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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> deborah: 6-year-old killed. caught in the path of danger. tonight new calls for an end to the violence. teenager trying to catch the bus when hit by a car that never bothered to stop. tonight police have new surveillance video they are hoping will help them solve the hit-and-run crime. woman under the gun at the atm but she thinks quickly to avoid giving the would be thief any cash.
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and republicans gearing up for a show down in nevada while the democrats drum up support in the south. 7 news continues now at 11 7 news continues now at 11:00. now at 11:00. another tragedy. >> i'm scared for my kids t t even be outside. >> innocent 6-year-old killed while playing with friends. >> always look for a the court: the calls to stop the violence the callso stop the violence. >> broken this community heart. >> another family demanding justice. good evening. 6-year-old is thth latest child to fall victim to gun violence as the number o@ innocent young victims here continues to rise. >> tonight a community is in mourning as police search for his killer. robin has more from outside his elementary school in north west miami-dade. >> from staff and students here
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school to the community at large and of course his family everyone is saying enough. >> born god or dane to call him home the day he called him homehome the day hcalled him home. i can't question god's will. >> anything but my time at charles hat park this group turning to pray two days after the shooting death of king carthy. his father defiant demanding better from a community he says% has to heal from the violence. >> not for my son king carter right now the time to build um. if i got to stop doing everything i'm entitled to it's time to build up. >>reporter: police say they look for the two men who got out of a black 4 door sedan started shooting saturday afternoon. he ran from his apartment on 12th after hearing the gun fire and found his sone gun fire and found his son's lifeless body. monday difficult day for many of king classmates at this school. the superintendent t tre to offer hugs. grief counselors offering a listening ear. >> over the past 12 months
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been shot. over the past 12 months alone24 have been killed. >> i'm scared for my kids to be outside. >>reporter: not far away miami garden police and local leaders going door to door trying to keep tie in their community strong after 14-year-old survived a shooting there over the weekend. >> when we go o t and we talk and they say that we are human and we are actually there to help them it cits a better atmosphere. >>reporter: back in north west miami-dade carter's siblings still grieving. their mother overwhelmed to seat passion literally pouring in to the streets. >> i feel real appreciative to everybody coming out to support my baby. >>reporter: biker keeping the massive group gathering at north west 54th street and 17th avenue safe from traffic as marchers made the half mile trek to the miami park where the 6-year-old played football determined to get something positive from their unbelievable pain going through it harder than i am
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day. >> please turn yoursrsf in itself out of my hands. >>reporter: now in the hands of investigators who need information. if you have anything that could help them you could be eligible for a reward that now stands at 26,000 dollars. crime stoppers is the number to call. reporting in north west miami-dade, robin simmons 7 news night team. the. >> now on the surveillance video catching teenager walking into danger driver plowing right into him. the teen was walk to go catch a bu to school with his brother when hit. driver didn't stay on the scene there and stop to help. liz tells us now the teen is now fighting to survive. >> front emblem from the vehicle left on the scene. >>reporter: traffic homicide detectives have a piece of the car they say ran down the 15-year-old student and never bothered to stop mondadamorning
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surveillance video. we frosz it the moment the mercedes hit him notch doubt it's a mercedeshim notch doubt it's a mercedes. this is paint chip left all@ over the scene. >>reporter: valdez a gifted student in basketball player at slam charter school in miami was scrambling across north west 22 avenue at 79 street to catch a county transit bus on the way to school about 6 monday morning. >> i heard that from that from a student on previous bus stop that he s hit bay car crossing the street with his brother. >>reporter: backpack shoes water jug and basketball were all scattered around the intersection. >> the girl on the bus said that she saw xavier on the floor with the ambulance. >>reporter: but what wasn't there was the car that hit the teenager basketball star. detectives are using this surveillance video and pieces of the car left behind to track it down. >> it's kind of rude and it's kind of harsh for somebody to do that because he's so young
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i just hope he gets better. we miss him. >>reporter: detectives have frozen this picture from surveillance video of the silver mercedes sedan. they say it was speeding away from the scene north west 22 avenue and 79 street just after 6:00 o'clock monday morning if you recognize the car or sie one driving around that has front end damage detectives looking for any information from the public. leave that information anonymously by calling crime stop terse here at the hospitalstop terse here at the hospital. that teenager is still being treated in intensive care. in miami, 7 news night team. judge resentencing mir n nn did he say and once again he receives life behind bars. the 26-year-old who was 14 when he killed hads friend classmate golf had been granted a new hearing by the u.s. supreme court after the court ruled that juveniles could not automatically be sentenced to life in prison. th victim family re$11 at
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>> i know it was justice served>> i know it was justice served. you the judge decision was the right decision. >>reporter: in 04 he killed golf in a bath room at south wood middle school. 4 years later found guilty of murder and sentenced t tlife behind bars. both south bound lanes o the south west 7th street exit off i-95 a a downtown miami have reopened t.concrete barrier wall was damaged a week ago when garbage truck c cshed through it. the truck plunged 100 feetdown into a parking lot at jose martin park damaging several cars. driver is recovering at jackson memorial hospital. live look outside north bay village studio pretty nice out there picture perfect weather won't stick around because change is coming. phil is in the weather center to explain this for us. phil.
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amend that to changes are coming because we are going to sea warm day tomorrow. wednesday it is going to be a hot one possibly flirting with record heat. also a chance for some stormy weather. then aer that we are going to get some cool weather moving in for the e e of the week. so here's the stormtracker plentyf moisture starting to come up from cuba. if it doesn't fall a art that will be impacting the florida keys here during the overnight maybe isolated shower or two across the main land as well. there's also plenty of moisture moving across texas and in through the south east. this is a front with some areas of low pressure moving into the atlantic waters. we will probably get the tail end of some of this activity especially on wednesday. so tomorrow high pressure. it will be breezy. could see a shower along that breeze here is wednesday.
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once the front has gone through we return to the 50's for thursday, friday maybe eve in to the weekend. i have a lot more on this a little bit later on. the south carolina democratic primary just a few days away. >> on the republic can't front they gear upper for big show down in nevada as one campaign engages in a little damagag control. danielle knox live in the plex with this. >>reporter: the democrat in south carolina for the primary on saturday the g.o.p. hold the caucus in nevada tomorrow. several states voice their choice on super tuesday march first. it is indeed coming down to the wire jeb bush out. >> tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >>reporter: leaving 5 on the publican side. two g.o.p. candidate neck and neck trying to topple trump and each other. senator rubio accusesenator rubio accusing the cruz of dirty trick after video
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falsely depicting rubio dismissing the bible. >> part of a pattern. if this just happens once youlook at it and say all right these are the this innings that happen. >>reporter: cz responded big on monday asking his communication director rick tyler to resign over the accurate video we are not a campaign that question the faith of another candidate even if it was true our campaign should not have isn't it. that's 85 asked for rick tyler's resignation. >>reporter: senator rubio receiving crucial support from the republican congressional delegation in south florida. >> i will proudly vote for marco rubio because i knowize a principal leader. >>reporter: trump solidifying front runner status with a win in the south carolina primary saturday. campaigned in georgia. >> by the way we are terminate ago bama care. come up with something. >>reporter: governor kasich focus his effort on crucial southern states. >> i do know h to fix the country. and i don't view this as anything other than selecting the best person who knows how to bring us together.
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democrat the south carolina primary is saturday. bill clinton speaking at campaign event in oklahoma monday while link heads into south carolina after her whih in nevada. >> i don't think we are a single issue country and i am certainly not a single issue candidate. >>reporter: bernie sanders mean time rally in massachusetts monday set his sight on the general election and the g.o.p. >> you want a candidada who is going to defeat donald trump. you are looking at that candidate many. >>reporter: nevada was bernie sanders pest chance to derail the clinton traichbility the next of the states is pretty tough for him but in a campaign season of really dramatic twist and turns we have to wait and see how all of this plays out. we are live in the plex, 7 news night team. all right. if you haven't done so yet it is good time to down load the 7 news voice your choice app. it's always updated. with the latest from the
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still ahead at 11:00. thf gunning for trouble at atm. but his victim out smarted him. tonight she's telling just one station how she sent him running. man says he's an employee
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woman pulling out a daring move at an atm after would be thief tried to pull a fast one on her. man flashed a gun demanding cash. >> but the college student drew up a clever escape in just second. she shared her story with just one station. alex has the exclusive. >> this atm on sunrise boulevard at 10:15 at night christmas evevwhen a man with a gun appears out of the darkness. >> i screamed. so he showed me the gun. he told me listen i not trying to kill you.i just need money. >>reporter: she said he needed money but the 23-year-old college student wasn't about to
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she putt her card into the atm and tried to withdraw 800 dollars which she knew was over her limit. when the amount was rejected he reached into her purse took a ring off the finger and got a credit card she also knew would not work at the atm. >> but no shame for me to be scared. i was not scared like i was scared but i couldn't show it. >>repoer: the man appeared to be even more frightened than she was. she believes this is the first time he had enough gal to pull off a crime like this. >> he was very nervous. very nervous. looking around. you know. >>reporter: when a car pulled up in the next atm lane the would be robber ran off. e wasn't injured physically she was scarred emotionally. she's moved from plantation and now lives with a sense of uneasiness but has kept an optimistic outlook.
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i walk on the street or then i never thought of. that you hear every day happening but i never thought it was going to had a. >>reporter: take another look at the gunman got away with nothing if you have any information the number for crime stoppers is here on the screen. in plantation, 7 news night team. police officials say officers were forced to fire during a coral springs swat situation. authorities rerponsibleed to call about man threatening to hurt himself at a home at 84 drive this afternoon.after hours of negotiations police say shots were fired at their officers from inside the house. officers returned fire hitting the man once in the arm. he was taken to broward health north. no officers were hurt in that inindent. man on mission to steal shown the door. video caught the burglar searching through the offices inside a car dealership but
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told the man to get out of the business. it's not clear what he got awayit's not clear what he got away. happened on south west 83 street and state road 7 in west park last month. police looking to identify three people who ripped off target in sunrise. caught on surveillance camera.police say they pick pocketed a wallet at saw gss mill and later used the stolen credit card at the mall. happened in november getting a pretty good look at them now. if you have any information on this or west park incident call crime stoppers at this number on the screen. just clear shots there. >> "would say so. >> coming up at 11:00 o'clock. playful panda taking advantage of the winter weather. time. speaking of winter weather we may get some at the end of the week but first it't'going to be work look at the high on wednesday 84 degrees and see
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entire outlook in just panda play time. at the toronto zoo. >> giant panda wandering out of the cave but before he got his balance he took a bit of a tumble on the snow rolling over and over until he got to the bottom. seemed happy about it. about the weather that is. on his way back up the hill and did it all over again.. >> like a two-year-old. >> yes. >> that's how i get out of bed every morning. just like that. all right. it's going to a very mild night however. we may see a couple showers especially by the keys. 74 degrees right now wh the wednesday out of the south eastwednesday out of the south east. fort lauderdale humidity 71. temperature also of 74. for you throughout key w wt 73 and the relative humidity at 87 percent. so here's the stormtracker plenty of moisture s srting to come up out of cuba along the
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doesn't fall apart it look like the florida keys will probably see some of that during the overnight hours maybe a stray shower or two along the main land as well. so it's the south east however that we are focusing our attention on tonight. we are looking at a line of strong thunderstorms. that's going to stick around during the day tomorrow. now what we have here is high pressure to the east. a front and couple of area of low pressure. now everything is going to move west to east. by tomorrow the more clouds across south florida. it gets warmer. could see shower off the breeze but wednesday will be key. warm air and moisture funnel across south florida. good chance for thunderstorms. it gets hot. then behind the front once it moved through it looook like we see cooler temperatures for the end of the week and the cool temperatures could stick around through the weekend. here's marine forecast. threat of rip current at the beach.
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20 knot wind. biscayne bay moderate chop. florida keys also exercise caution especially for sea beyond the reef building 4 to 6 feet. now for tonight next high tide de broward actually this is 9daderoward actually this is 9:36 tomorrow morning. 10:56 the lower key. water temperature 72 degrees. for this evening partly mostly cloudy chance for written ross the keys. low 70's and warm spot is the keys. by tomorrow it look like we see more in the way of clouds. weather chance of some showers southf the breeze. advertise about 79 degrees. we are there or a little warmer across south florida. long run better chance of rain on wednesday. it get hotter. front clears by thursday. friday saturday and sunday
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that's the what's up south flora. we start the sports party with the miami heat. going for the third straight hosting the pacers. taking extra fun to decide th one. pick it up in the third quarter. wade back in the line up. finds white side for the jam. white side had heat up 1 after 3. less than a minute to go george hill can't hit the 3. dang with the reone!would you knowone. the pastpasts ahead to n low for the dunk. 30 second to go same sco with 7 seconds left. he gets the ball and flowed. make both follow shots finish with 16 points miami up one. less than fou seconds to g. ellis pass fouled by weighed send the game in overtime. all miami in the o t.
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miami out score indiana 13-5 in o t. heat win it 101-93. big monday meant a big litmus 12th for the 12 rank hurricane. final seconds of the first half shell ton at the buzzer. the canes by fifty brick. miamip up the second half on a run. dave f 3 t.reid had 5 triple in the game. miami up by 10 minutes left t the game h.a career high 21. miami u ate but virginia didn't go away. final seconds left. london with the chance to tie. no good. canes win 64-61. now in second place in the acc. all right. not sure what it is about see have had and hockey games but this is a first. y tradition at the university of new hampshire is when
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over the eyes they pick the guy to hit the weight room this cat was just weak. took multiple attempt to get the fish over the glass he finally did it. wow! we should have a tradition like that here what do you think craig and belkys? >> well start it. >> throw sardine. >> something. >> that's a wrap for us here on 7 news at 11:00 on this monday ciao ciao. >> thanks for starting your week with us. joy us again tomorrow have a
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