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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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we'll see you in just 2 minutes. >> robbin: and we are following the news alert off the top at 6:30. another child falling victim to gun violence in south flflida. this one just 6 years old shot and killed. >> jeff: a mother breaking downwn in court. the little girl left home alone as they went up in flames. >> robbin: a teacher out of jail but the lesson far from over as police say he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> jeff: and two states making their voices heard in the race
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the democrat declared a winner today. hello and good evening. i'm jeff lnnox. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons. 7 news at 6:30 right now. >> robbininand to the news alert in northwest miami-dade. an innocent litt boy has been shot to death. police say we're swarming the scene trying to gather as many clues as they can. >> jeff: we want to go ahead right now and take a live look at the scene. the mayor talking about this tragedy. take a listen. >> the 6-year-old boy shot and killed while playing this afrnoon. >> unfortunately it happens too often here in miami-dade county and we'll take steps to stop it and the fifst thing we're doing today is we're going to add
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to crime stoppers so a $25,000 reward for those leading to whoever is a perpetrator here ask we'll catch them and this is what we'll do. find them behind bars and then let justice take it in due course. and other things we're doing yesterday is just yesterday and we had my brother's keeper here with the challenge and going to congresswoman wilson. there are steps to take to stem the violence occurring in miami-dade county. one of the interesting things that's happening with the increase in violence and what's upon hag is the perpetrators are getting younger and that's what's going on and need to stop the violence now and put programs in place that actually prevents this from happening in the future. >> the people in the communities who say this seems to keep happening and what is your message to them?
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and the only way to stop it is people there probably knew something going on here. some kind of drug thing going on here so there is a drug house that you know where it' at and tell us. we'll go shut it down and those things happen and the targets go away and then you wowot have this kind of senseless violence happening in the community. we need the community's help. we need the community to tete us what's happening who is doing it and then our police officers put them behind bars for the community and the future. >> and there you have it the 6-year-old boy guns down at this apartment complex earlier this afteteoon as he was playing outside and the last update from police and they're now looking for the 4-door black sedan with 3 men and anyone with information with the staff number. 305-471-tips. reporting live in northwest news.
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a south florida teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student out of jail and now out of a job. jason meyers, the english teacher at miami senior highway bonding out on charges of sexual battery. the allegations leaving parents at the school on edge. >> it's disgusting to trust that your kids argoing to be safe in the environment and sometimes they're not. >> the judge placing meyers on house arrest and ordering him to stay away on students and also firing him from teaching while police continue the investigation. >> okay and now to the race for the white house. these are live pictures righgh here and start with the democratic race and hillary clinton coming away wiwh live pictures and hillary clinton just claiming that victory in
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greeting supporte right there and she very soon on the way to texas as she gets ready for the south carolili primary and super tuesday as well. these are the numbers. it was to be a razor thin margin but the win out of nef. and right there 52.1% for clinton and 47.8% for bernie seasoneders and that's wiwi about 72% of the precincts reporting out west in nevada. clinton's not the only this season. >> there is a lot at stake for republicans in south carolina. liz nagy is live in the satellite center with the latest on this for us. liz? >> reporter: it could be a big night ahead. bernie sanders called to congratulate the winner for victory and now less than a half hour away from homes closing in south carolina where
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night for republicans there. the first place slot sure to go to donana trump but second place is the spot to win tonight. >> a decisive win for hillary clinton in the country's second caucus of primary season. the former secretary of state picked up her second win, anotheclose one in what's become a bitter fight in what's become a bitter fight with bernie sanders with this tweet. the feeling is mutual, nevada. and posing for the picture with first lala mom and supporters for jeb bush. this is a big day for the cuban american senators. marco rubio ted cruz are duking it out for second place in the south carolina primary. it's the backing of south carolina's governor. >> and we're going to take conservatism to people that have not voted for us in a long time.
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we've got a whole lot in common. >> front runner donald trump is now living a new realitit talking to voters like he already is president. >> i'll do more for the african american people more in one year than barack obama has done in his 7 year soon to be 8 years and then he's out and thank goodness. >> it's almost a 3-man race in the wildly unpredicted south carolina primary. it's the must-win state on the way to the white house. after all the votes are counted republicans and democrats will swap states. republicans in nevava will caucus on tuesday and democrats in south carolina will go to the primary polls a week from today. who is still in the republican running could be dependent on what happens tonight in south
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news. >> shows remorse. >> jeff: and learning whether she'll lose custody of her daughter. police say she ditched her little girl as the apartment went up in flames. >> and now facing a judge after the alarming allegations. 7's elitsa bizios is live in southwest miami-dade with the details for us. elitsa? >> good news this evening is that that little girl is okay and being treated and tonight with her maternal grandmother and issuing the bond of $7500. >> you are here charged with child neglect. >> in front of the judge charged with child neglect. police report on thursday. rozelo left her 6-year-old little daughter grace inside
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away at 95th court. >> picking up, turning around and handed her out the window tomy partner. >> pulling her and saving her from the burning home. >> thank you so much for saving my granddauger because it could be a different story. >> and talking after the hearing on saturday after the judge granted her in custody. d her daughter suffers from depression. she loves little grace and didn't know what she was dog. >> this is something that could have been prevent if my daughter had help. we asked for help with different agencies and this is the end result. >> once the mother bonds t she'll not be allow tod speak to her mother or daughter and also will be placed on house arrest.
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>> and following the latest from nevada. hillary clinton won and now listen to senator bernie sanders. >> we have the corrupt campaign undermining democracy. >> we will not allow billionaires and their superpacks to continue to buy elections in the united states of america. and the american people are catching on. and we have a rigged economy. ordiry people earlier people
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the income going to the top 1%. and d together we are going to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the top 1%. >> jeff:bernie sanders finishing second in the caucuses behind hillary clinton. clinton claiming the victory out west and senator sander raising more money and says he's in the race for the long haul. now set our sights to the gop and much more coming up throughout the night. >> coming ep on 7 news at 6:30. the scare at the supermarket turning into a frightening surprise. >> all this as they arrive to help. >> a pretet dry weekend so far. we'll have that withtrain chances increasing as we go into the work week. most of the storm activity but
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the complete forecast coming up. >> jeff: a fire fighter becoming his fatherers keeper unknowingly when he rushed to help a man with a heart attack. >> and the mahe's helping to save was his father. >> emergency cruc are called into the grocery store near charlotte, north carolina, ter the employee suddenly collapsed. >> i knew right then he more than likely had a heart atatck. >> 60-year-old michael kiddie was stocking shelves when his heart stopped beating. co-workers rushed to his side and immediately started cpr as they waited for help to arrive. >> he came back and said it was cardiac arrest. >> steve one of the first to arrive on the scene.
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asked if i was all right. >> like any other call steve went straight into work mode. he didn't realize the person under the face mask was his father. >> then it dawned on me, this is bad. >> he loot other fire fighters attack over and hifather was rushed to the hospital where he was clear to take home. luckily it didn't cause any serious damage. they attribute that miracle to the long list of people who stepped in to help. >> and thank you,u,lord, for these people to help me and all the way frfr the beginning and all the way to the hospital and now i can't express how much i do appreciate it really. >> and they said i was really, really gonon and here i see it. >> wow! doctors say michael would not have survived that heart attack had it not been for the quick thinking employees inside the store. >> good to e a happy ending in that story. >> still ahead from the news station tonight.
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season for the hurricanes basketball team. 7 sports up next for the highlights. >> plus 7's belkys nerey taking a bite out of one savory
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lucky lady! >> reporter: good evening. as we go into tonight mostly dry conditions and not an active storm tracker radar and no rain in the rain gauge as we went into your saturday. currently temperatures across the board into the 70s and 70 right now in miami and also in marathon. 73 in key west and still have those clouds going strong out there. so currently the nds are picking up to about 14 mph in miami and marathon and key west and fort lauderdale. also talking about the keys, they have the winds picking up and more gusty at 25 mph. we have dry air in place in the
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there is moisture that's going to start to move in with the approach of the next front and better rain chances on tuesday as well as wednesday and a few lingering on your thursday but then start to dry out as we go into friday. the quick shower can't be ruled out on the breeze, especially with the clouds still going strong as we head into tonight. high pressure still being e dominant force as we go to the rest of the weekend. so coastal breeze as well as a quick shower cannot be ruled out going into tomorrow with the east winds and still with the beach and dboating. keep in mind we should still use caution for boaters tomorrow and keep in mind the high risk of rip currents. as we go into monday with the approach of the next front, back into the 80s so low 80s as well as the monday forecast and a few showers as well. taking a look at beach and boating as i said previously with the high risk of beach currents to get out there and more sunshine by tomorrow as well.
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chop and the same for the florida keys. next high tide in miami 7:14 tonight and we'll have mostly cloudy skies filling that breeze going to the overnight lows in the 60s and daytime highs by tomorrow and more sunshine into the upper 70s and in and ouo clouds to conditions and then it is going to tuesday and wednesday and approach the frononand it is cooler and clear. >> and the 6-year-old king carter shot to death in northwt miami-dade. >> this happened in the 10,000 block of northwest 12th avenue at this hour.
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well have more right here on 7
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we'll be right back. >> reporter: in chapel hill taking on number 4 north carolina. first place in the acc on the line. the rst canes down 2 and angel rodriguez drives and he had 12 this saturday. just under 4 minutes and a half and el james turning to fade away and north carolina up 9 at the break. second half all unc big time. joel barry with 3 part of the 10-0 run. miami's down 14. 13 minutes leftand canes down 24. this place sums it up. newton to anthony and bounces off his head and north carolina the other way. miami suffering the worst loss of the season, 96-71 the final. canes 21 and 5 on the season and 10-4 in the acc and up
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heat and washington wizards as the trip ale tonight and dwayne wade with the mri on the left knee today. results negative but d-wade out tonight. hasvan white side serving one game suspension from the nba. the big man averaging 12 points and 11 rebounds this season and he'll be in uniform tonight but won't be starting. >> we do need a burst of something and that can be energy, effort, passion. it just has to come in off the bench and give a great defensive energy. it is hockey night and hosting winnipeg at the bb& t center night. coming off of san jose thursday night and sunrise and went to the shoot out. 2-1 the final. battling through injuries as the push to the playoffs continues. >> seeing lots of key guys so then it's going to have lots of new faces and going tokeep it
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to try to get to the game again tonight. >> and we'll have the highlights again tonight at 10:00. and the canes hope to make it 2 straight and those highlights at 10 and new marlins hitting coach barry bonds with the strong statement about the hall of fame status. you want to hear that.
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after this. >> spicing up pompano beach and on sandville road and contestants showing off culinary skills including belkys nerey. taking home $500 and two tickets for the south beach food ananwine food festival. >> it's a tough job but someone
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she has a fine pallet. >> really good. brinus some food! thth's 7 news at 6:30. i'm jeff lennox. >> join us tonight first at 10. have a great night. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keept simple.
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let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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the worse neighbors pin america. speeding cars, wild causes. gunshots day and night. then natalie cole's grievivi family. why they are so upset with this grammy's tribute. >> it's really insulting. and what could possibly go wrg? do-it-yourself disasters. then he s kidnapped right outside hik pet store. just because of his name. >> i'm telling them you have the wrong guy. >> the deswa dash to eedom caught on tape. just released video at this sports illustrated perateswim suit issue.


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