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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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ahead. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. first atoon and first on 7, a teen shot, -- teens in custody fol and a possible motive. >> diana: rosh lowe with the story we broke onair and online. >> reporter: let me tell you here at policeeead quarters in about one hour there will be a news conference. the miami-dade state attorney's office will be here, the miamamdade superintendent will be here, alberto carvalho as
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talking aboutthe big news that broke this morning. let's get into video and i will give you update, according to our law enforcement sources. they say several juveniles were involved in the shooting, a shooting death of a six-year-old,ing who you are seeing right now, of cour, king carter. this occurred at northwest 12th t avenue and 103rd lane. since this tragedy occurred, law enforcement has been very involved, encouraginging the community to come out, to give th the tips they need to break this case. i am told from our sources and you will hear from the miami-de state attorney's office that the community was critical in this case where they came out and gave very pertinent information. our sources telling us among the juveniles may have been about a rl. some of the leads came from social media where there were
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where we've seen rallies occur most on a daily basis, outflaj the community. according to published reports, two teenagers both with criminal records. we mentioned we spoke with miami-dade state attorney over the phone, let's listen to what she had to say. >> i think the part that's some what upupfting, the police went to the community an civic leaders went to the community and it's all inconsoleably stricken with grief and beg them to work with law enforcement to work with our office and they did. >> reporter: and wee are told from the state attorney's office there are a lot of resources put into this case. once agaiai this case touch so many people. you have a six-year-old child full of life simply playing
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saturday afternoon just after 2 p.m. when his life ends. coming up today, we will be here for a news conference and we will bring it to you. live outside headquarters, rosh lowe, 7 news. andeam coverage continues with the devastated parents of the victim. >> ashley: 7's lorena estrada talking to them and is live on the scene in northwest miami-dade with that. >> reporter: spoke to mom and dad and they say they are relieved and a step closer to justice. they learned about the arrest this morning and dad said he got a personal phone call from one of the suspects last night. >> i'm sitting in my living room mourming with my family.
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iing i'm so sorry, blaze. i'm so sorry. you look out for everybody. you tell nobody but why you, call my mama right now going to turn myself in. >> reporter: that one an unexpected phone call he got, an apology for shooting a juvenile while he@ was playing outside. >> i'm just a l ltle bit relieve because they caught because it's st -- still not going to bring him back. >> reporter: king carter's parents express their gratitude for the communi support. >> everybody standing behind them i appreciate them. >> reporter: and to police working arod the clock. >> ever since it t happen they have been working day and night. >> reporter: his death has left the entire community heartbroken.
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lost, senseless killing, sick-year-old just starting living now he's dead over somebody else's problem. sad. >> reporter: so this has the past couple of days have been incredibly difficucu for these two parents and this is what they're waiting for. th want justice for their six-year-old child. they say this is only the beginning. they plan to fight in hopes of puttina stop to all of the violence. live in northwest miami-dade, lorena estrada, 7 news. a streng of tornadoes swinging through several states including florida. our governor looking at the damage done. omar lewis with a look at the twister touches. >> omar: a number of twisters across the gulf coast continues to rise. we're talking total of three
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here in florida, pensacola took the brunt of the storm with the most damage and tod governor scott went to take a look for himself. this apartment complex looks like it tore through. a tornado that ripped a two-mile path pounding pensacola tuesday night. governor rick scott taking a tour of the area assessing the damage on wednesesy. >> so far we believe there are 70 plus homes that are damaged. we have about 2700 homes withoutut power. >> omar: while there have not been any reportedeaths in florida, cellphone video shows the strong winds as they wip through pensacola leaving a dozen people without a place to call home. >> we want to make sure everybody gets back to living an a normal life as quickly as they can. the state's going to do their job and we're going to make sure
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the federal government we will. >> reporter: and possible tornado doing deadlyy damage. at least two people were killed when a storm system rolled through the sugar hill rv park there. more than 3 3 people were taken to the hospital. more than 100 trailers were damaged, flipped on their side. >> we have seven critical injuries that we're aware of. we have roughly 30 plus other injuries. >> reporter: in prairieville, louisiana, a work out turned into a run for cover. >> so i ran to go to the bathroom and my mom's fiance was running into the bathroom and his parents were. i got in t t bathtub with my dog. >> ryan and his family gripped with fear as they took cover. >> i was crying, praying, i was
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the house wouldn't stop shaking the withhold time. >> kenny catching this funnel cloud. an a new orleans suburb. the cleanup is just getting ststted for those along the gulf coast. the storm now heads easast as folks prepare for the worse, possible outcome. >> you can see that red area, that's where we're expecting the greatest risk, and we have threat for damaging winds and possibility of seeing strong tornadoes in that area. >> reporter: and additional tornados will be confirmed later today as the national weather servicic continues their survey process. in afternoon, we are live in the newsplex, omar lewis, 7 news. a l le look outside our north bay village studpios. the picture perfect view will soon change. meteorologist vivian gonzalez is
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details. >> vivian: good afternoon, ladies, south florida. thank you for joining usful we have thehe latest on this cold front that we're tracking. it's actually slowing down and we're going to be feeling very hot this afternoon. temperature readings are in the 80s. with that full sunshine that we have out there, the weather service is suggesting strong to severe-type thunderstorms developing late this afternoon going into early evening and monitoring the latest trends in case they have to issue a watch. right now 82 degrees in miami, 84 already in fort lauderdale th that summer-like feel in full force t. radar for now continues to show mostly dry weather. we have to take a look at sarasota and fort myers to find showers. a watch is still in effect for parts of the carolinas from now
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potential of seeingornadoes and that risk is in the moderate range around these location and now at a marginal risk to slight over portions of south florida all the way into tonight. let's monitor the latest front. the in-house computer model is showing this front is slowing down. the florida keys will get into the action late tonight moving into 1 o'clock in the morning tomorrow morning and by 5 o'clock lingering rain showers. i'llll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. a father in trouble with the laway be getting a jailbreak, but his teenage son accused of deserting is nowhere to be found. vanessa medina with the update. >> reporter: the father was able toeduce his bond from a million dollars to $5,000.
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he did not desert his son and his son is missing on his own account, he ran away from home and nothing unlawful was done here. if we can go to video, picture of the boy. he went missing december 27th. the two had gotten into an argument over the teenager's grades. the dad told him to get out of the car in plantation and walk home. he's never returned and has been missing since then. today in court f we can go to the next piece of video, his father wednesday before the judge. he was arrested at miami international airport while trying to catch a flight to new zealand. he was charged with unlawful dissergs of a child and slapped with a million dollar bond. dad claims his son has run away before and he left money at the home for the boy, in case he returned. and, on top of all that, he had a return ticket to fly back home an he says his son is just being
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done here. >> when w w had him, he was a good little boy. but he just likes to run away and hide even when i would go walking with him, he would run away and hide. i don't know why. >> he's a survivor. >> reporter: i think just 16 and they hate authority. who knows. >> reporter: so the teenager has been seen twice since he left and never returned back to the home on december 27th. the father was able to prove to the judge that he did not desert his child showing the judge.
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he wants his son home. vanessa medina, 7 news. donaldrump continuing his run for the white house. a three pete for trump. >> ashley: and for his junior senator also celebrating. more. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman won big last night and picked up enforcements from two sitting members of congress. and many are asking today, can ananne stop trump? >> no we're winning,inning the country. >> reporter: donald trump pulls off his third win in a row. they overwhelmingly picked trump. >> we won with old, we won with highly educatedful we won with
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>>rump coasts to victory lane, the fight to second finally decided wednesday morning senators marco rubio and ted cruz g/ing head-to-head. rubio come ging in second. >> reporter: as the republicans look for super tuesda they begin their primary, clinton and sanders taking aim at the gop on the issue off race. and we heard from donald trump and others, a raceist and try to delegitimize the president of the united states. >> sanders continues his attacks linking rival with the deep pockets of wall street. sanders her paid speeches to wall stret demanding she release the traps scripts saying she would on one condition.
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includes the republicans. why is there one standard for me and not everybody else. > and they have debate tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. the last debate. jeff lennox, 7 news. and sparking debate between the white house and republicans over replacing him and vowing to deny any nominations picked by the commander in chief. >> well look, ion't me how many times we need to keep saying this. the judiciary committee has recommend there had be no hearings. i said repeatedly and confident my group agrees it should be made by the next president, whoever is elected.
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fill the seat before his term ends. it comes meeting for the first time since scalia's death. two brothers to the rescue ago. >> diana: several events being held to mark the agonizing anniversary. gathering. was 20 year ace dpoe today that four men left the airport and would never return. as we go to video, you will see friends and family members bringing flowers tohe memorial to remember the lives lost. we're talking about four men who were on a mission to help others. as people gathered to remember other, they talkedbout the president's upcoming visit to cuba and what that means to them as they continue to demand justice. >> and i believe that obama to cuba in the next month is going to be another offense to us,
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is going to be a slap in the face of every one of them inn heven where they are rite now. >> and as we remember them today, we must not forget that 20 years later thi crime remains. and it is still unpunished. >> ashley: as people gather to remember today, let's take a look back at that tragic day. on february 24, 1996, three brothers to the rescue cessna 337s carrying eight people in all above the florida straits above inrnational air space searching for cuban refugees like those have done countless time before. like unlike before they were met with deadly force. >> cross from right side of the windshield to bottom left.
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fire leaving stream of smoke killing four people. >> even after i saw the smoke of one of the planes, i didn't want to believe that what i was seeing was the ends of some of my friends. i was desperatete calling them. >> reporter: after he saw his friends disintegrate, jose, who flew the remaining plane, tole your passengers get ready to die. >> i told them we were about to be killed. >> reporter: two cuban migs in air space. four made it back. >> just feel that, you know t pain doesn't go away.
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>> reporter: standing at the memorial honoring the ur who died, their loved ones remembering. >> not too many people can say that. >> he would give you the shirt f his back. >> took me a very long-time to come to terms with what had happened because we didn't have anything. we couldn't have funeralsful we couldn't have anything because these little planes were shot down by these huge missilil. >> reporter: to this day, the families say the attack was premeditated murder ordered by fidel castro and his broir brother, raul. 20 years later the truth remains. >> i'm hopeful to see the criminals behind bars. it's what i live for. >> reporter: there are other lost. we will have more on that coming upup later today on 7 news. for now live in opa-locka, jessica holly, 7 news.
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a man fast asleep inside and rescue. we are on the scene. more than a week after a driver plunges off the interstate, his sister is survival. and what happened at a south
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/ flames moving fast through a home.
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the night is being called a lifesaver. elitsa bizios son the scene with more. >> reporter: you ladies said it. it is not the wakeup call anybody wants to get. but anybody inside this home when it caught fire, windows, flames caught fire and his life was spared, he said because of his four-legged @riends. >> sunshine she an angel sent from god. >> reporter: this man said his chihuahua saved his life. sunshine woke him up as flames ripped through the home wednesday morning. >> during the time i was sleeping, sunshine she started barking erratically and woke me up. when i woke up, i noticed the smoke an open the door and heard the loud crash from the glass. >> reporter: he had to knock out a window to survive. >> we were able to get inside and save the dog.
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everyone the ac unit is melted. while sunshine saved the owner, fire rescue saved sunshine. >> they did a great job saving her. she came out unharmed. he didn't think he would survive. detector. >> no smoke detector and could is have been tragic. >> reporter: they hope this story rminds others to check their smoke detececrs. >> we believe they do save lives so make sure batteries are operating so check them often. reporter: this man will forever be thankful to his sunshine. no injuried reported and this fire remains under investigation. elitsa bizios, 7 news. mayhem at dadeland mall after a couple got into a verbal argument outside the restaurant.
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the car and then she jumped from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospitalful guzman tried to take off and run them down. no bullets hit him. michael guzman was arrested and charges are pendin and now, it was a bone-chilling sight. a garbage truck plummeting from an interstate into a park. >> i for sure thought my brother was there. >> the driver's sister describing a miracle to just one station. >> he time on this earth is not fulfilled. >> after he survived the dangerous drop. and his sister tking about the accident. 7's danielle knox with the exclusive. i thought my brother was gone. he's dead like can't nobody survive that.
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did miraculously survive. >> his fiance cl me and tole me he was asleep. he was literally breathing still on the ground. >> reporter: she is the first familyember to speak out about the big day that could have been taken from them. the proer a san sags roof finishing up a run exiting southwest off ramp on i-95 when his truck crashed through this guardrail, pluing to the ground below at the parklanding on two unoccupied cars and ejecting smith. she was in melbourne, florida, when she saw these images on social media. her worse fears were not realize aed. >> i pray to god thank you. i was like thank you forh keeping him here. >> no one on the gunshot wound was injured and he suffered a fractured skull and broken bones among other injuries.
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up, broken bone, certain things were going to be messed up on him buthank god he's here. >> reporter: now t ts father of three needs help while the bills are piling up. she said so are the miracles, starting with the fact that her brother is ale and improving every day. >> no matter what he experience from childhood to now, that's living testimony. reporter: danielle knox, 7 news. >> ashley: and the family has set up a go fund me account. if you would like to help, the link is on good d afternoon, south florida. we are still monitoringhe latest trends on this cold front that has produced so much severe weather around the gulf coast states. right now it's moving through north and central florida. the weather service is suggesting that the progress of the front has slowed down.
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heating of the day, we could see strong to severe thunderstorms developing all ahead of the front late afteron early evening. we will need to monitor the latest trends on the radar in case a watch needs to be issued. for now, we are looking at strong storms pushing onshore rasota, fort myers, vero beach. we saw a batch developing and starting to see lightning markers. around broward, dade and the keys, so and remains mostly dry. check these temperatures out, 84 in fort lauderdale, 9 in key west with the winds picking up between 9, 13 and even 22 miles an hour in fort lauderdaleful the spin of low pressure producing snow, freezing rain for our friends in the northeast
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producing strong activity. there is tornado warning for parts and until this time 12:30 and, a r as we widen oat the view and take you to the mid-atlantic states, the storm center has issued a watch area tornado watch for all of the areas highlighted in red until 7 o'clock tonight. the front will cross through after midnightoing into tomorrow morning. that's when we can be lking at some improvements. look for clearing skies, cooler weather thursday afternoon. on friday, temperature readings will tumble in the low 50s. ifour plans take you beach or boat, we have the rk of rip currents for swimmers and no advisory in the keys. 9:54 is next high tide, 10:17 in key largo. highs nearing record vashlgs welcome for thunderstorm
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lows cooler, seasonal in the 60s th the outcome calling for sweater weather starting on friday. that's your 7 on 7. >> diana: excited about that. i have so many sweaters in the closet. a crucial class for pet ownersful you may be able to save four-legged family member.
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report. what would you do if your dog stopped breathing? >> diana: believe it or not, theres cpr for dogs. belkys nerey with t story. >> reporter: a fun day at the
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a youtube video shows two bystanders performing cpr on a lifeless labrador. >> she's sitting up. >> reporter: this one was brought back to life in a park o. dogs saved because someone knew ha to do. like many people in south florida, jody brothers lives on the water. >> and she always liked to walk the ledge an made me nervous. >> reporter: one day her worst fears came true and missed with one foot and fell over sideways and fell about three feet in the water. they got sad di out in timeful but she realized she wouldn't have known how to save her dog if she was drowning. >> stop, clap, doggy, doggy, are you okay? >> reporter: and that's why he enrolled in the cpr crass. >> i'm going to walk you threw
12:34 pm
>> reporter: drowning is secon most common. >> anyone that loves animals can do it. >> reporter: pet cpr is similar. you check for breathing. >> i'm looking to see if ere's bubbles or indication of breath. >> reporter: if there's no breath, you start chest compressions. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> reporter: iff that didn't work, you learn rescue breathing. >> now breathe into the nose. >> reporter: they train on all size, who you havav a chihuahua or husky, you can help your pet. >> i want to make sure i can take care ofhem god forbid if something happens. >> reporter: she said she feels petter about sad di walking near near the ledge. >> reporter: cpr is same for
12:35 pm
contains the basics. i'm belkys nerey, 7 news. >> ashley: good stuff to know how toto. coming up next, a traen and a truck ending up on the same track. and neighborhood shaken by blast.
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a break inhe case in the murder of a six-year-old. twoo 17-year-olds were in custody. king carr shot while playing outside. plenty of damage done after severe storms strike the gulf coast. at least 7 tornadoes touching down in mississippi, louisiana and the panhandle. thre people killed and dozens of others injured. and thr for trump as he
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senator marco rubio coming in second edging out senator cruz. taking you cross country this afternoon, a deadly blast in washington. the explosion was so powerful it levelled a house in seattle killing a couple inside. nearby homes were damaged and investigators are working to determin the cause. crashing on camera as a train collides with a tractor-trailer minnesota state troopers release inging information. the 67-year-old only suffered a minor cut to his eyeful stranded 65 floors up, two window washers stuck outside. eir scaffold stalled as they were working and mechanics couldn't get it working again.
12:39 pm
workers inside the building. my palms are sweating just looking at that. ahead this noon, a fight over a missing pet is bringing a big problem with unregulated
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carmel is on the case. a battle over a small dog exposing a problem with unregulated issues. vestigative reporter carmel cafiero is on the case. pepper is a miniature schnauzer with the power to escape.
12:42 pm
was not wearing his collar or rabies tag. and he left and we were heartbroken. >> rorter: they want their dog back. they learned a neighbor found pepper inside the gated community and turned him over to a local pet rescue. >> when they contacted the woman who runs the rescue, they got bad news. they were told pepper was given to another family. >> she said she gave him away and lost the phone numberf the family that cleaned them, that she didn't know, she was very sorry, she didn't understand. it looked hike the dog knew them and left with themem >> she offered another dog in replace. i said no, i don't want another dog. i wantt my dog.
12:43 pm
this house. no one was home. we caught up with her at nearby shopping center. she didn't want to talk on camera and told us by phone the family who has pepper did hav pictures of a dog that looked like him. and she said that rescues should ask for proof of ownership before releasing dog. >> there should have been some kind of proof of ownership. they shouldave had ray bee certificate, records, information, they should have had something. >> reporter: meanwhile, the family is hoping that the $600
12:44 pm
have pepper to return him. >> we just want him home. news. >> diana: and if there's something you think carmel shouldh investigate, give her a call or e-mail.. and 7 news at noon is not over yet. coming up next. i'm donovan campbell. coming up in sport, we have our last glimpse of chris bosh since his latest set back and add another guard to injury report.
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during your next work out. currently the three seed injury bug bites again. he will have season-ending surgery on his right foot coming the second heat guard done and averaged four points an and two and an a half assists per ga. chris bosh has been doing a good job being incognito. when you're 6-11, it's hard to hide. is could be an encouraging sign tweeting out pictures of
12:48 pm
and dwyane wade a shane battier accompanied bosh for tuesday night's activities. >> good to have chris come in heard. he's still a big part of the team. comes in and watches fans with films with the guys. >> reporter: they are led by curry, averaging a legal high 29 points >> and seeing a guy dominate the way that he's dominating from 38, 40 and great for the game to enjoy it. he has it and is doing an amazing job. it's officially baseball season
12:49 pm
workouts got underway in jupiter. new hitting coach looking on. stanton getting in his hacks. they're all confifident about it. >> and we're going to not talk about the end of f e season. it's opening day. >> projections really mean nothing. >> we all got something to prove, criticisms and nothing can make or break us. >> that's sports. i'm donovan campbell. love drinking wine an hate working out, a fitness coach may have found a way to get you motivated. she created wine work out videos with exercises you can do at home with wine bottle as
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is that wine still in the bot snl >> diana: problem is when you get thirsty and have to drink it. next on 7 news at noon. check on south beach food
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how about a dish that's totally vegetarian. >> diana: let's grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: the chef inside the resort in avenn tur ya. >> when you come in, it's mediterranann question sooen. everything is fresh and from local farms. we make fresh pasta every day. it's open every day with dining on the golf course and taking part in south beach wine and food festival. >> it's called eat meets west, a refined tailgate. >> you will be able to try one of chef petter's specialties. >> it's one of those dishes that people love here. >> start by putting an idaho baked potato here.
12:54 pm
>> mix with all purpose flour. >> make a ltle hole there. >> add salt, pepper, cut in strip, roll it out in logs >> and now for the sauce, put olive oil in a hot p with peeled deseeded tomatoes with kosher salt. mix well and cook this down. add the infused oil. let this cook for another 20 minutes or so. now it's time for the gnocci. put them in boiling water and
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it takes a couple of minutes. and if you click online extra, the chef will share a trade seet of tomato sauce n. the plex, i'm belkys nerey, bon appetito. cold front is slowing down, south florida. we are feeling the heat and we have the sunshine and weather service is still thinking that we're going to get some strong storms firing up ahead of this front late afternoon and early evening, late temperaturewise with, a very warm one to 82 in miami, the radar is picking up
12:56 pm
pushing through sarasota, fort myers all the way to east coast of florida, vero beach getting strong thunderstorms and starting to see lighter pockets of rain i i broward county and tornado watch in effect. here at home we have a slight risk of seeing wet weather so pack your umbrella and patience. that wraps it up for today in florida. i'm ashley jones.
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have a great day, everyone. >> today on "fablife"... >> a road trip! (horn honking) >> we're gonna have you eating well... >> we don't add tomatoes into our guacamole evev, but joe was0 anxious to just... >> (laughing) and, of course, looking good on the road. >> the air-dry is the new
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plus, eva amurri martino. >> susan sarandon is your mom. there was a lot of brouhaha about what she was weariri. >> if you got it, flaunt it! i travel a lot with my daughter alone. be super organized. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." getting ready to take a ride with us because today we are showing you how to road trip the fab way of course. (cheers anapplause) we are giving you tips to getting gorgeous hair on the go, and eva amurri martino is showing us some travel hacks to keep the kids entertained in the backseat. plus, amazing chef susan feniger is in our kitchen making my personal favorites... >> yes! >> ...margaritas and tacos. so, you guys, throughout the whole show, we are gonna be playing the classic road trip game, i spy. do you remember that game? so fun, right? but our first stop is going to be my favorite destination-- the hair salon. >> hey! (laughing)


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