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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 430 o. >> lynn: now at 4:30 a south florida clerk speak out after his jewelry store becomes the target ave high price heist.
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he he is)the man walked into his store on valentine's day looking for a piece of jewelry. >> >> belkeys: when he found a 14 car ral goltd change he loved, instead of paying for it, he took it and made a run for it. brandon buy are with more on this crime caught on camera. brandon. >> reporter: well, belkeys, this wasn't just any gold chain it was a 15,000-dollar gold chain and another couple thousand dollar charm tacked on to that. so this w w a 20,000-dollar get way. let's get to the video here. just west of i-95 in oakland park. inside there, the ram bo jewelry store, the owner there says he noticed the suspect pace back anan forth three or four times but that they had a couple conversation@and he trusted him enough to do something he says he rarely does which is hand a piece of jewelry over the counter. >> within a matter of second, he says the suspect dashed out the front door.
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and then within just second, he was in his getaway car and out of there. again, this is valentine's day. expensive jewelry, he didt want to pay for it and now this jewelry store owner out thousands. >> and i looked and he just go back a little bit and boom, take just like this. just ran right ow. right. >> and i was standing like, this i think a good two minutes i don't even move. >> just for two minutes he stunned. if you have any information about who that suspect is in this surveillance video, that could be worth a cash reward to you. call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tips. we're live in oak band park. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> belkeys: brab dop, thanks. main cued of goioi on a cry spreem spree now given by a judge no. bond for garcia. he will be back in court tomorrow for a hearing on two other case. the 32 yeerld facing several
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slew of stick up throughout south florida. cameras capturing his most recent dash for cash sunday at a s station on northwest 20th street and 22 avenue in miami. >> lynn: south florida families whose children have bct innocent victims of gun violence are asking the public to step up for safety in the classroom. 7's o nar nar omar lewis reports, a all it takes is a simple foap call. >> my fearr is another mother will be dplieg a few weeks. >> reporter: for these mothers who all lost their children to gun violence,he thought of bullets copping feet way from students learning at school is something they will not accept n. just one week two miami-dade county public schools came under fiempt the first incident capped at carol city high school on february 10th. police say someone fired eight shots in a drive by spree hit ago a window. the second shooting happened just the next day at francis tucker elementary and coconut grove.
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>> reporter: where a built entered a portable just miss age student. >> we are here standing against the carnage that has become a sad reality. that's why on friday, members of the need miami-dade public school board, pastor and community leaders cape together with the group parents of murdered kids. pleading with miami-dade residents to get involved by calling lawmakers at the state capital. >> we're asking today if people can call senator greg evers because he has an opportunity to put this back on at a gep da. they are trying pass a bill to protect witnesses making it easier for them to come forward with information. >> right now when at rest car you and they talk to witnessnd thing. that information is public information. we want to make that information private to save lives. also similar to how thehe are laws in place to enforce tougher drug laws and school thoans disoans threrks fighting create lay law tougher penalties for
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thousand feast a school. 19-year-old cedric adams was arrested and bonded out of jail in connection to the shooting at car rom city high school. but these mothers wan want bond off the table for these types of crime. >> there are no aggressive ben discharging of a firearm within a certain distance from school. >> if it was my c csin yesterday. but it may be yours next time. help us community. speak out. >> reporte sos ah heard there they hope folks in the community will pick up the phone and call laik law makers help more parents from losing their children and bring justice to those you saw there who weather have. for now reporting in downtown miami. omar lewis. 7 news. >> lynn: now take you cross county.tri. a fatal fire what i new york duplex goes up in flames. two men dead ave bliez broke out in buffalo and a family still up side. one man died running in to save
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her body severely burned while a 4-year-old suffered smoke hane laition. the ciewfs future is under investigation. >> belkeys: two women in georgia have quite the story to tell after their car flips off a bridge. they say they were driving near atlanta when they veered down an im bank meant and went plunging into the water eye felt the wa water coming in and i said we're going under water. undo your seat belt and so we can get out of here. >> don't give up. >> we're not going to die. >> belkeys: that's a good attitude, besid being shaken up, another one you saw them there. , they were not seriously injured. >> lynn: and main make a drive through crash through the front door hitting two women inside. one left in critical condition after getting pinned underneath the suv. the other suffering onl minor injuries. police believe that driver was under the influence of alcohol
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>> >> belkeys: firefighters going work of ave dog fall through ice on a frozen pond. his name is houdini because his owner says he like t t disappear. like houdini. i'm and repeer but hopefully not die like houdini did things took a bad turn after the the noarn realized he did not come back and he was trapped in a pond a. >> and it's fine on shove a. and they moved a rescue sled on to a partially frozen noafnltd war trying to save a golden retrieve ver named hugh deknow who had fallen i io the pond. >> he with you him sloaght and trying to get out on his own but he couldn't. >> and the owner just came home from work and put him out on the back pork when while he changed
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he heashed the dog splash and snreect of the pond. then silence. he was sure the retrieve vor was gone and just like that hi head popped up just like the the escape artist he wa named after. >> and for a few second he was thinking, should i go out on the ice and try to retrieve him mip self and he did the exact thing what he was supposed to do. he called 911. >> one firefighter went into the water. the other grabbed houdini's front pawfnlz the other firefighter lift frtd rear and we pulled houdini out. >> houdini was in theater for 45 minute. firefighters rapped him in a blanket and the ownerept a close eye on him over night he is now back to his normal self mugging for the camera and shaking hands for w- the firefighter who's rescued him. >> it' unbelievable for the help that was called for made it in the exact right time. >> reporter: the fire
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did the right thing by callili 911. too often people roo try to make the rescue themselves and g g hurt. in the plex. i'm diana diaz. 7 news. >> lynn: so cute that houdini. >> belkeys: he is. >> lynn: he is smiling. >> i'm alive. and a little girltuck in the hospital for veanl types day but once word got out a group of college students surprised her with an elaborate gate. >> and he impersonated a senator to be a imeft speak at a school. police are investigating this one. >> lynn: and forget water falls at yosemite national park. lucky visitors got to experience a fire fall. huh? >> phil: by the way, if you like today you'll lot of weekend. we have coastal clouds but the temperatures will remain nice and miesmed the entire forecast in a couple minutes. >> time now for fast track traffic. >> good friday afternoon, the
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4:00 crowd in full force. 95 here at cypress creek between pompano and fort lauderdale. southbound heading towards your screen now. now slow from copens road intermittently to broward boulevard with stop and go. northbound seeing minor slowing. if you're headed south, the turnpike is a biable alternate and 441 doesn't look bad either. i-5 looks good in both directions as we head down south. bigger problem on i-95 at brifn road. that is busy in both directions. the screen. you'll see northbound at 595. jammededut of downtown right now because ever the express lanes. the express lanes arehut down on northbound side of 79th 79th street. gridlock from rick enbacher all the way up towards the scene and major influence between i-95 and 395 and the mmg road work on palmetto on i-5 and slow from 95 am the way aund the top side around the wig curve down to that scene. that's the latt. have a safe commute and a great
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i'm paul blake with traffic. you're watching 7 news at 4:30.
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>> >> belkeys: a seven year 0e8d girl fighting cancer getting a special valentine after a college stude foundut she spent the day valentine's. they met eight days agag the ma tool is on a rotation taition at the hospital and
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have a valentine. >> and it's just unfair because none of her classmates or friends have to do that. they have not in the same situation. 13 months ago katie was diagnosed with leukemia. she went into remission and then came december. >> unfortunately 11 months in rewhrapped tumors on both of her optic never. she had a bone marrow transplant from bone marrow har vetted from her baby sister the bai day before. that's thehe back crop that the med student met the 7-year-old. >> monday ma will cool and his friends had a surprise. indicate ti got her valentine's day in the form of 20 grown member. we did our best katy perry ren daition. not that great so wonderful to hear her be happy and sort of care free. a a re free ah can be with an iv
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>> and her father is an active duty marine living inorthrupt take care of three siblings. while the white blood count is up proving no. adult matches for katie. fortunately her baby sister was families we know are still searching for the match and they have to wait and get sick ear it's hard to get a match. the more people that are in it offer more chaps of success. >> lynn: look how happy she is. katie's new valentine says tting on the bone marrow registry is as easy as getsing your cheek swabbed and it can save lives. >> belkeys: we wh her well. >> lynn: yes. >> belkeys: still head from the news station. all about the gold this weekend. >> lynn:he news take on a legendary story ch we'll talk about it more when we come back. >
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>> >> what do we have here? i'm jesse owen. you're a a natural. i don't trust natural. i will say you can run and boy oh boy you can jump. this look od. an o lip pick medalist lacing up to hit the track opepe a new take on the story. the title race carrying multiple meanings. >> and td story of a bibb la cle recollection from a different poifned view.
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>> a new biblical drama, prizi own. a roman soldier, one of two men trying to investigate one of the greatest miss ta re. what happened to jesus after the the cruise sa fiction. clay vee an is served up,the rers reks and he gets to witness thth. yet still the seefd doubt. i have seen two things which cannot reck intime. main dead without question and that same man alive again. risen is rated pg13. the new horror move vit witch take audiences to 630 england where the family blames the hest daughter for the disaa peerns after her sibling suspecting something evil is near. actress an dra taylor joy says this is a lot more than just another carry movie. when we were filming it t- we would talk about it didn't
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we talked about this for hor stieg troir about the breakdown of the family and what the human isolation does to the psyche. the witch is rated r. the american people nee champions. nut dpla race tell the incredible truee story of track and field star jesse owen who% broke records a at the 19360 limb pick in nazi ger na ma any during a time of great racial reactions for those there and a strength and great determination to succeed is. >> doesn't bheart you look like or where you came from. you're cape able of accomplishing great things. that's what i want people to get from this film. >> and for those ten second were you're completely free. >> race is rated pg13 and sunday catch a sneak preview of ed dit eagle which tell the story of of
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in the plex i'm chris team cruz. 7 news. meteorologist phil ferro snaivment and so what you saw today was what we'll get here saturday and sunday. afternoon highs mid 23450e6789s rain in the rain gage. right now the wind out of the east at around 18 to 22 miles per hour. going to be breezy tonight. breezy again tomorrow. the humidity at 50%. here's the storm tracker knox rainy wrvment lake okeechobee south. everything is nice and dry. a and that's how we will be at least through sunday. by monday maybe tuesday and wednesday, lail better chance some of rain. now, we're not going to stay tom completely clear skies this entire weekend well. do i have a huge dome of high pressure. you see all this darkness moving in. those are some very low level clouds. that is moving east do west. that is going stick around saturday and sunday.
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to time werks may see a small rinkle moving through but in general, we are look pretty driesmnly a 10% chance for any rain saturday and sunday. aith we move in to saturday evening, beautiful, still breezy. however, by sunday, high essure starts to shift just a little bit. the wind will be coming in out of southeast again. isolated sprinkle. temperatures will be staying wra they normally are this year. lows in the 50 eachts highs i the mid to upper 70's. for tonight threat of rip cucuents. small craft add viempletz 20 knot winds. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for nut keys, you too are looking at an advisory. 20 knot with winds. seas beyond the reef building to fifi to 8 feet and coastal waters will be rough. next high tide dade and broward almost 6:30 7:49 for the lower keys ch you're water temperature sitting at 72 degrees. for tonight, partly cloudy skies.
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60's. now, what!s average is about 63 degrees. the wind still out of east anywhere between five and 15 miles per hour. tomorrow in and out clouds. right long the coast. sometimes it will be cloudy. then plenty of sunshine. clouds come backing in. typical temps around 76, 77 degree range. we'll be right around there, here's your extend out look. sunday looking good and breezy. we warm up monday, tuesday and wednesday and then a weak front comes through thursday and friday looking prey nice. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> belkeys: thanks phil. a site to see for visitor at yosemite national nancht mesmerizing view is called fire wall. it looks like fire flowing off a clip. it's al actually the sun glowing through the water fall. the optical ee illusion only happens this time of year.
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baw i thought it was fire a. >> >> belkeys: weren't you listening? a slyver of sun. >> lynn: they should call it sliver of -- >> belkeys: craig stevens, help us. >> craig: hello everybody. coming up here. firefighters rescued a dog and her pup pvmentz we're live on the scene. and police hope to catch a armed and dangerous thief caught in the act. and a south florida teacher caught in bad behavior with a student. 7 7 ws continues here at 5:00.
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>> lynn: that is 7 news the 4:30. thank you for joining us. i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: firefighters dousing flames and trying to find people in danger and turns into an animal rescue. a crook breaks into a car steal age gun. now cops stepping up the search to get the 5r78d thief off the street. just one taition with the store are. a diplomats song sop strikes a deal in court after the drug deal turns ddly. >> and the the mother is the happiest in the world because i get to have my son back. >> the teen avoids jail time. presidential hopefuls making a final push. t ner two states ready to weigh in for the white house.
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president o ban tbham joins hundreds of mourners saying farewell to supreme court justice. and a school bus comes dangerously close to a speeding train. >> belkeys: and we have a news later here at 5:00. the government is crackdown on the popular hover boards. swreelt reason why straight heat head. hello and welcome. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. 7 news starts right now at 5:00 eye this i7 news at 5:00. >> belkeys: right off the top at 5:00. firefighters taking on an animal rescue providing oxygen toogs they saved from a burning apartment. hello again every one no. people were inside that apartment at the time. >> craig: but lives were on the line. 7's alex diprato live in miami with more now. alex. >> craig, the blaze broke out in the second floor of miami. the area where the door was charmed.
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mother dog and her puppies that were rescued. firefighters treating a mother dog and one of her pup tease. woi take these guys off toon soon. >> reporter: they were given oxygen in the back of a rescue unit with a specially designed mask for animal. >> they were in severe distress andur crews started administering oxygen and started to treat the puppies and save them. the blaze broke out at apartments in mia on friday afternoon. firefighters believe it may have started in the kitchen. have i have a puppy and a feel bad. that's why i was asking to see if the mom was crying. i feel bad. i'm a puplyi lover you know. firefighters say they were able to save three other puppies but four remain missing. >> the another dog long with wher puppy who you saw there


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