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tv   Channel 7 News at 10PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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strong weather but at this hour, just the rain round one we got the rain fall and rou two there is a chance of over night showers across south florida and then round three, moving in
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and now, here is the storm tracker, you will notice, that there is a line of thunderstorms moving away from south florida, and now, heading for grand bahama island and now there is rain fall, sittingng in the eastern gulf of mexico in the florida, keys and that will move inver night. and now, once this front continues to move out, we shohod start to dry out. and by the way, the rain fall that we had earlier today, very fast-moving. top winner this evening was weston, with better than a third of an inch of rain and here is what we are looking at. the front will continue to move towards the east. and we should start to dry out after oh, maybe, three or four in@ the morning and then the cold air, starts to settle in. and here is what we are expecting the average low of 63, and the average high of 79, and waking up in the mid 60s tomorrow. but check out friday, saturday, and sunday mornings. it is going to be in the cold side by south florida standards,
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we will have a lot more in the locacaforecast, a little bit later on. >> belkys: devastating weathercontinues tearing down, more on the deay twitter touch downs straight ahead. >> craig: the pilot resorting to drastic measures when the small plane develops engine trouble, he brought it in the middle of a neighborhood, the aircrafaf clipped the fence, but the pilot was able to walk away. nicole linsalata i i live where the plane was towed after it came down. >> reporter: every pilot from the first lesson is taught to make sure that you look around you and know where you can p ut that plane down just in case you have to. now this particular, pilot was doing st that, and he wasflying the 152 behind me when he developed engine problems, and
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>> this is where it looked like the best one to put it down on and i did what i could to get it down and walk away from it. and you just got to keep your cool and fly the plane down. >> the aircraft came down in the neighborhood. >> reporter: of course it not have been the first choice for a runway. he was out, flying, near north perry airport when he lost power. and he aimed for runway, 19 left, three blocks away, but three blocks, too far. >> i saw the rod road here and there was nobody on it and no traffic and no children around and that was my first priority was to make sure that i didn't hurt anybody's home or take anybody's life. >> we just heard a big boom and so i run out and the neighbors are like, oh, my god. >> we heard the boom and they were cutting the tile and i didn't see it. >> i thought it was a car crash and i heard somebody scream. >> that is miguel it lives in this house and his plane coming to rest on his driveway. >> it was very, very, afraid, you know?
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nose gear came off of the plane on impact and ended up getting wedged under the car bumper in the driveway. >> the plane hauled away a short time later, and in the end, no one was hurt and no damage to any homes and randy suffered a minor injuries to his head. >> and i did what i was trained to do and a landing that you can walk away from is a good landing. >> reporter: and you know the neighbors who live around there told us that they were so thankful he was able to do what he did, walk away without hurting anyone, without the plane landing in a house, god forbid, so fortunately none of that happened. we asked when he is gng to get back to flying. he said as soon as he gets the plane fixed. he does seem concerned about what his wife is going to say. reporting live, nicole linsalata, seven news night team. >> belkys: the video that you will see on one station, as the seven news crew is there and an alleged hit and run, driver walks out of jail.
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and the 33-year-old, posting 15,000 dollars bond but he is not allowed to drive. the police say that he was driving on a suspended license when he hit, 15-year-old, valdez. on monday. that t tn is still recovering in the hospital. it happened along, northwest, 79th street and 22nd avenue in northwest, miami dade and he turned himself in yesterday. fines other reduced for the father accused of abandoning his son, he will be getting out of jail, after being arrested athe miami international, prosecutors thought that he bought a one way ticket to new zealand, but today the lawyers proved it was actually a round trip ticket. >> his son, 16-year-old, augy has not been seen in nearly two months after the two got into an argument, you should call the plantation police, at 954-979-0
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abouts >> craig: donald trump p picking up a couple of endorsements and hillarclinton is getting the big, senate support ahead of the democratic south carolina primary. >> another win with donald trump. >> we won with i don't think, we won with old, we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated, i love the poorly educated. >> trump's winning streak, continues after a big win in the nevada caucus, the gop field down to a three person race. >> when the people drop out we are going to get a lot of votes. >> trump picked up the first endorsements from two sitting members of congress, on the campaign trail wh pat robertson. >> we are going to be very strong on the voters and we are going to be strong on trade. >> battling for second in nevada, senator, marco rubio edging out ted cruz, by some 2,000 votes. >> the majority of the
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want donald trump to be the nominee. >> in his backyard, he picked up an endorsement from abbot and like rubi, cruz. will pick up the attacks as super tuesday neerz. >> the oy campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaignd that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> anchor: the democrats are ready for the primary ih south carolina on saturday. hillary clinton pulling far in the lead, but senator bernie sanders says that he should not be written off just yet. >> there are dozens and dozens of states that follow. and some of those states, i expect that we are going to do very well and win. >> anchor: senate minority reader harry reid has chosen a side. i think that the middle class will be with hillary. >> released transcripts from the paid speeches. >> sure, if everyone does it, that includes the republicans. >> craig: still quite a way to go before the nominating
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already, buzz about a possib, trump running mate and he would have to be the nominee before we talk about that, one name that we heard today, florida, governor, rick scott, and another gop debate is schedule for tomorrow night at 8:00. >> belkys: a twist in the battle, between predent obama and the senate, reports the white house is vetting republican governor, sandaval of nevada for the openn seat. he is a former federal judge and is considered moderate. after justice antonin scalia ath, the members of the judiciary committee pledged for action on any supreme court nominee, before november's election, say y at the decision should be left to the next president. mr. obama not commenting on the report only saying that he is going to select the best person for the job. >> we will see how ts plays itself out. but i am going to do nigh job. i am going to nominate someone and let the american people decide if that person is qualified. >> in my view and i can say that the confidently the view shared
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that the nomination should be made by the president, the people elect. in t election that is under way right now. belkys: the president has said that he wants to fill the vacafcy, before his term ends. >> craig: ahead of president obama's historic visit to havana, next month, the government is making concessions, the castro has limited the restrictions on high proidentifies files. other do not plan to go noo where, almost the government repregs ends for all. >> the cuban government wants to be a step ahead of its problems and i think that this is something that they are getting to obama. >> no i don't accept this offer, if not everyone goes, is allowed to leave the country, i don't accept it and i will stay.
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the two davist on march 21, 22, is designed to push, castro to improve the conditions for the cuban people, he is expected to meet with groups while he is there. and you will want to keep it tuned, at seven news and and we ill have coverage of that historic visit next month. to havana. >> belkys: a huge, funnel cloud, tearing through parts of florida, bringing heavy rain and whipping winds with it. >> craig:everal other tornados leaving a trail of destruction in their path, at least six people killed, including a child in virginia chl the twisters are just part of the problem and an icy blast is causing problems in the midwest. >> belkys: robin simmons is in the plex with this. >> it has been a nasty several hours, and the winter advisories and tornado watches from the midwest to the eastern sea board, six people killed.
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wqnds, mother nature, deploying all of the tools in her arsenal, 60 million people affected, it started in the south, tuesday and three dead in louisiana and mississippi and thehe it t, florida's panhandle. >> it hit the homes and there is damage a a 24 plus, apartments and at the apartment complex, but we will see it as we go through it. >> the governmenen rick scott, declared, states of emergency counties, and the view after it hit the area. a funnel cloud spotted in the beach and another one hitting char lot county. >> what the initially valuations show is that was f1 and 98 miles per hour. >> anchor: by wednesday afternoon the same system moved on in atlanta, a tree falling on a house and trapping a man in his bed. >> we were with contact with him the entire time since we have been on the scene and he was happy to be out and his wife was
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>> in virginia the only thing standing at this laundry mat the machines, three people killed in the small town. >> my truck went up in the air andd the glass started caving in on me. and i saw, everything coming off of the roof and i said, i said, wow i hope this is not it, i just it was scarey. the midwest, the same system leaving snow in michigan capitol. >> in chicago, a lake shore flood effect, and in st. louis, the power lines down, and losing lives is another and the victims in virginia, two men aged 50 and 26 and a 2-year-old, this is tragic, man and i never seen nothing like this before. i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. >> at chicago's two airports, 1200 fligh have been cancelled due to the bad weather, 200,000
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without power, live in the newew plex robin simmons. seven news night team. >> craig: a story that you are going to see on just one station, these guys were not just browsing a couple of crooks hit the gas. >> this is not the first time that this guy has done damage. >> craig: big props to a little dog, how one pet saved its entire family. >> anchor: and sthe has a handicapped sticker but there is not a space nr the apartment and she claims that her complex refuse to create one for her. it is is today's edition of help
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night team first at ten. >> craig: a couple of men shopping for trouble, grabbing the keys to a carat, at a dealership and they took off it. they hit the road before the salesman had a chance to react. >> belkys: it is a night team
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>> anchor: it is not the sight of a mustang that has them upset, it is the fact that someone so easily could have been injured by the thieves as they made the get away. >> it is the frustration because it is something that they are doing against the cocounity. >> it is monday night just before 6:30 p.m. when the police say that the suspects enter the parking lot, they asked to see the keys to this white mustang and when the sesmen turned his back she sped off driving right into on coming traffic. >> the situation when they took off from the dealer sh ip and heading in the opposite direction. >> reporter: no one was injured but they could have been and that is why the owners are offering a $2,000 reward to help to catch the spects. >> everybody said that a second chance in life and you know it is time to change, but you need to be caught. >> reporter: they got away this time, but they are confident their luck will run out. >> eventually they will get caught, hopefully, and just a matter of time. you can only get away with crime for so long.
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reward by offered by the car dealership, and you can get more sh by calling the crime stoppers. >> craig: smashing crime, a camera catching a guy vandalizing a car, ran up to the vehicle and through ablock at the vehicle and at the window of th house. if you think that you might recognize this guy here, here is a a look, call crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. >> belkys: a dog coming to his owner's rescue when the fire ignites and the man sleeping when the blaze broke out, in 18th avenue in northwest miami dade. that man credits sunshine, his pet, chihuahua with saving his life. >> my dog sunshine, she started barkinger and woke me up. >> belkys: the home owner knocked out a window to escape, the firefighters went in and
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home, the cause remains under investigation. >> craig: customs agents making a bust, seized more than 150 pounds of coke, a aiving from ecuador, the estimated street value here about $2 million. a so many ber, service tonight, and the families going decades without justice, after the planes carryinged lovered one were shot bye-bye the military over international waters. happened, 20 years ago and still, no one has been held accountable. the night team's jessica holly ports. >> reporter: seven minutes of silence, on the campus2of fiu, a bell, marking each minute, between the first plane shot down and the second. marlene'e' father was in the second plane. >> i keep his memory alive with my daughters and we talk with him and what he talk about what hahaened. >> what happened on february,
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45-year-old, junior, and 29 jld, carlos, and 24-year-old, mario and 29-year-old pablo, brothers to the rescue, flying in international air space above the florida straits looking for refugees when they shot down two of the planes celebrating the attack. bostoo was in the only plane to make it back safetily. >> it hurt in the front but in the back it hurts much more, we were set up that day and i will denounce it any time that i have a camera in front of me. >> speaking at the brothers to the rfscue monument. a group gathering at the international airport on wednesday morning. >> today we come here to honor four exceptional young me >> reporter: men who left here 20 years ago today on a mission to help others, and would never return. >> we are not goingo forget
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and nobody in this country, should forget or let it go, after what is happening right now, because there were three american citizens and one resident and this did not happen to just cuban americans, they were americans. >> reporter: reporting from the cuban memorial monument on the campus of fiu, seven news night team >> craig: upext on south florida's night team, she says that she has a handicap sticker but her apartment complex does not have handicapped spots close to the unit. >> belkys: should they have to provide her one? it is today's edition of help me howard with patrick fraser. >> reporter: and i'm live at the aaa and coming up we will have the highlights from the heat, and they can prove that they can play witit anybody in the nba,
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sports. >> belkys: she has a disability and would like to mark at a spas at her complex. >> craig: does the complex have to provide one? the answer is in tonight's he had edition of help me howard with patrick fraser >> patrick: 2016 is not started well for ronny smith. >> my mom just passed away. and she was almost, 93.
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>> ronny had just moved into a nas apartment complex, and after her mother passed away, she took in her dog. and then more bad news. >> they are not willing to keep it because have two other pets, and i am very sad. >> patrick: since bad things comes in three, ronny needs kne surgery. >> the plastic knee cap is breaking through the skin. >> patrick: she cannot do anything about her death and wasas able to find a home for the dog, and as for the knee problem there issomething that will help her get around, but she can't get it done. >> i just want to park close to my unit and i am not asking for much. >> patrick: she has had two replacements and will have surgery to replace one of those. parking space. >> i need to be able to turn around and step on my right legs which means that i need to get the car opened, and if the car is parked by the line i can't get the door open. >> there is one space for the building and another person who
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but a nearby building has four handicap spaces and so she contacted the apartment manager to ask her to add one to her building. >> i asked her if she could put a space closer to my unit and she said no, she can't. >> ronny called the city to see if they could help, they told her to call the federal government. >> i did fall a complaint with the ada and did not get a response. >> apparently it is a big deal to add a handicap space in a parking lot. to her it is sisile. >> it is not a horriblehing and i am not just moving on ut in two weeks i am here for the long haul and i like it here and it is very nice, apartment. >> patrick: howard, if you are handicapped do you have a right to a handicapped space or if your condo o apartment complex does not have one for you do they have to make one? >> at a rental apartmeme complex
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parking parking complex has to provide a reasonable accommodation. they have to markoff a hancap space that is near ronny's apartment. if it is a condnd with spaces owned by the residents, the best solution is probably to just turn two guest spaces into a handap space. >> she finally got good news, i spoke to the managers in plantation, she told me she was putting in the request to corporate headquarters for the handap space and that it would take time. it did not take much time. a few days later ronny came home to this, a handicaed space exactly where she asked the manager to put it. >> it is perfect. it is just wonderful. >> patrick: ronny got her space near the apartment to make her life a little easier getting in and out of her car. >> and i am so grateful and this never would have happenene if it was not for you people. and patrick, and help me howard.
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now at complexes where there is no assigned parking it is easy to add a handicap space, what about a condo that does not have guest parking, legally the association can refuse to create another handicapped space there cause the law says they can. someone parked a problem in your life? need some space so that you can walk away from it?? contact us and be our guest as we reserve a solution just for you. with this help me howard i'm patrick fraser, seven news. >> belkys: a detour for drivers tonight, all northbound lanes will closese at 11 at shgs and the crews are laying blacktop in the area and installing new signs, the lanes will reopen, at 5:00 in the morning. coming up in seven news, at ten, strong storms move through the area a little while ago. >> are they done? and it was messy out there, and what is going on? >> phil: we got lucky and didn't see any severe weather and ahead of this cold front and still a chance for a few over night
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moves and we will have the
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minutes. >> a hot day here across southd florida, the morning lows are in the 70s, what is typical about 63 degrees, the average high is about 79, and we were at 80, and 85, in fort lauderdale, and we topped off miami, with 86 and by the way, that 86 in miami, three degrees away from tieing the record for this date, set back in 2008. right now, stillll mostly cloudy skies, 69, and in key west, and 70 degrees, every place else. e wind out of the west, 7 to 14 miles per hour, and the humidity, 84, percent, and here is the storm, tracker and we really got very fortunate, because this fro was coming in, very fast and furious, today and then it just stalled out right across south west, florida, lt a lot of its punch, and we did see a few
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pours about that is about , that heavy rain fall is heading for the grand bahama island and there is still, more across the florida bay, and the keys and into the gulf of mexico and the straits and we may see some more, over night showers, before everything starts to dry out. and thenhe cold air moves in. now, this is a big system and here is the tail end of it. and that is the front, that went over us and will go over us, and that is attached to an area of low pressure right there, and you can see this spin, and some nasty weather, up and down the east coast this evening and a few tornados have already been reported. and everything in blue now, is snow. and that will be impacting the great lakes,nd the north east, over the next few days. big system for them, there are still advisories up and down the east coast. right along, coastal virginia here. and we are looking at a tornado watch until 11 p.m., and the same, for parts of new jersey, and right now, it looks like new
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thunderstorm watch, until 2:00 in the morning. all l right, so here is what we are looking at, the front could maybe, bring us an isolated shower and stray thunderstorm over night and i think that the ingredients for the nasty weather are all gone and that is good news, by tomorrow, the front clears out and it will be breezy, less humidity, and feeling nice, and some more clouds,nd then some afternoon, sunshine, and then by the end of the week, the col air really settles in, and under mostly clear skies. and now, here is the marine forecast for tomorrow. and we arere looking at a small craft advisory, due to the wind and the seas, 8-foot, seas in the gulf and the wind will be choppy and exercise, caution due to the wind and the seas in the coastal waters choppy as well, the next high tide, miami, and 10:40 in fort lauderdale, and 10:54 and 11:41 in key west and mostly cloudy tonight, a few
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will be in the mid to upper 60s by tomorrow morning clouds, and afternoon, sun, and highs only in the low to mid 70s here is your extended out look, check out the morning lows for friday. and saturday, and sunday. the chill returns to south florida. and that is your seven on seven forecast. >> belkys: thanks, phil. >> craig: still ahead on the night team, she brought down the house in season one of the x factor and walked away a winner. >> belkys: i i has been silenced for years, but that is all about to change, it is a night team
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melanie's music. >> belkys: she is the south florida, winner from the hit fox show, the xfactor. >> craig: melanie, do you remember, her musical journey has not been easy now she is aiming for an encore, shireen sandoval hasashihi special, night team report, melanie's music. >> reporter: it was december 22, 2011, when a 19-year-old from sunrise heard the two words that changed her life. melanie damaro. >> reporter: by winning the first season of the xfactor she scored a 5 million dollar recording contract and a starring role in a pepsi commercial with elton john. but fast forward more than four years, the 23-year-oldds older
10:45 pm
>> definitely my 19-year-old was naive, we caught up with melanie who has deep ties to south florida. >> reporter: at a miami recording studio, we got an exclusive listen to melanie's soon to be released song, i'm done. >> it is just for anybody who has everone through that time where they are like, i can't do this any more, my heart can't take it i am done. >> reporter: melanie says that the song is about romantic relationships, gone south, but it was the break up with the record label that made news in the years after her xfactor win. >> i have no hard feelings towards anybody, i love la read and he is awesom and sigh monday and he is my mentor and i love him. >> reporter: now feeling melanie's fire, a come back. >> this music that i am working on now, bomb. i spend hours in the studio. i was writing.
10:46 pm
happened over the years it has broken my confidence here and there. but i always come back from it. >> reporter: melanie says one inspiring moment for her a chance encounter with whitney houston in los angeles. >> she turns around and she says -- and i go silent and start crying because i could not believe who is in his presence. >> just two days after her conversation, whitney houston was gone. >> getting the chance to just chat with her, even for that little five minutes that i got with her it was emotion for me and i cried a lot and to hear the news two days later. i didn't even believe it. >> reporter: melanie's belief now is i i herself, and her fans. >> i have some solid fans. and those are the people that i just want to say thank you to. >> reporter: her new single, the one, is now available for download.
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music at live in the news mrek shireen sandoval seven news night teamam >> craig: good to catch up on her. >> belkys: good to hear from melanie. up next, what a game tonight between the heat and thehe defending champion, warriors the seven sports are live at the
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>> craig: and also, chris bosh, sports is next. >> time now for seven sports with mike. >> you are in the fight with the defending champion, the golden state warriors and the best came in with a 50 and 55 record, joining us live from the aaa. >> and all beaten by the all-star break, the miami heat is looking to make@ it four trait against the warriors it was never going to be easy against the reign s mvp and the warriors and he came up in the first and going to and to the whiteside for the one handed, and finished with 21 points and the heat led bys many as 12 in the first, the final takes of the quarter, and pulls up from the south beach and nailed the triple and that is why he is the mvp and then into the second, and dwyane wade with the j, and the heat is up with just four, and stayed close in the third and heat by
10:51 pm
the fourth, the other brother, scored 15 straight, warier points and finished with 33 points, and the heat are back up now with under a minute to play, dra, and three, is blocked by whiteside, but the warriors recover, and there is that man, again, and curry, cooking for threend you already know that is good. and curry with the shots like this, and had a game high of 42 points and the heat fauld fall to the defending champs. >> and there is on the road and any time that you are playing a basketball team like them and this is going to be a tough test. >> that is greatness, when you can transsent the schemes a a talent and competition and it is the confidence levels a it is an all time high right now, so, there is the official tip of the hat to a great competitit. >> i will tell you what, the heat definitely had the chance on the ropes, i mo'o enthat it was going back and forth, but the end,he champs pulled it
10:52 pm
again, as they take on the celtics on saturday, live, again, seven sports. >> reporter: after the game, about chris bosh and he would say only, that the cb is in great spirits and the tea would have no further comment in the next 24 hours, they will meet with ricky eric son and cb is told by the doctors and the organization to sit out the rest of the season, and bosh has suffered a second bloodlot in just over a year and he is currently on blood thinners again. and curry is not a role model, i don't know who is, the warriors started to spend an hour with 4-year-old, kennedy, and shawn is suffering from brain cancer and curry gave him t t warm up shoes and signed them. and the 12th ranked cas, and the men's basketball play the final game on saturday afternoon, against number eleven, louisville, and karys a big part of the cane's success, and the 7 footer has
10:53 pm
games, including 8 games, with 12 or more boards. >> he is not the acc player of the year, i don't know who is. the defensive player of the year, i don't know where we would be without him. he would not be one of those six teams, vieing for the regular season, title, we would be, at the bottom of this league. >> well, the dolphins, new head coach iss busy, and he is answering the questions about tanahill and he received, the general he is not in there due to the part of being h hdcuffed at the line of scrimmage, and the four seasons, heas not been given the green light, and that apparently will change, under gats. >> the quarterback in this system has the ability to move and out of plays and it is going to be how much can our group handle and earlier it is no the going to b b as much as it will be later. >> fourth ranked kings are ready for saint, thomas university, and the bob cats, number two, in the neia and the extras and the
10:54 pm
secondnd and third, and two outs, and the pitcher cannot handle it, and beats the throw to the first, and chris, and the canes win this one, 7-6, and the baseball players, have whacky ways of killing times during the rain delay, the washington university and delaware state, turning toto jousting like the knights of the roundtable, and this player, ended it the old fashioned way and just grab your opponent and bring him down. >> the first place panthers will lead, and host the arizona coyotes, and will announce a contract, e eension for the key, veteran player, tomorrow that is
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back after this. >> belkys: that is a wrap for us first atten, chow chow i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens,
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is next. >> two teens hit by gun firi and one would not survive. >> two teens arrested accused and shooting and killing ai first grader, tonight his parents reacting to the break in the case. >> phil: a front movin across south florida at this hour, colder air behind that, how cold will it get? >> rorter: and a pilot trying to make it to the airport when his plane goes down in a south florida, neighborhood, tonight, that pilot talking about that hard landing >> belkys: i'm belkys nerey >> craig: and i'm craig stevens, and seven news continues now at eleven. >> this is seven news at eleven. >> craig: at eleven, it is happened again, more gun violence, two teeeegers shot after the gunman opened fire blocks apart, one of the teens would not survive. >> belkys: on the same day that two teenage suspects caught and


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