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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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next time. >> jeff: a news alert off the top at 6:00. a bullet striking a boy and it would end his young life. 7 news live on the scene. >> robbin: a south florida mother in court after abandoning her child in a fire. >> jeff: ahead the alarming allegations one man is facing. >> robbin: and big political news tonight. hillary clinton wins the nevada democratic caucuses after a tight tace against senator bernie sanders. good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> jeff: and i'm jeff lennox. 7 news at 6 starts now. >> robbin: and we want to start with the news alert from southwest miami-dade. a little boy has been shot to death. right now police swarming the
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jeff and walter morris is there with the very latest and the shooting investigation. walter? >> that's right, the homicide task force onhe scene after the boy shot and killed while playing this afternoon. we're here at northwest 112th avenue and northwest 12th street. look at this vivio from earlier. it's still early on in this investigation but miami-dade receiving several calls about those shots but by the time police arrid here on scene, they found that 6-year-old boy critically injured. we're told an officer tried to administer cpr but that child at the hospital. police describe this as a gunfight between several young men. they're now looking for a vehicle that sped away from the scene described as a black 4-door sedan with 3 young men
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police calling for the public to help track down that gunmen. >> hopefully the community is angry enough to provide information totolead to the arst of the individuals. this heinous act that leads to the individuals responsible for the heinous act. >> if you're involved, turn yourself in because i don't believe the community will stand idle on this. i think the community will stand tall and hand these individuals up to us so eventually he will get you. >> reporter: we're toldthe mayor is on the scene and will brief us. no word on the intended target or if the child lived in the complex. meanwhile if you know anything that can help, call 305-471-tips. walter morris, 7 news. >> and now the witness squaring off in south carolina.
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carolina you kind of like your guns. let me say as a texan, i understand. >> they didn't knock down the world trade center. it was not a wreck that knocked it down. >> i have a message for the cuban government. we're keeping guantanamo. u're not getting it back. >> the democrats duking it out in nevada. >> senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he ran r president. >> the secretary will say what she'llllsay. >> tonight team 7 coverage of the race for the white house. >> jeff: and here is the big news out of nefeftonight. hillary clinton has won the caucuses out west after a race that many experts thought could be too close to call and here are the numberwith the large number of the precincts reporting at this hour. the former secretary of state taking 52% of the vote and beie sanders not far behind with 47.7% but clinton the nevada. meanwhile in south carolina&
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>> robbin: 7's liz nagy is covering it in the plex on the race for the white house. liz? >> reporterhillary clinton is celebrating after a win in the west. burdenie sanders did call to congratulate her on the win and now less than an hour from the polls closing in south carolina. it could be a long night for republicans there. the first place spot is pretty sure to go to donald trump, but it's the second place spot that's the one to win. it's a decisive win for illary clinton in the second caucus of primary season. the former secretary of state picking up her second win, another close one in what's become a bitter fight against competitor bernie sanders. she thanked caucusers with this tweet. the feeling is mutual, nevada. across the country it could be the last stand for jeb bush if enough votes don't come his way. he posed for a picture with first lady mom and supporters.
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marco rubio and ted @ruz are duking it out for second place in the second republican primary. rubio has the backing ofsouth carolina's governor. >> i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because conservatism to people that have not voted for us in a long time. >> south carolina and texas. we got a whole lot in common. >> reporter: front runner donald trump with a new reality talking to south carolina voters like he already is president. >> i will do more for the african american people in one year than barack obama has done in his 7-year, soon to be 8 years. and then by the way he's out and thank goodness! >> reporter: it's almost a 3-man race in the wildly unpredictable republican primary. south carolina will keep the reputation as rhe must win state on the way to the white house. republicans and democrats will swap states this week. republicans in nef will caucus on tuesday and democrats in
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primary polls a week from today. who is still in the repupuican running could be dependent on what happens tonight. live in the satellite center, liz nagy, 7 news. >> okay, liz, thank you. >> so the question is what does hillary's win mean moving forward. >> the profezor joins us live in the plex with his insight and i imagine the clinton camp breaththg a big sigh of relief. >> this could signal the end of bernie sanders. hillary's victory in nevada will usher her off to south carolina where she's expected to win decisivily. after that she heads to super tuesday where she's expected to pick up 10 of the 12 states in super tuesday. 2 only going to bernie sanders. we expect vermont and
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with secretary clinton. >> robbin: we heard so much talk about how far hillary clinton is. e lead shrinking ahead of the caucus and i saw a letter that bernie sanders apparently e-mailed to supporters saying we can win anywhere. hillary clinton was so far ahead of us. look how close we came? so not quite a concession to his supporters. >> no, clclrly not. i don't think he's prepared to concede to the secretary, but i will say one thing that nevada showed us @r at least told us is that he was strong with the latinos in the united states, but by and large minorities, particularly african americans, have shown up to support secretary clinton and that's going to show the southern states in the lead up to super tuesday. >> and now track the gop as the night goes on in south carolina. brian, we'll have your insight throughout the night.
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d. >> crying and shows remorse. >> jeff: a south florida mother crying in court learning whether she'll lose custody of her daughter. she ditched her little girl as their apartment went up in flames. >> robbin: now the mother facing the judge after the alarming allegations. elitsa bizios is live in southwest miami-dade with the details. elitsa? >> reporter: robbin and jeff, you said it. that mother emotional when she went in front of the judge and thankfully her ttle girl only needed to be treated for smoke inhalation. that happened at nicholas childrens hospital. the little girl since released to this maternal grandmother and as you said it that woman going before the judge issuing $7500 bond and 7 news there for the court heararg. >> you are here charged d with child neect. >> reporter: erica rizo in front of the judge saturday
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police report on ursday rizelo left her little 6-year-old daughter grace inside their burning apartment and ran away. that fire happening ne west flagler street and 95th court. >> it was picking her up and turning around and taking her out the window. i handed her over to my partner. >> saving the little girl's life pulling her from the burning home. >> thank you for the rescue that saved my granddaughter because it would be a different story. >> 7 news talking to her after a hearing on saturday where the judge granted her custody. she said her daughter suffers from depression. she loves little grace and didn't know what she was doing. >> it's something that could have been prevent federal my daughter would have been helped. i asked for help with different agencies and we've come up that this the end result. >> also in bond urt this no contact order. so that mother, she cannot talk
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she bonds out. for now live in west miami-dade, elitsa b bios, 7 news. >> robbin: all rit, elitsa. a south florida teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student out of a jail and out of a job. jason meyers tht english teacher at miami palmetto senior high appearing in bond court on charges of sexual battery. police say last year the 40-year-old had sex with a female student on occasions. the allegations, as you imagine, leaving parents at the school on edge. >> it's disgusng. you trust your kids are safe in the environment and sometimes they're not. >> the judge placing meyers on house arrest and ordering him to stay away from students. he's also been fired from teaching the while police continue their investation. >> the south florida toon hailed a hero after saving her sibling from the fire. the mobile home going up in flames at northeast 34th street and biscayne boulevard. the officials say the 59-year-old escaped the fire
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the burning home to save her 9-yearold brother. >> in school they teach us stop, drop and rollll i was crawling towards him and i guess he was lost in the smoke since he couldn't see. >> >> brave center right there. the two were not hurt in the fire. the cause is still under investigion. >> two south florida police unions at odds over an upcoming beyonce concert in miami. on thursday the president of the miami fraternal order of police, jaf your ortiz, calling for members nots to work security detail at marlins park. the formation had an anti-police message. ortiz tweeted a photo of beyonce in the referee jersey saying "back the blue, boycott beyonce." and dthe coalition that represents african american officers firing back. the organization issuing a
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calling for officers to abdicate their sworn duty to protect and serve by boycotting the coming concert is another example of what's proved to be a long pattern of irresponsible behavior on his part. miami's police chief telling 7 news beyonce's concert will be properly staffed. >> reporter: thousands gathering in washington d.c. to say a final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. a mass led by his son, rerend paul scalia, who shared personal memories of his father. >> theissue that evening was not that i'd been hearing confessions. but that he had found hemz in my confessional line and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you! the feeling was mutual. >> jeff: and after the cecemony the crowd watched as scalia's casket was carried out of the church and placed insi a hearse. >> robbin: and we are just
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coming up from the news station, a heartwarming story of how a son unknowingly helps his dad during a heart attack. >> jeff: weather whiplash. near hurricane force winds ripping through parts of the midweses >> reporter: and talk being some heat around the nation. well,,things are warmer in texas. we'll talk about 81 in san antonio. as we go into your current temperature 72 in miami and also 72 in dallas.
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comingngp. >> a fire fighter unknowingly becoming his father's keeper when he helps his dad during a heart attack. this was no ordinary rush to the rescue. >> it wasn't until after his good deed that he realized the mahe helped save was his father. emergency crews called into a
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north carolina, after an employee suddenly collapsed. >> he more than likely had a heart attack. >> reporter: 60-year-old michael was stocking shelves@ when his heart stopped beating. coworkers rushed to his sasarday and immediately started cpr as they waited for help to arrive. >> we just kept doing compressions until ems got there. halfway here, dispatch came back and said it was cardiac arrest. >> reporte steve kenny was one of the first fire fighters to arrive on the scene. >> i took over respirations and the chief asked me if i was all right. >> reporter: just like any other call, steve went straight into work momo. he didn't realize the person under the facemask was his father. >> then it dawned on me this is dad. >> reporter: steve stood up and let other fire fighters take over. his father was shed to the hospital where he spent several days until he was cleared d to go home. luckily the heart attack didn't cause ananserious damage. the kiddie family attributes
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of people who step indeed to help. >> and thank the lord for these people that help me. all the way from the beginning into the hospital and i can't express how much i do appreciate it. they said i was at the gallow anhere i sit. >> and now a big day in the race for the white house on both sides and the democrats and the republicans we start right here with the democrats and then clinton claiming victororin the nef caucuses. she is accepting that big win here tonightn she pulled ahead of bernie sanders in the end coming away with the big win. it was a hotly contested race for quite some time and very close. the race between the two of them in the end. >> let's lich in. >> so every american can go as far as your hard work can take
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volunteers and organizers wo worked so hard in this state. [ cheering ] to the most than 750,000 people that have gone to hillary and contributed what you could, the vast majority giving less than $100 and to the millions of people across our country who are supporting our campaign. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. we hear you, we see you, we're incredibly grateful to you because we're in this together. we look at our country and see so much that isn't working the way it should. we see grand parents forced to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because a prescription drug company has increased prices 5,000% overnight.
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families denied mortgages at nearly 3 times the rate of white families. we see small towns and rural communities hallowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. we see a rising generation of young people coming of age in a world where opportunities seem out of reach. and worst of all -- listening to hillary clinton, thanking the nevada caucus gos for her win. >> jeff: all eyes on the gop and the primary in south carolina. we'll have much more on the race for the white house as the night goes on right here on 7 news.
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short break. >> good evening. as we go into tonight mostly dry night and had a mostly dry day. look at it this afternoon and for the most part we see it on
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we'll continue to have the clouds passing through as we go into tonight and mostly cloudy skies and a little bit more through tomorrow. 70s across the board and fort lauderdale. west kendall at 72 and also current temperature in hialeah. 72 ininmarathon and 73 in key west. the wind speeds picking up as we go throughout the day. into the teens for miami d in key west and also the gusts picking up in key west at 24 mph. we'll stay on the breezy side as we go into tonight. you n't rule out the passing shower to write off the breeze and we'll stay mostly dry. by tomorrow seasonal temperatures, upper 70s for the daytime hies. pretty nice out there and more sunshine and we'll see the few clouds hanging around. beach and boating, keep in mind the high risk of rip currents with the local beaches into the forecast.
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use caution for boaters and the biscayne bay and coastal moderate chop as well. it's fairly soon at 7:14 tonight and for the lower keys at 8:46 tonight. and so overerght lows into the 60s and tomorrow daytime highs in 70s and winds are calmer and out of the east about 5-10 mph. taking a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. breezy with clouds as we gointo tomorrow. damp into tuesday ahead of the front and that clears out by friday.
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break. >> robbin: and we are continuing to follow the race for the white house. a big wifor hillary clinton in nevada.
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supporters there for her win and she's heading on to texas next. right now we have the novembers of the nevada caucus with 72% of the precincts reporting and see where they fell tiday.y. clinton with 52% and bernie sanders 74.7% and now shift our focus on over to the gop and the south rolina primary with polls closing there very soon and do the very latest throughout the e ght right here on 7 news. that is 7 news at 6:00. i'm jeff lennox.
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we'll see you in just 2 minutes. >> robbin: and we are following the news alert off the top at 6:30. another child falling victim to gun violence in south flflida. this one just 6 years old shot and killed. >> jeff: a mother breaking downwn in court. the little girl left home alone as they went up in flames. >> robbin: a teacher out of jail but the lesson far from over as police say he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> jeff: and two states making their voices heard in the race


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