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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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copsay this guy want aid nice ain but didn't want to pay for it ee just go back a little bit and boom, take off just like this. and eleigh cha van any who call himself ram bo because he was an extra in ram bo three, 28 years ago. >> i put in my time. >> this is me before make up and a bill. >> and he says he noticed the suspect come and go several titis before finally asking to see a chain. >> and a got the sign over there. and anything more than 500 and you need a drivers license. but this time he happened the chain er. seconds later the suspect rafnlt ways standing like this a good two minute. i don't even move. outdoor in into a waiting black suv. ram bo left stiewfnld they need to stop this kind of people. my business say business there and any kind of business, you have negative stuff. >> reporter: all right. the surveillance joyed is pretty good. if you recognize that guy t
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you. call broward crimetopper 954-493-tips. we're live tonight in oakland park. brandon beyer. 7 news. >ynn: brandon, thank you. jail not baill for main accused of going on a crime spree. alfredo garcia will remain behind bars. the 32-year-old facing armed bbery charges. cameras captured hi most recent robberyunday at a gas station on this morning east 20th 20th street and 22 avenue in miami. someone came in and put a gun in my cashier and asked for money and our cashier acted properly and give haim the money in toward protect hi life. garcia also ripped off a student outside slam charter school in miami. remember this last month. steal higz gold necklace and his bracelet. bandit hitting a palm beach bank and he could be a repeat robber police say. surveillance cameras capturing man walking in and demanding
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wells fargo in jupiter on wednesday twhairg stylish hat too. police believe he is behind two other robberies in miami lake and boca raton. if you have any information on this guy or these crimes. call palm beach crime stoppers this is a different number. 1-800-, 458-tips. >> belkeys: parents of murdered kids making a passionate plea to their community. they are asking people to support a bill that they believe will break the the cold of silence when it come to gun violence. omar lewis has the story. >> my fear is another mother will be crying in a few weeks. for these mothers who all lost their children to gun violence, the thought of bullets coming feet way from students learning at school is something they will not accept. in just one week, two miami-dade county public schools came under fire. the first incident happened at carol city high school february 10t police say someone fired at least eight shots. in a drive by spree hitting a window. the second shooting happened
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tucker elementary in coconut grove. multiple rounds were fired. >> where a bullet entered a port able just miss age student. we are here standing against the carnage that has become a s reality. that's why on friday, members of the miami-dade public school board pastors and community leaders came together with the group parents of murderere kids pleading with miami-dade residents to get involved by calling law maker at the state capital. >> we are asking today if people can call senator greg evers because has an opportunity to put this back on the agenda. they are trying to pass a bill to help protect witnesses making it easier for them to come forward with information. right now when the risk a occur and they talk to witnesses and things tt. information is public information. we want to make that information private to save lives. >> also similar to how there are laws in p pce to enforce o tougher drug laws in school
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fighting to create ah law with with tougher penalales for people fieferg guns within 1000 feast a school. 19-year-old cedric anthony a adam wasrrested and bonded out of jail in connection to the sthoot agent carol city gh school. but these mothers want bond off the the table for these types of crimes. >> there are no aggressive penalties for the discharging of a firearm within a certain distance from school. it f- it was my cousin yesterday, but it may be yours next time. helpous community. speak out. so as you heard there they are hoping folk inhe community will pick up the phone and contacted lawmakers to help more parents from losing their children and bring justice for the parents you saw there who already have. for now reporting n downtown miami. omar lewis. 7 news. >> lynn: a roadside memorial to a south florida man killed we a co going up in flames. official believe a candle was ocked over spark blaitz way touching tribute was set up to honor corey jones.
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family was actually visising there paying tribute to him on the 4th monthtanniversary of his death. the 31 was shot to death by a former palm beach gardens police officer back in ofnlgt jones had been waiting for help along i-95 after his car broke down. >> take you cross country now. a mother forced to drop her baby to safety while trying escape an apartmentire in texas. their gilgd caught fire in houston. that woman thrhrgh the child from a second floor balcony into the arms of a firefighter. then the mother jumped herself. >> she was in an upstairs window holding the baby. she did not want to release the baby. the officer convinced her that it was in the best interest to drop the baby to them and they caught the baby. >> belkeys: the baby was n n hurt. one man did die. the mother and three other residents suffers minor
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>> lynn: hundreds of residents battling a fire nay off to the. a mall functioning prison law meeker caught fire and spread burning more than 1300 acres. the heat from the hire fier combining with the wind causing the flame to form a funnel cloud. >> belkeys: a smashing entrance into a grocery store in texas. the suv plowing through the front doofortz storeear tbornlgt smashing the wine and spirit section and hitting one woman pinning another underneath. that store o#ner says it felt like a war zone. liek sounded like our whoald world was crashing down. you know it aifnlt you next sounded like the ceiling was falling on the store and you know, when we looked over the side you could see everythinin knocked down. you really didn't know what it looked like. looked like something blew up down there expect it was just a vehicle thth crashed into it. >> well, 29 wirnlings the good news they were taken to hospital. they are going to be okay police believe the 59-year-old driver was under the influence of wine
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him. >> >> lynn: caught on camera. may rein who fought in wars overseas coming under tack on the the home front. he fought for our country and now battling for his health. >> belkeys: a military man wants to you watch a surveillance video inn the hopes of make april dreassments craig stevens has it in the satellite center for us. craig. >> craig: and this unprovoked attack happened outside the nation's capital and the victim thinks i knows yes was april bushed. >> this is surveillance video of an attack on a decorated marine. he survived iraq and afghanistan but fell victim tie group of angry teens in the nation's capital. the blow so severe they left chris march cez with a severe head injury. >> it's hard to sleep. i have a sharp pain that goes move my head around. outrage. you see the attackers who say
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yelled black lives matter. they yelled at me and asked if i think black lives mart. they were threatening and yelling at me soy thought if i ignored them and keep eating my food and they would leave me lelenlt because i didn't respond they called me a racist. as soons a with walked ou of mick done acialtiond i got hit on the back of the head and side of the head and i dropped to the grown and he said i looked unconscious. brought wack mem ors reeves the war and stuff. >> >> craig: while unconscious bloatz kept coming. a third teen robbed him of his wallet and id. >> and this week he received more thorough tests at the va since one of his attackers took his i dnchts he spent a week pleading with police to release the surveillance video. he hopes it will lead to the rest of of the attackers before they can strike again. >> although the marine was convinced he was targeted because of his raise. police say the attackers are wanted for assault and rob
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this point a hate crime. >> 7 news. a texas teen who told a judge that he he was too rich for prison is back before another judge. ethan couch's case is moved to another court. he ran with his mother after suspected of violating probation. he could spend 120 days behind bar. couch avd aid long prison sen ter tense for a drunk driving crash that killed four people in 2013. the a any argued he suffered from affluenza meaning his wealthy up bringing kept him from learnrng right from young. >> and a teen ciewdz of impersonate age state senator. detective say 18-year-old at ciks conditions fooled school officials into thinking he was stepping in for the senator at an upcoming speaking engage: they believed the teen because heooked the part and even had a personal driver.
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early, days early and said the senator had fallen ill and that he was there to take his place and speak. >> belkeys: well, officials discover the fraud weeks late whert real senator showed up for his scheduled engagement. police are still investigating the teen's motive. >> it if that's the case, that some good act oog it's a prank. maybe. cieched funn reminds mef the other teen charged acting like a doctor. oh yeah. as long as nobody gets hurt. that's true. coming up on 7 news. a high school teacher ciewdz of crossing the line with a few dent. we're live at 6:00. >> belkeys: a mother feeling the heat. her young daughter found home alone during a fiery emergency si. >> lynn: and a mother ciewdz of going on a shopping spree with victim's credit cards. two victims take ug talking to one station. >> belkeys: and a pet pal
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>> phil: and the weekend is here. saturday and sunday the say. easterly wds will push in coastal clouds. maybe a shower from time time of the entire forecast when we come back.
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>> >> a dog in danger, rescuer going after a pet in freezing water after he broke the ice. an emergency situation had roll reversed. >> lynn: that's right. a mama becomes dog's best friend ch liz nagy live in the newsplex liz. >> reporter: lynn, hi owner named him houdini baw he like to dippear and reappear.
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when the owner realized houdini was gone and might not make it back >> that's fine as long yards up onshore. >> a group of firefighters maneuvered a rescue on a partially frozen pond. they were trying to safe doll golden retrieve ver who fell to the icy waters behind the owner home named houdini with with. >> we saw hugh deknow trying get out o his own and he couldn't do. it the noarn just came home from work and put him open the par shall while he changed his clothes. and then he wasn't there. he heard shim sheeking and make splash from the middle of the pond. and then sigh lefnlts he was sure his 125-pound revoaf tree vor was gone. and then houdini's head popped out of waw tesh just like the escape artist he was named after. and for a few seconds he was thinking. should i go out there on the ice
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and he did the exact thing he was supposed do. he called 911. one firefighter went into the water and the other one grabbed houdini's front pause and the other firefighter lifted from the rear and we pulled houdini out. the dog had beeeein the water for about 45 minutes. firefighters wrapped houdini in a blanket and hi owner kept a closee eye on him over night. he is now back to his normal self muggingor the camera and shake hands with firefighters who helped rescue him. >> it's unbelievable how the help that was called for made it in the exact right time. >> well, because of that the department he is houdini's owner did the right thing by calling 911 when he d. too often tim people try to jump np and do a rescue themselves. live in the plex. liz nagy. 7 news. >> belkeys: thank liz. say cutie too. >> lynn: he is and he is alive. yay. >> lynn: much more ahead from
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>> belkeys: a stool school project where students can eat out of their own hands. >> belkeys: and let me rewind. a south florida organization accepts a cheaj from president obama. and. >> lynn: and a a special touch down at a south florida airport. wait 'til you see who is at the control here. it's not houdini.
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>> >> belkeys: another south florida school nowome to a
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students at royal pam elementary? southwest mied gathering with professional gardner from the education fund to plant a 3000 square foot food forest. they planted bananas. strawberries an even spinach. >> lynn: hum. >> different healthy eating traits and we're bringing it into, and we're bring bringing it into our school. basically we're eating fruits and vegetables to o ke us strong and healthy. >> belkeys: that's. it you got. it the education fund has 51 ed able garden in elementary school across miami-dadend they will add 16 more by the end of this school y%ar. the fruits and veg taiblgz from the forest are used in the school lunch and given to students to take home. >> lynn: eat your veges. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. so tonight we can almost split
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you can see plep tiff cloudiness on the northern end. mostly clear croos the south. a couple of wig winter storm here. and one of them developing for the the east coast for the middle of next week. temperature right now 35 degrees in new york. a little warp ner washington dc. 64 in atlanta. right now san antonio the warm spot with 82. off the breeze this afternoon, where he seeing a couple showers and ts is what we can expect over the weekend. moments of sunshin then some clouds move in. sprinkle here or there. a and t!pical temperature. our best chance of rain will probably be next tuesday. so tonight maybe a s swer. still breezy. do to high pressure sitting right over the area. tomorrow mostly crie dry. but again, we can't rule out an isolated sprinkle here. es spcial lay long the coast. then as we look in through sunday night, high pressure still with with us. looking nice. temperatures will be stage
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but in the long run, there's going to be a front moving in. sometime by the middle of next week so by tuesday head of that front there, schains of strong okeechobee. a better chance for a few showers here tuesday and in through wednesday. t that's area of low pressure makes it's way up ot east coast, another winter storm heavy know is expected and some sleet anywhere from the carolinas all across the northeast. here's the marine forecast for nit threat of rip currents. small craft advise roimplet biscayne bay with a moderate chop. nowrt florida ceerks also with an advisory. cost 258 waters turning rough. next high tide 6:24. 7:48:49 for the lower keys and your water temperature at 72 degrees. store tonight. partly cloudy skies. we may still see a c cstal showmpt over night lows in the 60s.
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then the clouds come n. then susuhine again. and in between thal may see an isolated sprinkle. almost typical temperatures. the average high should be a about 76. 77. mofort same on sunday. gets warm on monday, tuesday and we wednesday heas head of thatat front. then once it come through. temperature cool off just a bill little bit. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> belkeys: sounds good. thanks phil. >> lynn: miami-dade county accept age challengerom the commander in chief. >> belkeys: state representative fredrica wilson and school super a attendant call alberto carvalho taking on my brother's keeper community challenge. the mission create bid president obama to helpnshier sure at rest boys imrawd ate high school and get college. >> we are p shoapg many people but still we're losing them. i have lost so many.
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there is so much tragedyo we've got to do more than have town hall meet gz joo representative wilson is also the founder of 5000 role models will excellence project, a drop out proconvenient tiff program that president obama says is a teaching example for the nation. >> lynn: awesome. next tonight from the newsplex. a new movie turns the are rers reks of jesus christ into an vaismtion a sneak peak and sneak preview in reel news. >> belkeys: and a spectacular site at a spectacular park. we'll have that story behind this photo in the next hour.
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>> >> lynn: an o ompic medalist laition up to hit the track on a new take in the legend's story of. the race carries multiple
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>elkeys: and the story of the bibb la cle resurrection from a different poind of view. shireen inhe plex with tonights reel news shireen. >> reporter: yay, it's the weekend and there ray couple new move says hoping to knock the dentnt full out of the top stot. >> and miss seal got video life. joseph find stars in the new bibb la cle drama rest on. a and in the film he plays one of a roman soldier who try to investigate what happened to jesus. clay vee on is served up. the rester veks and he gets to witness that. yet still the seed of doubt the day after talking to cliefts on a rock. >> and they are not sure. and soy think that we kind of
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kind of mother shich consciousness if you like. rest on is rated pg13. >> >> this is way more than just another scary movie. we were filming. it the cast. we would talk about it didn't feel like that for us. it felt like a horrifying story about the break down of the family and what fear and isolation does for the human psyche. the witch is rated r. >> the new drama race tells an incredible story of jesse owens who broke records at the 1936
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a time of great wrai shall tension fors african american. actor sta fan jame was inspried by owens strength and determination. doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from. you're fully cape able after come plishing great things. that's what i want people to get from this. for those ten seconds you are completely flee. >> race is rated pg13 a. >> and look for eddie the e ele staring hugh jackman and tearington that tell a story of another olympic legend in theaters sunday. live in the news plex. shireeee sandoval. 7 news. >> belkeys: i still have to try and see mad mix. lynn: i have to see that too. >> belkeys: i can't get in for this mad max. >> >> lynn: have you to o r the oscars. >> belkeys: shireen is over there like oh, she just doesn't understand.
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5:00, i'm belkeys nerey. >> lynn: i ir understand. 7 news begins right now. craig will join belkeys. >> now on 7 news. a soh florida teach ear accused of a sex crime involving a student. a little girl trapped nay burke apartment. what her mother did heartbreaking. police say she stole a wallet and went on a shopping spree. and it may not have been the first time. >> and she just grabbed myy purse and grabbed my wallet. >> just one station talking to two victims and while you're shopping on one web s scht thieves could be cashing in on your information. it's a 7 news special assignmentt report. careful what you wish for. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. now at 6:00, a teacher in a courtroom instead after a classroom accused of crossing
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tonight a community reacting. >> we trust what is around us that our kids will be safe and unfortunately that is not the case. >> there ws student and she's a teach earnd he has no you bound dreams. he has to respect the the minors. >> to this school shocker. >> belkeys: hello and welcome every one. police say the the teach wears having a same relationship way student. >> craig: now the theheistrict plans to fire him. jessica holly live at palmetto senior high in pinecrest with the top story. jessica. >> reporter: that's right the the teach we are 15 years experience may havto find a new career. police say after school actitities crossed the line in room 301. jason myers. and the teach ear accused of having sex with the student. >> the defendant is the current 12th grade english teacher. >> reporter: myers arrested thursday night and p in court


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