunk smith and gibson get into a shoving matat. results in double technical. a lot of yapping. a lot of pushing but no punches thrown. third quart and how about i . who throws it up for lebron. cleveland wins. rls high school 3 a final in ke land. miami country dade in red
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ciingts. in transn here maharsll for the l day by 19 at the brick. spartans blow it open in the third quarter. for the thr. game high 20. miami country dade win 76-46. first miami-dade ceam to win 3 straight championship in etllongratatnsio leads. that will do it for sports back over to you. >> thanks mike. that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. ciao ciao.
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real-time clos edcaptioning company. kanye we ists taing $8 midippred. sa laaobeuf wt do some soulrching. and if it doesn't is y for a career in telemarketing. coldplay's table gets i personally. hugh jackson starts in a movie that iabout yoto be. but he was fine floinodg e th sttm ce in. >>: t is asniinate look


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