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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm EST

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top at 4:30. police finding a shoe and scattered debris after a south florida teen is struck in the street. good afternoon again everybody. ththhit and run horror sending that teen to the hospital ieflt that' right and now the hunt is fornt driver who struck him and thin took o. 7's sheldon fox is live in miami. we're now l lrning more about the victim. >> sheldon. >> reporter: we are danielle and nn. we're told he is in intensive care right now dealili with serious head trauma and also a collapsed lung according family members. the police trying to work this case right now. this person still at jackson ma more yol hospital right now. police have joyed and hereay still shot of it. they think it's a mercedes silver in color. more on this in a moment but for now back out to northwest 79 strooj street and 22 avenue. that scene where it happened this morning in the the 6:00 hour. the victim is javier valdez. 15 years old ch we should have a picte of him.
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the chartete school in miami as we said 79th and 22 avenue he and his brother, a 12-year-old who was not injured. and they were going from one bus to another to get them to school thvment in the 6:00 hour when javier was struck by that speeding car ch the car bit the way had the right way. it went right through that green lied light according to covmentz it does not stop. it it struck the boy who was carrying a basketball. 6-foot four. he carries a basketball with him. loves to play basketball. plays for slam. was also holding a water jug. he was knonoed out of his shoes as you saw this na video and had a book bag and other materials that were left behind. he is critically injured now. the police talking about.. it they have pieces of that mer tai say degrees and other he evidence. lies listen to what they had to say. >> family is concerned right now. they are in the hospital with with him.
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they are praying and hoping he recovers well. he is a very smart kid and hearing it happen is incredible. >> reporter: that from a a classmate and friend. we spoke to others from slam high school in miami. they all got specific with what kind of of a boy this was or is and he is a great bass ceat ball player and great boy as well. >> and crime stopper is the number to cavment we're talking about aa mercedes. silver in clomplet possibly a newerodel with front end damage according to cops. the windshield could be mission and 's missing it's front em blement. collect cash for the right a anonymous thivment are needingng your help badly today. live at jackson in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> danielle: all right sheldon. thank you. a swiping crook caught on
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he o ternd a home depot back in knox the man is accompanied by a young girl as he is seen making purchases with a stolen debit dhampletd card reportedly belonging to a woman who lives in north car scar.north carolina. >> if you know who this is call crime stopper at 954-493-tips. >> danielle: and if you're sending us individual offa smokey situation in hollywood. firefighters on dixie highway and north avenue in hollywood. no r rorts of any injnjies. if you see news happening and can do so safely. shoot joyed or snap a picture and e-mail it to us. the address, >> lynn: a pollution protest as hundreds of people gather north of palm beach county taking the stand of lake okeechobee water in the st. riew si river. reporter check one ber with that
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>> >> >> reporter: chanting a carrying sign. several hundreds stand on the stewart causeway fighting for water be low thehein the indian river lagoon. >> bringing more wearness of how bad our water is right now. >> and she is the co founder of the group river kids thvment video was sponsored by river kids but as you can see plenty of concerned adults out here too. and many believe this water should be clean ch the st. lucie and indian rivers are anything but clean right now thanks to our wet winter. and the rivers are take water from lake okeechobee when high levels threaten the age dike and the water below. it it damages the river's sea life and prept health risk. water managers tried to minimizing the damage by restoring elsewhere but they have one out of room and high water has wild life seek higher ground from southwest palm beach county south.
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chunk land sowncht the lake. give us a piece of land to hold that water and flow that water south. >> taking you cross county now. hot wheels on a highway in illinois fl cameras rolling on a sneak snoak smoak can i scene ave bus caught on fire near chicago. it's chard shell is what remains after being fully engulfed in flames. officials say there were about 40 passengers on board at the time when that blast happened. >> w4 i heard the the first boom. i was in the the bath room and came out to a lot of smoke aipped couldn't get off the bus because it was full of black smoafnght as a got off to catch my breath of and started walking down the high way, the bus blew up again and fire came from every where. >> danielle: scary situation. thankfully the driver and passengers got out safely with no injuries. >> craig: >> lynn: trouble on the tracks in california. officials is there is a an suv collided with a train in los
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area. eye roingly the side of the train even wards drivers to keep a heads up for trains. passengers on board were okay and however the driver of that suv was sent to the hospitata with minor injuries. >> danielle: a coast guard rescue captured o camera in washington. video rolling as two women and a man are whipped around in waij rage wawg ters near seattle. that man reportedly jumping in to saft win women but conditions were just too mar shall for him to handle n. end they were all hoisted to safety and said to be doing just fine. >> lynn: well, a powerful cyclone tearing a deadly path of destruction in fiji. the record breaking storm turning deadly. >> danielle: as 7's robbin simmons reports the prime minister declaring atate of emergency. >> reporter: tropical cyclone winston make landfall in fiji on
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180 uprooting trees and knocking down power lines. official say it might take several days until electricity can be fully rtored. the prime minister declaring a state of emergency for the the next 30 days. crews scrambling to assess the wide spread damage. australia's for in minister offering support. >> we have supplies, in sererr that are avail iblg and i've also offered the 80th to send a petry a o ryan so we can carry out areal surueillance and do a needs assist meant. and the storm dump p offing several inches of rain and dadaing roadways and homes. officials now concerned about possible land slides. more than 400 people have h- to be evacuated they are now saying at emergency shelters across the storm. but the mandatory want has beenist lived and the airport reopened. meanwhile schools will remain
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the storm claiming at least 17 lives. but officials warn that number could still rise. reporting from the satellite center. qob bip simmons. 7 news. all right. coming up tonight from the news station. the mud can i mess as the earth begins to crack under pressure. cameras rolling ap it tumbles to the ground. >> danielle: and love is in the air literalal as the couple it ties the knot on a flight. cute. and a car left chard except for one holy item inside. >> >> phil: all right. we're going to see a little bit of everything this week. we have an approaching front first of all. it's going to be barm warm through wednesesy. thunderstorms roll will n. and then a slight cool down throughout the end of the week. we could even see over night lows in the 50s. the enenre out look when we come
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>> lynn: rocks and trees sliding down 24 massive landslide. no way in or out as debris was falling on to the highway >> danielle: t tt's right and pell were running for their lives whenen the land came crashing down around them and capturing it on camera as well. seven as a christine cruz has more. >> reporter: an amateur video catching a landslide from the
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here comes a big one. >> wow. >> but that ah soon ternz to frightening. holy bleep. that whole rock is moving. ly. >> nearly 14 tons of debris comes crarring down the side of the a mountain in elk city closing off a local highway. as you can see the person recording frantically make a run for it as debris slides alongside the mountain side. watch the power line. idaho transportation department offifials say it was about 40 feet deep and blocked off approximately 500 feet of highway. it's unclear when the highway will reopen. no injuries have been reported and authorities say the trapped people are take all in stride. >> >> ashley jones. 7 news. > the sheriff's office said no one in the remote town a has reached out in need of help. so that is good news there. >> lynn: that is.
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station. we're opening up the x files a moulder and skully wrapped up tonights big season finale. >> danielle: and a war of words bringing inspiration into rur your home. we'll show how in today eases room for improvement. >> tonight on 7 news at 10:00. hello everybody. i'm patrick fraser with a look at next "help me howard" she. raids her grand daughter like it was her child and then the baby's mother put her up for adoption. >> whatdy do wrong? dy pay too much attention to the baby. >> or did she ch so k-9 grabbed mother get her back or at least find out where she is. for more information go to
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>> >> >> danielle: the exfile reboot is queerg fowrp a season finale and the stars are talking about the experience the second time around. >> lynn: adam housely talks#to the actors who play moulder and skully. >> >> reporter: there only one episode remaining on fox's x files anyone any series and stars david due cuff any and julian anderson have been gratefulo revisit moulder and skully. >> i love the idea of taking moulder and skully on and on and on and seeing where these people end up. that a gift for an actor ch nobody grets to do that. >> they knew it would be a challenge to reprize the role so they stride tried to stay true to the the heart of original series o. >> because we were the beginning of this kind of show and we were so, such trail blazers i guess i assumed there wa a pressure for us to do exactly that again in
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that's on tv and the high production value you mentioned that when wetarted. >> and then i soon came to realize that that's not what we're meant to do or what fans whatever want. >> right. >> what they want is exactly what they originally have. >> and i think that's what chris has given them. >> what the show does mostly is poses questions and interesting questions and i think that's really sort of the heart and sole of the show. >> you're special agent einstein. >> i climb a distant relation if that's what you're referring too. they sharere detail of what's in store on the last episode. >> in td finale, there's a big event. that's affect the world. there's a medical event and it has to do very much you with with t ts bill a alien conspiracy mythology part of it. >> please, have a seat o.
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story line will continue t- continue with their character. >> lynn: haven't heard anything from my agent but i can say that it was, i can say that it was lovely working with this team of people and i would love to make more if they do. >> lynn: well, see how the x files six part mini series raps up tonight at 8:00 righ here on channel 7. >> now, 7 weaer with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. get ready for one up a and down week here across south florida. first of all. today mild even a little bit open the the warm side. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon highs 76, 80 and 80 and a little trace of rain for new key west. right now temperature are in the 70s. 80 in pembroke pines. the wind out of east southeast between 14, 17 miles per hour.
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there are a few showers right across the florida straights if they hang on. we may see one or two across the keys and then maybe over night a shower or two across the mainland. but here's the big picture. first of a all, warm, going to get warmer ahead of this big mess that's moving in across the southeast woavment have a cold front theavmentd plenty of moisture and that could bring us a a chance of rain and some thunderstorms by wednesday. 70 right now in san antoo. 61 in dallas. 49 in kansas city and that cold air continues to push our way. so here's what we have. high pressure to our east. we have those fronts right croots south east. more clouds wililbuild there tonight and tomorrow. now, notice the wind directions here coming out of southeast morning clouds. it's going get warmer a as all that heat and humidity is dragged up from the tropic.
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will be right around the mid 80s. hot across south florida. could see smses moving in and then once the front has cleared the area, thursday in thaw friday, maybe even in through the weekend quote. see some cooler temperatures maybe back intoo the 50s. >> here's the marine for cost for tonight small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents at the beach. the winds will be all the way up to 20 nauts. seas of two to 5 feet and biscayne bayith a moderate chop. for you throughout florida keys, exercise caution.. 20 knot winds. the caution however is for seas beyo the reef building four to 6 feet and coastal watererwill be choppy. now, you're next high tide dade and broward coastal water will be just a few minute after 8:30. 9:54 for the lower keys and your water temperature tomorrow at 72 degrees. so for tonight. we eect the clouds to start to move n. could see an isolated
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over night lows will be in the 60s. to the low 70s. and then by tomorrow. the average high is in the upper 70s already. we're lookinggent temperatures in the low to mid 80s. warming up as we move in through wednesday with a wind out of southeast turning to the west southwest by wednesday 84, a better chance of rainfall. the cold air moves in and look. that with we could see lows back into the 50s from friday all the way through sunday morning. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> lynn: got some breaking news out of staid of nevada. i word of a small plane crash. danielle: let's get to the satellite center. belkeys nerey with the story. >> belkeys: guys this is california we're talking about. this is the live situation. a plane has crashed on the road in the city of pa company
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of los angeles and you can see the wing of that plane from the bottom of the screen. from what we understand that's the side window was ripped off and there's a little bit of fuel that's been sphild on to this roadway. a residential area it appears. you can see people there outside. not sure how many people on board the plane. not sure of the extefntd injuries at this point of from what we u uerstand from our sister station in the l.a. yairks there are some cars nearby that have some shattered wind shields. but you can see the plane there crashed at a pretty crowded street there full of cars and paramedics are still on that scene. it appears maybe trying to get people throwvment you can see the rescue vehicles also on stand by. so we're working with our l.a. sister station to try and get more information on this developing story in pacoima california. 22 miles north if los angeles.
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info hopefully during the 5:00 hour and once with we get more in forks we'll bng it to you. for now live at the news desk. i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: all right belkeys. thank you. >> danielle: ande'll be right back.
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>> >> lynn: that is 7 news at 4:30. thank you for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 starts now. >> now on 7 news. >> craig: a driver heading the wrong way on a turnpike and it peers this was no accident. a man hoping for a reduced sentence years after killing his friend at school. a judge makes the final decision. a woman recovers after a vicious tack in her oam own homeme >> this is over kill.
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carving out her face. >> her roommate snow behind bars. a republican presidential hopeful calls for his spoke man resignation after a gop tweet about a rye sal. >> and a lawsuit filed by women who claimed the comedian sex lay assaulted themeemplet live in massachusets joo. and a woman's presidential wirk comes true. >> come on. >> 106-year-old turning part fort white house into her own fans dance floor. >> craig: hello and welcome i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. this is 7 news at 5:00. now at 5:00, a driver heading the wrong way ending a head w- a head on collision. >> he had a hard time fitting in. investigators scanning social media following a train of popsible warning signs. >> belkeys: hello again every one. the wrong way wreck end ago a man's life.
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facebook page appears to show she was sleily troubled case before the crash. brandon beyer live at at n- davie at the s sne. brandon. >> reporter: and craig, sad story tonight. thank to social media we're learning more about a man who was killed sunday night driving the wrong way on the florida turnpike. and it turns out this deadly crash may have been no accident at all. >> the florida highway patrol says the driver going the wrong way on the turnpike late sunuay night was killed when he ran into a semi. the two owk pafnts of the truck suffered minor injuries. the driver of the car has been identified as 26-year-old geet fair ons and it peers he may have intentionally caused the wreck taking his own life. >> it came 23409 as a surprise baw a great schok when i heard of his death. >> reporter: rabbi said he
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called last week to have him removed from the synagogue. >> a the same time i was working closely with him to work to come to bring him back within >> >> reporter: his facebook accounts make mefntion the issue at the synagogue last friday and in an earlier post he specifically talks about driving the wrong way on the turnpike to end hik life. florida highway pa will troll he did it. >> he was screaming, somebody stop me. somebody help me. >> reporter: jackie roings of florida initial fif toree suicidede predense vengs says fair ons was beggingfor help. >> this is really a tragedy that didn't have to happen if somebody just reached out and got him hefl help. >> repter: roz ensays there's no one to blame but there is a lesson to be learned. if you see a post like, this start asking hard questions like are e ey okay? and what are their intentions?


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