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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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south florida teenager to the hospital. >> danielle: the police have someone in custody and they believe that they have i crack in the case, and the teen is recovering. >> reporter: well, that 15-year-old teen remains the here at jackson memorial hospital under the care of doctors and nurses, and this afternoon, the miami-dade police took someoeo into custody. we have video as the miami police took 36-year-old simone boykins. they cussed him and took him into custody foruestioning. he's the cousin of the miami police commissioner. he was driving in a mercedes on a suspended license yesterday morning when he hit the 15-year-old a a kept going. it happened on 22nd avenue in northwest miami-dade. 15-year-old javier valdez was in the crosswalks and remains seriously injured.
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memorial hospital in very tough shape this afternoon. >> he had to have a tube inside of his lung because his lung collapsed but he's doing much better. they're still looking for the bleeding o the brain, but it seems like he's stable, and the way the doctors see it, if it doesn't get any worse, it's good news. >> our prayers are with them and their child because no one wants to see anythingg bad happen to their child. >> that's the miamimiade commissioner there, kon hardin. he's the cousin of the person that the police are questioning at this hour, simone boykins. and he will be released or face charges. we'll keep you updated. i'mal, 7 news. >> lynn: a south florida
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flames, and tenants escaping just in time. brandon beyer is live with more on the firefight. >> this was an accidental fire, started by an untended iron. someone said that's what started the fire. when you see the flames and the damage, it's amazing there were no more serious injuries. skyforce shows the damage from the giant apartment fire in lauderhill tuesday mning, leaving as many as six families without homes. one girl's father woke her up to get her out safely. >> i didn't know exactly what to do. the first thought was to make sure that no one was home and my mom was okay, and thankfully my brothers were at school. >> reporter: the cellphone school shows how fasted the flames spread. some believe that it started
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>> the man upstairs was knocking on people's door when he realized that theheron was on the bed and he didn't pay attention and that's what started the fire. >> the fire started on the first floooo but quickly spread. and crews forced to switch to a defensive strategy, checking to make sure that everyone got out safely. >> we went room-by-room, lifting up every bed and every bathroom and there was no one inside. >> amazingly there were no injuries, and now the red cross will work with those affected families to get them safely relocate. and i want to show you another piece of video. this just released by the lauderhill fire investigators. a new tool they say they used to help with this firefight this morning. this was drone footage that theyey were able to use to get a bird's eye view to see what they were up against. and again, it was an unattended iron that started the fire. and the lauderhill fire
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south florida to use this sort of drone footage. live in lauderhill, brandon beyer, 7 news.s. >> lynn: turning the tables on a very young carjacker. a 13-year-old kid facing charges after the police say that he attempted to steal a couple's r at gunpoint. the police pulling out a gun and shooting the boy. the 13-year-old taken to the hospital and he's expected to be okay. and now the police are looking for the three other people they say were seen leave the accident there. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. a mother making an appeal for prayers as her daughter continues on her long road to recovery. 23-year-old danielle jones was allegedly beaten and stabbed by a roommate she met on craigs list. she has been in a coma since valentine's day.
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apartment they shared at on 10th street in miami. >> i want to ask people to continue their prayers. there's nothing that the doctors can do at this point. and nothing t ty can tell me, they can't give me any promise. it's really in god's hands, and we have to put our trust in god, it's our only hope right now. >> the police have arrested her roommate, 35-year-old byron mitchell. and her remains b bind bars on attempted murder charges. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. >> danielle: president obama with the call to close the detention center at guantanamo in cuba. the president detailing his four-pronged plans to move detainees to secure facilities here in the united states o in other countries, but as andrew spencer reports, he's facing significant political hurdles and opposition in congress. >> for many years, it has been
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facility at guantanamo does not advavae our national security. it undermines t. >> reporter: president barack obama is calling for foreclosure of the guantanamo detention facility. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our stabbing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> reporter: the blueprint involves transferring most of the detainees to other the detainees to other countries. the rest, deemed too dangerous to be moved abroad, would be relocated to a detention facility in the united states. a military prison in leavening worth and the federal super max prison in colorado. bernie sandersed off up his support for the plan, issuing a statatent saying i am encouraged to see that the president is sending congress a plan to shut down the guantanamo bay prison.
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closed as quickly as possie. reactions from other presidential candidates have not been so positive. >> we're not going to close guantanamo. >> don't shut down gitmo. expand it, and let's put new terrorists in. >> l lal obstacles would have to be overcome. the administration officials are planning office conversations with lawmakers, a a the outcome looks hazy. andrew spencer, 7 newew >> lynn: in the race for the roadhouse, republicans in nevada hours from caucuses. donald trump gaining steam, and not holding back on the attacks. diana diez has more. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to had lock in another win in nevada. >> forget the word, caucus, just go out and vote, okay? >> while marco rubio is getting endorsemen. >> he's conservatives and electable. >> reporter: and it's time for
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as the alternative for trump before it's too late. >> if we nominate someone who half of the republican party hates, we'll be fighting against everyone other until november, we'll never win that way. >> reporter: but right now, donald trump's blows are hitting cruz. >>this guy is sick. >> reporter: the caucus state of nevada. >> it's las vegas, te little tricky. >> reporter: cruz was still trying to nix the narrative that his campaign plays dirty. >> this guy, cruz, lies more than any other human being that i've dealt with. unbelievable. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> yesterday cruz fired his campaign director. >> thth morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> that's after they showed inaccurately, marco rubio
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>> that was the most defensive one. >> reporter: john kasich had his own campaign moment, sailing that women left their kitchens to support his bid. >> we just had an army of people, many women who left their kitchens who went outdoor to door to putp yard signs out for me. >> i will support you, but i won't be coming oust the kitchen. >> i gotcha, i gotcha. >> reporter: diana diez, 7 news. >> on the democratic side, hilliary clinton was a clear winner in nevada. and she and bernie sanders are setting their sights on south carolina. >> danielle: ahead on 7 news, a south florida doctor is in court, hearing emotional testimony saying that he violated her while he was babysitting her kit. >> lynn: this home blown to bits zip and it's a hot trend for all of the wrong reasons much. >> lynn: all new at 5:00, video
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>> an oklahoma man lucky to be alive in an explosive situation. he stepped into his home and quickly moved back when he smelled gas. >> and the home was reduced to rubbling. ashley jones has more. >> reporter: as soon as i opened the door, it hit me like a ton of bricks, the smell of gas. >> reporter: the smell was coming inside of this home. thomas, knowing that it was gas, immediately stepped back. >> i started to step back to the driveway and i heard the boom and i was on my face in the driveway. >> reporter: when he got back up, this is what he saw. >> i was confused. >> reporter: a gas stove had been stolen from the home. >> they shut it off or just rip today out of the wall. >> reporter: this home was just completed and in fact, thomas had been here the day before switching the locks. >> i even showed that house the day before. >> reporter: he locked everything up, but according to
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evidence that someone had pried the back door open. >> it's just a bomb in there. >> reporter: thomas walked away with just a few scrapes and bruises and he considers himself luck. >> the debris is went over he me. >> reporter: home crux theft is a problem. before this incident, they had close to $10,000 in materials stolen from construction sites this year. thomas said this is the first problem in this neighborhood, surprising considering the neighbors. >> weave two police officers living on that cul de sac, so someone was really gutsy to try something like that. >> reporter: no one was been arrested in the theft. homes by tayber plans to rebuild in the site. >> lynn: all right, coming up tonight on 7 news at 4:00. >> homework for south floridians
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stay with us. >> danielle: thousands pitching in to develop dreams for habitat for humanity. on 183rd avenue in southwest miami-dade.
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pushing to complete ten new homes in just two weeks.. >> so habitat helps low-income families achieve the dream of home ownership. they purchase the dreams at the end of the project with a zero% mortgage from habitat, it's a hand up, and not a handout. and it's so great to see so many people with their help with need. >> danielle: 7 news is a proud sponsor of habitat for humanity. if you would like to volunteer or make a donation, call them in broward: and in miami-dade: >> all right, so we have seen gray skies and a few showers moving across south florida. right now, a lot of the cloud cover is starting to burn off. look at this. clear skies in the gulf of mexico. and tonight, moments of
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then we're going to see the clouds build again overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures right now. in the 70s everywhere except for marathon, reportingng a temperature of 81 . the stormtracker. right now, the keys looking good. but there's moisture moving basically from southwest to he had northeast. and right now, a batch of rain up in biscayne bay, impacting coral baseballs, coconut creek, and downtown miami. pompan beach, that's the eye as well. and we're looking at rainfall here. this few will make its way into palm beach county. we're looking at this mess developing across louisiana, low presesre with a trailing front. so that low will continue to make i s way to the northeast. for us, it's going to be warm, cloudy during the day tomorrow. a chance of thunderstorms, but
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they could start moving i anywhere between 8 p.m. to midnight. and once the front clears southh florida, it's going to be cooler come thursday afternoon, and we should see temperatures in the 50s toward the endf the week, and maybe in through the early part of the weekend. here's the marine forecast. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay, moderate chop. for you in the florida keys, exercise caution. especially for seas beyond the reef, building 3-5 feet. next high tide in miami. 9:17, 9:12 in fort lauderdale. key largo, 9:20. tonight, in and out clouds, stray shower, and overnight lows in the low 70s. what's average is about 63 . the wind out of the south is going to keep us warm. clouds will build late-day storms, typical high, 79, well over the typical high for this time of year. this is the extended outlook.
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gone through. breezy, cooler, wake up lows in the 50s for friday, saturday and sunday. that's the 7-on-7 forecast. >> lynn: thank you, phil. >> danielle: we're taking you to deco dayside ahead. the sports world isn't done with janet jackson just yet. >> lynn: then new at 4:30, a family helplsly trying to save their little girl from a snow hold emergency.
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right time comes to help out. >> danielle: all right,,janet jackson is set to perform at a major sports event. shireen sandoval has that and more in deco dayside. >> reporter: it has taken more than a decade, but jan es jackson is finally ready to take center stage at a big time sporting event once again. miss jackson is the headliner at the dubai world cup. it's the world's most expensive horse race. we don't know what the betting line is on the race, but the odds are slim that janet will
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malfunction like she did at the 2004 halftime show. celine dion is performin live for the first time since the death of her husband last month. she's taking center stage at ceasar's palace last month. if you can't make it, the first part of her show, a tribute to her husband, will be live streamed on her website. the glee is gone. actress lea michelle has bron up with her boyfriend, matthew patch. he was her first boyfriend after her costar on glee. there was word is that he used to work as a male escort. but lea is keeping busy by diving into work on a new album. it was not the tiger blood. but it was the testosterone.
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claiming for his wild behavior in 2011. that's when he got fired from 2 and a half men. the whole winning thing. he said that he used too mucuc testosterone cream and that's what turned him into a warlocking from matter. testosterone, butut not the 7--gram rocks of cocaine. tonight on the drive, wine and boob fest. we're checking out a hearty meal om the firehouse, served up with celebrity. that's the best way. that's tonight on deco at 7:30. ladies, back to you. >> thank you, shireen. >> that's 7 news first at 4:00, thank you for watching. i'm danielle knox.
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martinez. >> danielle: the rain is on the way, and it has been a beautiful past few days. >> lynn: it is raining outside, but phil ferro is in the weather center with more. phil? >> phil: here are the headlines, and we could still see the clouds hanging around tonight. a few showers moving in with that cloudiness. right now, it looks like wednesday should be a wet day, especially late in the day. maybe between 8:00 and midnight. we have a lot of moisture moving in ahead of a front that could bring our lows back into the 50s by the end of the week. so here's the storm tracker. dotted activity, and the moisture continues to move in out of the south. as far as miami-dade is concerned, biscayne bay, coral gables, coconut gro, downtown miami, a little sprinkle just


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