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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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boy do they apply to this story. first of all here have you a driver, goes off i-95 he is in his truck and falls 100 feet and he survives. then there's the miracle that he is recovering day by day and then think about this. think about being a family member and these images are every where, tv, social media and you look at those im ma ge and say oh my go, my b bther is dead. i thought my brotheras gofnt i was like, he is dead. like, can't nobody survive that? like he is dead. like, i honestly thought he was dead. i just kept calling and his fiance called me and said he is still alive. was literally wreath still on the ground. >> andnd painched hole in the roof today. >> reporter: smimg was in florida when she sawhese images on the news.
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off i- # five near southwest 7t7tstreet. it fall just about 100 feet and come crashing down at jose marty park. no one on the ground injured and miraculously ca qua kaseen survives and he is still in encontinue receive care. for the first time his family is speak about the incident. >> i prayed to god. i was like thank you for keeping him here. i was like be vied all what was going on. i knew he would be griewdz up and broken bones and turn thing was going to be messed up on hip him ch but thank god he is here. kaseem say father of three. he shared a few words with his sister. he said thank gowd. that's all he be be saying.
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heal my body, my mind. soul and my spirit snoot family needs the community's help. >> right now his bills somehow got to get paid while he i lying in the the hospital. >> the coughs the accident under investigation but one thing is very clear. his sister says kaseem's survival is a testimony that miracles happen. >> snow matter what he experienced from childhood to now. that's the living testimony right there. >> reporter: an incredible story. new want to help out kaseem, remember he is a father of three. a go fund me page has been set up. you can go to our web site where we have a limpg that will take there. in the meantime kaseem remains in the hospital behind me at the rierd trauma center. his family says he is improving minute by minute. day by dayay >> we're live outside the the
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rosh row. 7 news. >> craig: back now to that veloping story on the turnpike. a traffic accident tide up the commute for a whihi there. lynn martinez in the news desk with the latest on this. lynn. >> lynn: and craig, it's kind of a bizarre accident. the driver of this truck crashed into the concrete median and almost went on sornlgt sid traffic still a affected that the hour. we have new still pictures we want to share wuvment accident on the turnpike. miami gardens near county line road. again, this truck somehow smasheinto the median and almost went completely on the other side. so northbound and southbound lanes at the florida turnpike there at miami gardens in the area there are being feakd. the driver of the truck was the only person hurt, taken to jackson memorial hospital. now, we understand this happened about an hour and half ago. but traffic still affected. the sign side lanes in both directions of florida turnpike. there are blocked. but tside lanes.
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are gettingngy. but traffic is going to be backed up for a whriel because that truck is still there. at the news desk. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> >> craig: there are new details tonight in the hit and run involve ache teenager. a possible break in the case tblaism calls police. the crash happened ab the qulong athlete made his way to school. >> belkeys: tonight police brief they have their man. alex diprato is live at hospital where the victim is being streetd. alex. >> reporter: well there, was a post on facebook from the map's account who is now charged in this crash. it seems to be very telling. you will see it as that 15-year-old victim remains here at jackson memorial hospital. he is still recovering. >> in cuffs 33-year-old simone boy cans is now chargeded in the hit and run that left a 15-year-old in serious condition. boy tan can's license is suspend according to his father.
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first thing he said you got to call police and that's what we d. police believe boy cans was at the wheel of this mercedes whre ran down javier her nan de. and he was at 29th avenue yesterday morning trying to catch a county bus to slam charter school when he was hit. on boy cans facebook page shortly of at crash. quote, i really expletive up. >> he had to have a tube set into his lung because hi lung collapsed. but he is doing much better. they are still looking for the bleeding on the brain. boy can is the cousin of a miami commissioner who came to the hospital to speak with the ctim's family. our prayer a a with them and their child because no one wants to see anything bad happen to any one's child here in the city of miami. the teen's family is concerned. he will be treated differently because he is related to a commissioner? is he going to pait consequence of his actions?
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at his cool and may never play again. his family hoping for a recoof very andants boy continue to pay for his alleged crime. >> and you hurt my children and i'm going to go after you and he can bet his life i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure this person pays the consequence of his actions just like any other criminal. and tonight the suspect is charged with driving on a suspended. >> and an accident with injury charged with leaving the accident. and i'm alabama esm diprado. 7 news. a half dozen south florida families burned out thrifer homes. it started in the apartment come plex and spread fast. flames and smoke shot through the roof as you can see. redents say ankle iron that was left untend sd to blame. >> the man upstairs was knocking on people's doors when he realized the iron was on the the bed. left iron on the bed. didn't pay attention to the hire on thappedz what started the fire.
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like i didn't know what to do exactly. the first thought was to make sure no one was home. wecialg the red cross is now helping those who have been dispraised as a result of fire. >> >> belkeys: a group of teens accused of triggering trouble. police say four people tried to car gak jack a vehicle at northeast 16th avenue and one a 5th street in north miami beach last night. one of them, a 13-year-o-o had a gun. someone in the car opened fire shooting the teen. he was take tomorrow jackson memorial hospital. the three others took off. if you know anything call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. >> craig: a grandmother has been awarded custody of her 6-year-old grand daughter abandoned in a fire. grace was in dcf custody since last week when police say her mother left her in the burning apartment in west miami-dade. police arrested 32-year-old erika ro sem a and charged her with child neglect.
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postpartum depression. >> my daughter loves my grand daughter and she would never do anything cop shusly to do any harm to my grand daughter. she live every day. breathes every day and she is over protective even with me and being in a normal state, my daughter would not do what she did. >raig: a miami-dade firefighter saved that child. now once her mother postt bond she will be placed on house a resd and ordered to say stay way from her daughter and her mother. >> belkeys: coming up here from the newsplex. a woman stance accused of trying to put a hit on her husband. now she take the stand and making a question. >> craig: republicans ready to rumble in nevada. what the presidential hopefuls had to say in their terrifying pitch. >> belkeys: and a pilot forced to turn a road into a runway. >> craig: and south florida beach all a buvmentz hollywood stars bringing a classic show
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7 news now bringing you more news than any other station in the country with three extra hour of today in florida. sunday's eight to 11:00 a.m. just one station hawz covered. 7 news.
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>> >> craig:: lights, camera, baywatch. a reboost the trgs slrks show being shot here in s. big star in the area. they started filming today. yep, the rock and zack efron among the star in the row. vanessa medina reportsts from deerfield beach where fans caught a glimpse. >> >> reporter: dwayne the the rock johnson saying high to screaming fans. >> he is pretty cool. woi say he is better looking in person. >> reporter: the rock is starring in the major motion picture baywatch. >> based on the 90s series being filmed here in deerfield
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verted to emerald gaism the rock is playing mitch buchanan formally played by david hasselhoff. he is. >> dor able. we watched him in the wrestling wring but we'll watch him today. >> and zack efron has star ntd film and his fs have come in drove to see him. >> who do you want to s s? zack. we're here for zack. we're here for zack but it's cool to seat the rock too a. a whole lot of hotness going on. >> speak of hot. don't worrmep, i haven't forgotten about you all. air sha is the love interest. she could be seenn protect the beach from the tower. and now sports ill us straighted model cel whri ror beck not on the t today will be playing pamela anderson. hower, one thing we haven't seen yet are the rock's abs. this is pretty great and a lot of people are out and it's awesome.
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emerald bay for just a few day. production is expected to wrap up by thursday. reporting in deerfield beach vanessa medina. 7 news. >> >> craig: well, a beach party as new additions on short line. brightly colored lifeguard station were unveiled on miami beach. they were designed by an area architect who began working on them way bk after hur cape andrew they had impact windows so they will be sturdy out there and they can be seen from 87th strtrt all the way down to south point and they really make a staim. they look like the the area. they are great. let's s spital impact windows never come into play. >> yes. let's just call them windows for now. still head here, recalls that save drivers life. are they being ignored. the easy way to find out if have you a risky ride. a 7 news special assignment report. >> craig: and time for a friend to make his returto the
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help. >> phil: and we're looking ago e a front moving in during the day tomorrow. possibly very late in the day around 10:00, 11 fm at night the possibility of thunderstorms and then after the front clears, cooler temperatures. especially for friday, saturday and sunday. teen tire out look when we come back. o. >> o.
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>> >> belkeys: you could be putting yourself and loved ones in danger. every time you start your car and not even know it. one company is keeping you from taking a riskyky ride in tonights special assignment report. >> craig: it was one of t t biggest car recalls ever. 34 million cars with faulty air bags. >> that air bag could rupture and metal can come flying at you. >> oh my gosh. >> my car what a recall for the e air bag on the drivers side. it's scary because i could be facing a serious injury. >> george and angel already shocked w wn they learned they were driving with with dangerous air bag. little bit pore annoyed now. i'm scared and want to go to the dealership and get that fixed as soon as possible. but they are not leefnlt with the representative from the app
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we shoppeded number of driver at miami-dade college with the fact that their cars had unfixed recalls. there's an issue with the ignition key that if that part fail, your car could lose power while driving so. it's an issue with the rear ak axel. did you know about that. to ta vee o is shocked to find out he missed a major recall on the axel of his car. even though i did the previous research, i didn't know about this recall. >> and it's what you didn't know that could hurt you. did you know hu a recall on it. 234eu one of these recalls could cause accidents, fires and even exploding air bags. en chris met stephanie. she told him as long a the car runs, she disont worry about it. when lights and stuff go on on the inside i ignore it 'til have to take care of it. one of the recalls is ten years old. not just about ah and your car. so many cars on the streets have unfiched recall that could cause potential dangers to the passenger of those vehicles and everone else on the road as well.
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brakes on dangerous recall. we have a free app that checks for recall using the license play. you can check your car by iewg the license plate or the vin number. it may come back with any recalls. best part, it will let you know if any new recalls come up down the road. i'm always on my phone so when a notification cops up. i'm going to get it right waicht these drivers say they are my know theg are protected from taking a risky ride. they can help me how out and save my lile. the mie car tax app also keeps track of oil change. tire rotations an even the status off your rotation for free. go to to find out how you can down load it it. now w weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. all right. a gray great kay here across south florida with steartd showers today. 70, 72 and 74 are the low. ththhighs 80 and 81 and 79 and
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especially key west. half an inch. right now partly cloudy skies some some areas. clear in others and mostly cloudy in parts of broward. temperature right now are in the mid to upper 70s. the wind betweenenen and 15 miles per hour. the humidity at 85 fers p. there's still a couple coastal showers out there. this little pocket of rain in between dane yapped fort lauderdale here. hugging the coast. running rather quickly up the coast. it will probably be in deerfield beach in another 15 minute. anthere's also shower activity down by the keys. we've seen these really fast moving showers all a afternoon ng. marathon you will be getting active tai ti as w%ll over the next ten to o minute. now we do van area of low pressure saight across the gulf states with a trailing front. that's what we're going to be watching to. night, tomorrow, warm, cloudy. a couple of isolated showers. i think bets chance for rain
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8:00 at night and midnight. as the front nears. then once the the front clears out,er temperature for south florida starting thursday afternoon and some of that cold air could stick around throughout the weekend. here is the forecast starting with the the marine. small craft scer sigh cautiti do to the wind and seas. threat of of rip currents at the beach. for you throughout florida keys, 15 knot winds. coastal waters with a moderate chop. next high tide miami 9:17. 9:12. fort lauderdale. key largo. 9:40. almost 10:30 toy night for new key west. so in and out clouds. we could still see a shower two, the lows in the low seven 50e679s what is typical is about 63 degrees. almost ten degrees above what is normal for this year. average high is about 78, 79. tomorrow another warm one. late day thunderstorm. here's your extended out look. breezy on thursday. friday wake up to 54.
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five a come sunday and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> belkeys: thank phil. a hawk spreading it's wifnlingsz the bird released back into the wild after recover rg at the bachelor wild life center of the frost museum. it's been there since december being street treated for a broken bone. that hawk wa brought in by a woman who says the animal was found on the grifl her brotherrers car while the vehicle was being washed. >> i couldn't believe. it first thing i did with was get out my cram and take pictures of him. we did the release here so this bird could chooz where to go. during recap the vets at a the museum retined the hawk to actually use it's flying muscles again. it was like physical therapy for a hawk. >> craig: how about that eye jerks impressive. >> craig: and the marlins full squad hits the field nup jupiter.
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>> belkeys: and later wine and footd fessments fireman edition. deco is choict a har ti meal with a celebrity. check it out 7:30. that looks good. what is that?
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>> time now for 7 sports with cop no van cam well. what's up south florida?
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the marlins with baseball in full swipg. all the marlins accounted forn jupiter slugger and d gore dan knows their importance with you knows it will take an entire team to get thehe marlin to the next level. >> doesn't matter how well i perform, we need 25 if not more. i'm a good beginning too key. we have plenty of those. it's the form altogether and bounce off each other and feed off each other and a make something happen. last night the miami heat sur fiefd a a vuf start against indy to pull out the third straight wifnl 19 points and 18 rebounds off the bench and dra gusher's team high 25 points. even with waird shooting four of 24 on the floor. heat found a way to swin. >> we've been through a lot these last two seasons and i think mentally it made us
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so we -- some times you won't be able to come back and beat back. and the team will be better than iewvment and we feel like we have a chance to continue. and that w at we did last night. so we continue to. >> the the heat bag on the hardwood tomorrow for a big test with the champion warers. will, once again the heat will be once again without chris bosh. despite missing games he is making hi presence felt around the game. >> good to have chrisp come in and be around and have his voice be heard. he is still a big nafort team. he come in and watches film with the guys and does everything. say leader on all fronts. two days after take one on the chin by 5th rafngd north carolina ch the 12th ranked hurricanes rebounded with the a win over virginia. and the kindf win that makes want to go all outulk hogan and go nh lnches and bouncing back from the humiliating loss
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>> no one goes through lifeout getting knocked dowp. it's howou ri respond to. it we got knocked down big time on disacht you have goat back up and fight and show what you're made of and a thought we did that tonight with with an outstanding team ranked third in the coupe trip. ains take on louisville on saturday. iem that sports. i'm donovan campbell. back to you. >> craig: thank you donovan. >> belkeys: that's 7 news at 6:00. caio caio i'm belkeys nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens. stay tune. 7 news at k4r067b is next. a. 6:30 is next.
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>> 7 news at six complon begin with this developing story and now a traffic problem on the florida turnpike involving that truck. good evening every one. i'm lynn martinez. and i'm nielle knox. it is happening on the turnpike. let's get you right out to craig stevens who is at the news desk with with the latest on thi developing story. craig. >> craig: and we'll get you back to picture we havavcoming in from the scene. this is having an up pact on the evevenincommute at the scene in miami garden. the culprit involved here this. box truck that was involved in some sort of accident where it was wemged on both sides. the north and southbound section of the turnpike. this is not too far from sun life stadium. a a a result, the driver was take tomorrow hospital but while they trying get that mess cleaned up. the traffic is back upped for a


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