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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at 4:30. >> lynn: now at 4:30, firefighters going inside the infer dmo and giving us up close view of the danger they were
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else. hello again everybody. several people need a place to stay after their home goes up in flames. >> danielle: investigators may have a cause for the fire. vanessa medina live outside the home in fort lauderdale with more. vanessa. >> reporter: that's right. the state fire march sil shall is still investigating but as you can see there are still some people who are displaced. they rk looking for a new though. was a group home so many of these men are in transition and now they don't have anywhere to go. ife can go video just after 7:30 this morning. fort lauderdale fire rescue was called out to this house fire. you can see from their 1reud yo they encountered heavy smoke and once inside heavy flames covered one room in the back of the home and was spreading fast. like i said, this is a group home so, there were 12 men inside. six bedrooms insidee that home. firefighters went in looking for people possibly trapped inside ch they wept room to room fighting the fire from inside and outside.
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fire official saying the building is now unshave. >> on a arrive will evaluate, crews had had heavy smoke and flames. we put two lines of operations and there was a report of someone still inside. we'll remain on scene. like i said 12 people displaced swrevment red cross responding to get shelter and get these people somewhere to stay. we still have a lot of shot spots. it was an intense fire inside. we're remaining on scene to make sure the hot spots are contained and the fire marshal's office can do their investigation. >> reporte so back out live, the woman who manages this home saying that she will definitely find a place for every one inside who lived here for them to go. she owns s seral other group homes and she says. >> lynn: that was vanessa medina rorlgt. also a robber on the run in pembroke parg.
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after holding up a pawn shop on hallandale beach boulevard. no one hurt but fleece police flow searching for the three. if have you any information call crime stopper. you know the number i broward. 954 tip tip. >> a bus driver's quick action save age south florida man. official say he was driving a bus in hallandale beach wed day afternoonnhen he noticed a passenger jumped over in his see. the driver make a stop ate clinic. getting out and getting help. >> >> i asked him where he was going and hes wasn't respond soy keep the cg where he is was going and something was happening. he was sick or not feeling gcht so i said w wl, you're not going to go any farthtr the closest place i can get you is to the the people brek pine clinic. >> lynn: that passenger a pier eny suffering from exceptionally low blood pressure. the driver said he recognized
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>> danielle: ah rule on race on the verge of keeping a boy from a tepgd the school he wants. his mom calling for change. the third grgrt grader and his family are moving to a a neighboring district with you want to keep him at his current charter school acht. >> ow. >> lynn: ah now a policy that was meant to help desegregate schools sleeving with an unintended consequence. ashley jones account story. >> reporter: 9-year-old say third greater at the charter school on the the south side of st. louis missouri. his parents are fliefg neighboring school district and want to keep their son at the school but his another was shocked to learn she can do that only ifer son is not african american. school official say they are handcuffed by state regulations crted decades ago involving court settleelments in an effort to address de segregation in st. louis schools >> if our neighbor had the same
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school if they were any other race besides african american and it just doesn't sit well with me. we teach our son about equality and tha is not teaching our kids anything because it is based on race and it shouldn't be. >> she edwin's mother launch aid petition to ask them to take notice and she heard the splip side from white students who are unable to transfer because they are not african-american. either you can transfer or you cacat. she has support from her son's school and hundreds of parents who have signed the pe sismghts now they hope the fight will at least jump start a review of transfer policy. >> this hopes us start a conversation about maybe some things that could be different with the the law and i see tha as a good thing. and edwin will be allowed to finish the rest of the school year at charter will school but will be fced to change schools this summer if the pom policy
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satellite center. i'm ashley joafntz 7 news. >> >> danielle: coming of off the satellites here at 4:30 a a machete wielding man forcing a man to fire in tex o o as. the man was haunting the deputy with a large blaze at a bus station in houston. the the officer taigz him after he retbiewzed to drop t t weapon but that's when police say he went on the tack forcing them to open fire. from what i know, the police said that they, that he hit them with the machete. if that's true and a don't have any reason to doubt that that happen, then of course then people have to defend themself. despite that close call, the officer was not injured. the suspect however died on the scene. >> on now to tex a ag as to another story out of texas actually. an officer pulling a driver from a burning car. this is in core pis pus kristi he says he saw the suv crash into the wall here when he
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window. he was able to pull that 29-year-old man from the smokey vehicle. an officer now called a hero for sthafg driver's life. and a man caught on camera in new jersey tack a look. officials say electrical workers underground in newark when the blast happened. the bloip sending that man hole cover flying feeinto the air. >> we had this before under older infrastructures. they replaced the able.cable. we de have that problem but we do get a fire condition and then the smoke fills up and carbon monoxide is what yoyo see exploding and that's the pressure that blows the man hole into the`air. >> officials say the fire went out on it's own eventually however, they have shut off the electricity on that block while they continue to make repairs. >> lynn: incredible no one was hit or a car or anything. >> danielle: uh-huh. >> lynn: coming up tonight from the news station. a drilling debate concerning
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with state law makers. how oil factors into their discussion. >> danielle: a cruise passenger surviving a nightmare at sea and now taking action in the south florida c crt. >> lynn: and a diner leaving a restaurant with a lot more thap just a full stomach. that. what is that? e says he found it in her meal. >> phil: all right. today we begin a cold snap will take us into the weekend. and it it looks like saturday morning could be the coldest morning so far. the entire out look nay couple minutes. >> time now for fast track traf fiefnlg well, the northbound palmetto is someplace you don't nt to be this afternoon. although you can probably say that most afternoons. hello with once again everybody. this is the palmetto with the big curve traffic coming towards you. we had a vehicle fire here about 30 minutes ago. fire rescue continues to b bck all t a single left lane this happened is creating massive delays on the 826. let's back it it up to 36
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northbound traffic closest to you. in fact these northbound delays start all the bay wack at dolphin. if you're goal is to get to northbound 75. you maybe better off take the turnpike. let's check out i-95 in downtown miami. northbound traffic is on the right hand side of your screen. the i- is accident free. but it is a slow go in the main line lanes all the way up to the golden glaismedz he's i-395 and i-95 westbound traffic is coming towards you. heavy delays westbound 395. starting back at biscayne boulevard. let's go to gro bro ward county. and take a look at i-95 at cypress creek road. southbound traffic coming towards u. the i- is accident free at the atlantic going down to commercial. and northbound side slow go from sunrise up`to cypress. have a safe drive. reno grant. seven traffic.
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>> lynn: a woman taken by surprise by her own expensive statements. her meal came with. that that black round ball thing oo imagine eating your dinner and find ago a black pearl. >> danielle: it happened to this diep ner while eating in washington state. >> lynn: i would have spit it out. >> reporter: >> linsey ha haas never expected to find this pearl in her din fler. >> i ordered the seafood dish with clam and muscle in it a. she were eating at an italian dinner and shee bit into something unusual. >> in my mind i thought i don't want t know what i just bit on.
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mouth the pebel looked like a pet et but she thought it might be a pearl. it was half shock. half embarrass mifnt don't know what this s. let's take it hoax and deal with it there. linsey started researching and discovered it could be a co hog pearl. a rare pearl found on t t east coast to. have something of a gem quality say long shot. linsey took the pearl to a gem a logical expert who tookk a look and ran some test. i have only had a few occur answers of pearls coming in in this scenariri in 35 years of a a praising and this was the first of what i would call a gem quality. gem experts say finding a quality pearl like this is rare. so rare you i have better chance of getting struck by lightning. this is so craze exit. the initial story is crazy and now it's crazier that this is a rare pearl that i found. the rare pearl based on it's size has been valued at 600-dollar. linsey sayshe likely put it
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her for good l lk. eating here is like winning the lot require. chef zoo bee prepareddhe dish that day and had no idea it would turn out to be a winning plate. we call it now the thousand dollar dish. meanwhile linsey who doesn't o ordinarily order the sea foot food place says she will be back to order it at her favorite restaurant. we thought it would be more than 600. when i he when he said 600 is was waiting for a few more zero's. >> lynn: that's cool. maybe we should start eating clams. >> or not. >> lynn: maybe. >> and ahead from the news station. a coast guard on the way to of safe fisherman. maybe they rk flooring a black pepel when the rescuer suddenly need help of their own. >> danielle: and it's goinglto be a tense night on idol tonight. severaraspots taken in the top ten.
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>> danielle: the judges making their picks and the first four stops have bn taken. >> lynn: michelle chats with the judges and the first four to make to the finals. >> this is one of the people we thought for sure had to go through. dalton. >> the jumgs kicked off
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picking only four of the remaining 14 contestants to move directly into the top ten we were soiled and then no. 4. and then we were supposed to pick five and america wa going to pick five and it just became too much of a deal so we couldn't decide. there a lot of diversity in term of style but i think i over heard keith saying there's a lot to like about all 46 them. a lot are great performers. tellers there. complete. for will dalton, olivia rocks. la porshe ra may and trent har mon getting the news ely was a huge relief. >> i was just stuck in the moment i thought it was a mean joke that they were playing on me. >> and it wasn't.
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sing baw they had got tone person three. i was like okay maybe i should get that song ready. i thought i would be in the top ten of the the lanan last season and then it happened. what. >> the rest of the the hopeful will have it to fight for the six remaining spots for the first timeips the competition started, america will get to weigh in this week pick whog gets to move on and who gets sent home based on the singer's performance. >> i@ see your true colors. shining through. i rof you. i love you even more.
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i feel like out of the town there was eight that blew me way performances. you'll find out thursday when america's votes are tallied and the top ten move on to compete for the american idol crown. in hollywood. michelle ta lee no. fox news. >> lynn: you can find out who takes the final six spots tonight at 0b8g right here on channel 7. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist tbirl fair o. >> >> phil: what beautiful day here across south florida. plenty of sunshine. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon highs 70 degrees. a average high about 776 nice mild day. right now 60s everywhere. clear skies. the the wind out of the north northwest at ten to 15 miles per hour. the humidity at 45%. take a look at storm tracker it is dry and will rae remain dry all the way through next tuesday. maybe a few more showers moving
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so we have an area of of low pressure out here bit northeast. huge dome of high pressure in the nation's mid section pushing a lot of cold air into south florida. tonight will be the start of a cold snap that will take us in through sunday. we're going to see lows in the 50s but it appears friday night in through saturday morning nas when we'll see the the coldest air moving into south florida. could see morning lows in the upper 40s to the low 50s and then as we move in through the day on saturday. high pressure still dominating our weather. still going to be a cool night from saturday through sunday. we warm up bit beginning of next week. here the marine forecast. small craft exercise caution. winds will be picking up seas around the golf stream current 8 feet. and actually an advisory in effect for you do to the wind and seas.
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next high tide 10:31. 11:41. water temperature 73 degrees. tonight low 50s loopght coast. upper 50s in the western suburbs ch even the 50s will make their presence felt across the keys. you. then during the day tomorrow. sunny, gorgeous. high in the upper 60s a the to low 70s acht that nice wind out of north will keep the humidity at bay. saturday once again looking like stretch. 55 on sunday an then we warm up for next week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> danielle: well, she is the south florida winner from the hit fox show the x factor. >> lynn: mel a a any marchel's a miew jawr any has not been easy but now she is fierming an encore. shireen sandoval has a special
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melanie's music. >> reporter: it was december december 22, 2011 when a 19-year-old from sunrise heard the two words that changed her life. mel a a any march o. >> by wing the first sfn the exfactor melanie amarro scored a 5 million-dollar recording contract and a staring role in a pepsi super bowl commercial with elton n hn. >> but fast forward more than four year. the 23-year-old is older and wiser. definitely my9-year-old self back then was naive. 7 news caught up witit melanie who has deputies to south florida. i wa you to know note. >> reporter: at a miami recording studio we got an exclusive listen to melanie's soon to be released song i'm done.@ it's just for anybody who has ever gone through that time when
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can't do this any more. my heart can't takee it. i'm done. >> i knowhen i say i'm done. melanie says the song is about pro man tick relationships gone south. but it was the break up with her record label that made news after her exfactor win. i have no hard feelings towards any one. i love l.a. read. he is awesome. simon, he was my mentor. i still love him. now fueling melanie's fire, a come back. this music that i'm working on now, box. i spend hours in the studio. ways wright a lot of thing that has happened over the years. has broken my cf here and there but i all come back fro it. >> melanie says one inspiring moment for her, ahance encounter with whitney houston in los angeles. she turns around and said that's
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i go silent and start drying because i could not believe who was in my press eefnlts just two days after their conversation wit whitney houston wagon. geing the chance to just chat with her even the five minutes, it was emotional for me. i cried a lot and then to hear the news two days later. i didn't believe it. melanie's believe now is in herself and her fans. i have some solid fan and those are the people that i just want to say thank you to. >> her new ing sing he thene is available for down load. we have link to melanie's music at win wip. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> we're back after the break.
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>> lynn: that is 7 news at 4:30. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: and i'm danielle knox. the news at 5:00 start now. miami-dade. with one did not survive. tonight a rally for change and the community has the message. stop the violence. >> reporter: another gathering set to get started. this one after a first grader caught in the cross fiempt the teens a dmiewd the deadly shooting facg the judge snrievment cold air moving in tonight and sticking ash
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>> craig: troubled waters for a cruise line after one of their ships sail straight into a storm. >> belkeys: oo. >> mother nature's fury saw across the country for the second straight day. and a boy and his family forced off a flight but it's what passengers did next that has some outraged. hello and welcome everyone. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. this is 7 news at 5:00. >> >> belkeys: now at a 5:00, another teen airming shot dead on the screets of south florida. his friend also hit. anger at and outrage in a community that is simply fed ul up. >> this unnecessary killing and shooting has to stop. tonight a valley for change as police work around the clock trying to catch the gunman who are triggering tragedy. >> hello and welcome every one aism group of friends walking dune the street. when shots rang out. two were struck. others ran for their life. tonight residents are saying
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now, all of this just days after a 6-year-old was gunned down. all he was doing was playing outside his hom we have team 7 coverage. sheldon fox live in northwest miami-dade with more on last night's deadly shooting. sheldon. >> reporter: well, craig and belkeys, they are stick and they are tired and they are right near where the bullets flew yesterday. rallying for change today. members of the police department out here as well. advocates, politicians and families and kids. all out here because they want all of these bullets to stop flying near where they live. >> someone came out of car and shot him? >> and how far away were you from him when he was shot eyes wa right down the street. rosalyn highland tell 7 news she was with her cousin david gold born when hes was shot at at


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