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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a lot of it's punch so the chances for some nastyty weather arriving here are going down, well, we can't completely rule that out until the front goes through the a area. and once it z cold air will be moving in. so here the storm tracker this. is the same front that brought that severe weather across north earn florida and the southeast last night. it is moving west to east ch and we've already seen some pockets of rain here across broord county. some sma ones. one right now across i-595, more moving in croos rural broward county this. s- was the line of strong thunderstorms thatat we were thinking was going to move in by 6:00 p.m. but you it is fall parting. however, this other one here still remains strong headed our way and we'll be watching that fir fully, especially four
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so the same line now say little later, no longer 6:00 p.m. we may start to see some strong thunderstorms moving in around 8:00 p.m. tonight again. very fluid. we're going say on top of it and bring ut very latest weesm have a lot more later on. >> and developing in hollywood. a small plane landing. we'll, where it probly shouldn't. the plane came down in a rest depp shall neighborhood. >> belkeys: amazingly it seems at this point no one got seriously hurt. brandon beyer live on the scene in hollywood with more. brandon. >> reporter: and belkeys, craig in a neighborhood in a driveway. plane literally landed in someone's drive why coming just short of the north perry airport and as you mentioned, no one injured. not the pilot. not the person that was home signed at the time. ah can see the plane has been toad a waicht just happened moments ago. hard to believe the pilot walked way.
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eye cessna 152 which made an emergency landing in a hollywood neighborhood coming up short of of north perry airport. >> it's just something over there and spun that way. we saw the guy, the pilot come out and it was all bloody but he is okay which say good thing. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard a loud noise. came outside to find a plane on their neighbors driveway. >> we heard a big boom soy ran out and the neighbors were like oh my god. i heard the boom as they were cutting time. i didn't see it but i heard the boom that's why i came over here. others say they couldn't believe the pilot managed to walkway with just a few scrapes. >> i was maidz because the way it; he didn't hit the new house ouch my house is right there. no fire, no leakage he walk wade from it. >> i'm thanking god that he is okay. that he is safe and he got out of. thatai can't believe he didn't hit a house. >> reporter: didn't hit a house and as you saw there walk waivmentd didn't even need to go to the hospital to get checked out. the cause of the crash is all
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we're live in hollywood. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> >> now at 6:00 mples stays after an innocent child is shot and killed. his father says he got an apology. >> he cried. he cried said i'm so sorry. i'm going to call my ma ma right now and turn myself in. >> and police say two people responsdable for the the crime have been caught and cuffed. >> a break in the case of the murder ave 6-year-old whos was simply playing out shiedz home. a pair of arrests made. we have li coverage of ann keil with family reaction and rosh lowe at miami-dade police headquarters with the story he broke on air and on line. rosh.. early this morning we learned where it all stemed from according police and exros cuter. it wa a dispute that was aired on social media. a dispute between three people. 26 those people say prosecutors
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apartment complex and a 6-year-old losses his life. >> so we're seeing in a lot of cases is that our youth are going on social mediaia and are doing the cyber bullying. okay that what have you there. the to use their terminology, they are punking each other out on facebook and saying derogatory commence to each other and starting a fiewfl hatred. >> king carter was caught in the crossfire say cops and killed saturday afternoon outside his home neither west 103 lane and 12-78g avenue. wednesday morning cops arrest 18-year-old leonard adam and 17-year-old irwin press lynx king carter's father he is he got a phone call from one of the teens involved in the shooting saying he was turning himself . >> i'm sitting in my living room. mourning with my family and a
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blaze. i'm so sorry. you look out for everybody. a and tell nody, why anybody but why you so i'm going to call my ma ma right now and turn hi self in. two, 1, we love you king. it wa a case that tore t at the hearts of those who new king and hi rative. community. pros daughters say given the tips they needed. >> you covered it the message got out there and immediately we started to get leads. >> miami-dade police say there was some type of beef that adam and presley have that only they identify as juju. adam and presley go to the apartment complex say cop and start firing at juju who fires back. king carter was walking through the parking lot say police to guy byeandy when he was hit in his ches chest. police would not elaborate open his real name or status of juju
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if have you a beef, don't pick up a gun according to police presley was on probation for strong arm rbery and wearing a gps monitoring device around hi ankle at the time of the shooting ch the investigation is not oan over. police looking for others involved. >> we're looking for an early # thousand mold lexus black in color with possible bullet holes. >> o. >> reporter: okay. so sphru any farther information on this case, remember the public what been helpful. ping the phone and call crime stoppers 305 tips type ch we're live tonight outside miami-dade police head quarter. rosh le. 7 news. >> belkeys: and rosh from you to the arrest of tohe family's reaction and ann keil in ann. >> reporter: well, i don't know if you all can hear the music behind me but it's coming from the apartment
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shooting occurred on saturday. we're told that king carter's family is meeting with each orming to enjoy each other and appreciate each other and learning the news that some relief that two teen suspects are no longer on the street. >> put the gups down. why can't kid come outside and play without something happen. >> r rorter: king carter's mom calling for an end to the violence a she gets the news. two teens in custody for the murder of her son. a little boy. an innocent. >> you want to see your kids grow up and graduate high school and go to college and have their own family. not for me to bury any son at six years old. he king was rushed to rierd trauma center but would not survive. the community called for support and they got it. friends, neighbor. stranger fl community leaders coming together to demand
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who killed this first grader? many? we're going to get justice. that's all i have to say. we're going to get justice. that it. lord help us get justice. >> the boy's father told us he gotten a call from on of the teen suspension. an apology before he turned himself in. a car that shook this already heart broken family. they a kids too you know. and it's just crazy. authority say kinin was walking through the pacialg lot at his apartment complex to buy candy when he was struck in the chest. police have since worked around thclock a the reward for information about the suspects sky rocketed to $267,000. so in as much as we take comfort over the fact that this murder is in the process of being solved, we should all feel very uncome uncomfortable over the the fact that since baby king was killed saturday afternoon, there have been three shootings in
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young people being shot again. >> thing have changed. when we come. there was par inting in the house and more everything. tbhiewnd it's not. and plenty of people want their voices heard at this apartment complex. it's just off 10303 street and 12th avenue. it's also where family and supporters will gather tomorrow starting at 6:30 p.m. for a rally. they say they will be lighting candle for young kick carter and releasing balloon. and reporting live. ann key. 7 news. >> craig: yaws u- just one station with crook driven to steal ate south florida dealer ivment the crook walked into pines dealership open pines boulevard in pembroke pines. the men jump noopped a mustang convert able and drove off. a salesman says he was helping
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they took off with the cheelz wheels. >> they are doing it to the community. not oam to us or the families. not the money. it's whathey are doing, what can happen in the future. everybody wants a second chance in life awpped know. started to change but they need to be caught. >> craig: if have you any information that can help police give crime of stoppers a call at 954 tips tape. >> belkeys: 20 year ago two planes on a humanitarian mission over the florida straights was shot down by cubans. >> and tonight the loved ones are marking agent go nieghts a an verse sivment jessica holly is live in west miami-dade where a memorial was held. jessica. >> belkeys t say fain painful bay day for so m.4 men lost their life and 20 yearater many are stopping remember and demand justice. >> seven minute of silence on the campus of fiu. a bell mark each minute between the first plane shot down and
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marlene e la han dry tree an news' father wa in the second plane. >> i keep his memory alive with my daughters and we talk about him and we talk about what happened. >> reporter: what happened on february 24th, 1996 took the lives of 45-year-old alejandro a jr. 29 year oas cast tax 4-year-old mario de la pena and 24-year-old mario morales. broarndle to the rescue flying in the the inn ip air space above the florida straights looking for cuban refugees when cuban migz shot down 269 planes celebrating the attack. >> jose ba so to was in the only plane to make it back safely. and dyer in the front hurt but dyer in the back hurt my more. we were set up today and i will de nowps it any time i have a camera in front of meevment de desoto spheect brothers at the monument. a group gathering at the airport
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today we come here to honor, to honor four exceptional young men. men who left here 20 year ago today on a mission to help others and would never return. >> we're not going to forget and not going to let it go and nobody in this country should forget or let it go after what is happening right now because thre were three american citizens and o resident this. doesn't happened to exiles or cuban american. they were merp. and more events planned for this evening including a mass at saint ago ga that, church in west miami-dade. reporting whrif from the monument on the campus of fiu. jessica holly. 7 news. >> craig: all right jessica. >> belkeys: coming frupt newsplex. a father g gting what he wants from a judge but police not getting the answers of what the want about his missing son. >> and they don't light up like ordinary cigarettes but one man's e- cigarettes sparks trouble nonetheless. >> belkeys: and a hoax up in flames.
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took action.
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>> >> craig: we scr a news a leshtd with the scene. >> belkeys: call ter morris open the scene for us now. walter, what is going on. >> reporter: police here on two separate shootings. we want to give ut scope leemplet 71 and 14-78g. you can see the investigation primary centered down the street there. but if you look around, you can see ehis entire area blocked off. this apartment complex, caution tape all over there. people stand big. now trying to figure out exaly what happened. now, we know those shots were ringing out just before 5:30 the circumstances again still unclear. now we know at least one person was hit wivment necessary saying they heard at least two shots. witnesses also saying that victim say teen airming. however, we're waiting for miami police t confirm. that now, maybes saying that
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here and then ran into this apartment complex. now, keep in mind. this is just blocks way from two school and an area that's been rocked by gun violence in the rerent months. now we know police are also on scene at 75th and 14th avenue after another shooting there.e. now, again, we know one person transported here i critical condition taken to hospital. and right now we're stand big waiting for an update from police. we're live in miami. walter morris. 7 news. >> bkeys: okay walter. thanks for the update. >> craig: and stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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>> >> craig: a pet frosk a rescue dog when his home gowps in flames the man asleep when the fire broke out. >> belkeys: he owes his escape to his best friend. elitsa bizios has the story from northwest miami-dade. >> when i woke up, i noticed the smoke and i opened the door and heard a cloud crash opt the glass and saw more smoke and closed it be hyped me. >> >> reporter: alive or deamg situation in northwest miami-dade as the fire ignites early wednesday morning ch the man inside this home near northwest 83 terrace and 18th 18th avenue fast asleep. >> he is an angel accept from god had. >> >> reporter: his angel from gotd sunshine. the dog that saved his life.
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erratically and woke me up. after hearing the barking he had to find a way to get out of the house. >> he had to knock out a window and jump out the window. but t shine was still inside. miami-dade fire rescue getting to scene and saving this brave little dog. our rescuer did a great job of of saving her she. came out unharmed. and when you look at the damage left bhyped you can just about imagine how hot the flames were ouch tame look at this ac unit left melt frtd heat. other damage also seen throughout the house. firefighters tell 7 news this man and sunshine are lucky to have made it out unharmed especially since moment did not have a working smokeke detector. >> the smoke detector do save lives. make sure the batteries are operating and i check them often. and as you heard there luckily no injuries from this fiemp the cause of this though remain under investigation. for now we're in nortest miami-dade. elitsa bizios.
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now 7 weather with chief meteorologist ph ferro. >> phil: all right. so we tip to follow that front. the nasty weather yesterday across the panhandle. right now sittingcross southwest florida. but what a day today. morning lows in the 307's. afternoon highs pretty warm in the low to mid 80s. right now 77 in key west. mostly cloudy for you. temperature in the low 80s every place else. the wind out of south southwest to 21 miles per hour. so this is proving to be a very tricky front. it has slowedd down basically to a crawl right here across sf southwest florida. we have seen some dotted a activity across the east coast. but the longer that it sits here, the lopg ter will take to of move in our directions. >> now, it is starting to lose a little bit of it's punch but we can't completely rule out the fact that there's still enough instability around that we could see a strong thunderstorm or two
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broward county rightow. just west of i-95. east of tamarac. we do have a strong area of rain there. this is the line that we were thinking was going to move in with between six and 8:00 p.m. tonight. basically just some spotty yaifers heavy rainfall. that's about it. but there's still this to contend with. a a lot of heavy rain. strong thunderstorms. key west, be on the lookout. may get some of that shory. that continues to head in our directions. but righnow we really don't have a good handle as to when it will get here. now, this sal part of a front anchored by an area of low pressure. a the lost heavy rain. gusty wind. snow. that will move in at leasthat front will move some cold air in our directions. later on to night by tomorrow turning breeee. less humid a and that cold air really will settle in by friday and throughout the weekend.
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for tonight. are you looking at an advisory. threat of rip currents. biscayne bay choppy. for you throughout florida keys. also exercise caution. next high tide 91:54. 9:40 in fort lauderdale. key largo. 10:17. 11:04 key west. morere clouds tonight. still chains of thunderstorm. question of timing n. for tomorrow we're looking agent morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. here's your extend out look. ld mornings for friday, saturday and sunday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. a little more infoation on that developing sorry walter morris brought us a few moments agatha of a shooting in northwest miami-dade. a little more information about the victim in this case. >> >> belkeys: we understand they are teenager, 16 and 17 years old. wam ter more nis live on the that scene. we'll check back with him later. but up next is sports.
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>> >> time now for 7 sports with con 2340 van campbell. >> live at aaa we have an update on heat ford and all-star chris bosh. reporter chris bosh is gaight lot of preure from the the team as well hz as a doctor to make decision a a sit out the threfs season no. bosh no. problem. so far for the miami heat,
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have a tough test against golden state tonight where miami heat caain wade is saying playing with the warriers and offense is like playing if an open gym but they are well coach ood they have the beses players at their positions to play in the perfect offense and they play together a a team. so you have to play near perfect. have you to play very bad so you can beat them and they haven't played bad much at a. have you to play a near perfect game. >> the raining m`p champ in down. a league leading two points per game. they will be in heat out tight night guess 50 with winds and games giving folk a lot it talk about. >> i just enjoy what i do and how he play. >> an enter taping stiefl basketball. not just what am i going to do?
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go out and play with cf and have fun with what you're doing. back out live you see the warriers warming up. andre. we have a stroirm coming up later at 6:30 he got a chance to go to a augusta. tipoff set for 7:30. raining 234-rbgs ba champs again the miami heat. live at aaa. donovan campbell. 7 sports. belkeys and craig. back tyou. >> belkeys: got. it thank donovan. >> craig: that's wraps up 7 news at 6:00. good night i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: and i'm we'll keys flames. 7 news at # 30:00 around the bend. caio caio. see you at 10:00. >> craig: good night.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> danielle: and we are followowg a developing news story here four at six k34r06789 live pture you're looking agent the right now from northwest miami-dade where police are vairgt not one, but two shooting.
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the scene just block partd. >> lynn: that's right and it's in an area that's been no stranger to gun violence in recent week. we seem to be talking about this every day. walter more miss has the latest and more on this developing story. walter. >> reporter: that's right. police now here on scene investigating one of two separate shooting a. at this time it is still unclear if they are expected however, they did happen within minute of each other. we're here on 71 and 14th. you can see the large police press eps. premarely down there. we're told by witness those shots ringing out here just before 5:30. they say that strij then ran into this apartment complex here to our right where he collapsed. now, we're getting word that victim, a 17-year-old who was hit transported to the hospital in critical condition. knew, police are also on scene in the area of 75 fnlg and 19th where we're told a 16-year-old was shot in the leg. now, this jair just blocks way


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