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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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is next. >> two teens hit by gun firi and one would not survive. >> two teens arrested accused and shooting and killing ai first grader, tonight his parents reacting to the break in the case. >> phil: a front movin across south florida at this hour, colder air behind that, how cold will it get? >> rorter: and a pilot trying to make it to the airport when his plane goes down in a south florida, neighborhood, tonight, that pilot talking about that hard landing >> belkys: i'm belkys nerey >> craig: and i'm craig stevens, and seven news continues now at eleven. >> this is seven news at eleven. >> craig: at eleven, it is happened again, more gun violence, two teeeegers shot after the gunman opened fire blocks apart, one of the teens would not survive. >> belkys: on the same day that two teenage suspects caught and
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shooting that left an innocent first grader dead. >> everyone, the violence is continuing to eruptn the streets of south florida, despite, growing calls for it to stop. >> craigigtonight one family got but tonight, the shootings are still on the lose. >> live in north miami dade >> reporter: the police are wrapping up this stage of the investigation, after a teenager killed, now two teens, hit this evening and tonight the shooterer is still on the loose. >> and i am fed up. i am, i am overwhelmed. and i am overwhelmed, i am confused. like, what are we doing? >> reporter: a community looking for answers, after two teens shot on wednesday evening, the victims, 16 and 17 years old, gunnnn down just a few blocks away from each other within, minutes. >> i just saw a bunch of police and the people running out. >> reporter: the made police, pond responding to two scenes one here on 14 avenue, and the witnesses say several shots
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17-year-old, hit and making it to the apartment complex where he collapsed. >> the victim was walking along the roadway when a black male subject approached him. produced a firearm, and began shooting at him. >> that teen pronounced dead at the hospital. seven news crews were there, moments after the grieving family members were given the news. >> this was the scene near 19th avenue and 75th, investigators trying to figure out who opened fire on 16-year-old gordon, and the 21-year-old, man. gordon, hit in the knee, and the other man unharmed. >> the subject, fled on foot and jumped into an awaiting newer clover. >> the police are now confirming connected. investigators spent the evening, photographing the crime scenes while the members of the same question. >> and again i say to you for that, why? >> reporter: miami dade school superintendent cavalo adding
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ourselves to become desensitized when the news of juveniles being shot becomes almost a daily >> reporter: if you know anything that can help, call crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. you can remain anonymous and you information. reporting live in northwest, miami dade, walter morris >> crara: the police combing for clues, the police dot a break in a child tragedy. >> two teens r under arrest and here at the tgk correctional institution in west miami dade. and police are looking for a third person. >> i i convicted 18-year-old adams and 17-year-old, presley may never see the outside of a jail cell again.n. both are charged in the murder in the death of 6 jl king carter. the boy's father got a call from one of the teens.
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>> i get a call, they cried. cried. said i am so sorry. blaze. i am so sorry. i am going to called my momma right now, i am going to turn myself in. >> reporter: miami dade police say that it was an argument on facebook that led the teens to go to the apartment complex on saturday and shoot at a person th only identify as juju, juju fireded back in the gun fire, the first grader who was walking to get candy was shot in the chest and died. adams was hit in the neck. >> to use their terminology, they are punking each other out on the facebook, and saying comments toach other and you know, and starting auel of hatred. >> prosecutors say that the public helped in cracking the case and, that presley on probation, for strong armed robbery had a gps ankle monitor on him that put him at the scene. >> and everybody asked the
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andhey did. >> reporter: police won't say if they believe adams or presley fired the shot, which killed the boy. but cops are still looking for juju, who fired back. >> you want you kids to grow up and see them graduate and go to college and with have their own family not for me to be burying my son at 6 years old. >> we should feel uncomfortable over the fact that since baby king was killed, saturday afternoon, there have been three shootings in miami dade resulting in two young people being shot again. >> reporter: so tonight the police are looking for that third american juju as well as a dark colored lexus, the number is 305-471-tips. in west miami dade, i'm alex diprato seven news night team
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team, a live look outside of the studios one round of rain moving through earlier tonight and another is on the way. >> craig: chief meteorologist phil ferro has what we need to know about all of this. >> phil: we are fortunate because we have a front moving through that yesterday, caused a tornado acrs the panhandle and it was supposed to bring us strong weather, but fortunately it fell apart. we have had that first round of rain moved in around 8:00 and 9:00 tonight, and the second round isossible over night. and there is still plenty of moisture sitting across the florida, straits and then it will be the cold air moving in here is the storm tracker and you can see that we have a line of thunderstorms move over us earlier today. and right now, that is headed out, and the g and bahama island and look at this across the florida, bay and more rain fall throughout the keys and there is a train of rain, acrosshe straits and that is all aiming for us. and should move through during the over night.
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earlier, it was very fast-moving, weston got the most here, and better than a third of an inch of rain, and that was about it and anywhere between, less, or more or less, about a quarter of an inch. as the cell of rain was moving through. and now this cold front will continue to move in our direction and we will see those over night showers and then after the rain is done, the cold air moves in. how cold? typically the morning lows, 63, and the average high of 79 and tomorrow, not too bad, and 65, and 73 but look at friday, saturday and sunday. and starting those morningss with temperatures in the low 50s. we will have a lot more on this, in a little bit later on. >> belkys: andnow, a close call -- >> they were in the house and we heard a big boom. >> anchor: when a plane does not make it to the airport. the pilot walking away after the rough landing. >> belkys: well that pilot s ss that he was doing a test flight
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ane had some main nens and when he could not make it back to the runway, he looked for an area, without people in the path of danger. the night team's nicole linsalata reports. >> this road looked like the best one to put it down on and i did what i could to walk away from it and you just got to keep your cool and fly the plane down. >> reporter: but of course, south west, and 76 avenue in hollywood would not have been randy's first choice of a runway on wednesday afternoon and he had been out flying, the cessna, near the north pry airport when he lost power and he aimed for runway, 19 left, three blocks away. but three blocks too far. >> i saw the road here and there was nobody on it and thereas no traffic and no children around, and that was my first priority was to make sure that i didn't hurt anybody's home or take anybody$s life. >> we just heard a big boom and so i run out and the neighbors are like oh, my god. >> we heard the boom and they were cutting the tile and i didn't seeit. >> i thought it was a car crash
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>> bomb. >> that is miguel it leaves in this house, the plane coming to rest on his driveway. >> it was very, very scared. very afraid. >> the front wheel from the nosee gear came off of the plane on impact and ended up getting wedged on the bumper of the car in the driveway. >> reporter: the plane hauled away a shorter. in the end, no damage to any hmes and randy suffered a minor injury to his head. >> i did what was trained to do and any landing that youan wake away from is a good landing >> reporter: the neighbors were so thankful that he was able to do what he did and no one got hurt. we asked him when he thinks he might be flying again and he says as soon as he can get the plane fixed. but he does seem a little worried about what his wife has to say. reporting, nicole linsalata, seven news night team. >> belkys: it is amazing thato one was hurt. the way that he landed that thing, way to go randy. >> craig: still ahead at eleven,
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after a couple of thieves are driven to steal. when they act fast, is the story that you will see on just one station. >> belkys: and fast flames, tearing through a home with a
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came to his rescue. >> craig: a car on the lot at a south florida, dealership and
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was not a test drives >> belkys: the employees grabbed th keys and hit the road, bra don has the story that you will see on just one station. >> reporter: not the sight of a brand new mtang being stolen and driven off of the lot that has the ownership, upset, it is the fact that someone so easily could have been injured by the thieves as they made their get away. >> it is the frustration, because it is something that they are doing against the community. >> reporter: it is monday night just before 6:30 p.m. when the suspects enter the parking lot, the men asked to see the keyey to this white mustang and when the salesman turned his back, they sped off driving right into on coming traffic. >> everything in your situation, when we took off&from the dealership and heading in the opposite direction on pines boulevard. >> thankfully no one was injured. but that is why the owners are offering a $2,000 reward to help catch the suspects. >> everybody gets a second chance in life and you no he it is time to chance, but you need
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>> reporter: they got away this time, but they are confident their luck will run out. >> they will get, caught hopefully, and it is just a matter of time you can only get away with crime for so long >> reporter: there is a $2,000 reward offered byy the car dealership and you can get more cash by calling 954-493-tips, we are in pen brook pines. seven news. >> craig: and that is a video now that you will see on just e station, tonight a seven news crew there as an alleged hit and run driver walks out of jail, bonkins released, posted $15,000 bond and not allowed to driver, he was driving on a suspended licensese when he hit, 15-year-old, valdez. on mday the teen is recovering in the hospital. it happened along northwest, 79th street and 22nd avenue in northwest, miami dade. he turned himself in yesterday. a memorial tonight for a boy who was struck and killed by an out of control, driver, family an friends, on hand to pay
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5-year-old, jaden was visiting his great grand parents when he was struck and killed earlier this the month. he was walking on a sidewalk when the vehicle jumped the curb and hit him. 20-year-old, eugene, remains behind bars and a charge of vehicular homicide, he was fleeing a traffic stop and had drugs in the carar when he lostt control >> belkys: a vehicle, van dal, video, catching a man, vandalizing a car parked outside of a a home, the criminal runs up to the vehicle and throws a block at the wind shield and then runs off. the police say that he also, through a block through the window of a house it happened in a community, near. penbrook road, and if you recognize him, call 954-493-tips. a dog coming to the rescue of his owner when a fire ignites chl the man was sleeping when the fire broke out at 73rd
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avenue in northwest, miami dade, the man credits sunshine, his pet chihuahua with saving his lili. >> my dog, sunshine, started barking and woke me up. >> what the home owner knocked out the window to escape, the firefighters went in and saved sunshine from the burning home, the cause off that fire, remains under investigation. >> getting word now of a pretty serious accident that is going to effect, traffic on i95.5 >> belkys: robin simmons is over at the news desk to telts what is going on. >> there were no injuries but take a look at that. at ishe baed news, northbound, 95 and absolute, parking lot this accident, happened, at 135th ststet, and fhp is on the scene, and as you can see, nothing is happening right now. and so, if you had plans to head somewhere north, for 441, and biscayne boulevard areoing to be your friends right now, because this accident has all
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again, the florida highway patrol says that no serious injuries but it is a m ms out there. reporting live in the news desk, robin simmons, seven news night team. >> that does look serious.
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right back. >> belkys: a baby pen penguin is makiki a splash. >> craig: it will become familiar with the others while his feathers continue to develop, the zoo will be allowing the visitors to submitt names, the winning name will be nounced march the 9th. >> belkys: pikachu. >> craig: no. >> now, seven weather, with chief phil ferro. >> phil: we had a round of rain across south florida, we may see more over night showers as the front moves over the area, 70 degrees right now in miami, and for you in fort lauderdale, 70,
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and south west, and check out the humidity though, at 81 percent and at key west, a a this hour, 68 degrees, and the humidity for you at 100 percent is just muggy, but, the things will improve once the front moves across the area. here is the storm tracker. we have got t really lucky, this front had a lot of energy with it. and yesterday night it caused one tornado in pensecola and it was looking pretty strong, early this afternoon. as it moved incross south west, florida and then it stopped. lost all of its energy, and we still saw a few showers moving through that line right now, and the grapd pahama and still some rain across the county and the train of rain continues, and inin the florida, straits, and so over night, there is still a chance for some rain fall. this front, is attached to a a area of low pressure that is sitting right across the upper midwest.
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continue to make its way to the east, could see a little bit of rain over night, by tomorrow, the cold air moves in, and it is going to be breezy, and less humid and friday, boy, it is going to be pretty chilly on friday morning and as we move in through the weekend, that cold air is going to stick around. so, here is the marine forecast, the small craft advisory for tomorrow, the wind out of the northwest, and seas are building from two to six feet and the eight six feet in the bay, and the biscayne bay will be choppy, you are looking at an advisory, and the 20 knot winds, and the coastal water choppy as well. now for your next high tide, in dade and broward at 10:45 in the morning, and 11:41 for the keys and the water temperature at 73, so for tonight, still a chance for a few showers to move in, over night lows will be in the 60s the wind will be variab, and shifting out of the south west, to the northwest. and with the frontal passage,
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clouds, and maybe an isolated shower and clearing out by the afternoon and the highs o`ly in the 70s, here is your extended out look in the 50s to start your day on friday. saturday, and nday. and that is your seven on seven forecast. >> belkys: thanks, phil >> craig: next up the day i i sports. >> belkys: entertaining game between the heat and the defending champs, the golden
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they have the highlights next. >> time now for seven sports with mike dipasavale >> reporter: ready to go toe to toe, against the champions, the warriors came in with a 55 record, not going to be easy against the reigning mvp and came out hot, and one handed slam. and whiteside, 21 off of the bench and led by as many as 12 in the first and theinal seconds of the quarter, curry up for the three from jus inside the half court and money, that is why he is the mvp and the heat is up 9 in the second quarter, and in the second, dwyane wade jumper led with a season high 32, and staying close to the third. and he led by three, and into the fourth. middle off the fourth, and the others are splash, brother, thompson and 15 straight points, and that three, put the warriors up with three and a half minutes
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under a minute to play, and blocked by white side and gives it back to curry and nails a three and a deep three and the curry had a game high, of 42 and he had seven assists and seven reboupdz and credit the heat, before losing 118-112. >> we ha our opportunities and our guys played their butts off and so i am proud of them for that kind of an effort and it is disappointing that we are not able to finish it off with a minute and change to go. >> i tho ut that miami out played us much of the game but we hung in there and they took over in the fourth quarter. >> after the game, the coach was asked about chris bosh. he said that cb is in great spirits and the team has no further comment. in the next, 24 hours, bosh will meet with the team owner, and according to yahoo sports, being told by the doctors and the organization to sit out the rest of the seseon, and bosh suffered a second blood clot over a year and he is currently on blood thinners, again and we will give
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and that is sports, back over to belkys and craig >> craig: thank you >> belkys: that is a wrap. chow chow. i'm belkys nerey >> craig: i'm craig stevens, thanks for watching and have a good one. real-time closed captioning
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company. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. kanye is rented to anyone who will listen. or read his post. >> shireen turns to the stage but she is missing her biggest fan.
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