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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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gerchg. the e young athlete was using a crosswalk when he was hit. >> ln: and now he is in bad shape in the hospital. 7's sheldon fox live at backson memorial hospital with the top story. sheldon. >> reporter: lynn and danielle, happy pi energetic 15-year-old basketball player who would probably rather be at basket wall practice right now or hanging out with his brother or family. but instead he is here at jackson memorial hospital in critical condition behind me because of a cold blood hit and runner. >> he is fun and aws tom to be around. >> amazing student. student athlete. and. >> reporte he is 15-year-old javier valdez. a slam basketball player at charter school in miami but right now he is in intensive care sur rowpped bid family. >> family wernd reasoned r concerned right now. like i said. they have in the hospital with him. he has severe head trauma and they are praying that hopefully he recovers well snoot teen was
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morning and it was a dhar never stopped. >> no doubt it's a a mercedes. >> reporter: miami-dade homicide detectives know this because o@ what was left be shined at the scene. >> paint chip left all over the scene which isilver. >> reporter: and then this surveillance stiflt car glaifort the crash. >> he is a very smart kid and hearing it happen is incredible. school mates raifd about a boy trying to get to school with his little broancht his 14 yeerld brother was uninjured. the two walking to caich county transit bus when javier was struck. younger brother says the victim was carry aing a basketball. water jurks shoes book baj bag were left at scene and family and friends of javier are left upset, worried and hurt. it's incredible how people with run and it's just sad. >> it's rude and hash for somebody to do that baw he is so
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>> i just hope he gets better. we miss him. >> >> reporter: now you get a good look at that mer say teams. this from a still picture captured from this sm video in the yaifort crash northwest 79th street and 22 avenue. 6:00 a.m. hour. this morning. do you now anything about that vehicle? they say it has front end damage. a possible cracked windshield and a mission em blevment very easy to find if you know about a that c c. very easy to spot if you happen to see it because ofhal damage. 305-471-tips the number to crime stper in miami-dade county. you can collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police on this one. they are needing your help badl we're live at jackson memorial hospital in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> all right sheldon. thank usm well, a thief leaving behind a clue on camera. surveillance video capturing a man police say used a stolen debit card in oakland park. he purchased a 50-dollar gif
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home depot near northwest 18th avenue and west oakland park boulevard f. you recognize him or have any information, call police. >> danielle: hot quheelz inn hollywood. a 7 news viewer sending us video of the blaze. you're looting it right there. crews dousing that blazeear dix highway during the morning rush no. 1 hurt. now f you see news happening and can do so safy, snap a picture or shoot video and e-mail us. a at address is sendd to 7 at >> >> lynn: also in the news today an uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan facing judge. reporter andrew spen soar with that story. >> court calls the state of michigan versus jason brian dalton. 45-year-old jason dalton appeed before i a judge on monday two days after a shooting spree in call ma zoo michigan.
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made against yound the maximum sentence that i just stated? >> yes sir. >> reporter: prosecutors are charge dalaln with six counts of rder and two counts of assault to commi murder and eight firearm related counts. dalton opened fire at three locations over the course of seven hours saturday night pick up uber faishz in between shooting. total of eight people shot. six of them killed. >> i said you're not the shooter are you? and he said, no. >> and i said, are you sure? and he kind of just said no, i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours. >> his first stop wa at an apartment complex way woman was shot mull it tel ta pell times. she remain in critical condition ooflt several hours layer police y dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where he shot and killed a father soond. minutes later five people shot in thearking lot of a restaurant. the only survivor there a 14-yr-old girl who remains in
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dalton was a arrested two hours later. monday a mass was held in hon nompt victim. condolences came perfect president barack obama to address the shooting during a govenor's conference. >> on saturday another one of our communities was terrorize bid gun violence. have you families who are shattered today. >> reporter: andrew spence ser. 7 news. >> danielle: and columning in off the satellites tonight. rocking a and roll in idaho. we're not talking about music here. we're talking about a massive landslide. that send nearly 14 tons of debris crashing down closing off a highway. the rocks trapping more than 200 residents in a nearby town. police say it could be days clear. >> lynn: an explosion leaving behind a major mess in oklahoma. blast distroy age house under construction and damaging several other. police believe somebody may have stolen a stove from the model home causing gas to leak out of
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>> danielle: britain's coast guard rescuing two swimmers off the coast of cornwall. they were swimming with a group of froandz what i strong rip current dragged them out to sea. both hoisted up on to a chopper and taken to the hospital. >> lynn: coming up on # into 7 news aism hard day at school ave long yong classmate is skilled praying outside his apartment over the weekend. >> danielle: and theatest in a string of gun violence has the community increasing the the reward as police stip the search to find the shooter. 7 news with l)ve coverage. >> lynn: a fiery crash. a driver rescued and an iement inside the charred vehicle@here has strengthened the faith of rescuers. >> phil: and get ready for a little bit of everything. we're going warm up over the next couple of days. thunderstorms move in and then colder air by the end of the week. the tiern out look nay couple
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>> lynn: a race to rescue this trapped driver in an suv second way from exploding. >> it took group second to help. >> and those who were there wii say they believe they witnessed a mir cli. craig what more. >> craig: the vehicle bust into flame and it was destroyed but as you mentioned, one thing that came out in tact. >> once he hit the pole he went up in flames. >> craig: it was a scary site. a jeep up in flame. >> every one was going to the car to bust windows and i said we have to get this man out of car. >> it happened in memphis. witnesses say a driver was side swipip bye bye another car pushing him down the hill a and into a pole. moments later flames came from the car.
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i wentack to wet him so if the fire got inside the car maybe it wouldn't burn him as bad or keep him as moist a he could be. they tried to to find a fire extinguisher but cofnlt moments later a man ran over way jack iron and broke through the window. and cut the seat belt. eapped appeared to have been completely trapped in the drivers seat because the steering wheel was pressed up against him in the chest. >> craig witnesses carried the man to safety and moments later loud popping noise came from the car. a noise they say they won't forget i was saying lord, please let us get the man out of here. the driver was hospital bud a site to brought tear to many was this bible. the only thing left in the burned up vehicle siring in the front seat. >> that is god. if you don't believe, i don't know what to say ierkts victim meep while is expected too make a full recover rivment in the satellite center. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: that's incredible. thank you craig.
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ahead tonight from the news station. a pet thrown from florida family's yard. police turn to social media to crack the done gg case. >> lynn: love is in the air. a couple says i do high in the sky but this wet wedding is bitter s sweet. >> danielle: and it is the episode fans of a scifi snoa show will be talk about tomorrow and we have the sneak peak tonight.
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>> >> danielle: will, it is finale night for extiles fan. tonights episode promising pren plenty of sky. the six episode series does rap up tonight and i. >> and the stars are refleghting on the hit show. >> shireen sandoval is a fan of show. shireen join us now witit more ireen. >> reporter: and in just showers lee goj gons of fans have been thankful to the return of the scifi show and they
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>> there soanl one episode remainink ever fox's x files mini sear reevment and stars david due could of any and jillian anderson have been grateful for the opportunity to revisit moulder and skully. >> coming back to it in a way, i loved the idea of taking moulder and skully on and on and that's where these people end up. they knewt would be a challenge to reprize those rolls so think tried to to stay true to the heart off the rig nal series. >> because with we were the beginning of this kind of show and we were such trail blazers. i quest i a assumed that there ways pressure for us to do exactly that again in spades given everything else that on tv and the high production value you mention nad when we started. >> and then i soo came to realize that that's not what we're meant to do or what fan want.
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they they originally had and i ink that's what chris that's given them. >> what the show does mostly is it pose question and interesting questions and i think that's really sort of heart and show of the stor show. >> arereou agent einstein in i claim a kiss tant relationship if that's what your referring too. and the last episode in in the fatally, there a big event that's affecting the world. there's a medical event and it has to do very much with this big a alien conspiracy mythology part of of it it. please, have a seat. so is there a chance that the story line will continue with her character. i haven't heard anything from ni my agent but i can say that it was, i can say that it was
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people and woi love to make more if they do. >> see how the exfile six part mini series wraps up to night at 8:00 right here a at 7:00. i'll be glued tv. live in the newsplex shasm rein sandoval. 7 news. now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and here's the big view coast to coast wesm have a lot of cloudiness across the southeast. that is a series of cold fronts that will be moving toward the east coast. but we are going to get the the tail end of that especially wednesday night with a better chance of rainfall. then cooler temperature toward the end of the week. right now in the 30 eansd 40s across the great lakes up and down the east coast m. the 40 earks 50s and 60s a.71 in san antonio. 69 in l.a. a couple of showers croots florida straights f. they hold on we may see one or two later on this evening across the
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upper 70s in broward county. 77 in fort lauderdale. same in downtown miami. key biscayne a temperature of 75 de. the keys right now every one is in the 70s. duct key is not reporting but the at last hour, the temperature there was at 78. meanwhile here what swrevment high pressure to the east there. are those fronts. more clouds will start to move in tonight. you can see the circulation here. could see a couple showers moving in during the day tomorrow. it's also going to get warmer and by the middle of the workweek asthe flow continues to come out of the tropic. it's going to get hotter with a better chance of some thunderstorm activity. then once the front clears, we're looking agent cooler temperature towards the end of the week. could see morning lows once again inhe 50s. here's the marine forecast. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents, biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida key, scer sigh caution.
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next high tide 8:38. 9:54 for the lower key. uv index tomorrow at 7:00. water temperature 72. now, for night more clouds will start to come n. over night lows in the mid to upper 60s to the low 70s. by tomorrow average high about 79 degrees. we're going to be either there or a botch that all across south florida. it going to be breezy we can expect a few shower many offing in. here's your extended out look. better chance some of rain. mae maybe even thunderstorm on wednesday. getting warmer. the front comes through friday, saturday, sunday morning. wakingngack up into the 50s. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> danielle: also on 7, a couple showing every one they are flain love showing a special ceremony above the cloud. a flight attendant making a special announce m. >> lynn: and people on the flight went from being
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on wetd,. did they have to bring a gift? how does that work? bell key with the story diswrie jie peanuts and pretel for eafer you one on the @lane. one couple made an announcement on a high next they got married in the sky. they are still on cloud nied nine after saying i do over the weekend. >> it's wonderful e. we've been together for the better part of fi years now. >> but how they said i do is make spark fly on facebook. will a at you tube videos were up. and the love bird were married 35,000 feet in the aaron an laz ca airlines flight. love is in the a air. the air line. she and her new husband planned the big shabang to grant three wishes to her mother who is fighting stage four cancer. my mother is the world to me.
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>> billy joe all wapped to see where she works and where she lives and see her marry the man she love. she wanted to see where i'm at because she wanted to come see see the et all and scr you see our house here and i a advice you all of what our life was like and thahat really touch med. a plane full of passengers looked on as kristi made her way down a different aisle wear can accessories she made herself. a flight of fancy not to be forgotten any time soon. i'm glad we were able to share love and joy with people and it really touch people and make their flight a fun experience. ah might imagine kristi's mom says it was one of the best days of her life. i'm sure it was one of kristi a's toto live in the newsplex. lkeys nerey. 7 news. >> lynn: >> lynn: oh mol a to. great story. >> danielle: yes. >> lynn: yes. danielle: and an
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long way when it come to rede sighing your bedroom. >> lynn: and tina fey takes the role of being a reporter seriously in her fim and flips the script on chris van vliet.
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>> >> lynn: in spare r spir rational quotes are wig these days. >> danielle: they hour are and it is month ta vailing one of our viewers and it is type for room for improve meant. >> you don't want to spend that much money in a guest room but crea ailt a welcoming style. and at the moment we have a hot mess from a decorating per peck sivment a missing nightstand. head bort bord dated.
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adhesive design. add yows. so dusty. this color scheme i love. i'm incorporating the beige from the head board and updating with blue color. i saved money on the@bedding by buying a comforter sevment the pillows that came with it arere not the greatest. however i can give it a great look by in core rating my own down filled pillow. love too. you don't need to spend money fon this side of the room. a beau bought accent table will do just fine. these lamb rp functional but not the best in terms of style. they remind me ave dorm. i have something much better. now we're talking. i love how the waist compliments the bed and a it has a more designer look. >> new bedding check. new nied nightstand, check, now let's address the window treatments.
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>> i'm using a decorative knob instead of a hook to hang the art work with the beautiful ribbon it comes with. >> and the fnal touch are a action ser says or reez for the nightstand. >> and like the art work remind us. do small things for a big change. until next time i'm martin a mad do for 7 news and remember, more tips on ourr on line extra. >> danielle: g gok martin. log on to win wip. click on on line extra and martin will show you how to get a second use out of book and imagine scene thaw read. click on room for improve meant if youant a coon sul taition with martin or call the number you see there on the s seen. >> lynn: well, some south florida beaches getting a pop of color. >> danielle: four new brightly colored lifeguard tower unveiled on miami beach.
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ar ta connection who started working on them after hurricane andrews. impact windows can be seen from 87th street to south point. >> lynn: i don't know how wonderful the windows will be when the storm is s s close to the water. but they are bought for sure. >> reporter: yes iemple this is 7 news at a 50l- 5:30. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle:nd i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> n n on 7 news, a south florida community shaken with once again after another in month sent child is killed. we should not be making coffin this small as those we make. >> we have team 7 coverage. a woman ambushed at the atm. jeb is out. march could still in p and the south florida senator pick unnew support in the race for the white house. >> police using facebook in a k9 cape per. a family would like what
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>> and # hollywood stars turning the tables on 7 news. >> and it would be great if we could diso some reporting right now if that's okay. i'm not even prepared. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, shots ring o out in a south florida neighborhood and another child's life taken. >> king carter was bigger than life. >> snow tonight an outraged community. >> for the the perpetrators if are yoy watch, this left oo left devastated and demanding justice. >> hello and welcome every one. parents, students and neighbors in morning after yet another child tragedy. >> craig: the victim here only six years old. tonight we have live coverage. jessica holly in miami bar dens with a mission to stop the violence. ann keil is in miami where the victim's family is taking part in a community rally and we
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>> well, community members are meeting here at charles hadley park. we've been watching more and more people have been pawl pull nothing the parking lot. that meeting now pushed to 6:30 p.m. these ararpeople that believe we have a crisis open our hand. a 6-year-old shot and killed over the weekend hit by a stray bullet. witnesses describing how two men got out of a car and simply started shooting. >> it seemsz that it's a crime to be a child in miami. too many are paying the ultimate priesms we should not be making coffin s this small and on monday, in stid the boys and girls would be greeted hug and grief counselors. >> who would do this? i'm scared for my kids to en be outside. >> reporter: the six year old shot and killed outside his home. shots fired just before 3:00 p.m. saturday at this
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12th avenue and 104 street as they played with his friends. miami-dade police now searching for the three male suspects who are in a black sedan. >> our spirits are strong. king carter was bigger than life. and we will remember him for that. we'll always you with smile. i don't think i've ever seen him without a smile. >> great kid. loved. >> a little boy with a big smile and big personality. his clats ma classmates holding tont last mem orry of king. we ud to play hide and go siege. she just started crying a. we could say is it's going to be o coocht parent not knowing what to tell their children about the loss a. and that as the super intendant called for more community policing and for witness to speak up. who killed this innocent boy?


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