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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: first at 6:30 an animal rescue taking place at a south florida apartment building that goes up in flames. >> lynn: good evening firefighters saving dog after a an part goes up in flames. >> belkeys: and ax diprato has more of debt tails of of this fire. alex. >> reporter: belelys, it all broke out, the fire here in this
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human inside ch but there was a mother dog and her puppies that were trapped by the fire. >> i got the oxygen many here. firefighter treating a mother dog and one of her puppies. i would take these guys off soon. >> reporter: they are given oxygen in the back a rescue unit way specially designed mask for amals. >> they were in severe respiratory distreesms our cws started using the pet mask that we keep on the truck and they were using oxygen and trying to saft the pup feez. the blaze broke out on northeast 24th street in miami monday afternoon. firefighters believe it may have snartd swing. i have a puppy and a feel bad. that's why i was asking to see if the mom is crying. i feel bad. i'm a puppy lover you know. firefighters say they were able to save three other puppies but four remain missing the dog's owner rushed to noel's animal clinic where the puppy and mother was wr take ep.
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>> most important thing is they stay warm and stay with their mom and eat regularly. in femplet smoke as long as none of those things are impaired she won't have any issues since she didn't present any respiratory distress. >> to night the unit has been board up and the red cross is assisting the the woman who lived here in this unit. we'reive in miami. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> i'm alex, thank you. policer sching for the thief behind a ritzy rip o. police say they noticed the man come and go several time before getting his hand on a 14 car you rat gold chain on valentine's day. surveillance video rolling as the crook made his getaway and leaving in an suv. chaintalued at 6500-dollar. >> he was standing here for a while noivment d we come over here. i shoi show it to himment and then a aer i show him everything, he took off. it happened at a flea market
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if yououecognize the money call broward ime stoppers 954-493-tips. could you beel able for a cash reward a and you can remain a none nows. jail not bail for main accused of going on a crime spree. a alfredo garciatage behind bars. the three # year-old facing several cowrchedz armed robbery for a pliew sliewf pick ups in south florida. 32 year old. cameras captured his most recent robbery sunday at a gas station on northeast 20th street and 22 avenue in miami. garcia also accused of ripping off a student outside slam char tear school i miami last month stealing his gold necklace and bracelet joo the federal government is crackdown on hover boards demanding they follow safety standards. regular lay towards set sending a throar every company that makes them say threg seize or recall any of the two wheeled shooter that fail o meet the newly released requirements.
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bordz lithium eye on batteries can spark fire that lead to bans on several airlines and college campus. the fed say there have been five # fires that users say were caused by hover boards across 24 states. those fires scorching $2 million worth of property. two homes were burned to the ground. you might remember hover boards were a huge hit this holiday season. recently offered pull refunds for customers who bought wawn through their site. >> lynn: now to the re for the the white house. the republicans are gearing up for the south carolina primary tomorrow. >> belkeys: and the democrats are ready to duke it out in nevada. liz nagy live in the satellite center with a look head at the big political weekend. belle liz. >> danielle: snoo belkeys and lirntion republicans and candidates have just hours leaft to convince south florida vote
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for commander in chief while crem craict candidates dot same in nevada. >> >> front runner donald trump may be a day out from snatching hi second win. it's been a nasty week in south carolina. >> this is ted cruz. this is the biggest liar i've ever seen. >> even, i tell what you was good. eek even marco rubio sd he say liar and when a politician says another politician is a liar. i never heard that before. i fell so good. >> reporter: cruz hit back during hi campaign rally on friday morning easy to say wha make america great. you can even print that on facebook. but question to ask is do i understand what made america great in the first place? >> reporter: the two cuban american republican senators ted cruz and marco rawb riewb are jockeying hard for the second place slovment south carolina's govenor and sitting senator have thrown their w wght behind rubio.
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to bring us together. i know i can better than any one in this raise. ly bring this party and movement together sow wk i begin the work of growing movement. >> reporter: jeb bush appeared alongside his famous family often this week using former president george w and his mom to up hi popularity. and john kasich is make himg self known as the compassion candidate n. nevada will voters ll show up to caucus on saturday, democratic socialist bernie sanders is once again closing in on hillary clinton's lead. >> i hope you'll come out and caucus 11 on on saturday morning. i'm work hard four as your pred president. >> we'll be there. and next week republican as and democrats will swap states. nevada will democrats on tuesday andepublicans head to the polls on saturday. >> live in the the satellite center.
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>> belkeys: also so night the president a and first lady taking part in a final public farewell to a supreme court justice a. a solemn day in washington dc as the eight remange justices and thousands of of mourner pay tree diewt to justice antonin sca lee a. reporter scott ma clan shows sniews the the body of justice tonin scalia returning to the supreme court this morning. his flag draped casket silently carried papa a long line of law clerks and up the march gel steps of the place where he leaving his greatest legacy. i'm just struck bit numbers of people represented there and it shows his place in many lives. the eight remange justices standing side by side as one of scalia's nine children, a catholic priest lead a private ceremony. through the the mercy of god rest in peace. president obama and members of ngress also visited the court to pay their respects. outside muns waited in near freezing temperatures to remember the legal giant. >> sad.
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dignified and very somber thaind people were general you inly there to pay respects for what he did for the droin a and what he did a a man. >> and keeping in tradition hi law clerk will stand over the funeral on saturday. >> vice president bo joebiden and gop candidate ted cruz will behere. cruz say former supreme court clerk hi sem who knew scalia personally. >> as scalia is remembered. focus on capital hill remains on who will replace him and follow through on a process t t block the process. that beat heets heats whup the senate reconvenes on monday. scat ma clalanlt 7 news. >> belkeys: and these are live picture of the supreme court building that outside. you can see hundreds possisiy thousands of people still standing in line there to pay their respects to the supreme
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get in and say goodbye to antonin sca lee a. >> lynn: also today the litter ar ri world is mourning the loss of a legend. harper lee. the winning artrtr of to kill a mocking bird died last night. she will be buried in her home town of alabama. to kill a mock bird, a child's perspective of racial in justice in a small southern town has been a best serl for decades since 1960 and went on to be a oscar winning fill p. the see with qual on the right go set a wat man was released last year. harper lee was 89 years old.. >> belkeys: and coming up on 7 news at 6:30, the the students say they got a scare on the school bus because of one frightening ride. angry administration ood ors reacting fast iecht and a pet fall through thin ice. the rescue effort a ahead. >> belkeys: and a water fall looking like a fire fall.
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>> >> belkeys: student on board for a terrifying trip. a train breling towards them barely missing their bus. they say they were screaming for the driver to hit the gas. >> lynn: the school bus scarere forcing administrators it take tion. >> that the sound of frighten houston area high school students on a terrifying ride. >> and that's the sound of nervous laughter after the danger pass but way too close for their comfort. >> as you can see from cell phone video in the background. a train is rolling by dangerously close to that school bus. >> that's pretty crazy. the students were on their way home when they sought the train almost hit the back of their school bus. that was close. like at least a couple feett away so just coming that close would be light change for me to have
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of that close call, the driver brought the bus backo school saying the students were so lowrkd the bus could not be driven safely. the student don't dy. that we were all screaming and tell thoarg move forward and every one was just really freaking out and really terrified at the moment. >> school district official say they fired the drir because she failed to follow standard pro to could. the bus is supposed to be be stopped which call for at least 15 feet from the tracks when the driver looks for signs of an on columning train. fortunately no one wa hurt on the bus or the train. that was really closely. the with us drivers daughterer says her mother was a dedicated driver for 20 years who faced bullying from students. >> belkeys: one ref rescue taking place on the ice. firefighters rushing to a frozen pond outside of chicago where a golden retrieve ver fell through. the own fler heard the dog ca k- fall through the ice and called
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rest you ceer grabbed the dog's pause and lifteit out of icy wa water. that dog wa was wrapped nay blanket and after shake hands with firefighters, he is back iniide nice and warm and he looks very happy. yes, playing with his toy. houdini. wee come to know him very well of this afternoon here. >> lynn: bad houdini. >> belkeys: absolute light. and firefighters with a busy weekend head battling a wild fire that is still burping out of control. >> phil: all right. the weekend is here. if you like today we can expect more of the same on saturday and sun day. the enti out look in a couple minutes. >> and then later fun sun and mexican br barbecue thvment sid enhotspot is upping the the game on a south florida favorite. time with deco. check it out at 7:30.
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>> >> >> lynn: well,art of oklahoma up in flames after grass burn in a wild fire. the fire is sparking in the eastern part of stata near tulsa. building and structures burning to the ground as official shut down roads and order evacuations. tonight fire crews are slowly imaing upter hand no. 1 has been hurt. >> belkeys: fears flames tearing through an apartment complex near atlanta. this part bring burning down the roof and chimney before it burned through the complex.
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the good news. no one was sereously hurt but now the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> >> lynn: and a site to see for visitors at yosemite national park in california thvment mesmerizing view is called fire wall because it look like fire right there on the the rock. it is not fire flowing off the cliff it's the sun peek through a water fall. optical ee illusion only happens around this time of year.. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and good evening every one. in for a quiet night here across of s. temperatures across the state. look at thvment basic will from orlando all wait into the panhandle in the 60s. 59 in jacksonville. we are looking at temperatures in the low 70s across south florida. right now we are lookk at very small dotted showers moving in across northeastern mied county and that's how it will be tonight and tomorrow and in through sunday. any time it's breezy you're
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so expect sunshine, clouds, sunshine and maybe a stray shower. this is the big view. huge dome of high pressure. its that high that is pushing in. you see all this darkness right there. a those are low level clouds and that's what we'll be dealing with over the the next 24 to 48 hours. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents tomorrow. small craftdvisory. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys, looking at an advise are o richt coastal water rough. next high tide a minute after 7:00 tomorrow morning. 7:49 for the lower keys. tonight partly cloudy. could see a fast moving shower. over night lows will be in the 60s. might be able to sweek out an upper 50 in the western suburb of miami-dade. tomorrow cloudiness sun, cloudiness. with we cauld see a couple sprinkle.
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average about 76, 77. we're going to start to warm up by early next week with a chance for showers. then another front come through and back to mild temperatures. has your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> mike dipasquale. >> heat in atlanta tonight. next.
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with a one game suspension. with chris woshut ricky now gets more play time a starter. he is averaging five points and five rebound a game. rookie nose he will play a bigger role down the stretch. we've had injury the whole season. i've been out. she's been out. about different people stepping up. every one is pretty happy and excited about the second half of the season. so you know no excuses. every team has injury. just got to find guy keep battling and win. >> !nd marlins and pitchers on the field in jiewf for today. our donovan campbell was there. heaz kay one of sprin training. the weight is finally over. baseball is back. this is a great day. >> it's the start of ofit all. and you know for me a new place, a new opportunity. just excited to be here with this club. like always. pitchers and catchers report to
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marlins hope their arm strength make for a strong 2016 season. and we have to report first and i think it'ss nice. think it's night. you start talk tooth catcher. you get to note catcher and jt and a couple of newuys and new pitchers. nice to kree thait bond before all the guys get here. the marlins are also eager to learn from hitting coach barry bond who wasted no time toake his presence field. and you know barely bons is major home run king eye next kind of like good to talal crap to him time ch go to him and tell him i can hit it farther than u. it's g. i like too. we're going see who will be the the first guy because i want a bond jersey signed for him. mr. bonds, mr. bds, you know. >> so it's hard. it really s. he is one of the best hitters all of time of after bonds will get to talk thoim tomorrow a marlin fan
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for no in jupiter ch condone no van campbell. 7 7 orts. and rear we're at home for the race could. rej begins here on channel 7 at high noon. coverage continue last n nht. dale earnhardt junior lead 43 to six laps. he wouldn't first of the dual race. the win fer starts from the third spot on sunday. an emotional time for junior. 15 years ago this jeengd his dad deal senior died at daytona. and i'm guilty of day cream age little bit about winning this race nightecause of the day. that's very special to me. pgh i really want in my heart to seat stuff on social media and so forge. the best way to gage the reaction to a day like thvment you see a lot of people mention him and even the braves and all that stuff and it's prepretty cool. >> big man on sports extra sunday nighter ek lad. he has 11 goals so far helping the panthers lead in the a atlantic division. it's a hockey night on extra on
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belkeys and lynn back flay minute.
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>> belkeys: that's a wrap for us here on 7 news at 6:30 have a great weekend everyone. i'm belkeys nerey. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. >> it wa nice spending time with you. >> belkeys: you don't lowe love me. >> lynn: i do le you. how much do i have to show you? >> real-time closed cacaioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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>> >> trump versus the pope. >> you've been in fights with a lot of people. but the pope? >> world reaction. >> i mean this takes taylor swift versus kanye west li nothing. >> then walking dead 911. cops raid their home because they're watching the walking dead. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting? >> plus, the shocking plot to frame a pta president. >> by this married couple. >> did you knowingly participate in a scheme with your wife to frame kelly peters? >> now final vindication. >> this is not okay to do to somebody. then, sister versus sisters. how the murder of their mother


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