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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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are in the 6 for the most part, 66 degrees in miami, 64 in fort lauderdale to 65. you're not going to be needing the umbrellas on hand. just maybe a light sweater this morning or jacket. then you're going to be putting it away by the afternoon. highs will be in the 60s and tonight's lows will tumble in the 50s. as far as the rain, we had a batch of rain move through last night and exit the coastline. for now we have clouds in place but at least it's mostly dry. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. more gun violence on the streets of mime. two teens shot, one of them
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the violence continuing to erupt on the streets of south florida despite calls for it to stop. >> diana: alex de armas is live at the police station in northwest miami-dade with more. >>eporter: two more shootings. both happening yesterday evening. the victims, a 16 and 17-year-old. this morning, the community is asking when will this stop? >> and i'm fed up. i'm overwhelmed. i'm overwhelmed. i'm confused like what are we doing? >> reporter: a commumuty looking for answers after two teens shot wednesday vening. the victim, 16 and 17 years old, gunned down a few blocks away from each other within minutes. >> just saw an a whole bunch of police. >> reporter: miami-dade police responding to two separate scenes just before 5:30, one here at northwest 71st street and 14th avenue. witnesses say several shots were fired in the streets and the 17-year-old was hit.
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complex where he collapsed. >> the victim was walking along the roadway when a black male subject approached him, produced him. >> reporter: that teen pronounced dead at the hospitalal 7 news there moments after grieving family members were given the news. >> this's my son. >> reporter: t ts is the scene at 75th. investigators trying to figure out who shot gordon and a 21-year-old man. gordon hit in the knew, the other m m unharmed. >> the subject fled on foot and jumped into a waiting and newer color. >> reporter:2 police are not confirming if these two shooters are connected. thigh spent the evening looking at photos while members of the questions. >> again i say why.
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superintendent alberto carvalho adding this to twitter. we musus not allow to be sensitized when shootings become almost a daily occurrence. if you know anything at all about these cases, they need to hear from you. the number to crime stoppers is 305-471-tips. remember, you can stay anonymous when calling police. if youou tip leads to arrest, you can receive a cash reward. in northwest miami-dade, i'm al in florida. a big break in a case. two teens caught and cuffed. the boy's father said he got a call from one of them saying he was turning himself in. >> ashley: elitsa bizios is live where those two teens are being held. >> reporter: ashley, those two teenags waking up spending
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police this morning look for a third person. if convicted, 18-year-old leonard adams and 1-year-old owen presley may never see outside of a jail cell again. both charged in the murder of the death t of king carter. the boy's dad said he got a call from one of the teens turning himself in. >> i get a call. they crying, crying saying i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. i'm going to call my mama right now going to turn myself in. >> miami-dade policic say it was an argument on facebook, which letted to the teens going to the blue lake village apartments on saturday, and shooting at a person they only identify as jujui. he fired back in the folly. of gun fire. the first grader just walking to get candy was shot in the chest and died. leonard adams hit in the neck.
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punking each other out on facebook saying derogatory hatred. >> reporter: prosecutors say the public help in cracking the case and that presley, on probation for strong-armed robbery, had gps ankle mitor on him put him at the scene. >> and everybody asked the community please help us, and they did. >> reporter: police wouldn't say if they believe adams or presley fired the shot that killed the little boy, but cops ar still looking for juju that fired back. >> you want to see your kids grow up and go to high school and college and have their own family. not to bury my son, six years old. >> we should all feel very uncomfortable of the fact that since baby king was killed saturday afternoon, there have been three shootings in miami-dade resulting in two
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>> reporter: again, police this morning continue to look for that third person named juju. they are also hooking for a dark colored lexus with possible bullet holes in it. if you have any information, call 305-471-tips. you could be eligible for a cash ward. jut side tgk, elitsa bizios, today in florida. a 7 news crew there as a man walks out of jail. the 33-year-old posting 50,000 there ares bond but he's not allowed to drive. police say he was driving on a suspended license when he hit 15-year-old javier valdez monday. the teen still recovering i the hospital. it happened along northwest 79th in miami-dade. he turned himself in on tuesday.
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accused of abandoning his sonful bruce soon will be getting out of jail after being arrested at miami international airport. properties -- prosecutors thought he bought an oneway ticket but they learned it was round trip. his son hasnot been seen in nearly two months after they got into an argument. call police if you know where he is. a huge funnel cloud ripping through parts of florida. >> ashley: oths leaving a trail of destruction. at least 7 people killed including a child in virginia. the twisters are just part of th problem. an icy blast causing major problems in the midwest. >> diana: robbin simmons has the details now.w. >> you see that? >> reporter: from deadly
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winter blast, mother nature deployin nearly all her tools in the arsenal. three dead in louisiana and mississippi and then hit florida's panhandle. >> 70 plus homes damaged, 24 plus apartments at the apartment complex. but we will see as we go throu it. >> reporter: governor rick scott declared states of emergency in two county where is some waterfront property is now in the water. this drove giving a view of the area. a funnel cloud spotted in vero beach and anototr. >> it showed it was an f-1 tornado approximately 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: in atlanta, a massive oak tree falling on a house trapping a man in his bed. >> we were in constantt contact
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we were on scene an he was happy to be out. >> reporter: in virginia t only they think standing at this laundromat the machines. >> my truck went up in the air and glass came in on me and everything coming off the roof. i said i hope this isn't it. i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> reporter: next up, the midwest t. same system leaving serious snow in michigan's capital. in central illinois, they're dealing with blizzard conditions. in chicago, a lake shore flooding warning. in st. louis, power lines down. cleanup is one thing, losing ves is another. the victims in virginia, two men aged 50 and a 26 and a two-year-old. >> tragic, man. never seen nothing like this before. i lost a good friend in the storm and my prayers go out to their family. >> reporter: and chicago's two airports nearly 1200 flights had to be cancelled. 200 people throughout the region left without power n. the news
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florida. donald trump celebrating his resent win in the nevada caucuses and dismissing claims that ez poll numbers are limited. marco rubio making the case that a majority of the republican party does not want young as their candidate. >> we win with young with, win with old, win with highly educated and won with poorly educated. >> majority of the republican voters in this country do not want donald trump t be the nominee. >> ashley: meanwhile, democrats looking to theirs with hillary clinton pulling far ahead. and bernie sanders cling for request for her to release transcripts for her speeches. >> if everybody does it. >> reporter: report >> there are dozens and dozens
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>> reporter: democratic primary is saturday. and republicans will face off in house tan for debate and already buzz about governor rick scott as possible running mate for donald trump but there is a long way to go before that. if you haven't done so yet, now is a good time to download thee voice your choice app. it is available with the latest from the campaign trail. ahead of president obama's visit, they are making restrictions. and allowing disdents to travel abroad. some flooding the govererent requesting visas. and say don't plan ongoing any where until it ends. >> the cuba wants to be ahead of
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they're giving to obama. >> i don't accept this offer, if noeveryone goes is allowed to leave the country. i don't accept it and i will stay. >> ashley: president obama has set he has two davis sit t is signed to push raul castro to improve conditions for the cuban people. he is. you will want to stay here f f his visit to havana next month. andwe will show you the new facebook reaction button in the trendful and use the #senditto7. here's one sent to us by 7 news viewer on instagram.
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back. taking a look at what's trending, facebook expandedd the like button. what used tobe a thumb's up is now turned into a like, love, ha ha, wow, sad, angryreaction. the new options are available worldwide for desktop and mobile devices. good morning, south florida. we are not going to be needing the umbrellas and last night we got strong activity that moved
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the activity with the leading edge [ no audio ] temperaturewise we are off to a seasonal start in the 60s. 63 in fort lauderdale, 65 in miami and key west. we have leftover cloud, 65 in hialeah and 64 in west kendall with the b beze picking up out of the west-northwest and that will signal a change as early as miles per hour. the deep south clearing out nicely. we do have heavy snow spreading into michigan and missouri with blizzard-like conditions over illinois and also indiana. parts of the northeast dealing with rounds of heavy rain right now. it looks like the snow is moving into the canadian provinces, 48 in new york, 33 currently in
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so here's what we can expect. dry weather, less humidity going into the afternoon and we are definitely going to cool down tonight. we will need those sweaters and jackets, forecast lows tomorrow morning will range in the low to mid-50 the coldest morning will be on saturday with most areas possibly in the 40s. but this chill will continue over the next several days. small-craft advisory f your plans take you out on the waters, winds out of the st-northwest 15 to 20 knots, seas building two to three feet, biscayne bay moderate chop, coastal waters of the keys rough. not the best day to be out there. seas building two to four feet inside the reef. 10:10 is next high tide in dade and broward, 11:24 in the lower keys. we will have mostly sunny skies later with afternoon highs in the lower 70s and 60s for t t keys. tonight's lows in the low 50s in theestern suburbs even along the coast and about 60 degrees
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your extended outlook is calling for sweater weather south florida style lasting through sunday, upcoming week a gradual warming trend. this's your 7 o 7. and ahead on today in florida. south floridians observing a tragic anniversary. and several women in florida testing positive for zika t.
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when we return. a somber service in southwestt miami-dade. families going decades after@ planes carrying their loved ones were shot down by cuban military over international waters. it happene 20 years ago. as jessica holly report, no one has been held accountable. >> reporter: seven minutes of
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an a bell marking the minutes planes were s st down. this woman's father was in the second plane. >> i keep his memory alive with my daughters and talk about him and whaha happened. >> reporter: what happened on february 24, 1996 took the lives of armando,o,29-year-old carlos, 24 year old mario and 29-year-old pablo. brothers to the rescue flying international air space above the florida straits looking for cuban refugees when cuban migs shot down two of the planes celebrating the attack. jose was in the only plane to make it back safely.
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opa-locka wednesday morning. >> today we come here to honor four integsal young men. >> never let it go. and nobody in the country should let it go after what's happened right now because they were three american citizens and one resident. this didn't just happen to exiles. they were cuban-americans. >> reporter: reporting from the cuban memorial monday youment -- monument on the campus of fiu, jessica holly, today in florida. a pilot forced to touch down after experiencing problem midair. and crooks stealing from a
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a sry on just one station. that's today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. a pilot forced to bring a tricky landing. this morning he's talking about it. and someone driven to
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cameras rolling on this crime. plus the president passing new judgment on that vacant supreme court seat. good morning. i'm omar lewis in for christine cruz. >> hi, even. i'm diana diaz. let'ss get a check on the forecast. meteorologist vivi gonzalez is here with the forecast. >> vivian: good morning, south florida. we had a front move through. and we're going to follow some isolated showers around the florida straits. it will be a cool afternoon with winds picking up and low humidity around. starting tonight, temperature readings will definitely take a tumble. right now we are waking up in the 60s, an a prettien seasonal start, 65 in miami, 63 in fort lauderdale to 68 degrees in key west. day planner going with afternoon highs in the upper 60s the low 70s. you're in the going to be


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