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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  WSVN  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mother dog and her puppies that were rescued. firefighters treating a mother dog and one of her pup tease. woi take these guys off toon soon. >> reporter: they were given oxygen in the back of a rescue unit with a specially designed mask for animal. >> they were in severe distress andur crews started administering oxygen and started to treat the puppies and save them. the blaze broke out at apartments in mia on friday afternoon. firefighters believe it may have started in the kitchen. have i have a puppy and a feel bad. that's why i was asking to see if the mom was crying. i feel bad. i'm a puplyi lover you know. firefighters say they were able to save three other puppies but four remain missing. >> the another dog long with wher puppy who you saw there
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rescue pew unit were taken to noles animal clinic but at this hour, , ere are four others that are still missing ch we're live in the the city of miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> belkeys: now on just one station, a crook be considered armed and dangerousn on a steel stealing spree. police hitting the streets hoping to catch him before someone gets hurt. rosh lowe live in northeast miami-dade where cops went door to door today. rosh. >> >> reporter: this is a great example e proactive policing. let me explain why. about a month ago this story wa put out there to the public. police got no leads but they didn't give up. so what did they do today? well, today they released new surveillance video of the thief in this case and not only that but they put thihifire out. and this is worth showing everybody. look how crystal clear that mug is there and they want to find
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>> it's january 14th in northeast miami-dade and let's take a look at this guy break into someone's car and steals a gun say cops. we actually spoke with the victim in that case. >> >> he came way bike and drove up to the car and tested the handle to sec if it was open. he saw it was o. went acroro the street and dropped his bike and came back it to the car. >> he didn't want to show his facing but he a motion detecting dash cord bord cravment extremely clear video but the thief remain out. >> thr. how are you? >> good. we're just passing out fliers fliers for vehicle wurg la reez. >> >> reporter: miami-dade police not giving up. on friday police take proactive steps to catch this guy. >> we're trying to get him and the gun off the street. >> reporter: so police out here friday morning going block by block handing out these flyer. and what's the importance of this case? they say this guy here has
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>> been very active so we e nt to get him off the streets especially way gun. >> they release more surveillance joyed who they believe to be the same guy. watch him here riding around on hisicycle and le try handle on the cars. trying to see who left the c c unlocked. >> we're looking for this individual here. he broke into a a vehicle and stole a gun a few weeks ago. too many people coming into the neighborhoodnowing that the neighborhood is getting better and better. and they come in and victimise us. >> reporter: this isn't just a case of a guy trying car doors this is a case where he has tten a gun and. >> and we just don't know what le do it with it next. >> reporter: yeah, so an important case for miami-dade police. waint to gift the area that we're n. we're off northeast 10th avenue and 172 street. if)you recognize this guy, ping the phone and call crime stopper.
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once again miami-dade police concerned this guy is out there with a gun and you can help them tonight. >> we're live in northeast miami-dade. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> >> now at 5:00, a done deal in the case against a diplomat's son. the 15-year-old will avoid jail time after a shooting left his brother and another man dead. the case snow closed. his mother kay naidian diplomat relieved and reacting. sheldon fox has detail on the teen's punishment. >> and mak you jump out of bed at 5:00 in the morning have ywu to do push ups and you don't get to sas anybody back and youu know. a whole bunch of young i men and women in there. >> that's what 15-year-old mark why ba face. hard military discipline for miami-dade boot camp program before you it's better than than going to prison o o a felony murder charge. it's the mother sthat happy efts any time in the world because i
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>> that's ca naid aian consult general in miami nearly a year ago when her son mark and 17-year-old brother jean were involved in a drug deal and robbery that went wrong. it resulted in jean and one other shot dead eye would hide lied lie if i said things haven't been difficult. and the shots were fired killing jean and one oancht for so for nearly a year mark what been in jail face felony murder, attempted battery and aggravated battery charges. friday he took a plea the fact sthea completing boot camp that necessary. teteyears of super vision is what this entails. state will reduce the charges however, if he violates, he is looking at major prison time. >> bat cam. two years under house arrest.
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>> if he cannot keep straight. we'll see potent ten shallly 60 years in jail. i think there a huge risk. this give him a chance to straint out his life. the two others arrest ned this case were given similar plea deals. live in miami. 7 news. >> belkeys: two more zika cases confirmed in florida. one in miami-dade bringing the total to ten so far. >> four case have now been diagnosed in broompletd the total state wined stand at 26 now. eieit counties remain under a a health emergency. all of the zika cases were contacted overseas. the mismosquito born virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns including those with with small heasd and nerve damage. the sim tox zika cliewrksd rash, fever, joint pain, and red-eyes. there are currently is no
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>> td state set upp a hot line to answer questions if i time of the day with@concern. that's the number. we also have all that formation on >> craig: all right. now to that news later concerning the increasingly popular hover boards we s out there. lynn martinez has the detail in lynn. >> ln: it seems every few weeks there's a fire from one of the hover words and now the government is track down on these decisive toys. regulators sending letters to every single company that makes hover boards stlaig seize or recall any of the two wheel skooters if they fail to meet new releasas safety require mefnlts concerns with the lij umm batter rise inside the hover boards that could spark a fire has lead to many bands on airlines and cam college campus as well. the government says there have been five # fires at least that
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bonders in 20 different states. it lead to 2 million-dollar in property damage. two homes have been burned to the ground as we next as you recall they were a huge hit this holiday sfnl amazon.come offers full refunds to customers who bought a board at their site. new regulation comomg. in the satellite center. 7 news. >> craig also tonight it's crunch time for presidential candidates. a republican slug ses fes in south carolina. >> easy to say what makes america crazy. >> he howmedz bible and then lies. i-h- i think it's very wrong. >> and we have the momentum here in the state. >> we're going to go out and convince people to caucus on saturday. >> and the campaign is hitting a fever pitch. na. >> democratic vote ner ma nevada in the the plex with more. liz nagy with a look at the
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>> reporter: and it's been a bitter week on the campaign trail. republican candidates have just hours left to convince south carolina voters that they are the best pick for commander in chief while democratic candidates do the same in nevada. >> reporter: self funded front run any donald trump may be a day way fromm snatching up a second win in the represent represent nomination. it's been a nasty weekk in south carolina. >> this is ted cruz. stht biggest liar i've ever seen. even, i tell what you was good. even marco rubio said say liar and when a politician says another politician is a liar. i nemp felt that before. i felt good. and during hi rally on friday morning. >> easy to say what makak america crazy. he didn't print that on the the facebook but question to ask is do you understand what made america great in the first place?
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republican senators ted cruz and marco rubio are jockeying hard for the second place slovment south carolina's govenor and sitting senar have thrown lir weight behind rubio. >> we need to nominate someone that can wring us together. ly bring this party and movement together so we can begin the work of growing our move meant. jeb bush remind alongside his republican body also saying that he used george w and his mom to up hi pop popularity and john kasich is known there. and democratic voters will show up on sunday. and bernie sander is once again closing in on hillary clinton's lead. >> i hope you come out and join us on saturday morning. i'll work hard four asour pred. >> we'll be there. republicans and a democrats swat states next week. nevada caucus nexex tuesday and
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to the polls four days later on saturday. live in the satellite center. liz nagy. 7 news. >> belkeys: a day of final farewells at the a supreme court. president obama and first lady paying their refefntle the eight remying supreme court justices on hand as mourner pay tribute to justice sca lee a. scott na ma clay an has more from washington. >> reporter: the body of antonin scalia returning to the courthouse this morning. his casket pag pa passion a long line of law clerks and up the marble steps of the place where he is leaving his greatest legacy. i'm just struck bit number ofeople re7 thrd and shows his place in many lives. the eight remaining justice standing side by side as wung of sca lee's nine children, a catholic priest lead a catholic ceremony.
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congress pd their respects. outside hundreds waited in near freezing temperatures to remember the legal giant. the building was very dignified and somber and a think people there were generally there to pay respects for what he did for the country and as a man. >> keeping with tradition, his former law clerks will stand in constant watch over the cast tell until the funeral on zoo. vice president joe biden and gop candidate ted cruz will be there. cruz say noar supreme court himself who knew scalia personally. as scalia is remembered. talk on capital hill is made about who will be be made to replace shim and whether republicans will follow through onthe promise to block that process. and that beat he heats up on monday when they reconvene. scott ma clel on. 7 news. >> and harper lee the arthur of
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night. she will be buried in her home town of alabama. and racial in cuss just 'tis in a small southern town has been a best selling novel for decades since it's release in 160 and went on to win a film. of the. the sea qual hits theater next summer. harper lee was 89. >> belkeys: an ie i phone fight heating up. justice department a accusing ceo cook of interfearing with a eederal judge's order to forts tech giant to help the fbi hack into a cell phone use by one of the gunman in the the san bernardino attack. sa i'd farook and his wife opened fire at a county building in december killing 14 people. they both died hours later in a shootout with police. april sell refiewg citing digital pub lacy rites.
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that. the case will likely be decided in court. much more coming up on 7 news. a south florida teacher getting a lesson in theheaw. the alarming allegation against him. >> an apartment going up in flames and a young girl trapped inside. why her mother is facing charges to night. eye a thief buying big ticket items on someone else east dime. now another wan says this trick is familiar and she is bach about tt to just one station. >> belkeys: and a memorial too a man killed by police right after catching fire right after his family visited the spot. >> craig: and students inches from a disaster. why a bus driver didn'tt move as a train rolled through.
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>> >> belkeys: students on board for a terrifying trip. a train barreling towards them barely missing their ride.
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screaming for the driver to hit the gas. >> craig: the school bus scared scair forced administrators to take action and lynn martinez is s the satellite center with more on this. very close call lynn. >> lynn: very close call belkeys an craig. the ride home from school turned scary and one student started recording on his phone and shows you why every o o was so concerned. >> that's the sound of friets enhouston area high school students on a terrifying ride. >> and that's the sound of nervous laughter after the danger passes but way too close for their comfort. ah can see from cell phone video in the background, a train is driving by dangerously close to that school bus. >> that's crazy. the stew departments were on the way home when they sought train almost hit the wack of their school bus. >> it was at least a couple foat way. just coming that close woob life changing for me just to have that experience. >> after the close call the
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school saying the stew departments wa so cloud lowd,d, butts could not be driven safely. the student do not deny. that we were all screaming and telling her to move forward and every one was freakg out and terrified at the moment. >> lynn: school official say they fired the driver because she failed to follow standard protocol. the bus is supposed to be stopped a 15 feet from the tracks when the driviv look for signs of an on coming train. founately no one was hurt on the bus or the train. eefnlgt t e with us drivers daughter says the mother was a dedicad driver for zero years who faced bullying from students. in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right thank lynn. >> belkeys: next up here from the news plex. hard to miss this expensive truck if you spot on the street. a race tar karr team shoipg can help them get it back. >> craig: and could set ago
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site put your personal foin at risk? stay tune for my special assignment report. careful what you wish for. >> bkeys: and a student blind sided. yes says a group of teens
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> >> phil: it is finally friday and if you like today, you're going like saturday and sunday. high pressure will stick around. it's going to give us mild weather. however at the same time you can see th the spin right here. that's going to bring us a lile bit of cloud cover.. low level clouds sticking around over the next 48 hours. so we're going to see moments of sunshine. clououness and then back to the sun. it's going to be dry now and we may see some showers by next week ahead of another front and
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around 30% both for tuesdaynd with wednesday. over night low, there's going to be turning warmer especially as weo through the early part of next week right before that next front moves n. over night lows 70 and 69. also tuesday and wednesday. so here a the temperature croots sunshine state. what a beautiful afternoon. 65 degrees n. pensacola. i-10 towards the east. 72 in tallahassee in the 60's. over jacksonville and gainville. central florida very nice p pce to be today. 74 in tampa. 70 at the theme parks. south florida today we've seen partly cloudy skies. right now temperatures in the 70s. every where from palm beach through naples. fort lauderdale and miami. keys once again another beautiful day. 73 in marathon. 74 key west. the wind out of the northeast at around 12 miles per hour.
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split the nation in two,ig spin right here. snow, rain, across the great lakes. another winter storm moving in across the pacific northwest`but for us we really couldn't ask for any nice weather this weekend. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. small craft advisory. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for nut florida keys, also with ab advise roimplet winds picking upo 20 knots. seas beyond the reef building five to 8 feet. coastal water will be rough. next high tide miami. right around 6:30. 6:19 fort lauderdale. key largo the next high tide 6:47. 7:49 in key west. partly cloudy. nies nice and breezy. over night lows in the 60s. now tomorrow again sunny, cloudy. sunny that's, how it's going to be. highs in the mid 70s. the wind out of east. here's your extend out look. more of the same on sunday and monday. tuesday and wednesday with we continue to warm up theafd front and then temperatures me down
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and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> craig: thank you phil. >> belkeys: sthaildere from the sniewz news station. angry parents not only making emotional plea but taking action calling on law maker to help support a a plan that could save lives. >> craig: also two forces of nature coming together for this impressive site.
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>> craig: that is 7 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it here. 7 news a 5:30 is next i'm sticking around m lynn martinez will be there. so stay where you are.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> now at 5:30, cameras rolling on a ritzy rip off. main pulling off a holiday heist. good afternoon or good evening everybody. he snatched a very expensive gold chain ate flee market. a theft thatroke a sellers hearts open valentine's day. brandon beyer live onhe scene in oakland park with thvment brandon. >> reporter: well, bell key, we all want that perfect ool lentine's day gift but have you to pay for too. cops say this guy didn't and they have the surveillance video they say to prove it. >> he was standing here for a while you know. him. and then a i show him everything, he took off.
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copsay this guy want aid nice ain but didn't want to pay for it ee just go back a little bit and boom, take off just like this. and eleigh cha van any who call himself ram bo because he was an extra in ram bo three, 28 years ago. >> i put in my time. >> this is me before make up and a bill. >> and he says he noticed the suspect come and go several titis before finally asking to see a chain. >> and a got the sign over there. and anything more than 500 and you need a drivers license. but this time he happened the chain er. seconds later the suspect rafnlt ways standing like this a good two minute. i don't even move. outdoor in into a waiting black suv. ram bo left stiewfnld they need to stop this kind of people. my business say business there and any kind of business, you have negative stuff. >> reporter: all right. the surveillance joyed is pretty good. if you recognize that guy t


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