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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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reduce his life prison sentencing. >> danielle: and now jeb bush has bowed out of the race for the white house and the candidates are in for a a push port votes. >> good afternoon every one. we want to begin with that wrok way wreck that left one man dead. >> lynn: but this apparently was no extent accint. bran dob buyer live in davie withthore for us. brandon. >> reporter: and lynn, the man florida highway patrol says was driving the wrong way here in davie. florida highway patrol says 26-year-oldv fair on was driving north in the southbound laifntz turnpike just south of griffen road. let me show thu man's picture. again, this is 26-year-oldz fair on and we are whrerning from the ra bief his synagogue in miami beach that he may have been a very troubled person indeed and deliberately driven the wrong way in order to take his own live thvment was sunday night
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his hon hon day accent collided with a semi tractor trailer. minor injuries to the o#cupants of that semi truck. fair ons was pronounced dead att the scene. we talked with the ra die bief the synagogue he attended in miami beach. said there were some issue. asked to leave by police last week and post ond facebook that he he had already tried to to take his own life once. here's what the rabbi had to say. we need to be more aware of mental illness. it's not something that can be dealt likely. it's not a cold. it's'sot -- we can't say someone who has cancer, shake it out. come on, you can h hl yourself. it doesn't happen this way. mental illness is a real problem. a real issue. >> reporter: so it a pair piers he may have driven the wrong way on the the turnpike to end his life n. less than an hour at fiveing on seven niewsms
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prevention expert on some of the thin that people could of looked for possibly to have prevented this. for now we're live in day of vicht brandon beyer. 7 news. >> danielle: all right bran done thank you. a little low i boi shot to death while outside playing. now he is outraged and heart broken community is crying out for change after this child tragedy. 7's ann keil is live in northwest miami-dade at charles hadley park where residents are set to speak out again. ann. >> reporter: well, 6-year-old king carter used to play football at this park which his father said he loved. it's also not far from hi home where he was gunned down over the the weekend a. li a little boy hit by a stray bullet. witnesses describing how two men got out of a car and simply started shooting. >> >> crime impact young boys and girls in miami-dade is dramatically up.
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over 60 children have been shot. oar the past 12 months lean 24 have been killed. last one was king carter. >> reporter: the loss of of one after the other. harsh rereality for alberto car evaluate low who is calling for more policing and somne to speak up about the murder of this adorable little boy. >> very sweet kid. loved him. who would do this? parents taking their children to the elementary school in shofnlg king carter would not be greeted as his classmates with were monday morning oog she just started quiterieg a. we could diso was tell her it's okay. his friendspheart broken. the parents say they don't even know how to talk to their kids. they have so young. >> and we used to play hide and go seek. >> miami-dade police describing the the getaway car as a black four door sedan. shots fired just before 3:00 p.m. saturday at king's home, an apartment complex on north with west 12-78g avenue and 104th street.
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three male suspects. >> our spirits are strong. king carter was bigger than life. and we will remember him for that. >> reporter: and concerned members of the community will be meeting here at charles hadley park tonight at 6:00 p.m. his mother and father willll also be in attendance. we're also told imreef counselors were on hand at his school all day today to talk to stew departments, parents and even administrators and again f have you any information about the suspects in this case, about this terrible criernlings you're urged to call crime stopper. that number 305-471-tips. remember, you can remain anonymous and you may be eligible for that award that increased to 25,000-dollar. some of that cra money coming from the countyudget. reporting live in northwest miami-dade.
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>> lynn: ann, thawmpleg the sentence upheld in the 2004 case of a classroom killing. that means a kille will not spend one day of his life outside of his jail bars. >> 7's rosh lowe live the the a the metro justice building in miami with. that rosh. >> reporter: so this ends a very painful chapter for the family of jaime got and end a chapter that ha lasted 12 year. it was february, 2004 when their son high meerks 14 at the time was murdered in the bath room at south wood middle school. >> it also ends the chapter for the the family of michael hernandez and what they were noarpg is that a judge would reconsider the life sentence that was handed down in 2008. th was made possible by a u.s. supreme court decision that says that juvenile that were sentenced to life, they were entitled to what is known as a resentencing hearing.
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in mmi-dade county several weeks ago. it ways three day hearing. michael hernandez attempted to convince a judge that he was was changed person a this happened his sentence should be reduced. but can i tell what you was critical here for the judge were recorded phone calls that were made in the jail between hernandez and a pen pal between hernandez and his own family. the judge john schlessenger was extremely disturbed by the calls. take a listen to what he said when he handed down hi decision. >> he says on the phone calls he can't undersnd how many mass murderers kill themselves before he recall the glory in one remark and fiewfnltd he had his parents play death metal music for him usually with lyrics like
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and throat slark and that last rolely got to me. i had it to ask myself how is someone not sickened byy a song about cutting someone's throat and watching them die? wouldn't basic human dee decency make it impossible to listen to that after taking a life by the same means? it would. it should. if the listener cared about the victim or about the victim's family. >> you could seat the judge got emotional as he was meksing that. that was right before he hand down the sen terntion the life sentence without the possibility of parole. now, because of a recently in acted florida lawrks michael hernandez in 13 years will be abling to go back before a judge who will be able to reconsider his life sentence. but as it it stands now, michael
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the rest of his life. we're live in miami. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> danielle: rosh. i. >> a would be burglar caught in the act at a south florida dealership. take a look. the cameras rolling on a man police say tried to to steal park. signed the business. he reportedly tried to to cover his tracks by saying he wa there out of business. it happened at ben gee auto sail neither west 215th street and state road seven. sphru any information that can help. call brord crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> >> lynn: in the race for the white house, a a war of words between marco rubio and ted cruz causing concern and actually causing a campaign communication director to lose his job jie. >> danielle: jeff lennox live
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>> reporter: and ladies big news on the campaign trail too. senator crews calling for his director to resign after a back and forge with rubio's campaign. rubio a ciewg his staffers of dirty trick on the trail when it came toy a joivmentd it called into question rubio's faith and de fictd him dismission the bieb eevment here is cruz just moments ago. we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. even if it's true our campaign should not have sent. it that's why i asked for rick tyler's r rignation. the conduct has been made clear for here member of the the campaign. >> reporter: and rubio has yet to respond to that resignation. d rick tyler leaving from the cruz campaign. all this copg into the news room as the field nair reez in the race for the white house. and it's down to seven for n- the race for the white house. candidates are going full throatel imeerg up for super
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and donald trump won in south carolina feelgd big crowds in georgia on sunda you're going to say please, please, please had mr. president, we can't stand it any more. we d't want to keep win oog. we can't stand it. and i'm going to say i don't care. we're going keep winning and make america great again. >> reporter: with the weekend exit of jeb burchlt rubio got@ a push from being endorsed by the senator of florida. the lawmakers were back bush. meanwhile riewb and ted cruz flocked a beat for the bet bes alternative to tru p. >> donald's campaign has been abououhow bad america is and he you have to demonstrate howill you make it great. >> and he has a floor of support. >> and the govenor in the racial by suggest out this week in the nevada ca caucus s ch john kay
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campaign stops there focusing his efforts on crucial southern states. fresh off her win in na vat vad a caucuses. hillary clinton launch as a new ard monday morning featuring the vovoice of morgan freeman ant reference to a high profile shooting victim. trayvon martin. >> she says their name. trayvon martin shot to death. >> reporter: and mrs. clinton trying harness her push through south carolina and super tuesday. at fight goes tofnlt is in our grasp gras p. bernie sander not showing any sign of of slolong down. and mill lynn yabz that have been largely anticlinton. the wind sat our backs. we have the momentum. okay and right now we're waiting to see if marco rubio will respond to the resignation ofofed cruz's communication director. more on tham cog up to night at 5:00. mean white republicans have
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coming up a big week as everything rushes towards super tuesday which is when 13 states head to the ballot box on march 1st. i'm live in the plex. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> lynn: jeff, thank you. a man accused of going on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo michiganacing a judge. >> and no bail at this time that the accident is charged with murder. >> lynn: jason dalton nearing court today very stoic. he faces several charge of weapons violation and six counts of mur de. 45-year-old is denied bond and could faceceife in prison if convicted. he wa an uber driver and was arrested every the weekend after goingg open a shooting spree and a killing six people and injuring two others. and he picked up passengers as an uber driver in between the shootings. mot known what his motive was at the time. >> well.
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news, the hunt is on for a driver that struck a southth florida teenager and never looked back. >> lynn: and frustrations flowing through one south florida community as dozens of people protest for cleaner river water. >> danielle: a 106-year-old woman has proven you are never too old to boog gee down and she has high profile dancing partner. >> lynn: and tonight at 6:00. a woman roughed up by her roommate. >> phil: all right.. good afternoon every one. the average high this time of of year is about 79 degrees. we're going starred to warm up for tuesday and we wednesday. before another front move in towards the end of the weefnlg the entire out look in a couple minutes. >> time now for fast track traffic. >> and we're starting off with two delays on the i-4 dania. good afternoon eefer everybody. we're looking agent i-95 at griffen road. northbound traffic coming
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the i- starting to slow down opt northbound side at sterling and also a crash on the southbound i- about midway between 595 and grfen road. also want to let you now that today is day one out of four that pembroke road will be osed at dixie highway railroad crossing. midway between i-9 a and federal highway. i-95 to pembroke road may not be bets idea for the the next few day. may want to exist at hallandale beach or hollywood boulevard instead. let's check out i-95 in miami-dade. northwest 119th street. southbound traffic coming towards you. crash recently moving off to the right shoulder. lays on the north bound i-. u can see on your right stack up already toward the goal deng glaismedz how about palmetto expressway at okeechobee road. palmetto delay free. dolphin accident freecht westbound 836. slow there i-95 to la giewvment
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southwest 27th avenue. southbound traffic coming towards you and so far so good on south dix through the grosm the gables south 3450eu mie and kendall. reno grafnlt seven traffic. you're watching 7 news first at 4:00.
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>> o. >> danielle: this woman who was over 100 years old did her happy dance when she met the president and first lady. she was so excited that she goog id down with them. and what an incredible piece. >> reporter: this is awesome. she was trying show off her moves at the people's house and the presidint and first lady were trying to keep up.
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sunday was quite a day for a 106-year-old woman who got to visit the white house. i'm so hon nompletd do you want to say hello to michelle. >> virginia got to meet president o obama and first lady. but she got dance with them as well. >> she's 106. no, are you not. you are not 106. slow down. in 2014 she began a social media campaign to meet the obamas. i want to be like you when i grow up. >> it paid o. she showed her excitement by caning. dancing. come on. what is the secretto still be caning at 106. >> she explained how happy she was to see a black person in the nation's top job. >> i know. i never thought i would live.
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>> you are here. i'm so happy. we're happy to have you. >> look at him. >> you got to love. that she was at the white house to celebrate bla history movement just want to wotel upper inner imivment live in the satellite center. jeff lennox 7 news. >> lynn: that's adorable. >> danielle: weant to pick her brain to find out how to get to 106. >> lynn: coming up on 7 news at 4 o'clock. video that will put a smile on your face a panda play in the snow. >> danielle: plus, bus passengers in a panicment cameras rolling as their road trip goes nup smoke.
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time now for the first at 4:00 forecast with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right every one. we're going to go for mostly clear cievmentz cloudy, hot. thunderstorm an then cooler temperature by the end of the the week. look at all that cloudy mess across the southeast. that is headed in our directions. >> right now temperature not that bad in the 70s everywhere. 73 in nay bell. fort lauderdale 78. bimini 79 ch radar is nice and
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you may ee see an isolated sphroij night. a little better chance of showers tomorrow. i think the best chance for rain will be on wednesday. now, here's what we v. high pressure to our east. we have a series of fronts that are moving across the southeastern end of of the u.s. of more clouds building to night. and tomorrow you could see that cld moving in. now by tomorrow afternoon. it's going to get cloudier. we'll see temperature a little warmer. could see an isoted shower moving in of. off that breeze but bit middle of the workweek as that wind shifts out of south southwest, it's going to get hotter. could see a few thunderstorms. and then by thursday it will get cooler across south florida. here the marineorecast tonight. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip occur apts at the beach. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for nut florida keys, also exercise caution. 15 knot winds. the caution by the way seas
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four to 5 feet. next high tide miami 8:38. 8:33 fort lauderdale. key largo 9:01. 9:54 in he key west. clouds wiol build. isolated s swer tonight turning breezy. tomorrow slightly cloudy and a chaches of rain. look at thcht the the highs rewounding into the low 80s. here's your extend out look. 84 on wednesday with a better chance of of rain. that front move through andook at. that we could be wack into the the 50s come friday morning. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. all right phil, thank you. panda play time atisoo to ron do to dispoovment the zoo employees tai say he was so excited about the weather. he made his way back up the hill and rolled down all over again. >> lynn: oh, how cute. >> danielle: adorable. >> lynn: hf is probably hot in a thal fur into a yeah.
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>> danielle: rocks on a roll as a massive man slide is caught on camera.
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>> >> lynn: that is 7 news first at 4:00. thanks for watching m i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 4:30 is straight ahead.
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>> this is 7 news at 4:30.
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top at 4:30. police finding a shoe and scattered debris after a south florida teen is struck in the street. good afternoon again everybody. ththhit and run horror sending that teen to the hospital ieflt that' right and now the hunt is fornt driver who struck him and thin took o. 7's sheldon fox is live in miami. we're now l lrning more about the victim. >> sheldon. >> reporter: we are danielle and nn. we're told he is in intensive care right now dealili with serious head trauma and also a collapsed lung according family members. the police trying to work this case right now. this person still at jackson ma more yol hospital right now. police have joyed and hereay still shot of it. they think it's a mercedes silver in color. more on this in a moment but for now back out to northwest 79 strooj street and 22 avenue. that scene where it happened this morning in the the 6:00 hour. the victim is javier valdez. 15 years old ch we should have a picte of him.


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