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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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on a crime spree. >> craig: and the united nation ready to say a final farewell to stuff. justice an thoa to anyone scalia. >> belkeys: and developing here at 4:00. firefighters rescuing a dog and several of her puppies after a fire breaks out in an apartment. >> hello and welcome every one. those dogs were taken to an animal clic. but four puppies are still unaccounted for. let's go to alex deprado live on the scene with the stop top story at 4:00 here. alex. >> reporter: lynn, the fire ripping through this apartment. trapped inside w w a mother dog and her pup peevment it's right up there on the second flo. you can see the burn marks from where the fire was burning. firefighters immediately went to work on some of the dog that were trapped. >> i have the oxygen in here. >> reporter: the mother dog
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with special pet masks by these firefighters. three other puppies safe. four remain missing at this time. it may have started in the kitchen of this unit. northeast 24th street here in miami. right by biscayne bay. the mother dog and one puppy that were treat thrd were taken to noels animal clinic. >> they were in severe respspatory distreches the crew started using the pet masks that we keep onthe truck and starting to treat the puppies to save them. >> that's i feel bad. i was trying to see if the mom was crying. i'm a puppy lover you know. >> yeah. >> reporter: so a mother dog and her puppy taken to noels animal clinic. three others safe and four puppies remain missing at this hour. again, firefightersselieve this may have started in the kitchen of this unit and this su a look
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we are live here in miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> lynn: also here at 4:00, a south florida teacher arrested and accused of having sex with a student. >> belkeys: the teacher facing the judge and told to stay way om the school and the victim. jessica holly live outside palmetto senior high in pinecrest with this one. ssica. >> reporter: a teach we are 15 year of experience mayay have to find a new career. heaz gone from the classroom to tufs r cuffs and today hee made his first appearance in court. >> good norching this is crick vik tore yeah dobbs principal of miami high school calling wit an important message. the arrest announcement of the teach eemplet james edwarar mier. and we learned of an inappropriate relationship between a male teach every and underaged student at our school.
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thursday night on a charge of six all battery onn minor. it all started this week with allegation of ain 3r0 preet relationship between meyer and a female student. according a news release, base dz on preliminary investigation and after consultlng with the miami-dade attorney's office, miami-dade school made the arrest. this morning parents and students getting the new >> we trust teachers and we trust what's around us that our kids are going o to b b safe and unfortunately, that's not the case. >> it's crazy you know. how it was a student and he is a teacher. there's no bound dreams. he has to respect a minor. >> reporter: a full investigation is underway and mr. myers will not be returning to class. >> we arrested the individidl and we have terminated that individual thvment ishe type of behavior we do not accept. >> the teacher will be relocated from our campus and
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student in the out come of this case. >> >> reporter: 7 news learned that smier marriedo another teacher here at the school. they have three children and one opt way. his bond set at $75,000. reporting live in pine crevment jessica holly. 7 news. >> >> lynn: now on just one station police releasing new video showing a man they say is armed and dangerous tblieg cars and they hope this videoeo is going to catch him. >> police say he has been on a crime spree targeting cars all across northeast miami-dade. >> officers handing out fliers today hoping to catch him before he strike again. 7's rosh lowe live in northeast miami-dade with this exclusive. rosh. >> let me tell what you residents are saying. they say it's a great example of proactive policing. in? because have you someone who has already been caught on camera stealing a gun. police know that he is harmed armed.
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to break into cars. what did this tht police do? they are oul in the neighborhood handing out fliers. it's january 14thh and northeast miami-dade and let's take a look at this guy breaking into someone's car and he steal a gun say cops. we actually spoke with with the victim in that case. he came way bike. he droveright up to the car. and opened up, tested the handle to see if it was open and i guesit was open and went across the street, dropped his bike and came back to the car. he didn't want to show his face but he a motion detecting dashboard p camera. extremely clear video. but thief remains out there. >> good morning. fine. we're passing out fliers in reference to vehicle burglaries. miami-dade police not giving up. on friday police take proactive steps to catch this guy. >> we're trying to get him and get him off the street. >> so miami-dade police out here friday morning going block by
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and what's the importance of this case? well, they say this guy here has committed numerous crimes. >> been very active so we just want to get him off the streets, specially way gun. >> >> reporter: they released even more e rveillance video who they believe to be the same guy. watch him here riding around on his bicycle and le try handles on the cars. trying to see if who left their car unlock oosmed we're looking for this individual heeferlt he brought broke into a vehicle and stole a gun a few weeks ago. >> this kind of stuff can't happen in our neighborhood. too many people coming into neighborhoods because you know the neighborhood is getting better a and better and they come and victimise us. >> reporter: this isn't just a case of a guy trying car doors, this a case where he has gotten a gun. >> and we just don't know what he will do with it next. >> reporter: let me give you the locatiti where this is happening. it's right near northeast 171
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and so if you recognizeze this guy, police really want to put hik photograph out there. they believe he is armed, dangerous. continuing to commit crimes. pick up the phone if you recognize him. 305-471-tips is injure number. we're live tonight northeast miami-dade. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: in the race for the white house republican presidential candidates making a final push for south carolina voters head of tomorrow's primary. candidates not weation any changsz at getting a all the support they can. liz nagy live in the news room with the latest. liz. >> reporter: billionaire donald trump and ted cruz each have a with win under their belt heading into the consist in south carolina. it has been a bitter week on the campaign trail in the palmetto state and scan dates have just one day left to convince voters they are the best pick for commander in chief. >> and he swept on the heels of
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hampshire. donald trump is still the clear front runner in what was expected to be ted cruz turf. >> look, he has a problem with the truth. he holds up the bible and lie. i think it's very inappropriate. a. >> reporter: cruz sat back during the myrtle beach campaign rally thursday morning. >> easy to say eevment didn't even print that be ot page book.k. but the question to ask is do you understand what made america great in the first place? >> the two cuban american republican senators ted cruz and rco rubio are jockeying hard for the second place slovment govenor and senator have thrown their weightehind rubio. >> we need to nominate someone who with can bring ug u- us together. i know i can better than any one in this craissments i will bring this party and movement together so we can work on growing together. >> reporter: yet, bush has peered alongside his famous familiar whri often this week
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and his mom for his popularity oomplet former competitor linsey gram stepped out on his behalf. >> he was standing up to trump when eve one else was hiding in the corner. >> he was speaking truth to power when somebodyad to say something. >> john kasich is make-himself known as the compassion candidate will. >> there are a lot of people out there that are lonely and looking for a place to tell people about their issue. some sneeches south carolina are in the final hours before the polls opev saturday morning. >> well, there are 50 dell gawpts for grap in south carolina's primary. also tomorrow democratic voters in nevada will show up to ca cuss for hillary clinton and bernie san demplet long expected to be walkway way cop manning win and now once again bernie sanders has closed that gap. >> live inin the plex liz nay geesm 7 news. >> belkeys: all right livmentz
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is the a great time to down load the vote 20:16 a.m. >> a great way to stay up to date on the campaign trail. >> lynn: and ao today mr. obama and the first lady paying respects to justice scalias as his body lay in repose at the court. >> and members of congress stopping to view his casket. >> belkeys: this as his family, friends and the nation prepare for the funeral tomorrow. scat mcclain reports from washington dc. >> reporter: theody of justice antonin scalia returned to the court this morning. his flag draped casket passed the long line and up the marble step of the place we have leaving his greatest legacy. >> i'm just struck bit numbers of people represented there and it shows his place in many lives. the eight remaining justices standing side by side as one of
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catholic priest lead a private cerimony. through the mercy of god, rest in peace. >> and president obama many and members of congress visited the court to pay the respects. outside hundreds waiting in near freezing temperatures to remember the legal giant. >> be inside the buildinin st was very dignified and somber and i think peoe there were generally there to pay respects for what he did for the the country and his come mand. >> keeping with tradition his former law clerks will stand in constant watch over the casket until the funeral on zoo. joe biden and ted cruz will be there. uz say former supreme court can clerk himself who knew scalia personally. >> as scalia is remembered, talk on capital hill will focus on who the plez president will nominate to rea place him and whether the republican leadership will follow through on a promjse to block it.
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reconvene on monday. >> scat na clain. >> belkeys: and a litter rare ri legend. harper lee has died. the novelikt passed in a alabama in her home town. she was bestt known for her 1960 book to kill a mock bird. it won her a prize for fiction. and goat set a watch man hit book stores last summer. >> lynn: head tonight on seven niewsms they say love makes people do crazy thing thasms exextly what i jewelry store owner says happened to him on valentine's day. >> belkeys: an out raid rage over this joivmentd a marine who served in iraq and afghanistan get tacked in the last place he should ever have to worry about. >> lynn: crackdown on gun vie lefnts a push to keep classroom safe and it all takes place way simple i phone. >> phil: take a look at radar behind me. it is dry all across south florida.
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weekend? the entire out look in a couple minutes. >> time now for fast track traffic. >> good friday afternoon as we take our drive around we'll find some delay through broward. a live look at i-95 at cypress creek right between pompano and fort lauderdale. northbound delays are minor. southbound flowing ah can see here toward the screen moving at a slower pace from atltic down to commercial and the turnpike from broward is moving well and no reported problem. the problem are more concentrated south as we move to i-95 at griffen road. earlier problem rapping up at i-95 around sheraton street. right lane is blocked from pembroke road. solid out of downtown miami. we're jammed from rickenbacker o up to 79th stree. northbound i-95 shut down right now because of accident activity. you cannot access those express lanes sow want to use the main line which is jammed.
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postpone that tri and emergency road work still with us from the midday. two right lanes are blocked stop and go traffic from 17th 17th anue all the way around the big curve and one of the cars couldn't make it in the ck. disabled vehicle. left lane blocked there. this 95 bawng on northbound nine 50u69 downtown is influencing 195 and 395 to be jammed on the caz ways. i'm paul blake with traffic. you're watching 7 news first at 4:00.
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>> belkeys: this is hard to wall. surveillance video of a marine getting roughed up and robbed. not on the battle feelt field but in our nation's capit eevment was picking up dinner when he was socked in ub conscious. >> he believes heas targeted because of his race. >> lynn: 7's ashley jones with the story.
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video afn attack on a decorated marine last week. he surviveve iraq and afghanistan but fell victim to a group of a angry teens in the nation's capital. the blows so severe they left chris march cez with a serious head injury. >> it's hd to sleep. i have this sharp pain that goes down my head and it just hurts toove my head around. >> this is video of at salt that spawned trage. you see the attackers who march cez says taunted him and yelled black lives mat ear they asked me if i believe that black lives matter. i felt threatened and felt they were trying to intimidate me. pgh i said i'm go just going to keep to my food and they will leave me alone. because i wassen responding to them, they called me a racist. he exits goat waind they follow oosmed as soon as a left mick done lings. i got left in the back of the heated or the side of the head and i was left unconscious. brought back mem or reeves the war and stuff.
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keep coming a. a third teen robs him of his money, credit card and identification. while an ambulance rushed him to the hospital it wasn't 'til this week that march cez received more he thorough test at the v, a. sie one after the tackers he took his id, he pleaded with police to are release the surveillance video. he hopes it lead to the reafts a attackers before they strike again. and even though the marine thinks he was targetetebecause of his race. they say the attacker are wanted for salt and robbery. not a hate crime. in the the satellite center. i'm ashley jones. 7 news. >> coming up at 4:00. a store turn nieg drive through of after a car make a smashing entrance. >> belkeys: and firefighters becoming a dog's best friend after they were able to rescue him from a frozen pond. we'll have the reunion coming up.
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>> >> time now for the first at meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good afternoon evevy one. what a nice kay here across south florida. although we have had low level clouds moving in from lake okeechobee south all do to high pressure. think what you've seen today is exactly what you're going to see on saturday and sunday. >> temperature are in the 70s right now. 73 in fort lauderde. same in miami. key west 74.
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can clearly see those leaf lowe level clouds moving in across the bahama and our area and this will be the pat erp over next 24 to 48 hours. as far as any rainfall is concerned. we are dry and we should remain dry at least through the lir part of next week. look at bight view here. the gulf of mexico. beautiful. not a cloud in the sky. cuba looking great. but this high pressure dome is getting those low level clouds here and pushing theam long the coast and i don't foresee that changing over the next 24 to 48 hours. we could also see a small shower moving in off of the b beze. as a matter of fact you felt it today. it's been breezy think tomorrow the wind will start dom down. later in after the noon. mostly dry. high pressure still dominate owrg weather. a we go in through sunday. and then by the middle part of next week, we should see a front moving in. could bring our temperature back
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threat of rip currents at the beach. small craft advisory do to the wind and seas. biscayne bay choppy. for you threwout the florida key, smallraft advise roimpt 20 knot winds. seas beyond the reef building three to five to 8 feet. astal waters also chop piff. 9:25 miami. 6:14 in fort lauderdale. key largo 4:37. 7:49 key west. over night lows in the 60s a. breezy. dmeerlt western suburbs. by tomorrow i'm still keeping partly cloudy skies in the forecast because we are going to see those low level clouds moving in but then attimes they'll breakup. we'll see sunshine. highs ntd mid 70 eachesere's your extend out look. sunday more of the same. we start to warm up on monday. head of that front. little better chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. then the front comes tough and it's going to be beautiful for next thursday and friday.
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>> belkeys:ing dogs and cats aren't the kind of pets that justin bieber ber wants. have you both of these four legged item in your home. >> lynn: biebs wants something more exotic. maybe like a monkey. >> belkeys: knew now w wre talking. >> lynn: shireen sandoval in the plex with more on this.
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would rof another monkey on his back but we're talking about the wild creature kind. biebs misses molly. his monkey that was seized by custom official in germany. now he is telling gq imagine scene he would like another primate pronto and they say monkeys suffer in captivity and carry diseases and turn on their owners ouch maybe biebs should get just another tattoo instead. >> something is not right with with rhianna. she is canceling the first eight daiftsz dla dates of her tiewmplet it come days after she bailed on a grammy performance at the last minute. and they is blaming bronie tuesday. the tour is knot now set to start in jacksonville on march 12th. if have you tickets. may wanto make back up plans. 2016mtv moof mof i have awards will be rock sole aid and all
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the show will be co hosted by miami fav dwayne the rock john oson and kevin heart. if kevin gets out of le, the rock can crush him with one flex and course a raised eyebrow. gwyneth paltrow's daughter only 11 years old but getting grown-up beauty treatments. word is apple pal troll gets 200-dollar fay shalz every week. she takes her to a high end salon that offers diamond peels and blue light treatment. she must be working because the kid can't look a day over eight. tonight on the drive. katie holmes likeou've never seen her before. teeing deco about getting into one of the most challenging roles of her career. that's tonight on deco at 7:30, tgif. i'm shireen sandovava >> >> belkeys: the rock. remember when the rock came to deco.
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he came to t t rock. cable. >> lynn: we didn't know who the rock was. >> belkeys: he was just a superstar. and he still loves deco. we like him. >> belkeys: and you look great for 80. >> lynn: and you are 81. >> belkeys:: and it isn't pal trough it's martin. is her last name martin. >> >> lynn: can question we just get to the name. nerey. >> lynn: what is her name. >> belkeys: she's probably apple pal tro martin dwon gone diego. i'm lynn martinez olson here on 7 news at 4:30 straight ahead. >> belkeys: i'm just belkeys.


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