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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight a community reacting. >> we trust what is around us that our kids will be safe and unfortunately that is not the case. >> there ws student and she's a teach earnd he has no you bound dreams. he has to respect the the minors. >> to this school shocker. >> belkeys: hello and welcome every one. police say the the teach wears having a same relationship way student. >> craig: now the theheistrict plans to fire him. jessica holly live at palmetto senior high in pinecrest with the top story. jessica. >> reporter: that's right the the teach we are 15 years experience may havto find a new career. police say after school actitities crossed the line in room 301. jason myers. and the teach ear accused of having sex with the student. >> the defendant is the current 12th grade english teacher. >> reporter: myers arrested thursday night and p in court
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report the teacher student relationship became sexual twice late last year at the school at palmetto senior high. individual. this the type of behavior we do not accept. >> and the apartment i was concerned about is did we notify ththparents quickly enough and the answer is yes. >> and this is the senior high school prince tall. and this week we served a disturbing allegation concerning an inappropriate relationship between a male teacher and female student at our school. >> i think it's disgusting. you trust your kids will be safe in an environment and sometimes they are not. at accused educator is married to another teacher here stlevment three children and o o open the way. >> it's sad. >> he wa a good guy and maig teacher. not any more. smiers orded to stay way from the students and school charged with a felony.
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the court is going to set bond at seven a $5000. >> and once he post bond he will be fitted with an ampg monitor and again he is to come nowhere close to this school. reporting flif pine crevment jessica holly. 7 news. now at 6:00, flames tearing through an apartment. residents in a panic eye just saw a bunch of fire d a came out. i was worried about my building. tonight a mother under arrest after police say her little girl was found inside a alone and afraid joo well, that child trapped side the burning home. >> craig: and what the mother is accused of doing before firefighter got there land her behind bars. 7's sheldon fox is live for us on the scene in miami. sheldon. >> reporter: but there"s also this story of a firefighter craig and belkeys, a man who ended up breaking a window, going inside and getting this little girl, pulling her to
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of one of his fellow firefighters t t this guy though t was all in a day's work. >> soy just told my partner to get on one knee. use him as a prove. he helped me up and i climbed in through the the window. here's why firefighters are often called heros. 6-year-old grace ra sell o is recovering at the hospital because she was saif saved by these first responders thursday nights. it was picking her up. turning around and taking her out the window. i hand her over to my partner. firefighter david ar ren see via of fire rescue was back at the scene a day after the deadly drama. he pulled the child through an apartment window on 9800 bck of with west flagler stwhreevment i picked her up she started moaning. little grace was identified to 7 news by her grandmother i# being treated at smoak for moak inhalation after cop say she was left alone inside an apartment.
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i smell a lot of smoke. outside that smokey home was 32-year-old ro sell a a. the child's mother. neighbors and cops say she knew her kid was inside td burning apartment yet can ditchedhe scene before she was arrested at the hospital where her child is being treated. she snow in jail at tgk and charged with child neglect and bodily harm. here's how bad it was inside that home. another three minutes inside and the lilg girl with would have likely died if not for a heroic save. if i'm a hero than the 2000 plus firefighters in miami-dade rescue and all the other fire partments in the nation are heros. >> and the firefighterer on scene think that that fire got started in the kitchen as for that little girl. she will be in the custody or in the the care of the state once she recovers and she is expected to make a recovery here. thrs also a a dependency hearing
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live in west miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right sheldon thank. a rush to rescue at a south florida apartment building. rescue crews working to safe dog and her puppies from a burning unit on 7th avenue. the animals treated on the scene and then taken to the development. >> >> they were in severe respiratory distress. they started to treat puppies and save them. >> and fou of those puppies are still missing. officials believe the fire may have started in the kitchen. >> >> craig: steals and deal. police say a women ripped off credit cards to use them to cash in several businesses and tonight two of the victims are talking to just one station. 7's vanessa medina live for news plantation with the imh clue sif. vanessa. well, we know a few thing about
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we know she goes into medical offices when their busy right in the middle of their day when they are busy seeing paipts. we know that she like louis vaton bapgz and we also know that she also enjoys a good loboter. a len na ross man couldn't believe herrize when she saw this video on 7 news. and she rognized the woman wearing the pink hoody. that woman at the a antura mall and about to buy a 2100-dollar louis vaton with a stolen credit card. a credit card she nabbed on january 15th from this woman who doesn't want to be identified. very upset and i mean, i was so sick to my stomach if you watch the video. she walk in and shows them exactly the bag she wants to buy. thief walking into this s dical building in plantation. looking through all of the offices. finding the victim's purse and stealing her credit cards. ross man believes the same woman
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months ago when she walked into her dentist office in plantation. so she are started walking around like she knew this office. she walk around and go in the back and i wasas wondering why is she walking everywhere. she was wearin a white wig but wearing the same thing. sweater and the same. >> and&trying to be in con spik youous at the same time. >> she was look and look and what brought me attention was she was acting weird. i got out like this and opened the ndow and a start talk, greeting our patients. and that's when the woman grabbed her thousand dollar matching wallet with credit cards inside. >> she spent more than like a hundred dollars on red lop lobster and then she stop at the gas station and she went to publix in hollywood. >> reporter: in both robberies the thief going to this
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celebrate her concur. both victim out thousands of dollars an want her caught. >> so police need your help if have you any information at all, are you urged to call broward crime stoppers. that phone number 954-493-tips. in the video you can see her face police are hoping that someone turn her in. they are following several leads. reporting live in plantation. vanessa medina . 7 news ie. >> craig: all right vanessa. thieves racing off wh a race car teams big rig. somebody stole the teen's motor sports prans ra transporter from the house. none of the race cars inside that tractor trailer at the time but a lot of equipment hauled way worth about 300 grand. >> transporters are almost like your home. everything in there all our radio computers and our base cam so when that disappeared it will be pretty hard to get. that there t- say tight community. some of our friends are reached
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they can do to help. >> craig: it happened at the warehouse long northwest 13-78g avenue and green road. if you know anything about, this calllcrime stopper at 954-493-tips. >> belkeys: a south florida teacher's union making a historic choice electing the firsr hispanic president. carla hernandez map mats of hon dur ron decent picked a moongt teachers of daivmentd the teacher will lead the group of more than 14,000 members. the group is the largest local union in the southeastern united states ienchts coming frupt newsplex. quite a square for students on their school bus. driver is in hot water now. >> belkeys: eye popular holiday gift igniting plenty of trouble. now the government has a messagege for manufacturers. >> craig: the president and first lady play paying their respects tie supreme court justice and they are not the o only ones. >> belkeys: and it's known a the biggest on line retailer. but there maybe a feature crooks are cashing in on.
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it's a 7 news special signment report after the break. >> 7 news now bringing you more news than any other station inn the country with three extra hours of today in florida. sunday's eight to 11:00 a.m. just one station has you covered. 7 news.
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>> >> belkeys: there's an old saying be careful what y@u wish for and that is true when it come to on line shopping. >> craig: and a big feature could lieu someone to steal your identity. >> >> craig: we all love shopping on line. on am down can buy just about anything kay or night eye you amazon sto shop for everything now from household gooto technology. >> craig: and if you're not
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can put it on your wish list. >> if i want a lusm eerie for myself later on, i keep it there. >> craig: but what many people don't realize when you click that button it is public for every one out there to see. >> all need is your own amazon account. type in their yur friend's name or e-mail address and see what is on their list. a here's bell key, looks like she wants to get busy in the kitchen. and howard finklestein having a public wish list could reveal things you want to keep private. a book on cancer or va near yal disease or something having to did with a failed relationship. those people are seth out on eye course to harm you. you just put bullets in their gun. but not just about embarrassment or invasion o o privacy. a public list list say gateway to identity theft. >> it's dangerous because it is
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>> >> craig: internet security expes from a secure state used a wish list to see how easily they could take control of a volunteers private account. >> we were able to get hi wish list and call up amazon and reset his account from&from there they wereble to gain billing a address, last four of the credit card information and from there it lea to farther compromise. we called amazon and they doesn't respond p. our shoppers had different reaction. david says he isn't changing anything. the minute do on line shopping you'll be open to those attacks. and die nan made her list private. and make me funny on the books waint to read. i'a private person. i don't want that out floovment and make sure you know what is private and what is public and be careful what you wish for. and if you do want to switch it maingd it private. it takes two seconds.
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you can no longer find your wish list. >> don't'try to hack me. pgh still head his friend found i deep trouble and the pet owner determined to get help. and it is supposed to be a water fall but look like something else. and if you liked today you will love the weekend weefl see a little bit of everything. sunshine, clouds and breezy conditions and maybe april isolated shower. the tiern forecast when we come back. >> and i'm mike dipasquale coming up. check in with with the heat tonight. the first game after the all-star break and the marlins back on the field. pitchers and catchers reported today. we'll hear from jose fernandez lit ner 7 sports.
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>> >> craig: a famed rock band take it's voi amg high in the sky. iron maiden bad riefging at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport. they boarded the new jumbo jet
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>> nine hours across the pond and my first landing in a 747. hey, what's not to love? >> craig: his first time flying a plane after spending a lot of t te which you need to do to qualify in a sim lay tore. the band is town to wick ofort world tour at the bb and tb t center next week. i hope there ways co pilot just in case. a south florida rollercoaster getting ready to make it's final plunge. the hurricane in dania beach will be torn down march 16th. maybe you've seen. it it's a hundred feet high. like right off i-95 and it's been removed to make way for a 1 million square foot shopping center called dania point. the first phase of the center is expected to open in the fall of 2017. > >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. not a bad look friday here across s sth florida. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon highs mid 70s.
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now if you like today, saturday and sunday, more of the the same. we're going to see mlments of cloudiness. plenty of sunshine. cloud return. it's going to be breezy. and maybe offeof that breeze werks may see a sprinkle moving in. temperature right now across broward county. 70 degrees. 71 in mia and miccosukee. the same in key west. pressure is steady the wind picking up between 14 and 24 mierpz ch the humidity 61%. so off that breeze, weee a few showers moving in along coats here. broward and miami-dade. and again, when it gets this breezy there's always going to be a little bit of moisture moving in croos coastal communities. re's the big view. they say a huge dome of high pressure sitting right croos the southeast. and that is what will be pushing in. see this darkness right here. those are low level clouds and they will be hanging acrcss
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so off of that breeze, a a shower tonight. high pressure staying put. tomorrow still breezy mostly dry. but we can't riewt rule out a fast moving sprinkle across the area and the by sunday, wind will shift a little bit. still looking nice. maybe an isolated shower. and the temperatures will remain where they should be this time of year as far as highs are concerned. mid to upper 70s. here's the marine forecast. the threat of rip currents will be the. small craft advisory tonight. do to the winds and seas. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for new in the florida@keys. still looking at an advise are o ri do to the 20 knot winds and seas beyond the reef. buildi five too 8 feet. coastal waters looking rough. next high tide for miami w wl be almost at 6:30. almost 7:00 in the morning in fort lauderdale. for key largo. 6:. 7:49 in key west. tonight partly cloudy. isolated showers.
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the wind out of east five to miles per hour. partly cloudy tomorrow. again, you're going see moments of sunshine. maybe a sprinkle. highs will be in the mid 50e678 and here is your extend owltd look. more of the same on sunday. warming up monday, tuesday and wednesday. head of a front, a a few showers. front comes through. a and then back to nice and mild for the end of next week. and that's yr 7 on 7 forecast. >> belkeys: thanks phil ievment. >> craig: weant to introduce to a miami-dade 4th grader whos a big reason to celebrate. >> belkeys: danella who is the daughter of diana diaz won the essay contest. a scholarship by govenor scott during a reception in tallahassee. >> i would like now for all of us to congratulate 4-78g grade
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school in miami florida, miss danella dar angelo. wow, her es stay told the story of former miami-dade police offifir jd patterson who retired from the department last month. >> con grass. co college scholarship. at award is no jeefnlgt what a thrill. trip to tallahassee. and the govenor. congrats. and theheeat heat back in action tonight and the team will have to figure out how to replace chris bosh. and then katie holmes like you've never seen here. she to the award of deco and one of the challenging roles in her career. coming up at 7:30.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with mike dipasquale. >> hi every one. day one of spring flaing jupiter. stted with marlin pitch eanders catcher on the field. full squad reports next tuesday. and let's get it started. there are new face with the 2016 marlins. there's new manager done mattingly and all time home run king barry bond. the team's new hitting coach. it's early but the case of staft jose fernandez feels good coming in. >> i'm a fan. i'm a fan of our team honestly from the bot p p of our heart. think we have what it takes. think we can go out against anything any day. >> really just looking for ward
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pretty proud of our guys. honestly and we'll see if we can. if there's eye reason for. thatat more with the marlins at 6:30 no update on the the late weft cis borcht we do know he is not with the team in atlanta night dywane wade say game time decision against the hawks with a soreight next mentioned no cb. no one knows if and when bosh could return this season. the heat are 5th in the east right now. and right now they are dealing without their leading scorer and bosh. >> obviously to be played in a game we're not really going to understand the voifd missing chris so we need to get out in the game a little bnd bit and you understand you're missing 20 points a game right now. so we haveo figure it out. two game narrow back to back. we're going to have to figure it out. college hoops tomorrow. no. 5 north carolina. tbhirnt on sole possession of the first acc. miami coming off a 69 to 45 win.
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cane with a game high 14 and 46. and now the canes turn their attention toto the car tar heels. and it's really just another game. now we're both tide for first place but we got to treat it just like any other game and not let anything else get in our head to make us think it's a different game. a at the end of the day we have to play de eent seasoned put the ball over. it and justt do it wait do you every day. the first place flan thers continue the six game home stand. tomorrow night at sunrise agaiait win na peg jets. cats lead at five points. and the pro check is blaming himself from the opportunities last night in sunrise against san jose we was stopped on a pair of break ways by shots goally martin jones ch panthers ended up loosing two to one in a shootout. and a point say point well. need him right now and we need every point but we need that extra one too. we need the second one.
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if you're going capitalize on more chances, i have to capitalize on ool three chaps and that's on me ooflt canes baseball night the u- ranked 4th in the preseason poll. start the season with a three game set against rutkers. highlights first at 10:00. that's sports. back to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: thanks mike. >> craig: that is 7 news at 6:00. thank for watching. have a good weekend. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. stick around. lynn will join me next for 7 news at 6:30 up next. >> craig: good night.
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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: first at 6:30 an animal rescue taking place at a south florida apartment building that goes up in flames. >> lynn: good evening firefighters saving dog after a an part goes up in flames. >> belkeys: and ax diprato has more of debt tails of of this fire. alex. >> reporter: belelys, it all broke out, the fire here in this


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