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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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12th avenue and 104 street as they played with his friends. miami-dade police now searching for the three male suspects who are in a black sedan. >> our spirits are strong. king carter was bigger than life. and we will remember him for that. we'll always you with smile. i don't think i've ever seen him without a smile. >> great kid. loved. >> a little boy with a big smile and big personality. his clats ma classmates holding tont last mem orry of king. we ud to play hide and go siege. she just started crying a. we could say is it's going to be o coocht parent not knowing what to tell their children about the loss a. and that as the super intendant called for more community policing and for witness to speak up. who killed this innocent boy?
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girls in cra miami-dade is dwra plaict up. in the past 12 months leefnlt over 60 children have been shohot n. over the past 12 months alone, 24 have been killed. the last one was king carter. members are meeting here. again, community leaders are he meeting here at at park to discuss what come next and the reward has increase for information about who killed this little boy. are you urged to call miami-dade crime stopper that. number 305 tip tips. remember, you can remain anonymous and that reward has increased to 26,000-dollar. reporting live in miami. ann key. 7 news. >> craig: well, a police department hitting the streets to make the community ser. live coverage continue with jessica holly live in miami i r deb. jessica. >> reporter: a well, police and community leader gathering
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and oran dpierchts looking for answers after two more children are victims of o o gun violence. >> two lirn shot in one south florida weekend. a 6-year-old k kled and a 14-year-old in miami gardens lucky to be alive. police need your help. monday dozen hitting thetreets of miami gardens including the city's top cop. >> and when we go out and talk and they see we're human and we're there to help them t creates a better atmosphere. >> reporter: police officers and community leaders distributing information on local programs and services. >> well, if you ever need something, we're here four. >> reporter: and the hope is the citizens will be there foror police. >> in most cases when we pass out information for crime stopper tips and gun violence tips, we end up getting a foap calculate we are the infortion n- that any other way we would not have gotten. we're saying pupt or shut up. >> and speak forth the community. i i ought a thousand dollars from my church today.
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crime stoppers reward for information leading to the a rest of the the shooting death of king carter in northwest miami-dade. >> we're going to send out a reward and also do what we can to valley this comnity to be responsible at the same time. >> come forge and say something. we don't want it to be on your door step next. >> and the only way it will stop is we have it to speak out now. after two weekend shootings and one young life shos lost. i'm officer will a is. they are turpg to theeople to help stop the violence. the 14-year-r-d that was shot is okay. only minor injuries. but the shooters in both cases still out there. so what dot community leader and police need four do. ping the phone and call crime stoppers.. rest, you canning remain anonymous. reporting lich in miami gden. jessica holly. 7 news. >> belkeys: now at 6:00, a woman driving upo an atm at a
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herself under the g. vanessa medina live the a the scene in plantation with this. vanessa. >> reporter: well, she wa just trying to get fast cash here a at this atm when she came face to face with a dwun. but she didn't fight back but at she did was quite smart.en cindy gabe faib bee an stopping at this plantation atm to make a withdraw. just after0:00 p.m. december 22. where. >> just before she was getting ready to w whdraw money, a bleak male approached her vehicle on foot ech was armed way hand gun. he demanded $300 for for her to withdraw three hub dolla. the suspect holding a semiautomatic gup and pointing it right at 3-year-old. he sold toll her to rel.a. she just wanted 300 do lamplet i guess she sensed he waservous because he was look around a lot.
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atm and asked foror800 instead. she purposely tried to t withdraw a an amount that she knew would be declined to buy time. just then another car pull up behind fabian spook the suspect who walkway. >> that's awful. that's ter abling. >> lynn: scared. it's plantationn it could happen anywhere. it's a cle shoflt his face. any one who knows him and sees thihivideo will knonowho he is definitely. so the suspect didn't getaway with any cash but now his face is all over television and if you recognize him you're urged to call broward crime stopper. that phone number 954 hip r tip tip. reporting live in plan indication vanessa medina. 7 news. >> also at 6:00, a man o a mission to steal. surveillance joyed shows a burglar seaeahing through offices and desk inside the car dealership. he was proched by the mine nans worker. the employee not having any of
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it happened at ben gee auto sail southwest 30th stet and state road seven in west park. happened last month. just got the joyed now. if you think you recognize the guy give crime stopper a call a a # 54 tips tip. >> 954-493-tipy. a south florida senator pick up a show of support a the former govenor and his bid for the presidency. jeff lennox live in the plex with more. chef. >> and belkeys. for bher govenor bush bowing out of the race. with jeb bush out of presidential politic picture sl. >> so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. former bush backer. the republican congressional delegation in south florida. >> now it' essentially just a three% race. eleana ross layton.
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carlos ca rel o troag their support to riewp riewp. i will probably tawk voit for rubio baw i know heaz been a a principal fleertd the florida legislate tore and a great legislate tore in the senate. and when you look at a cheechment or getting things done or to unite the republican party and then this greatat country. marco rubio is the person. the republican party and the american people deserve a candidate for president who respects the american people, who respects the constitution of this great country. rubio on the chill in nevada as this ep dorsment came n. rubio in a locked battle with riewz cruz over who is the best alternate to trump. and cruz doing damage control after this. >> yesterday our campaign worker
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marco saying in smg negative about the bible. the news story was false. >> a catch tached to the tweet was this video that they confirm rubio was dismission thehe babe eevment although i spent this morning investigating what happened in exactly what happened. and this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. and rubio not pulling any punches as the war of words heats iewvment it is part of a pattern. if you see it once, it's all thrievment is part of campaign but it happens more than once. if mate it out. >> reporter: and rubio's campaign just releasing this statement on rick tyler's resignation. rick is a good spokesperson who had the task of working for a candidate willing to say or do anything to get electioned. a culture in the cruz campaign from top to bottom that mono lie is too big and no trick too dirty.
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they had the primary on saturday in south carolina. keep it here for the the results. live in the plex. jeff lennox 7 news. >> craig: this is just in. video we're getting now. a look at a hit and run accident in northwest miami-dade that left a student athlete injured. >> belkeys: lynn martinezs has information and surveillance video from what i understand. lynn. yeah, wre yeah, we want to pass that long to you. in hopes you recognize the car or recognize the driver. help find this person. again, this was a 15-year-old hit by a cararhis morning. lir this morning. his name is javier valdez. he is a sophomore and there is the car. it happened while the victim was attempting to cross northwest 22 avenue iewg the designated crosswalk and it's very dark because it happened early this morning at 7:24 but there is the car they are look for. the vehicle was traveling southbound on northwest two 25eu6 now. had the right of way. but driver fled thecene in an
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child and 15-year-old javier valdez is is a sophomore at slam. big kid. 6'4. 170 pounds. plays basketball. the ball went flying and he went flying a and a jufg water went flying sevment now in the hospital in serious but stage condition bt at jackson ma more yalt this is a 350r quid ma who was him. e teen in serious cp. if you know anything about this accident or recognize that c car from this area in northwest 22 ave now area that hit this child, call police. in the newsplex. lynn martinene 7 news. >> >> and we have this news alert. now learning about police involved shooting in coral springs. >> belkeys: 7's ralph rayburn over the scene inn sky sky force hd to shed light on what is happening here ralph. >> reporter: yeah, belkeys, this house and occupant were the
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department. >> and here we are at northwest 14th court in corral spring. they received word sthat man signed this home was threatening to harm him receive so. police respopoed out here. we not answer the front door. corral spring police called out the swat team and after two and a half hour, witnesses and neighbor say they heard several gunshots they saw a person being transported. an adult male. weigh taken to broward hedge north possibly with a gunshot wound. and bring the camera back out. see all the police cars still here rightehind this free. unfor knew netly you can't see it but there ways come mand post set up. all going on at 3:00 this of noon a police involved shooting. an active vaismghts as we get more information we'll get it back to you. that our story here in sky force. i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. all right ralph. thank for that update. coming frup the newsplex. a deadly wrong way wreckn the turnpike police. say there may have been warning
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before the crash. years weagz sentenced to life behind bars for murdering his best friend. would a judge change that? the decision at 6:30 tonight bill bos cosby's wife is being asked tough questions in depp sismghts and people on s sial media would save the day after a k9 crime.
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>> >> craig: it't' home sweet home for a precious pecht the animal stolen from a home. the doggone and that left a family fearing the worse. >> belkeys: police officers turning to social media thoap crack this case. lynn martinez live mt. plex with with this story. lynn. >> lynn: well, a tampa family he is they left their dog se at home but when they returned, their german shephard was mission from the fenced in yard ch cop putting the picture on facebook and best what happened. this is what happened. the german shephard waited hour
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again. frid morning brenda and her daughters had an award ceremony to attend at school. they lt the dog like all with. >> we leaf the dog like we all do and when we came back home around it ten complon in the morning. >> we noticed he wasn't there. she wasn't there. >> after tearing through the yard and the neighborhood. the ma denaz thought they lost their family member forever. she is kind of like another one of my kids. i love her to death. >> and i couldn't picture someone doing anything cruel to her. >> >ynn: but someone had. police say someone stole her. they had seen a man in a pickup truck put lie ca out on the side of the road and take off. they rushed to croos the street andtayed with the dog until police right. tampa police posted lie ca's picture on facebook where medina's neighbors spotted it
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>> i just can't fathom how someone would do that. take an al april mall that's not yours, even if it was yours, but now, especially something that's not yours and just toss it on the side of the road. >> lynn: the family picked up lie ca friday night. she was dirty but okay. >> and never come back. and i just thank god that she is fine. all because of the reach of social media and the stranger that called police. >> i just want to say thank you and my family is so grateful. lie ca looks grateful too. police trying toind the person that took the the dog from their yard n. plex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: okay lynn. >> belkeys: and tonight stars planning to talk about their new movie but they had other plans. see for yourself after the break. >> craig: and here's one special lady.
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visit to the quhiet house had had her dancing like a teenager.
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>> belkeys: 7 news trying to interview two stars about their new movie but stars turning the take. he we wanted to mow about the tina fey's new film called whiskey fox trout. >> craig: she the ended upping about the ones doing the interview. and chris van vliet with more in
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>> reportete and to say that i was surprised with this would be an under statement. they had o some very personal questions with me written down and ready to go. the network needs reporter on the ground in gaifns stan. and you are the unmarried personnel in this group. >> and they play the report nej whiskey fox trot so when i sat down with them i wanted to know if there's a difference between acting and acting like a reporter. we explored that and we did a lot of research and we feel pretty cape able reporting. >> reporter:, yeah, they have notes written out and i can't brief how much they knew. extensive rearch. you grew a maple leaf fan. >> and i'm a rangers fan and i'm sure you're wear we beat you the other night. it maybe a soree topic.
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>> i secretly hate you. >> you are a big wwe tap. we don't play games. my favorite wrestler is randy orton. >> who is yours. don't shuffle. you can't see me. we wou also like to check on your sock because it's common is strong. space invader. that's what i going on here. i don't know if we can see. that maybe if youet your leg higher youing. use your core. i just looked for a sock that other people may not have. and if people may look at and say, that a good looking sock. kardashian sock line. where are you on that? they are too expensive. my sock budget is five do lalet we have one minute left soy would love to ask you,
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you've been fishing since you with were a kid. what is the secret to catching pish fir. it just about how you wilg your worm. >> chris v v vievment thank you so much and best of luck with the film. >> this was an interesting interview. >> yes it was. >> think must pay their personal assistance a lot for research like that. whiskey tango fox trot in theaters soon. i'm chris van vievment 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phi and not a bad looking day here across south florida. morning lows in the upper 60's. afternoon highs. 76. 80 and also 80 in fort lauderdale. trace of rain for you in key west. right now every one is in the mid 70s under mostly clear skies. the wind out of southeast seven
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the humidity at 60%. there are a couple of showers across the florida straights. if any one of them holds on. maybe the middle keys play see a sprinkle later on totoght. but here's the big story. high pressure to the east. mr. thr have r- a series of fronts across the southeast. tomorrow you're going notice more in the waive cloudiness. movi in across south florida. could see a couple of showers. it's also going to get warmer as we move in through the day. you're going t t see we will be caught here between height, area of low presse that flow copping in out of the tropics and it's going to get hotter still by the middle of the workweek. and with some more moisture moving in. could he see thunderstorms do to a front moving in across the area. now behind the front cooler temperatures especially for thursday and friday. some of that could stick around for the the weekend a as well. here's the marine forecast. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you in the florida keys,
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do to the wind and seas. coastal with you ters choppy. next high tide miami. 8:38. 3:83 fort lauderdale. upper key you're looking at 9:01. 9:54 key west. building clouds toght. maybe an isolated shower. still going to be mild. now by tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a little better chance of some rain. highs upper 70s to the low eight 50e678s here's injure extend out look. wednesday. almost hotor tuesday this time of of year. 84 degrees an then the front comes through. 52. 51 a and 56o wake up friday, saturday and sunday. that's your 7 on 7. 7 sports is next.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with donovan campbell. >> what's up south florida? we disart the sports party for the the heat. dwayne wade plan on warming up with the intent to play. regardless of whose in the line up. the heat will flooring the nird straight win. miami's # win sips the all-star break. they scored 229 points. something the player involved want to keep up. we've had our best game and we move the bat. but we just got to consistently working on it as a a team and make that become a hazard. more points. more blofnlg me more rebound for eerchlt more points.
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more cheers. more wins. >> jupiter will be full of marlins tomorrow as the entire baseball team arrive for full squad workout. where there's a new sheriff in town and his name is don matt maddingly who is in his horm short time with mie h h gotten the respect of bombing the players and bosses. >> we don't have to worry about decision by t t managers baw we have manager and boanch bench coach that know what they are doochght i think we go in the way don maddingly has set the table for us. the way he set it to the front office and to his player is that he did not come to miami to lose. >> well, after missing the last six game do tycoon ciewsmtion a alex an der is expected to be return to the line up on thursday. unfortunately his line up made hugh ba do out for the injury. and eric be was in studio and despite e l my efforts to get me
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behind the spacey some in space sweat shimplet he wouldn't budge. >> we have it kept under wrap ch we're not going give it way by any means tsmsmas a good fun team experience that we hold near and deer and just build chemistry both help us get through it. and the capes host virginia night tip off at 7:00. i'm donovan. craig and belkeys, it's all yours. >> craig: thank you d. >> belkeys: and that's 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. i'm belkeys nerey. caio caio. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. stay tune. 7 news at 6:30 is up up next.
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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: all right. 7 news at 6:30 begins with this developing story. 7 skyforce over a depping story near corral spring where a police involved shooting has


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