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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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at 11:00. hello again everybody. we begin with the situation at dade land mall. sources tell us somebody tried to abduct a woman 30. let's debit right to alex who is live in kendall with the latest on this alex? >>reporter: that's headadne at this hour. according to a source within the miami-dade police department they say there was an attempted abduction of a woman here at the dade land mall as youan see police have cordonesed off a large section of the parking lot as they begin their investigation. if you are familiarith the dade land mall we are right by sax fifth avenue one of the ritziest store at the mall according to this police source there was a vehicle stopped not far from here and they have taken into custoto they believe the person who was the abductor as well as another person who was there in the vehicle. so again the headline here from
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atmpted abduction at the mall and police believe they have the abductor, attempted abctor and another person in custody short distance from here. i take you to some video now. we shot short time ago. police of course taking this very seriously. they were escorting people who were shopping here at thmall to their cars. in addition when this first happened places put up the chopper there with a spotlight d they were swarming this area after thiattempted abduction of a woman here at dade land mall. we don't know the identity of the woman. police again tell us that they have the person who they believe tried to pull this all off and another person were in a vehicle. that's the details as we have them live from the dade land mall in kendall.0 i'm alex 7 news night team. also breaking tonight.
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>> police combing for clue at that scene and danielle is there in south west miami-dade. danielle. >>reporter: this just happened just after 9:00 o'clock in the evening guys. go ahead and look behind me. this is the apartment complex where the victim ran to after shot apparently we understand the family members here live here. let's go to some video we shot for you a little bit earlier. this victim was actually shot just a couple blocks down th street from here in the area of south west 114 avenue and 216 street. he and friend were outside we understand at the time when three male juveniles on bikes rode up to them and just simply started to open fire. victim was struck in the elbow. he has been identified as 16-year-old the shar christmas in south west miami-dade. he doesn't live in this area but he was here hangingg out with some friend. he has been transported to homesteaea hospital.
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shooting happened just a couple of blocks from where we are right now but this is where the victim ran to to try to get help after he was shop. if you have any information on this case you are your honored to call miami-dade county crime stopperst the number you see there on your screen. it is listed on the screen. we areive here in miami danielle knox 7 news night teamdadaelle knox 7 news night this is develop we have been talking about tornado tearing through the deep p uth. we get reports of a lot of damage in the panhandle, damage in e panhandle, pensacola. night team coverage begins with phil he haha the latest. phil. >>reporter: so we have been watching a front that is heading towards the east ahead of that front. there's a lot of moisture. and that in turn has sprouted this line of very strong thunderstorms that already
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one of those tornadoes touching down earlier here across pens company. the line of nasty east. now we are getting some preliminary reports of some damage to some buildings and right n n we don't know any more than that except that indeed a tornado has touched down in pensacola. all of this moving to the east and there are still tornado watches in effect from tallahahsee west through pensacola all the areas highlighted in red are under a tornado watch until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. that just means that the ingredient will be present in the atmosphere for more twister to form. that's all due to this area of low pressure with an attached front. there' a lot more rain out here just that the radar beam doesn't go out that far. tail end of that will be moving in our directiti tomorrow. when will it get here? we look at that a little bit later on. >> coverage continues now with robin who has a look at the
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some reports of damage that we have so far. robin. >> report of what we are seeing in pensacola. what we are hearing about three buildings and apartment complex damaged. fire rescue said 6 6njuries reported. also working a gas leak there at least three death reported as a result of these storms so far in mississippi and louisiana. >> i was laying down in bed with my dog and i heard a big rumble sound. whole house started shaking and i just knew that it was a tornado. >>reporter: in louisiana here about 57 mes west of new orleans the a possible tornado doing deay damage. at least two people killed when the storm system rolled through th sugar hill rv park. 160 trailers daged or destroyed. dozens injured. >> we have 7 critical injuries that we are aware of. we have roughly 30 plus other
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to what degree i don't know. broken arm. people who were able to walk out of the debris. >>reporter: ryan and his family lucky. >> so i ran to go to the bathroom and my mom fiance was already running into the bathroom and his parents were annie got in the bath tub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and i was so scared. i mean the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. >> take shelter now. >>reporter: kenny catching thisunnel cloud outside louisiana. new orleans suburb. state police sharing pictures of the damage on their fafabook page and keeping people up to date on the reports of damage and downed power lines. >> weather picked up real hard. we walked d to the glass door to take a look. and as soon as we got to the door i could see the top of the tornado coming downgoing across the look like crossing the road there. and the door started sucking in where we were at. >>repopoer: housands left
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clean up difficult for these businesses and power crew. the rain continuing to fall in prairieville 20 miles south east of baton rouge. millions across the south forecast to be affected. >> people need to be on alert for the potential of tornado moving through the area of louisia, mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle. >>reporter: we are watching the panel handle now. officials from the e tional weather service confirmed at least 7 tornadoes have hit. live in the satellite center, 7 news night team. >> would be carjacking victim turns the tables and opens fire. police say a 13-year-old armed with a aun approached the vehicle at the intersection of northeast 16th avenue and 159 street in north miami beach just after midnight. passenger in that car pulled his own gunshoting that 13-year-old twice. the teen was taken to jackson memorial hospital. two people in the car were not hurt.
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if you have any information call crime sppers at this number on the screen. >> death in the cats to family to tell you about. cuban state media reports ramone castro the older brother of fidel and raul has died. known by his nickname among oly ramone was life long rancher who stayed away from politic. however he often got double take you can see y.people thought he looked like if i development he died in havana. cause of death has not been disclosed. president obama presenting a clothing strategy for the prison at guantanamo bay. >> fororany years it has been clear that the detention facility at gutanamo bay does not advance our national security. undermines it. >>reporter: blue print involved transferring most of the detainee to other country those considered to be dangerous too dangerous would be relocated to the u.s. be relocated to the u.s. there are 13 possible sites
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leavenworth and the federal super max prison in florence, super max prison in florence, colorado. the move requires congressional approval and so far lawmakers appear highly skeptical. still ahead. fire fight in south florida neighborhood after residents are smoked out of their home. >> truck stuck in a tight spot after the driver loses control
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apartment building upupn flames after some say one resident made a dangerous decision. several family now burned out and forced to find somewhere else to live. >> brandon reports. >>reporter: sky for shows the daniel from a giant apartment fire in lauderhill tuesday morning leaving as many as 6 families without homom. one girl's father woke her up to geter out safely. >> i was scared like i didn't know what to do factually likethe first thought was to make sure no one was home.
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thankfully my brothers were already at school. >>reporter: the cell phone video shows how fast flames spread. another 7 news viewer shot this dramatic cell phone video looking down on the burning roof. structure no match for the raging fire. some residents believe the fire was started from an iron leftunattended. >> man upstairs the was knock>> man upstairs the was knocking on people door when he realized the iron was on the bed. heheeft the iron on the bed. didn't pay attention to the iron that'what started the fire. >>reporter: karen shirley and her dog made it out safely but her apartment was damaged. the fire started on the first floor but quickly spread. crews forced tswitch to a defensive strategy checking to make sure everyrye got out say. apartment by apartment room by room. lifting every bed check every bathroomnd nobles inside. >>reporter: fire investigators releasing this drone footage giving them a bird eye view of exactly what they are up against.
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south florida to do so amazingsouth florida to do so amazingly no injuries. red cross will work with those affected family to get them safely relocated. >> did a good job in killing real quick. rest of the building is safe. >>reporter: investigators do believe it was that untakened iron to blame for the fire. in lawed hill 7 news night team. >> car burning rub internorth miami. vehicle caught fire parked next to pile of burning trash in front of an apartment building avenue. witness tried to put it out with annex continuing wisher. firefighters finish the job when they got there nobody was hurt. truck crash on the turnpike mess in miami gardens. sky force over the scene at county line road and sun life stapled. truck drove over the divider either side. direction for quite a few houvrments one person had to be
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the lanes are open again tonight. >> wanto get to the developing story. we have been following some strong storms. tornado pounding parts of the south and we g g our first look at video out of pensacola. >> dage and injuries robin. >>reporter: we can also tell that you the national weather service has confirmed that a tornado did strike pencola. this video you are about to see shows a lot of rain and wind. this happening after this string of storms, string of tornado storms moved across the south, louisiana, mississippi, south, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and now florida being hit by these tornado. at least three deaths across several states and again there in pensacola the fire departments are extremelyusy here. several buildings at an apartment complex have been damaged. gas leak a that firefighters are working on.
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reported injured as well at least 6 people at one apartment complex so again confirmed tornado hitting pensacola tonight string of stormrmmoving across the south. we have much more for you for four reporting live on the satellite center, 7 news night team. >> okay. coming up at 11:00 o'clock. as you have just seen, some 80's of the country including florida hit hard tonight b those tornado. >> that front heading south so maybe we see some part of thisfilm. >> right now as a matter of fact pensacola and parts of the panhandle remain under tornado watch until 4 a.m. that means that all the ingredient are present for more twisters to take place and indeed that is part of a front that is headed in our drechblingts we can see some of the strong weather some time tomorrow evening. we have a lieutenant more on
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for the south east and now for florida's panhandle. they are under a tornado watch at least until 4:00 o'clock in the morning. we may get a little bit of that nasty weather by tomorronightnasty weather by tomorrow night. 74 degrees right now in miami. the wind out of the south souou east 7 miles per hour fort lauderdale relative@ humidity for you at 84 percent. 75 degrees here and in key west a temperature of 74 with the wind. out of the east south east at around 8 miles per hour. so this is the stormtracker. taking you rightp to florida's panhandle. you can see there is crest viewyou can see there is crest view. pensacola. then a little further east we have panama city. we have a line of strong thunderstorms. this is ahead of a cold front that is moving in our direction already we have had at least one tornado touching down in pensacola with some damage and injuries being reported there. now this is part of a huge system. you can see the spin right there.
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tail end of that may going its way across northern florida right now. now that extends all the way out into the gulf of mexicon just that the radar doesn't go out that far. there's plenty of r rn there and it is headed our way. this is what the in-house model is suggesting. there is the low. possibilityy of strong thunderstorms ahead of it. that will continue to push in our direction. now it appears that anywhere between 8:00 p.m. tomorrow and midnight we are going to get at least a chance for some strong thunderstorms to rumble through south florida. few showers may pop up ahead of that early afternoon. but it appears that the brunt of the rain will be anywhere midnight. thenenhe front goes through. cold air starts to move in. and that cold air should stick around throughout the weekend. here's the rain forecast. small craft exercise caution. threat of rip current. pistol contain bay with moderate chop. florida keys exercise caution. especially because coastal
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throughout the day. next high tide will be at 10next high tide will be at 10:10. 11:24. water temperature 72 degrees. so for tonight partly to mostly clou skies. ncaa on the warm side. tomorrow cloud will build. high in the low mid 80's typical is about 78 to 79. again a better chance of rain later in the day. here's the sentenced outlook. front comes through. 54, 50 and 55 to start out the day friday saturday sunday that's the 7 on 7 forecast. the. if you have been down by the dade land mall maybe you notice heavy police presence. there is attempted abduction at the mall there. alex is on the scene and we have more from him what we have been able to learn in the last
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three seed in the eastern conference on forcing the injury b bites the miami heat again. according to reports heat back up point guard will have season ending surgery on the right foot. second heat guard done for the season joining tyler johnson has afternoon 4 point and 2 and a half assist game this
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incould go neat o. first star sighting since he eas side lined for reported blood clot in the left leg last week. this could be encouraging sign for heat fans. tweeting out pictures of bosch in the event all smiles and appears teammate wade and former teammate shane accompany bosch for tuesday night festivities. >> good to have chris come in and just be around and voice be heard. still big part the team. he comes in and watch film with guy so everything he's a leader in all fronts. >> officlly baseball season marlins full squad work out got under way today in jupiter. new hitting coach bonds looking on as john c clos stanton getting in the hack along with gordon and upcoming outfielder chris all confident about the upcoming season. >> opening day. start there. we don't talk about the end of the season and all that.
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really means nothing. projection means nothing. at the end of the day you have to play the way you are supposed to. >> we all have something to prove. we all have criticism. we all. >> that's sports i'm donovan campbell. before we say goooo night take one last check down in south miami-dade. the dade land mall area where we understand there's an attempted abduction. >> alex has this for us.>> source tells 7 naws there wasn attempted abduction of woman here at the dade land mall earlier tonight a ayou can see at this late hour it's still remains wrapped in crime tape. this all happened short time ago and police really flooded this area and police tell us tonight that they believe they have the person who was responsible for this. they got h in a vehicle short distance away from here.
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we have some video to show you. this is police as they swarm this area. they even escorted people to their cars earlier tonight. as they continue this investigation they put the police chopper up again at an attempted abduction of woman here at the dade land mall and at this hour police source tells 7 news they believe they have the perso responsible for all of this of course item the developing story we follow overnight you want to tune in today in florida. we are live in kendall at the dade land mall tonight. i'm alex 7 news night team. >> we have more on the stormy weather movingo the panhandleweather moving to the panhandle. some injuries. some damage up in the county in pensacola so join us for that time. 5:00 a.m. today in florida. pick it up from here. thth's a wrap for 7 news at 11that's a wrap for 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks for being with us
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real-time closedcaptioning provided by u.s. captioning company. tonight on deco drive if you
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johnson and second front of the lifesavers you need. deco is on the south florida set of their new "baywatch" movie. after her infamous wardrobe malfunction, janet jackson is going back to big sports in a big way. confessions with chloe. >> woman: i hope that first marriage could happen again. >> announcer: she is talking rose, relationships and betrayals. accused the music, "deadpool" is a big hit. nsw someone wants a bigger cut of the blockbuster profits. >> and i know where to put this? >> hollywood's pint-size prodigy is staying true to his word. now lynn and shireen take a break from twerking to bring you. >> man: deco drive. >> shireen: hi everyone i am shireen sandoval.


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