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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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walked out of her front door and sought plane there in her neighbor's driveway. this is what she told us just a few moments a. >> basically we were in the house and we just heard a big boom soy ran out and the neighbors woor wr like oh my god and then the cops came and we sought guy, the pilot come out and he was all bloody but he is okayay, which say good thing. i'm thanking god sthea okay and he is safe and he got out of that. >> younow, i was made because the way it s he didn't collapse on no houses. >> my house right there. >> no fire, no leak eaj he walk wade from it. to me it looked like he was coming in and for some reason with wept sideways in steafd down. my name is shaun. >> reporter: okay and a mentioned to you the man we believe to be the pilot according to with witnesses. this is the man who walked way from this math landing plane crash nay hollywood neighborhood.
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head. i believe there's another one around one of his wrivment the witness described him as bloody when he got out ofhat plane but he managed to opt door and walkway from this plane crash. again i'm going to show you live pictures again here from the ground. you'll see the damage to the wings and that is the plane there. the there in someone's driveway. hollywood police starting to clear this area. they will end up move us farther way. this is as close as we've gotten throughout the evening but gap, piet lot of this plane, maightz part 69 story to wawa away from an emergency plane crash in a hollywood neighborhood. that's what we have now. we're continuing to gather detailly. in hollywood. brap done buyer. 7 news. >> belkeys: all right brandon. let's check in with ralph rayburn now for a birds eye view of whats going on there. that is quite the incredible land thrg. ralph. >> reporter: yeah, joe and i, my pilot mentioned normally we would whrooook out over the the offices of sky force hd of north
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you see the the house that the plane ended up make contact with the fence there. this road right here that runs from right to left on the screerntion that is 76 avenue. this crosses pines boulevard right there and you can see the runway. that is runway nine left right there and that is where he woulul have land. pilot would have landed. understand that the pilot and aircraft out of pompano beach was making a, was flying in this area whether two declared an nj emergency and put the a acraft down there. they say in aviation any landing you can walk on say good lapgd. that's the story here from sky force hd. i'm ralph ray burp reporting live. >> craig: now at 5:00, days ave 6-year-old is gupped down whriel playing outside, two teen are under a arrest. >> it took the community to bring these two peoplpl to justice. >> craig: and police r- with a stern message. >> don't pick up guns to solve your p pce. your life will be ruined.
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break in the case. >> well, police credit members of the community for coming forward with tips that lead to this arrest. >> belkeys we have live coverage conning up. reaction from the grieving family and the community. but we'll start with rosh lowe who is live at miami-dade police headquarters with the latest on the invesgation. rosh. >> reporter: and when we first broke this story early this morning. we found out some of the detail according to police and prosecutors. what lead up to this tragedy. we heard more about that ate news conference this afternoon where police say this all stemmed fm a dispute on social media. >> today the homicide bureau along with street violent task force executed search warrants where two subjects were apprehended in connection with this heinous violent act. both afers right now will be charged team ted first degree murder and second degree murder. >> reporter: cipg carter was caught in the crossfire say cops
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outside his home near 103 lane and 12th avenue. wedndnday morning cops arrest 18-year-old leonard adamsnd 17-year-old irwin presley. king carter's father says he got a phone call from one of the teens in the shooting saying he was turuing himself in. >> i knew god was going to work hard on those guys. i prayed harsh i never flaid hard in my life but i knew god would do what he to do for this situation. >> and a we don't need no more blood shed. i respect those guyfor turning their self in. >> two, 1, we love you king. >> it wa a case that tore at the hearts of those that knew king. hi relatives. his family. the entire community. prosecutors is say the public helped them give them the tips they needed. you covered it the mess amg got out there and immediately we started to get leevmentdz community people working with police that lead to the arrest
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beginning of looking for a sense of justice >> reporter: miami-dade police say there wa some type of beef that adams and presley had with someone they oam identify as juj urgs. adams and presley start firing at juju and he starts firing back. king carter was walk tether store to buy candy when he was hit on hi chase. police would not elaborate of the real name or status of juju in the investigation. if you have a beef, don't pick up a gun. and he was wearing a gps monitoring device around his ankle at the time of the shooting. the investigation is not over. police looking for others who were involved. we are looking for an early 2000 mold lexus, black in color with possible bullet holes. >> reporter: okay. so pleez police still need public's help in this case.
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this is an ongoing vaismghts if you have information you heard the car description. call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. we're live in doral tonight. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> >> belkeys: team k06 coverage continues now with 7's ann key. she has reaction from the scene northwest miami-dade. ann. >> well, king carter's mother says she feels some relieve knowing that two teen suspects are not out here on the streets and they are in fact behind bars after that the shooting saturday at the apartment complex here in northwest miami-dade. still she says it will n bring her son back. >> you want your kids to grow up and see them graduate from high school and go to college and everything and have their own family. not for me to be burying my son at six years old. >> reporter: in exchange of gunfire a mother would lose her son. a six year old. aen in no send the bright smile and spirit even at a young age had touched so many. >> we're going to get justice. that veil to say.
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lord, help us get justice. >> reporter: the first graders father selling us one of the suspects who opened fire outside their apartment in northwest miami-dade gave him a call tuesday. a call that shook him and those close to the familiar licht friends like brandon gas cons. i love king to deamg. why kids can't come outside and play with each other without something happening. members of this northwest miami-dade community quickly rally be behind the heart broken family. demanding justice. that was police worked arp the clock and reward for information about the suspects sky rocketed to $26,000. they are kids too you know.w. >> and it's just crazy. >> reporter: thors authorities say king was walking through a parking lot at his apartment complex to buy some candy when he was struck in the chest. with news of the arrest, the call for an enend to teen violence has certainly not subsided. >> the community stepped up, showed up and spoke up.
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over came the fare of repry sal and consequence and em powered law enforcement with with arrest. it's just beginning swraivment long journey put them down. put the guns down. >> and this apartment complex is 12th avenue. that is where this family will rally tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. and they have snaig one who wants to come out is welcome to join them. they will be doing a balloon release and lighting candle to honor this little boy. reporting ff northwest miami-dade. ann key. 7 news. >> belkeysys a live look now outside our 7 news stiewd yoach the s orm clouds seem to be moving in. the next couple of hours would be rough out there. >> craig: speak of storms. torn and twisted site fr florida es a panhandle louisiana whether tornadoes strieng there snie. >> belkeys: the the tail end of that system is now heading here. chief meteorologist phil ferro is here to tell us more about it. phil.
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been monitoring this front all afternoon lodge right now it is sitting across southwest florida so the count down is on as to when it will arrive. right now most of the model are suggesting between six and 8:00 p.m. this evening. is there a chance for some strong thundererorms? we can't completely rule it out. it looksks like for the time being, the ingredients are falling part for strong activity but again, we can't completely rule the possibility ave wayward tornado and once the front moves through. it will be chilly by the end of of the week and into the weekend. here is that tail of heavy rain that extends all wait from the the east coast through lake okeechobee, nottarting to make it's way in across western broward county impact naples and making it's way out into the easternn gulf, the keys could see some of that heavy rain moving in as well later on tonight. so h he the timeline.
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beach seeing rain, broward county could see some heavy rainfall. starting to move in by 6:00. same with the keys and then by 8:00 p.m., it should start to move out and then the the cold air will start tl move in. we'll have a lot more on this a little later on. all right phil. thanks. >> belkeys: well, tort nay do trouble that phil mentioned leaving hundreds of of homes destroyed or damages along the gulf of coast. >> craig: robbin simmons in the plex with the lateses on that for us. robbin. >> reporter: at least seven tornadoes confirmed in georgia and south carolina. the death toll is now growi. two more killed in these dangerous storms. >> the home are damaged. significant damage with a 24 splus apartments at the apartment. complex. but we'll see as we go through it. >> >> reporter: govenor scott touring florida's panhandle. at least 100 home an apartments
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strong storm system store toor cross several southern states tuesday. the survivor dcribing the down. >> any moment we ere waiting forr the roof to tear back like a tar sar dean scafnlt and then it was quite and we thought can we look arorod now? so we got out and started peek out the windows. we saw a little bit on the cars and my dad opened the door to look outside and slammed it shuvment i said what is it? what happened? and then he opened it up and showed me and showed the rv laying on the top and that's the first tng we saw. i thought oh my goodness. >> scott escaping declaring emergency in santa rosa and sca escambia county. and texas with where the damage is clear from the air and ground. crews trying to get power restorms. the storms deadldlthree killed in mississippi and louisiana.
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park about 57 miles west of new on liens. three people still missing we have seven critical injuries that we're waiver. we have roughly 30 plis plus other injuries to what degree, don'text broken brampletz it's all over. 88 million people could be affected bit system that's destroyed some neighborhoooo but left others still hand standing. i grew up in noonth r missouri and tornadoes have a mieched their thoafnlt will jump over housing areas or jump over the house you're in to distroy the house next door and so that's what this tornado d. we believe it's about a 2-mile ledge and half a mile whiedide. >> back tho those two additional deaths that happened in virginia. the national weather service iesd a tornado tboornght southeastern part of state. latest vick 2eu78z it killed in the town of waiverly. live in the news plex. robbin simmons. 7 news ie. >> belkeys: also tonight two republican cdidates falling behind as nevada voters voice their choice.
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race. donald trump proving to be a triple threat. three s stes, three straight victories for the billionaire business nan man. >> craig: and another victory when it come to endorse ments. jeff in the plex with more on this. jeff. >> reporter: andndonald trump picks up win no. 3 last night. check off another win for donald trump. we won wit young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> trump's winning streak continues after a big win in nevada. the gop field for the most part down tie three% race. >> they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of voaks. 123-4509 morning after victory trump picked up endorse ments from two sitting members of congress. and according evangelical vote with pat robertson. 're going to be very strong on
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battling for second in nevada rubio emging out ted cruz by 2000 votes. the majority of republican electrotrick and voters in this country do not want donald trump to be nominee cruz bik picking up a an endorsement from greg abbott. like rubio it says cruz will pick up his attacks on trump a as super tuesday gets close ear the. the only cam paip that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. the democrats getting ready for saturday's south carolina primary. hillary clclton pulling far in the lead but senator bernie sanders says d d't write him off just yet. >> there are dozens and dozens and dozens of statete that fovment and some of those states i suspect we'll do very well and win. meanwhile harry reed choosing a side. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. >> and in a town hall tuesdsd
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sanders request that she release transcripts from paid speeches she gave too big wigs on wall street. sure f ni everybody does it this happened include the republicans. and still scwiet a way to go gr nof knox knees for both parties. and this week say possible vp trick for a ticket if trum gets the gop nod and another debate scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:00 of the. live in the plex. jeff lennox. 7 news. >> craig: and a new twist in the supreme battle between the president qn senate. reports the white house is veght a repububcan govenor sandoval for nevada for that open seat. he is a former judge and considered moderate. after scalia's death pledged no action on any nominee before the november election saying the decision ought to be left to the next president. mr. obama not commenting on this report only saying h will select the best person for the job. and 'l'lsee how this plays it itself out.
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i'm going to nominate somebody and let the american people decide wther that person is qualified. >> my view and a can confidently say the review by every one in my caucus is that the nomination should be made bit president, the people elect in the election that's underway right now. >> craig: well, the president has said he plans to filt vacancy. he wants to any way before the end of his term. >> bkeys: and we continue to follow this developing story. it is in hollywood. a rough landing for the pilot of that plane. luckily that pilot walk wade minimal injuries and no one was hurt. we've got reporter on the scenene there. and we'll have another live report coming up at 5:30. >> craig: also ahead a south florida father facing a jumg and asking toet out of jail. yes end thrupped in the first place. >> belkeys: a little pot being crirtded for a big save when a home owner home goes up in flames. >> craig: and perhaps a good reason to stop smoke anything ch
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explosion after the break.
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>> craig: cameras rolling when an e cigarette explodes in his pocket. >> belkeys: not the e- cigarette n- to blame for it all. lynn hasore to explain. >> lynn: this boar poor guy. ale did was reach in his pocket to pait cashier this happened sparked a battete of plob lems. >> a constant flow at gas station in louisville ken cep. the stwreem of traffic never brings anything out of the ordinary until saturday morning. surveillance video capturing the moment a customer stop 20 to buy snack a and then an explosion. an e cigarette in his pocket caing the fire when the battery bust.
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he put his hand in his pocket so and suddenly will was a blast i his pocket and there was fire. big fire. he bad was burn. i was shocked. what is that? do you have a bomb in your pocket sni was totally shocked. he runs outside struggling to get his pants off. wiesses weren't sure what was going on but one thinking quickly and grabbing an extinguisher to douse him. i was likehat is going on man ooflt man going back inside to check out the burns. that's when he realized he need medical attention. >> a the man suffered burns on hi leg. in the newsplex. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: all right lynn. thank. >> >> belkeys: we continue to keep an eye on the situation in hollywood. an emergency landing. a pilot there had to make one. luckily the pilot did walkway from that. the plane in the middle of the ho wood neighborhood. we'll have another report coming up in the newscast can. there it s. also a tourist
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on a florida bridge. i'll have that in the next half. o ief. >> belkeys: and the south beast wine and food festival. how to kick it off chief. how to get tickets. we'll have how.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: so we continue to watch this front vet same one that caused all the tornadoes lastight across northern florida and at southeast.
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move in some time this evening. now after that front has moved through it look like it should remain drive our best chance of rain will be between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. and then ach that our average low is 60 assist. 36 is the norm. and here's ts storm tracker already a few shower moving in across broward county. and along the coast here. some stronger showers right along the sawgrass. there is another liep of thunderstorms developing right here across eastern collier county. but the brunt of really nasty stuff remains offshore here and it is slowing down hopefully it it will slow dowp eugh and just fall part laterton night but as it move in our directions. even though the chances for it e getting lower, there's still a potential for an isolated tornado. do.
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that small craft advise roimplet threat of rip occur apts tonight. not a good night to be out on the boat. same throughout the keys. coastal water choppy. next high tide 9:54. 9:49 in fort lauderdale. key largo you're look agent 10:17. 11:04 in key west. more clouds tonight. chance for some thunderstorms. over night lows looking at the low 60s upper 60s for the keys. again, a a chance of some strong thunderstorms. any time between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. depending on if that line does not fall part. tomorrow some morning clouds ch afternoon sunshyne. back to dry. temperatures will be a little cooler. highs only in the low to mid 70s a. here's your extended out look. that cold air will start to settle n. we're looking agent morning lows in the 50s. friday, saturday and sunday. and then back t t near average for the lir part of next week. that'u your 7 on 7.
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>> that's it for this edition of 7 news at 5:00. join us again at 6:00. i'm belkeys nerey. keep it here. 7 news 59:00 is up next.
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>> this is 7 news at 5:00. and first at 5:30, a live look across north bay village tag age look out there. you see that it is the calm before the storm because mother
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good evening everybody. part of system that whipped up tornadoes across the mandel is headed our w w. it s. chief meteorologist phil ferro live in the weather center with what you need to know. phil. a right things are change rather quickly with this system wrevment on a rain count down here. it peer that we may start to see heavy rain around six to 8:00 p.m. tonight. is there a chance for some strong thunderstorms? well, the in creed grens for that to happen are going down. but we really can't rule it out complete l. there is a small chance that we could even see a small tornado. and then after this system moves through. it will turn cold here by the end of the week and into the weekend. so here's the storm tracker. and let me show you why it's getting a little bit more difficult to really forecast at rival time. look at t is line of thunderstorms right there. it's really strong. a and then now it's starting to fizzle out. a a- actually, that's good news


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