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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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called last week to have him removed from the synagogue. >> a the same time i was working closely with him to work to come to bring him back within >> >> reporter: his facebook accounts make mefntion the issue at the synagogue last friday and in an earlier post he specifically talks about driving the wrong way on the turnpike to end hik life. florida highway pa will troll he did it. >> he was screaming, somebody stop me. somebody help me. >> reporter: jackie roings of florida initial fif toree suicidede predense vengs says fair ons was beggingfor help. >> this is really a tragedy that didn't have to happen if somebody just reached out and got him hefl help. >> repter: roz ensays there's no one to blame but there is a lesson to be learned. if you see a post like, this start asking hard questions like are e ey okay? and what are their intentions?
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there in that message and nobody reached out and it doesn't take a professional. it can be a friend t caib teacher. it can be anybody that you know. >> >> reporter: and his troubles bo back to the at least 2012 where he was twice investigated on the campus of the university of miami. we're live in davie. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: decision day all over again for a man convicted of murdering his friend more than a decade a. 7's rosh lowe is live at courthouse in miami with more open t today's rule. rosh. >> reporter: this end a very sad chap teamplet a chapter that has lasted 12 years and a very sad chapter for the family of jaime gowf. a sad chapter for the familiar 4reu6 michael hernandez who were fighting to get his sentence reduced and it ends with them saying he was very disturbed by
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had in jail. >> when i learned that there were 19 weeks of recorded phone calls from the jail and from the prison, i did not anticipate that there was going to be talk about rainbows and uni cornz and puppies. but what i received is truly gro test. >> reporter: judge sentenced michael hernandez to life behind bars for the 2004 murder of his classmate jaime gowf in south wood mitel school. he was 1313 at time he slit the throat of high next. told a new hearing bit supreme court that says juvenile could not be auto naictly sentenced to life in prison. >> and the phone calls between
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parents he helped the judge. >> he had his parents play what he call himself death metal music for him. usually with lyrics about thing like murder, dismember ber member. torture and slot slashing. and that last one really got to me. >> i had to ask myself, how is someone not sickened by a song about cutting someone's throat d watching them die? wouldn't basic human decency make it impossible to listen to that after take alive by the same means. hernandez received during this resentencing hearing several week ago trying to convince a judge he is a changed person. >> i'm not what those calls depict. >> i didn't realize how bad they were. and used to dig up bode degrees. he was making a skin siewvment that was crazy bleep.
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going back to the foin calls in jaism the hernandez family chose not to speak but jme's father with these closing words. >> final words justice for my son. i think that what td judgdg did wa the right decision. >> reporter: because of a recently in acted florida law n13 years michael hernandez has the option to petition a judge to reconsider this life sentence without parole. but as it stata right now here tonight michael hernandez will sit behind bar ares for the rest of of his life. >> we're live outside the metro justice building. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> craig: also now at 5:00, a south florida lara ciewfd abusing miners. david rosenberg arrested of child porn charges at his mie gate he. and they say he sexually abused a teenage girl a there and used
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he he worked to sign on to a a chat room to convince another pair don't let him have sex with her underaged dawer and ciewfd sending videos of under age porn and towrntz that pairnt was an undercover officer. the 47-year-old remains behind bars this evening. >> belkeys: well, this video can be hard to look the at but it has a family feeling optimistic. a woman now on the road to recovery. horror at home when police say a man goes on tact. police say he is accused of beating and stack his roommate. lynn martinez live athe news desk with the detail on thvment lynn. >> lynn: belkeys, police reation the man they say just rent aid room from the vicm now. a mother is speak owght in the hopes that something like this never happens again. >> a south florida woman taking a big step in the road to recovery after a vicious attack inside her own home. danielle jones spent the last week nay o coulda at jackson
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starting to ophir eyes yesterday. hi princess. we love you. we love you princess. >> it's mom. >> lynn: her family says the 23-year-old was brutally beaten and stabbed by her room may. 35-year-old byron mitch whole she found on craig's list. he is they lived in northwest tej sphreevment police arresting him on attempted murder charges and now he is behind bars without bond. officials say he is claiming self defense. >> he could of knocked her out. that iself defense. this this i i over kill. this is is mutilation of her face. carving out her face. trying to take it ox concussions in the head. sa veer groin trauma a at she is trying to survive for. the family says she will need extensive rehabilitation and lock term care.
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i'll take nirks any siefned light. now that she is responding moror hope fucialtion i want to thank every one for their prayers and i'm feeling more hopeful and i believe she will get through this. >> lynn: joan's family has started a go fund me account to help raise money which she desperately needs to cover the medical cost. at the news desk. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: a presidential caidates trading places. democrats going all in in south carolina while gop hopeful are beth big in nevada. one reblican has folded though moving on to another state. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have several days to gather support in the palmetto state. >> belkeys: riel republican candidates get ready for tomorrow's nevada caucus. one campaign is getting shake up. jeff lennox live in the plex with the latest on the campaign trail. jeff.
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craig, senator cruz has one of his campaign managers pack his bags today. and the field slimming down on both side as the candidates get ready to vote on super tuesday fl we start way back and forge ttle of the two gop candidates trying to topple trum. marco rubio going after ted cruz after a joyed surfaced from the cruz campaign that falsely depicted marco rubio dismission the bieb he'll. >> it's part ave pattern. if this just happens once, you say all right. those things thap nay campaign. team rubio fired ban on sunday and cruz responded big on monday asking his communication director rick tyler to resign over the in accurate videoeo >> he we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. feen it was true, our campaign should not h he sent. it that's why i asked for rick tyles resignation because the standards of conduct in this campaign have been made clear for every member of the
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>> reporter: donaldrump meanwhile so lit lidfying his front runner stat with us a win in south carolina on saturday. his you k578 pain on the ground in georgia. isn't it true our country does not win any more. >> reporter: the only govenor left in the race sitting out of of this week's nevada caucus. john kasich snot make anything campaign stops there. focusing his e6 forts instead on crucial southern states die know thousand fix t t country and a don't view this as anything other than selecting the best person who knows thousand bring us together. >> reporter: it's the democrats turning in south carolina. the play marry coming up on saturday. and clinton head into the palmetto state ave win in nevada over the weekend. >> i don't think we are a sinine issue country and i'm not a sith issue candidate. and bernie sanders mentioning clinton at green veil south carolina. sander seth his sites on the general election and gop instead. >> we have the momentum not only
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if you look at national polls, and you want to candidate who is going to defeat donald trump, you're looking that the candidate. >> reporter: okay and marco rubio just moments ago responding to the resignation of ted cruz's director. that statement coming up at new at 6:00 nigh meanwhile republicans have the nevada caucus tomorrow. the democrats a are setting their sites on south carolina for the primary this saturday and several states voice their choice on super tuesday set for march 1st. live in the plex. jeff lennox 7 news. >> belkeys: well, florida congressional big wigs galg gathering for a show of tup for a new candidate. what they had to say about mark. >> rubio head the 6:00. >> craig: and a syrian cease fire could soon take effect after week of negotiations between u.s. and russia and others. and the new ro res solutiono begin saturday but first the syrian government and antigovernment rebels have to
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isis and al-qaida brink lirchged group with were not part of tha those negotiation. >>. family members off the san bernardino shooting victims joining in on the government's fight against apple and a did judge's request that the giant helped the fbi hack into the shooter's inn phone as parts of the vaismtion company ceo tim cook has refused citing consumers privacy rites. the government says national security interest trump that. side farook and his wife opened fire in a county building in december killing 14 people. both diedours later in a shoot outwith police. >> craig: also on 7, bill cosby's wife answering tough questions under oath today lated to a lawsuit brought by several women against her husband 507 news reporter dan housely is in springfield massachusets where camile cosby
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>> reporter: well, camile cosby and will have a home about 35-mile from here and camile sby is now answering hours of questioning in a case broad wee seven women against himim this on a day when she wanted to abc no questions at all. >> reporter: lawyer forecast meal cosby not in a talk mood after leaving court this morning in springfield. bill cosby's wife lost a last minute bid to answer questions in a civil lawsuit sen women filed against her husband. and the women es scat ik about the pros feskt questioning mrs. cosby in a depposition. >> game on. we can move forward and attempt top vindicate our client's interest and that's all it's all about. >> the deposition taking place in the 6th floor conference ro the 6th floor marriott. a suit that seven women filed against cosby accusing them of deaf fa naition maition by
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sexual assault. 15050 women have come forward with clarngz against him. and one case ce with charges against him. and we're interested in learning the importance of her relationship wh him and the other women. and while conversations are protected. camile cosby served as bill cosby's business manager. reporters steak thowght downtown springfield hotel could intimidate cosby oor cause emotion thal stress that would keep her from testifying effective li. the judge case greed and found for the women's lawyer who says camile cosby may not be willing but sme is able. she doesn't want me to even ask her her name but i intend to do what i need to do for my clients. >> reporter: and no indication bill cosby is here with his pief wief. she what nt been seen going into the hotel but lawyer asking the questions confirmed to me way text that the questioning is gopg.
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hours or more but he did want to get this all wrapped up today. we're live in springfield massachusets. dan housely. 7 news. >> craig: all right dan. >> belkeys: loss lots more coming up on 7 news. a young boy gunned down outside his home and his killer on the loose. >> night the community call fogging for a change oonchts iergs and a teen hit while walking to school. police have an important clue whriel the the driver take off. >> andhey said don't you want a ride to your friend's house. a. >> yeah but i want to get there alive. >> belkeys: a man a accused of going to on a shooting rampage all while driving cue ber customers between his lea crimes. >> craig: a car bursting into flame. several people talking about the moment they became heros. >> belkeys: and a white house visit like no other. the first family stunned by 106-year-old woman's incredible energy.
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>> >> craig: and now 106 years young and feeling better than ever. >> and i was dancing at 107. >> a woman's with wish comes true. >> i would love to meet the president. >> craig: tonight a white house visit gog gone viral. a dance party going on in the blue room at the whete house. >> belkeys: 106 years old and can you imagine? she still has moves. >> i'm impressed. danielle knox live in the plex with more on this little fire ball. i love her danielle. >> i do tox i'm impressed too bell key. mete a meeting more than a year
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first lady asked her a quech instead of answering she let her feet do the talking hi. >> so nice to see you. a woman having the time of@ her life and she snot just any ordinary woman. she 106 years old and still young at hard. her meeting with the president and first lady quickly turning into a dance party at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i want to be like you wn you i grow up. >> and her disek aids long dream having true after having a t tgh time recently. last year bed bugs invaded her dv crrks apartment and this year a major snow storm traraed her inside for several days. but none of that mat wherd she got the chance to step into the oval office and show off her moves. >> it was an honor to me. pgh i really really jump for joy. >> danielle: and jump for joy she d. she said she never
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in side of the white house but her a mace meant went beyond just the hallways. beautiful. i've never been so happy before in 34eu lifif to meet the president and hi wife. >> reporter: >> danielle: with the cop manager in chief on one side and the first lady on the other. she hook her hip and danced in pure happiness while flashing a smile there here to ear to eemplet and the monumental moment heavy with history as she met the america's first african plern president. >> and lookkt him. right there and she was there to visit black history month. >> it's a big move in my life from where i come flvment i come a long way long ways and that was one of the biggest move i've ever been in my life. her. >> danielle: her dance party the cul ma nation of a social media campaign to meet obamas
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>> because i didn't think i would ever live to see a colored president. >> reporter: >> danielle: and asking to meet the president she made her way to the quhiet house. >> we're glad too have you here. >> danielle: i want to be her when irow up. that energy is con tai gussments the video up loaded to white house nais book page and already generated more than 39 million views guys. as for ma claire an. she is keeping by sivment she still works eight hours a day. maybe that the key. live in the plex. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> lynn: oh no, no, no, it's dancing. i'm going to stick with the dancing. >> >> belkeys: she's active. that's the key. >> craig: 106 and she's work eight hours a day. >> belkeys: she's active that's the key. >> craig: and a four legged member of a family is back where she be lopgz. how social media helped make the reonion possible. >> belkeys: and a woman drawing money from an atm coming under the gun.
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the crook was spooked. >> craig: also rocks come tumbling down the mountain. the man behind the the camera also
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>> >> now 7y- with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. so we're going to see everything this week blend from warm temperature to thunderstorms back to cool. we're watching frongs making their way across the southeast. look at all that cloudinessnd all that rain.
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aded our way. meanwhile as we take a look at the chances for rain. they are going to go up especially by mid week. 50% chance for rainfall on wednesday. we could still seeee a few showers tomorrow and then we dry out rather nicely after. that temperatures, we're going to warm up. as a matter of fact. looking at the over night lows. erage low is 63. we're going in the upper 60s. 71 to start the day on wednesday. and then we're going to cool back down into the 50s for friday. saturday and sunday. temperature right now across the northern end of thetate. very pleasant. 68 degrees in pen sa could lacht 73 gain vivment 79 in orlando. s a and as fares a our area is concerned. partly cloudy skies. temperatures right now in the 70s. along the the east coast ax a little cooler across southwest florida. and for you toughout the florida keys, another beautiful day. 76 marathon. a little cooler in key west.
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here's the marine forecast for tonight. maul craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout florida keys, exercise caution. coastal waters choppy. now, next high tide will be at 8:38. 8:33 in fort lauderdale. key largo a minute after 9:00 p.m. 9:54 in key west. building clouds tonight. maybe an isolated shower. still on the warm side. now, by tomorrow. we are looking at highs in the upper 70s toot keys. low 80s for the main land. a couple of showers maybe a stray thunderstorm. hexe's your extend out look. better chance of rainfall wednesday. hotter then the front comes through over night lows in the 50s from friday through sunday morning. that's your seven on s%ven. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> belkeys: that is a wrap for us first 59 clfnlt caio caio. i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. stay tune. the news continues at 5:30 with lynn martinez and danielle knox.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: now at 5:30, a student struck in the street and the driver never even bothered
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gerchg. the e young athlete was using a crosswalk when he was hit. >> ln: and now he is in bad shape in the hospital. 7's sheldon fox live at backson memorial hospital with the top story. sheldon. >> reporter: lynn and danielle, happy pi energetic 15-year-old basketball player who would probably rather be at basket wall practice right now or hanging out with his brother or family. but instead he is here at jackson memorial hospital in critical condition behind me because of a cold blood hit and runner. >> he is fun and aws tom to be around. >> amazing student. student athlete. and. >> reporte he is 15-year-old javier valdez. a slam basketball player at charter school in miami but right now he is in intensive care sur rowpped bid family. >> family wernd reasoned r concerned right now. like i said. they have in the hospital with him. he has severe head trauma and they are praying that hopefully he recovers well snoot teen was


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