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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. south florida teacher out of the classroom. and in cuffs for what he's accused of doing with a udent. mother's accused and now jailed for leaving her little daughter inside of a burning home. but there's a hero to this another fire another risky rescue. this time pets are trapped byy the flames. one of the year hottest
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exactly the problem. ultimatum tonight to company who make hover boards. dark color h he? those are some low level clouds and they are headed our way. what does it mean for your weekend? and she shopped as surveillance camera rolled. >> the reach in my purse and grab my wallet. >> tonight a second victim talking to just one station. after seeing video of the crook on 7ews. hello welcome everyone. >> all the news right here first at 10:00. south florida teacher received a tough lesson in the law. locked up. accused of having sex with a student. hole again everybody. good evening. that man is married. >>nd his wife works at the same school. walter morris live outside palmetto senior high in pine crest with more on this. walter?
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accused of having sex with a student in a classroom after school and tonight the married father of three with one on the way is behind bars. you teacher in hot water. 40-year-old jason edward myers before a judge. accused of having sex with a student. >> the defendant is her current 12th grade english teacher. >>reporter: arrested thursday night and in court friday morning. according to the arrest report the teacher studentnt relationship became sexual twice late last year. after school at miami palmetto senior high. >> we have terminated that individual. thinks the type of behavior we don't accept. >> the part that i'm concerned about was did we notify the parents quickly enough and the answer is yes. >> good morning this is principal of miami palmetto senior high school. >>reporter: automated call went out to parents friday morning. >> this week we received disturbing alleges concerning an inappropriate relationship between a male teacher and under age female student at our school. >> it's disgusting.
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disturbing. >> you trust your kids are going to be safe in an are not. >>reporter: accused educator married to another teacher here. they have three children and one on the way. >> it's sad. sad. i can't believe it's happening. >> really good guy and amazing teacher. >> we have known him for three years. >>reporter: myers ordered to stay away from the students and the school. charged with with felony. sexual battery on a minor. >> we set bond at 75,000 dollars. >>reporter: again a rep for the district calling these allegations reprehensible and saying myers will be fired. reporting live in pine crest, 7 news night team. trapped by flames with no way out. young child left to fend for herself. >> all i see is smoke and smoke and smell a lot of smoke. >> as smoke surrounds animals in another fire. the night team working both
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the rescue. >> firefighters race to both scenes pulling a 6-year-old girl and group of puppy to safety. >> that was just the beginning. we have coverage. alex has update open the injured dogs but w begin in west miami-dade with sheldon fox who spoke to the firefighters who risked his life to save that girl. sheldon? >>reporter: we did speak to that firefighters. the story also belkys about a mother whose lock up facing charges of neglect but as you talked about that, firefighters stepped in. saved the day along with others and for him, it was all in a day's work. >> i just told my partner to get down on one knee. use him as a prop. he helped me up and i climbed in through the window. >>reporter: here's why firefighters are often called heroes. 6-year-old grace is recovering at the hospital because she was saved by these first responders
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her up, turning around and taking her out the window. i handed her over to my partner. >>reporter: firefighters david of miami-dade fire rescue back at the scene day after the near deadly drama. he pulled the child through an apartment window on the 9400 block of west flagler street. >> when i picked her up she thing. >>reporter: little grace identified to 7 news by her grandmother is being treated for smoke inhalation at nicholas children's hospital after cops say she was left alone inside of an apartment. >> all i see is just smoke smoke and smell a lot of smoke. >>reporter: outside of that smokey home was 32-year-old erica rose the child's mother. neighbors and cops say she knew her kid was inside the burning apartment yet ditched the scene before she was arrested at thee hospital where her child was being treated. she's now in jail and child with child neglect with bodily harm. this is how bad it was on the inside of the home.
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and the also girl would have likely died. if not for heroic save. >> if i'm a hero tn the 2000 plus firefighters miami-dade fire rescue and all the other fire departments in the nation are heroes. >>reporter: indeed. they think the fir got started in the kitchen. they also tell us officials do that that little girl will be in the care of the state once she gets out of the hospital and recovers and yes thankfully she will recover. she also has a dependenc hearing scheduled for tomorrow. we are in west miami-dade sheldon fox 7 news night team. >> from that scene in west miami-dade shell done to another one in miami. alex continues our night team verage with this. alex? >>reporter: there was a fire in a second floor unit of ts building here near biscayne bay today. there were animal trapped and
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best to save most of them. all out effort by firefighters to save a dog and one of her puppies. they are given oxygen in the back of rescue unit with especially designed mask for animals. >> they were in severe respiratory distress. our crew started using the pet mask we keep on the truck started administering oxygen and starting to treat the puppies trtrng save them. >>reporter: two then taken to the animal clinic where x-ray was done on the puppy. >> we took x-rays as you can see behind me to make sure there wasn't sere trauma to the lung from the smoke inhalation. >>reporter: the trouble started for the dog and her 8 puppies when they were all alone in the second floor apartment. at 6:77 northeast 24 street in miami. fire broke out in the kitchen. dog owner says she was at neighbor's home heard alarm and came running. dog and 4 puppies were saved.
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missing. and tonight the woman is being assessed by the red cross. this apartment is uninhabitablethis apartment is uninhabitable. we are live in miami tonight, 7 news night team. >> case closed after a deadly drug related shoot out. 15-year-old man accepted a plea de-house arrestor two yourself then 8 years probation. >> it's the mother that is the happiest in the world because e i get to have my son back. >>reporter: his mother there diplomat from canada. prosecutors sayhile he and the 17-year-old brother went to buy drug in miami a year ago when gun battle broke out. his brother and another man were killed. cops want to find man who stole a gold chain from south florida store. caught on camera entering a flea market. approached a kiosk asked to try on the chain then took off from the business located in the 3000 block of west oakland park boulevard in oakland park with 20,000 dollar chain still
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are asked to call broward crime stoppers at this number on the screen. two police union at odds tonight and it has to do with an up come beyonce concert in miami. yesterday the president of the miami fraternal orderf police ortiz called for his members notto work security at her concert at marlins park in april. he said her superbowl half time performance of her song formation had anti-police message. ortiz tweeted this on thursday. showing intera referee uniform with the words back the blue boycott beyonce. today the president of the miami community police benevolent association which represents african americanh officers fired back. they issue a statement which reads in part ortiz call for police officers to advoca their sworn duty to protect and servee even the unpopular by boycotting up come concer is
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prove to be a long pattern of irresponsible is behavior on his part yesterday miami police chief told 7 news beyonce's concert will be properly staffed. live look outside our north bay village studio where we are looking easy breezy may not be perfect but nice weekend is on tap. and phil is here now in the weather center. >>reporter: couldn't have said it better myself. cloudy night across south florida. nice and mild temperatures. few fast showers. now saturday is looking pretty good. we see moments of clouds then sun then clouds and fast moving sprinkle off the breeze. same pattern will continue on sunday. right now we still looking at some very small sprinkles right across lower floridadaeys. you can barely make them out. that is what te have seen this afternoon across coastal broward and miami-dade countiesbroward and miami-dade
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ou weather. that is going to keep the breeze strong. that means well the boating and beach conditions are not goioi to be that good this weekend. sohis high pressure the winds will be rather strong. that's going to make for those isolated showers moving in and it's also going to be on the cloudy zion and off. afternoon low 63. afternoon high is 79. we will continue to warm-up here as we go in through monday tuesday and wednesday. another front comes through and then we cool down a little bit for thursday and friday. i'll have more in the local forecast a little bit later on. series of explosive mishap involving a popular toy is sparking change. warning now going out to companies who make hover boardscompanies who make hover boards. the risky ride have been banned on airplanes even asome college campuses. >> liz is live on lincoln road on miami beach with more now. liz.
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the kind of place where people whiz around on the hover board and beside the obvious safety hazard for the pedestrians out here consumer safety commission is now saying throws another danger to the people on them and cracking down hard on manufacturers and retailers. why walk when wheeling around is so much easier. >> sometimes walking is obsolete. because of the hover boards. >>porter: the fun speedy little two wheel toy not so entertaining when they spontaneously burst no flames. it's h hpened so many times in the past few months at least 52 that the u.s. consumer product safety commission is now issuing a stern warning evening threatening recall to those in the hover board business saying quoteake certain that self balancing scooter that you import, manufacture, distribute or sell in the united states
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applicable voluntary safety standard. our initial reaction is good. because quite honestly it will start getting more awareness out to other people about the importance of buying from reputable retailers. we are if the going to stock the shelves with things that are going to be exploding for the your children. >>reporter: concern is with the litheum battery inside the moving board this can somehow short out and spark a fire. >> these are batteries not going through proper testing and we can't stress that enoughand we can't stress that enough. >> carefully charge the unit. >>reporter: hover board caught the attention of kid and adults quickly. they were the must have gift this past holiday season. perhaps a gift some wish they had paid a little extra for. >> you might be saving some money going down to like a flea market or side of the road vendor selling them for like 100 dollars less but then what is 100 dollars when you are talking about the possibility of your home exploding. reporter: that's a possibility federal consumer watch gro group no longer
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they will snatch up hover board that don't meet safety standard. game over. so far amazon stepped forward and said people who purchase offer board through their site can return them and they will refund nem full. live on lincoln road mall on miami beach, 7 news night team. . we wrap another week of finger pointing on the campaign trail. donald trump appears poised to clinch a second primary victory tomorrow night and the democrat trying to persuade voters ahead of saturday caucus in nevada. self-funded front uner trump may be day out from snatching up his second win for the republican presidential nomination. item been a nasty week in south carolina. >> this is the biggest liar i have ever seen. even i tell what you was going. even marco rubio said he's a
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another politician is a liar i never heard that before. i felt so good. >>reporter: cruz hit backduring the myrtle beach campaign rally friday morning. >> easy to say. but the print that. but the question to ask is do you understand what made america great in the first place. >>reporter: two cuban american republican senator cruz and rubio relevant jock using hard for the second place slot. south carolina governor and sitting senator have drone their weight behind rubio. tell republicans and democrat swap states next week t.nevada repupuican will caucus next tuesday and democrat in south carolina head to the polls four days later. >> president and mrs. obama join dozens of dignitary paying their respect to the late
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three decade of service there. on this somber afternoon at the high court the president and first lady arrived to pay their respects to justice school leahrespects to justice school leah. in the great hall the first couple paused at the flag draped casket as his former clerks stood guard. they will be taking turns through the day and night. >> really touching ceremony this morning. justice scalia was both a brilliant mentor but also just a warm and kind and generous person. >>reporter: this morning supreme court police officers carried the conservative icon on the final journey to the high court. behind the casket some of his favorite former law clerks. dozens more line the marble steps. waiting at the massive bronze door of the court his children and his son is a priest. his son led where the 8 remaining justices said goodbye to the colleague and friend. >> my brother and sisters jesus says come to me all you who labor in our burden and i give
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>>reporter: when the private ceremony ended the public filed in. two people in particular note those considered top contender to be the nominee to replace scalia actor who portrayed him in the play the originalist tairpd as he stood at the casket. outside members of the public brave the cold for their turn. >> as attorneys officers of the court the i think we have an obligation to come pay our respect. >>reporter: amid growing memorial outside a jar of applesauce and broccoli his colorful comment he made during the affordable care case. famous for his humor on the bedroom >> sad time for me personally and for the country and it's tough toy imagine this court without him without him sitting up there for the next argument. >>reporter: justice scalia funeral is set for tomorrow and in a move that has caused some bit of controversy the president will not be attendingpresident will not be attending.
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his place. literary world is mourning the loss of a legend. harper lee the author of to kill a mocking bird died last night. the she will be buried in her hometown in alabama. the child perspective of racial injustice in a small southern town has been a best seller for decades since the release in 1960. and eventually we know on to become oscar winning film. sequel go set a watch man hit book stores last summer. harper lee was 89. still ahead. from the night team. she swiped cars that weren't hers then wrapped up some big buys t.tonight the a second victim coming foyvrmentd the more than 100 dollars. she stop at the gas station. >>reporter: and talking to just one station.
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crook breaking into parked cars. taking cash and that's not all. but investigators hope a new clue will land him in cuffs. dressed to the 9. d committing a crime. did sharp dressed man just strike again? and curious pet needed some retrieving herself. firefighters digging in when a
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the past pass isthe past pass is is. could the woman who bought a designer purse with sten credit card be behind a second swipe? 7 news vieier says this wasn't her first crime. she claims a bad shopper stole her pallet in the same way. >> shows talking exclusively to the night team. here'sanessa. >>reporter: she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw this video on 7 news. she recognized the woman wearing the pink hoodie that woman is at the aventura mall and about to buy a 2100 dollar purse with a stolen credit card. a credit card she nabbed on january 15 from this woman who doesn't want to be identified. >> very upset. i was so sick to my stomach. if you watch the video she walks in. she shows exactly the bag she wants to buy. >>reporter: thiefalking into
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looking through all of the officethe offices. finding the victim's purse and stealingng her credit card. ross man believes the same womanid the same thing to her 4 months ago when she walked into her dentist office in plantation. >> so she start walking around like she knew this office. she walk around she went in the back. i wonder why she walking everywhere. she was wearing white wig but she was wearing the same thing. sweater and same faishtion the purse trying to be inconspicuous at the same time. >> and looking and looking and what brought my attention that she was she was acting weird. i got up like this. open the window and i start walking our patients. >>reporter: the woman grabbed her 1,000 dollar wallet with edit cards inside. >> she spent more than 100
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went, she stop at the gas station and she went to publix in hollywood. >>reporter: in both robbery the going to this plantation red lobster to celebrate her conquer. both victims out thousands of dollars and want her caught. police need your help if you have any information at all as to who this woman could be, you are urged to call broward crime stoppers. the phone number is here on the screen. reporting in plantation, 7 news night team. is a bank banditolice searching for back at it?camera capturing this man inside a wells fargo in jupiterr ononednesday. police say he approached the teller claiming to be armed and demandmd money before taking off with cash in hand. police believe he's the same guy who robbed the bank in miami lakes earlier this month. officials release the surveillance image from the heist. the crime happened at the bank
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february f fth. if you have information call miami-dade crime stoppers at this numbern the screen. stolen big rig is back with south florida race team tonightsouth florida race team tonight. somebody drove off with their 300,000 dollar rig owned by star works motor sports in deerfield beach. investigators tracked it down in north west miami-dadede short time ago. some of the wheels were stolen as was everything inside. if you have any information on who is responsible on w tibingt, call police. exclusivenew details tonight in strong of car crimes. crook breaking into vehicle and takingng off with much more than money. story on just one station this evening. new view of the person who made off with something dangerous. rosh has that. >>reporter: it's january 14 in northeast miami-dade and let's take a look at this guy
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and he steals a gun say cops. we actually spoke with the victim in that case. he came with a book. drove right up to the car. and opened up tested the handle to see if it's open i guess it was open. went across the street dropped the bike came back to the car. >>reporter: didn't want to showis face but he had a motion detecting dashboard camera. extremely clear video. but the thief remawnd out therebut the thief remawnd out there. >> we are just passing out flower. >>reporter: miami-dade police not giving up. on friday police take pro acacve steps to catch this guy. >> trying to get him off the street. >>reporter: miami-dade police out here friday morning going block by block handing out these fliers. and what is the importance of this case? well they say this guy here has committed numerous crimes. >>eing very active want to we'l'll a gun.
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more surveillance video. who they believe to be the same guy. watch him here. riding around on his bicycle and he will try handles on the cars. trying to see who left the car unlocked. >> he stole a gun few weeking ago. >> this can't happen in our enabled. too many people coming in. know that the neighborhood is getting better and better and come in victimizing us. >>reporter: thiisn't just a case of a guy trying car doors. this is case where he has gotten a gun. and. >> just don't know what he is going to do with it next. >>reporter: if you have any information on the case remember miami-dade police really need your help. pick up the phone and call crime stoppers the number is here on your screen. northeast miami-dade, rosh lowe 7 news night team. up next on south florida's night team. adventure. >> she got in a little over her
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department had to come out to help her out. >>reporter: that's a thing. coming take you tout jupiter. day o o of spring training for the marlins. pitchers catchers on the field. miami heat will really shorthand entered atlanta totoght. coach bunch took it to the hawkcoach bunch took it to the hawk.
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curious dog indeed. falling into a sink hole after darting away from her owner. she was trapped for days. >> and getting her out was noo easy task. this is sky. the golden reretriever has gone throh quite the ordeal. sky being pulled from a 14 foot sink hole in state college, sink hole in state college, pennsylvania. stuck there for a couple days. >> stuck her head up first. keep coming keep coming. >>reporter: fire department
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hole from 18 to 30 inches s s they could get down there. assistant chief was the one who took the muddy climb down as rest of the team pulled him and the golden reretriever up. >> when i got down the hole she came over to me right away and paw up on me and stayed by me for the most part throughout the getting a harness around her. we made on the fly down in the hole and then lifting her up out of there. >>reporter: sky got stuck monday night when one owner let her off the leash on a walk. owner scoured the area for days finally they heard a bark from below. the rescue was on. sky finally out. firefighters making sure they had a good hold on her so she wouldn't fall back in. before lodge she dashed over to
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much. >> she has a friend. >> sky appeared to be okay. she did take her to the vet t be checked out just to play it safe tiger cub and his mom making their zoo debut together. tattoo a highly endangered sumatra tiger cub and his 4-year-old mother lily se together in their exhibit for the first time today. the mom had been is he concluded in the den for the past three months since giving birth in november. they were allowed to spend an hour in the exhibit allowing the baby to begin thehe process of ascrewsing to his new surroundings. like hi mom. where you beeee? getting all comfy. still ahead here. coming up on 7 news at 10:00. it stool still for years. but that is about to change. big news for the roller coaster all of us see when driving up or down the i.
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florida beach. see who is the talk of the nation tonight. history being made in the southehe pacific at this hour. there is australia. i'm going to show you the fiji island. historic cyclone this evening.
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is. well south florida roller coaster has given its last ride. ery time i go by i say one of these days. a little @ate now. >> sorry. you have some time. it's going to be torn down. the hurricane in daneia beach will be torn down next movement 100 foot tall wooden roller coaster you see it any time you are on i night. it opened in -- it shut down in 2011. >> i'm really late. >> really late. i thought had you some time apparently not so much. develop every plans to build 1 million square foot shopping center on the property the it's going to be called daneia point and the first phase of the
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the fall of 2017. so just do s spping instead. >> why not. quite the honor here. fort lauderdale beach named on of the best beaches in the country. it's based on a survey taken by trip the company toointo account the quantity and quality of traveler reviews. gathered over a 12 month period. and more good news for all of south florida. the survey found that 81 percent of travelers are planning to take a beach vacation this year. not a bad looking friday here across south florida. the rest of the wean. morning low in the 60's. afternoon high in the mid 70's. mostly dry. just fast moving sprinkle. right now in the upper 60's across broward miami 70, 66, 68 in miccosuke. key west also a temperature of 70 degrees.
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and 22 m mes per hour is going to be breezy tonight, tomorrow and possibly into the early part of next week. the humidity at 57 percent it's ry right now but with the win we may see some fast moving sprinkle this evening and the same during the day tomorrow. the reason for that huge dome of high pressure sitting right across the western atlantic. that is going to keep the wind moving now by saturday. again mostly dry. but we can't completely rule out quick moving shower. off the breeze. on sun. the high pressure will still be there. and the temperature staying nice and seaeanal. let me take you all the way out tohe southern pacific. now there is australia and here are the fiji island and they are very, very tiny right here. they are being impactedd tonight by cyclone winston. cyclone anotherord for
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category 5. 184 miles per hour winds and it has now become the strongesting cyclone ever in the southern hemisphere. now we did a quick check here in our history books. the previous record was cyclone pam in 2014-2015 season with 155 miles per hour. they are in for a very, very rough 24 hours. for us it couldn't be any nicer here across south florida. threat wf rip current at the beach. small craft exercise caution. biscayne bay with modedete chopbiscayne bay with moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys also with an advory. astal water choppy. actually cominin down from rough. next high tide 7:45. 7:40 fort lauderdale. key largo you look at 8:0nine 8. 9:31 key west. partly cloudy isoled shower overnight low in the 60's. tomorrow we look at clouds. sun.
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high will be in the upper 70's. here's your sentenced outlook. we start to warm-up next week but chance of showers and then a weak front comes through for thursday and friday. that's the 7 on 7 forecast. beg night for car enthusiast in south florida. tenth annual boca raton concourse the deal kicking off again. gourmet tastegourmet tasting more than 20 south florida restaurants in addition to unique display of antique and luxury vehicles. rita a a rick case founded this event which has become the world's largest exhibition for charity. >> we are out here tonight friday night at the hangar party for the the kick off of >>reporter: that's right. it is a three day event. tomorrow night there's a gala. median jay leno will perform.
10:42 pm
martinez and weekend conclude with automobile and motorcycle exhibition on sunday. to date they haven't has raised more than 8.5 million dollars for the boys and girls club of broward county. auto nation mercedes benz usa hosting an event helping veterans tonight. there is a reception and le auction. event raised 6,000 dollars for the johnny mack soldierfund which helps vets their spousesnd children get financial support they need to further their education and
10:44 pm
actor kiefer sutherland latest film is a family affair. star is teaming one his father on the big screen.
10:45 pm
his famousad on film. >> we go behind the scenes of for sakeen. >> well well well. i heard a lot but. >>reporter: kier sutherland takes on the wild west in new movie for sakeen. >> i feel you and i are headed for inevitable conclusion. >>reporter: he my as guy known for reputation as quick draw killer. eventually he gives up the gun so to speak and leaves town. aftete a tragedy his character returns to repair his relationreturns to repair his lationship with his father. played by kieferer own dad donald sutherland. >> the story really is about the two of them trying to find their way back to some kind of a relationship. >>reporter: it was the first time they had eveve done a movie together. as in co-star. >> it was fantastic. i have been wanting to work with my father my whole career. he's an actor's actor. actor that other actors aspire to be and i'm notive.
10:46 pm
was pretty nervous to share the big screen with his famous face. i walked up to him on the first day and said look if this morning is a little rocky i got really nervousless night i at any time sleep at all he look at me and smiled and said for a week. >>reporter: this western was collaboration with part of the same team that created the hit tv show 24. starring kiefer as the iconic jack woulder so we had to ask, jack woulder so we had to ask, reboot. >> i have read the first draft first script. item fantastic. caca they are putting together i think is amazing. i think it's going to be an awesom show and i have always felt that the real star of 24 was the show itself. >>reporter: kiefer says never say never. in the mean time catch him kicking butt and taking names in for sakeen. you cap catch for sakeen now on demand and keep your fingers cross that had kiefer will be
10:47 pm
reboot of 24.
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hi everyone. miami heat will really short handed tonight in atlanta. no boschh because of health status no. white side. serve ago one
10:50 pm
no wade out with a sore right neechlt heat up 3. dang drives. base l license and look out. miami with 30. heat up 24-19. later in the quarter. heat up 4. just before the half, miami up and he find scott and launch the three. tied at 52 at the break. third quarter heat up 3. l the drive. find green. here comes a corner 3 ball heat up 6. final send of the third. heat up 2. dennis with a 3 at the buzzer. heat down one going into the fourth. in the fourth. the dragon find mcrober for the three. the best game of his heat career. the heat with only 9 playe in atlanta beat atlanta.
10:51 pm
field for day one. marlin manager ready to go starter in the bullpen not set in stone. spots. fernandez the aichlts he didn't listen to the off season trade rumors. >> they are rumors. at the end of the day you get ready. you help your team mates win. they have had a long season just like you. they getting ready to have my back. have their back too that's what we are here for. i'm a little part of the. >>reporter: canes baseball at the light. u.s. rank and game one of three game set against rutgers. um president threw out first pitch to alex. yankees spring training next week. bottom of the first 2 outs runner on the corner and rbi single and contains lead 1 nothing. tied at 1 and bomb of the fourth.
10:52 pm
opposite field solo home run. two for 3 at the plate including the bunt. no. 11 miamind no. 5 north carolina tomorrow. winner takes sole possession of this. games coming up over virginia points. canes lead by one at thth brake but ought score virginia tech by 17 in the second half. he hopes the game can keep it rolling against the tar heels. >> just a game but it's a different feeling obviously both in fir first place. went through it the same as we do any other game. don't want to change anything. do a aifferent routine. >> high school basketball packed house. up 9 at the break three ball. jordan 3 ball and he lays it in
10:53 pm
comes one a huge 3. time to celebrate. fans that stormed the court. stormed the court we are havingstormed the court we are having. dillard wins 59-47. fans fired up. tight one for t flanigan. falcons here's lester in for the lay in. his dad works with us. south miami wins in overtime. northern trustpen rory first team of the year uses back citizen to get the ball close to the hole. which happened for birdie. 4 shots off the lead at 6 unpar4 shots off the lele at 6 unpar. your leder approach on par 4 15your leder approach on par 4 15. necessity won the tour would
10:54 pm
the cut florida. then they are still a 5 point lead in the against theood and bad 44-year-old y yer power of the momod is working. in the end didn't work out for the cow. panthers get a point. >> you look at our line up. doing the best we can and, would go hard. i think i thought they played perfectly for me. whatever we can do to come away with you have to keep it that way. >> ignite on sports extra. sunday night. last year rook oe of the year in studio 20 yourself old and already an off store i'my not
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affluent that is arap for us first at 10:00. ciao ciao. >> stay tune.
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teacher learning a tough lesson after being accused of crossing the line with his student. >> firefighters saving a little girl from a burning home. why her mother is locked up tonight. another apartment up in smoke. this time some animals saved from the line of fire. it's one of the year's hottest toys. and officials say that's exactly the problem. tonight an ultimatum to companies who make hover boards. >> i'm craig. >> i'm belkys. 7 news continues now at 11:00 school teacher accused of being out of line. police say he was having sex with atudent. >> walter morris has more on


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