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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: all right. 7 news at 6:30 begins with this developing story. 7 skyforce over a depping story near corral spring where a police involved shooting has
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good evening every one officers firing shots at one home. >> danielle: and with one person hit and rushed to the hospital. 7's ralph rayburn live in sky force hd over the scene in coral springs. ralph. what can you tell us? can el, the police have, the the swat team from corral spring has now turned this over totohe police investigator. any time the police officer discharge a wpon thvment happened this afternoon at 3:00 this afternoon. the manor a man resiegd at this home at358 northwest 14-78g court in coral springs was letting people know including the police that he was threatening to harm himself. we, the the police kind o o backed way. got the swat team to come out here. they had a negotiator. and tried to to talk to the guy for two and half houou. that the point witness say they heard four or five shots in the area and we have video that we can show you. grgrnd video of a person being brought out of that house. that person was an adult
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what we found out he was shot and transported to broward shell hot. that's the only information we have about him right now. a we cock come back out to the live picture. criement scene tape has not been pulled down yet. po@lice officers not here. any time the police officer discharge a weapon. they take a statement from every one roin vold in the story here so the information imel. and that's the storyry from sky force. i'm ral i rayburn. reporting live. >> danielle: now 569 4:30 a driver heading the wrong way ending with a killer collision. >> he had a long history of having a hard time fit in. >> reporter: investigators stang social media following a trail of possible warning signs. >> >> danielle: and this wrong way wreck take driving vers life. >> lynn: and what was on his facebook page where the crash may have been cause for concern. 7's brandon beyer reports from
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>> reporter: the florida highway patrol says the driver going the wrong way on the the turnpike late sunday night was killed when he ran into a semi. the 2:00 you pafnts truck suffered minor injury. the driver of cart has been entified as 26-year-old diseet faris and it appear he may have intentionally caused the wreck taking his own life. >> it came not necessarily a surprise but great shock when i heard about his death. >> rabbi mark fa leech temple emanuel he is that faris was trouble ood and called police to have him removed. at the same time, therere is a but, i was working closely with him to work to come to bring him back within his community. >> faris' facebook account makes mention of the issue last friday and in an earlier post he specifically talks about driving the wrong way in the turnpike to
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florida highway a patrol says days after writing about. it he did it. he was screaming, somebody stop me. smn help me. jackie ross enof the florida initiative of suicide prevention says faris was begging for help. >> this was a trapsdyhat didn't have to happen. soming reepped out and got hi help ouch roans says there's no one to blame but there is a lesson to be learned. if you see a post like, this start asking hard questions like are they o oy and what are their up tension? >> all of these thing were there in that message and nobody reached out. a and it doesn't take a professional. it can be a friend. it can be a teacher. it can be be a anybody that you know. >> reporter: fla highway patrol says it's a miracle no one ils was seriously injured or killed. in daifer i have brarntion done beer. 7 news. >>ecision day all over again for main already convicted of
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than a decade dag. a miami-dade judge resentencing michael hernandez to life behind bars. hernandez who was 14 at the time. murder was granned a new hearing bit u.s. supreme court after they ruled that a minor could not be automatically sentenced to life in prison. the victim's family is relieved. >> final justice for my son. i think that what the judge did was the right decision. >> back in 2008, hernandez was found guilty of murdering jaime gowght at south wood middle school. >> danielle: inhe race for the white house, democrats are dpowsd in south carolina while republicans are face moving in nevadada >> lynn: that's right and one candidate shaig up his staff. jeff lennox reports. >> reporter: the field slimming down on both sides as the candidates get ready for 13 states to vote in their caucus
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and we start way back and forth battle among t t two gop candidates strieg topple trump. senator marco rubio going after senator ted cruz after a video surfaced from the cruz campaign that falsely de pictd marco rubio dismission the bible. >> it's part of a pattern. you know if this happens once, you look at it and say all right. these are t things thap nay campaign. team rubio fired back at the cruz camp on sunday and cruz responded big on monday asking his communications director rick tyler to resign over the in accurate video. >> we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent. it that's why i asked for rick tytyr's resignation because the standards of conduct in this campaign have been me absolutely clear for every merve the campaign. >> reporter:r: gone ald trump solidifying his fronl runner status with a win on saturday in south carolina. his campaign on the ground in georgia. >> isn't it true, our country
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>> the the only govenor left in the racial but sitting out in this week's na vatd vad a caucuses. john kasich not make campaign stops there. focusing his efforts instead on crucial southern states. >> d di now thousand fix the the country and a don't view this as anything other than select the best person who knows how to bring us together. 's the democrats turn in south carolina. the primary comimg own saturday. clinton heads into the palmetto state after a win in nevada over the week jpped. i don't think we are a sith issue country and i'm not a single issue c cdidate. and bernie sanders meksing clinton at a yeenville stop 234 south carolina. sandnds seth hi sites on the general election and the gop instead. >> we have the momentum in the democratic primary process. if you look at national polls, and you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump, you're looking agent that daint.
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democrats have their primary in south carolina copg up this saturday. keep it right here for the results. reporting in the plex. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> danielle: well, an uber driver accused o o going on a shooting ra rampage page in michan facing a judge. 45-year-old jason dalton making an emotion ma let's appearance on joyed for his rainment. prosecute charging him with eight counts of murder and several other charges. police tied eyeing dalton after identify higz suv in connection to a string of drive by shooting on sca that killed six people in call ma zoo kalamazoo. >> lynn: also tonight bill cosby's wife facing sufficient questions tonight that have to do with the lawsuit against her husband from several women a ciewg him ef sexual salt. dan housely reports from springfield massachusets. >> reporter: lawyers forecast meal cosby not in a talking mood
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in morning. >> no comment. thank you. bill cosby's wife lost a last minute bid to avoid answering questions in the civil sui seven women filed against her husband. the lawyer for seven women es scat ik about questioning mrs. cosby in a deposition. >> game on. we can move forward. we can attempt to vin da dait indicate our client's interest and that's all it's about. the deposition take place in the 6th floor conference room in the springfield mario. part. suit they filed against cosby accusing them of deaf a fa maition by a denying accusations of sexual saw. 50 women have come forward claim of sexual assault by cost weu6789 one claims criminal charges against him. >> we're hoping to learn aut issues that are important to the case and involving his relationship with her and his relationship with other women. while conversation between married couples are protected. camile cosby served as bill
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lawyers for camile say they could in tame date cosby or cause emotional stress that would keep her from testifying effectively. the judge disagreed and found for the lawyer that camile cost my may the not be willing but she is able. >> she doesn't even want me to ask her name but i intntd to what i need to do for my client. andd the comment thatt the press interest in this case is too big and too troubling. he says it may be a nuisance but not much more. >> we're in springfield massachusets. can housely. 7 news. >> columning own 7 news 5:69:30, a wild chase out west bawsm a mistake behind the wheel would end this one. >> danielle: and one. >> lynn: and one woman frosk be 106 years young when her dream come true. she is breaking it it down with the president and his wife coming up next.
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>> >> lynn: a 106 we're old woman break it down at white house. a meeting a year in the making. >> danielle: and after she answered the questions, s let her feet give the answer. >> hi. oh you. i'm fine. good to see you. i'm so happy. a woman having the time of her life and she is n n just any ordinary woman. she is 106 years old. but still young at heart. her meeting with the president and first lady quickly turning into a dance party at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i want to be like you when i grow up. >> danielle: her decades long dream coming true after having
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bed bugs envaded her dc apartment and this year aajor snow storm trapped her inside for several days. but none of that mat wherd she got chance to step inside the oval office and show off her moves. >> it was an honor to me. i reay really jumped for joy. and jumped for joy she d. she said she never thought she would live to seat up side of the white house but her a maceeant went beyond the hallway. beautiful. i've never been so happy before in my life to meet the president and his wife. withth the commander in chief on one side and the first lady on the the other, she took shook her hips and danced in pure happiness while flash age smile from ear to ear and what made th day extra special. the monumental moment heavy with history as she met eark's first a african american predent. >> and look at him. right there. that's me. and her visit to celebrate black
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in my life from where i come from. or i come a long way. long ways. if that was one of the biggest moves that's ever been in my life ch the cans party the cul ma nation of a social media campaign to meet obamas started back in 2014. and i never thougmt i would live to see a colored president. after posting videos and submitting petition t the white house asking to meet the president. she made her way to the white house. >> we're glad to have you here. no words. she's incredibly amazing. that video by the way up loatded to the white house facebook page and it has already received more than 39 bhil onviewvmentz as for ma car an. she is keeping busy. she still works eig hours a day. >> lynn: and she has seen so much in her lifetime. >> danielle: and i would
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>> lynn: she looks bo tax tosm botox free too. >> danielle: incredible will.
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> >> danielle: well, cops going on a hot pursuit after a driver re fuse stop. take a look. that driver re thriewg traffic on an oklahoma highway while trying to elude police. but that chase ended quickly. the the driver taking a turn too fast. off the road and crash right. you see it into a fence. police are'sing that manust
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now 7 weather with chief >> phil: all right. a quiet night here across south florida. temperatures right now 60s towards the panhandle. 70s just about every place else. meanwhile we've been watching a few showers across the florida straights. if they hold on. the mile keys here could see a shower or two over the next hour. ncw werks are going to see changes over the next day or so. high pressure here. low pressure there. by tomorrow, we're going to see more cloudiness comomg in off of the atlantic and also going to get warmer weemplet going to be stuck here in the middle. a lot of warm nois moist air coming out of the tropics and by wednesday. a better chance of of rain even thunderstorms. and it will be hot this time. year. the thunderstorms ending hopefully wednesday night and cooler aaron the wack side for thursday and friday. morning. here's the morning forecast. small craft exercise cautionment threat of of rip currents.
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for nut florida keys, you too are looking at exercising caution, coastal waters will be choppy. next high tide 8:38. 9:54. the uv index tomorrow will be at 6. now for tonight some cloudiness will move inspecially during the morning hours. upper 60s to low 70's. tomorrow more clouds. a chance for small pockets of rain. high the nupper 70s to low 80s. here's the seven day out look. wednesday hot and then start to cool down. 5050for lows on friday, sca and sunday. that's your seven on n ven. 7 sports is next.
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>> a. >> time now for 7 sports with con no van campbpll. we start the sports party with the heat wre they will plate paris and chris bosh is still out. for bosh's side line what has been reported as a blood clot in his cafl and with no time table on his return. wi wade says the show must go on. and c has been around and talked to him. the way he and his personality and everything he what been given to the team. no one has to wore are b- ri about him. and no onee can replace cb but guy has his own stretch and the the guys goat do.
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and in just 95 game in a mie uniform. heat what sab white side is moving on inin hi career. the fastest layer in team history to reach 1000 boards and 300 blocks. i'm going do go get a birthday cake or something. put 1000 on it or something. i thought the rebound comes from great defense you know and you n't rebound a make. so when we get great dpens, the team will miss more shots. that's probably more rebounds. the marlins bring fo four quawt quad workouts in jupiter. the fans and player got to seat renovations to marlins panch the most exciting is the fence is being moved in and lower and should result in more long ball forome marlin players. we are have fun out there and draw lorne runs you next any time you get close to that fence
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it you can see them fences. and that going to happen. local baseball stud and son of mr. marlin. making name for himself in college. yesterday the bottom of the nine ooj and blue past no. ten call giving blue cefville the first series win oaf the top ten team since 2000. that's sports. i'm donovan campbell. lynn and danielle back after this.
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>> >> lynn: this is 7 news at
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watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. ly will see you tonight at 307 doan for doak drive and i'll see you with the the rest of of the team tonight at 10:00. have a good night everybody. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>
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the uber driver accused of opening fire on six total strangers. blow by blow, what happened. >> dispatch all units. >> and the warning that went out on social media just 30 minutes before the rampage began. >> it's hard to believe that the guy was sitting just one foot away from us. then, it was sabotage. >> they didn't pay the electric bit. oh, i like that much better. who pulled the plug at the big donald trump rally? >> turn off the lights! turn off the lights! >> and, exclusive, the accused phony kid doctor speaks to "inside edition." >> how many patients has the clinic treated? then, meanest hoax ever. >> imagine having the world think that you had 14 babies from 14 different men. >> how this innocent photo became a nightmare. >> there is no way i could have 14 children. plus, "dancing with the stars" co-host erin andrews. >> seeking justice for what


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