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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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connection with a little boy's killing. >> danielle: but coming after self pleas from the boy's family. we have team coverage of the major development. ann keil spoke with the victim's family, but we want to begin with rosh lowe, live with the families at police headquarters. >> reporter: there was a lengthy news conference here at miami-dade police headquarters, and one thing is very clear. this is a case that touched the entire community here in south florida. and it particularly touched law enforcement. that's why you saw them out there day after day, after this incident occurred last saturday, begging and pleading with the public to give them the information that they n nded to break this case. and that's exactly what happened. let's get to the video, and i'll tell you about this little boy, six-year-old caine carder, and he w playing outside of his home on lane and 12th avenue.e.
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said that two teenagers who had a beef with someone elseeho lived in that apartment complex, who they only identified as juju, the two teenagers identified as lend ard adams and 17-year-old earl presley, came to this complex. they took out guns and began to fire. they say that the only person, only identied as juju, also had a gun, and he began to fire. caught in the crossfire was this little boy, kim carter, who was according to the police walking through the parking lot to buy candy when he was hit in his chest. so we have two people who have been arrested and the miami police wouldn't give the status of juju in the investigation, but we heard from the police and the miami-dade attorney's office, following the passionate pleas to the public that you're seeing now.
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>> we lost a six-year-old and lost two young men, lost their lives, ruined, and that's what i'm trying toell the youth, if you have a beef, don't pick up a gun. don't do that, you're going to ruin the life of the innocent and your own life. and you're going to carry that in your conscience for the rest of your days. >> you covered it, and the message got out there and immediately we start to get leads. it was the community people working with the police that led to the arrest today, which is the beginning of looking for a sense of justice. >> well, you heard the state attorney there saying just the beginning because this is very much an ongoing investigation. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from the major of the homicide division of the miami-dade police, and he'll detail very important information of a car description tonight. rosh lowe, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, rosh,
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six-year-old's family reacting to the arrest today. and ann keill continues our team coverage, live in mia-dade where the shooting happened. ann. >> reporter: well, the miami-dade police tell us that the first officer on scene attempting cpr and king carter was airlifted to the trauma center. but the 6-year-old did not survive his injuries. his mother said that she has not excellent since saturday, but however, she's begininng to feel some relief, knowing that two teen suspects are now behind bars. >> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: in an exchange of gunfire, a mother would lose a son. a six-year-old, whose bright smile at such a young age touched so many. the suspect's father told us
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fire outside of the apartment in west miami-dade, gave him a call on tuesday, a call that shook them and his family.% >> i love king to death. >> reporter: members of the northwest miami-dade community quickly rallying behind the heartbroken family. demanding justice, and then as the police worked around-the-clock, the reward sky rocked to $26,000. >> we're going to get justice, lord, help us. >> reporter: king was walking through a parking lot in the apartment complex to buy some candy and he was struck in the chest. the call to end teen violence has certainly not subsided. >> they're kids too, and it's just crazy. the times have changed. when we was coming, there was more parenting in the house and more manners, and everyrying,
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reporter: and king carter's mother thankedhe miami-dade police for their hard work, and still she said that there needs to be improved community policing and she's hopeful that her son will serve as a reminder that this needs too stop. ann keil, 7 news. >> danielle: and wild weather slapping the south. several tornadoes touching down louisiana anddant florida panhandle, where two counties are in a state of emergency. >> lynn: and now looking at the radar, a string of storms moving our way meaning that nasty weather is coming our way. in fact, a cold front is also on the way. danielle: and it's packing a punch. chief meteorologist, phil ferro, is in the weather center. >> phil: so this is what we're focusing on, the rain countdown that you see on the radar, right now, the estimated time of arrival between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. and that's what the latest
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and there's also the possility of some strong thunderstorms tonight, nasty weather and strong gusty winds, and even a possible twistor oe the front clears, and then we'll see cold temperatures moving in across sufficiently. here's the line. it has not weakened any since last night. and it extends basically from the gulf of mexico all the way to southwest florida, lala okeechobee and the east coast. now, here ishe live radar sweep. plenty of rain from fort pierce, all the way back through lake okeechobee. the rain continues in through fort meyers, naples, and plenty of lightning. and all of this stretches into the eastern gulf of mexico. there is the possibility tha that line of strong thunderstorms will reach us later on tonight. now, we do have a bulletin that just came in from the national weather service suggesting that
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funnel cloud, eight miles southwest of north county airport in palm beaea county, and it's moving northwest at 5 miles per hour. so here's once again the timeline that we're looking at. the line of strong thunderstorms contins to the east. and now already over western palm beach county, and possibly over broward by 6 p.m., and leavinin miami-dade by 8:00. so between 6:00 and 8:00, that's when we should see the healthcast rain moving n this is what we should be preparing for, the possibility of an isolated tornado and gusty winds and even small hail. we'll be tracking this with more later on. >> lynn: well, self twisters confirmed along the gf coast. >> danielle: at least three people were killed in mississippi and louisiana, while the florida panhandle also took
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governor rick scott saw it himself. and omar lewis has more. >> reporter: this apartment complex likes like it was bulldozed but it was caught by mother nature, a two-mile path. governor rick scott took a tour of the area, assessing the damage on wednesday. >> we believe that we have 27 homes without per. >> reporter: while there of not been any reported deaths in florida, cellphone video shows the strong winds as they whihied through pensacola, taking down power lines and leaving dozens of people without a place to call home. >> we're here to make sure that everybody gets back to livingd a normal life as soon as they can. the state and the county are going to do their job and we're going to make sure of that. >> louisiana, a possible tornado
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at least two people were killed when a storm system rolled through the sugararill rv park. more than 30 people taken to the hospital and more than 100 trailers were damaged, flipped onto their side. >> we have seral critical injuries that we're aware of, and we have 30 plus other injuries.. >> in prairieville, louisiana, southeast of baton rouge, a workout turned into a run for cover as the storm tore off the roof of the building at this gold's gym. >> so i ran to go into the bathroom, and my mom's fiance was already running into the bathroom, and his parents w. and i got into the bathroom with my dog. >> ryan c cish and his family gripped with fear as they took cover. >> i was praying and crying and i was so scared. the house wouldn't stop shaking the entire time. >> take shelter now, extreme threat.
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outside of kenner, louisiana, a new orleans suburb. cleanup is just getting started for those along the gulf coast. the storm heads east as the folks there prepare for the worst possible owing outcome. >> you can see that red area, that's where we're expecting the severe storms. the threat of damaging winds and even the possibility of some strong tornadoes in that area. >> reporter: additional tornadoes will likely be confirmed throughout the day as the national weather service continues their survey process. reporting from the newsplex, omar lewis, 7 news. >> now on an updatat on the zika virus.p% several pregnant women, visiting those countries, and now coming back to florida. >> reporter: three pregnant women in florida have tested positive with zika after traveling to florida from
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the center has asked the centers for disease control to it send 200 additional anti-body tests to the state. this allows particularly pregnant women and new mothers to see if they ever had the virus. they are making the connection to babies born with unusually small heads, a defect that can signal brain damage. so far 255 tests have gun used since february 9t9t. and it hundred tests available. out of 232 cases in the sunshine state, only three are still exhibit symptoms. rash, fever and painful eyes, and there's no vaccine at this point in time. there's a 24-hour zika hotline in florida to answer questions or concerns. if you miss it now, we have the number at as of now, we don't know what county those three florida
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and as s sn as we find out, we'll let you know. craig stevens, 7 news. >> danielle: a clear cut front run or the republican side in the race for the white house, donald trump on a winning streak. the billionaire adding a third state to his list of victories. lynn: and as the democrats are in south carolina all of the republican candidates are looking t t super tuesday. >> reporter: donald trump hitting the political jackpot in nevada last night. and picking up his first two enendorsements from sitting members of congress. and the question they're asking today, can anybody i stop trump? >> now we're winning, winning, winning thehe country. >eporter: donald trump pulls off h third win in a row, and nevada republicans overwhelmingly picking trump.
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we won with highly educated, and we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporte senators ted cruz and marco rubio going head-to-head, and rubio coming in second by roughly 2,000 votes. >> we're one step closer to turning the pages on the obama/clinton disaster. >> reporter: democrats get ready for their primary in south carolina on saturday. clinton and sanders taking aim at the gop on the issue of race. >> the issue, which we heard from donald trump and others, a racistest to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. >> reporter: sanders' attacks, listening rival, hilliary clinton, with the deep pockets of wall street. sanders demandedhat she
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clinton would on one condition. >> sure, if everybody does, including republicans. why is there one standard perfect me and not for everybody else? >> reporter: clinton getting an endorsement in south carolina, secretary of state. >> i think that the middle hillary.y. and my work with her is something that i look upon with awe. >> reporter: the final debate with the republicans, the last for the gop befor the super contest on july 1st. >> all right, jeff, ahead tonight on 7 news, a father hoping to get out of jail while his son remains missing. a live reportoming up at 4:30. >> also ahead, lights flashing and a train's horn blaring, but a truck driver still in the path
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>> lynn: and people taking a terrifying jump. that's pretty high. >> danielle: uh-huh, and then at 5:00, a customer's pants catching fires.
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man has a bomb. >>ynn: a group of tourists taking a plunge, and not in a good way, jumping off of a florida bridge. that has to be dangerous. the video of the devils going viral.
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stunun could have ended in tragedy. >> reporter: it's the leap of faith that's going viral. >> he's in! >> reporter: it happened saturday afternoon as a daredevil jumped off the international speedway bridge. it's the one that takes you from downtown daytona beach across the causewa and to the beach, and moments later, his two friends take the plunge together. >> it's pretty scary. >> yes, it's mind-boggling to see. >> reporter: richards recorded this amazing video on her cellphone. more than 154,000 people have viewed it on the king of the inlet facebook page you can see boaters keeping their distance. >> anything could have happened. a gift of wind or they could have jumped wrong. >> reporter: it's a 70-foot drop to the water. they were not hurt.
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jumped off the boat and walked ononhore and into the center of the bridge before tir wild free fall. richardson saw them back on their boat after the jumps. >> they were completely out of wind and it knocked the air out of them, but they were fine and carrying on. >> more than 600,000 people commented on her video. it was not met to take the plunge. >> i tried to discourage them from doing t. and i wouldn't do it myself, much less recommending anyone else to do t. >> reporter: police tell me that jumping off that bridge is a non-criminal traffic offense that could land you a 160-dollar fine, or it could kill you. >> lynn: your choice. >> danielle: 160-tollar fine or possible death. >> lynn:n:ow about neither? coming up at 4:00, a pilot
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to dodge a row of homes. >> phihil: good afternoon, everyone, and we continue to follow this cold front, making its way across lake okeechobee. this is the front that caused all of the troubleesterday
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right now, ahe of the front, the temperatures still in the 80s. now, behind the front, we're looking at temperatures right now in the low 70s. 73 in naples, andhat continues to move our way. it's going to be a matter of timing. yesterday, the in-house model suggested that we would probably get thisround 8 p.m. and now they're saying anywhere between 6:00 and 8 p.m. and regardless, we're going to get the heavy rainfall across south florida. this line of thunderstorms has not weakened at all during the day. let's look now at lake okeechobee, indian town, this is the area that we mentioned at the top of the newscast, and there was a possibility of a funnel cloud. and so far, no reports of anything there. that is glod news. heavy rain just had north of oklahoma, and then that train of rain goes all the way back to naples, and heavy rainfall
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this line here that we're watching. this could bring us nasty thunderstorms tonight, and even the possibility of a tornado exists. this is part of a big front that extends to an area of low pressure across kentucky and tennessee. and t ty're looking at severe weather as well. all of these areas highlighted right now are under tornado watches. this one until 7 p.m. and this one until 9:00. and the one that encompasses washington d.c. until 11 p.m., everything else, high wind advisories. les look at the forecast small craft advisory in effect, threat of rip currents, biscayne bay, choppy. and not only that, but once the thunderstorms cut across the inland, they're going to go offshore, and you'll have to rry about that as well. extra caution in the keys, and seas 4-8 feet. 9:49 in fort lauderdale.
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and 11:04 key west. clouds, chance of thunderstorms, and he overnight lows in the 60s. tomorrow, we're going to start out with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, and highs of cooler than they were today. and then in the extended outlook, the cold air moves in for friday, saturday and sunday. d then we start to warmup for the early part of next week. that's your 7-on-7 forecast. >> lynn: all right, we have breaking news and a live picture of a small plane that crashed in hollywood, very close to that building. >> danielle: absolutely, let's get you above the scene. ralph rayburn is in sky four hd with the latest. is that a house? >> reporter: it's a house about three blocks from where we reside during the day at the airport. this is a cessna aircraft. and the p pot was able to makak it out okay. came down on this fence, and you
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but let me go back to the camera and show you, 76th avenue goes to the airport over there, and there's the rurway that the aircraft would have landed on. as he turned, he would have made that turn to go southbound, but for some reason, h! was not able to make that turn, and the aircraft came down in the neighborhood here. does not appear to have hit any structures, but there's damage to the left-wing there, and he struck something down there, possibly one of the telephone poles in the alley there. they h he closed off the road. and this is fill more where you see the police cars going from the bottom to the top of the screen, and from 6th avenue, they're running, and believed to have been o` approach to the land, unknown what kind of problems they had. but it's in a driveway of a home here, and the pilot was apparently able to walk away. i'm ralph rayburn, reporting live.
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thank you very much. and pretty dramatic live pictures as the plane came close to the house.
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