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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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now, all of this just days after a 6-year-old was gunned down. all he was doing was playing outside his hom we have team 7 coverage. sheldon fox live in northwest miami-dade with more on last night's deadly shooting. sheldon. >> reporter: well, craig and belkeys, they are stick and they are tired and they are right near where the bullets flew yesterday. rallying for change today. members of the police department out here as well. advocates, politicians and families and kids. all out here because they want all of these bullets to stop flying near where they live. >> someone came out of car and shot him? >> and how far away were you from him when he was shot eyes wa right down the street. rosalyn highland tell 7 news she was with her cousin david gold born when hes was shot at at
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and his family would later learn that the victim was walk ago lopg the roadway when a black male subject ro approached him. produce aid firearm and began shooting at him. wounded teen who attended ami kid school in north miami beach ran to the nearby home of his family where there seesms to be nothing but pain now. and you can't kp doing that to people. >> reporter: da could be gore con could ofizely been losms he was shot on wed day. he was pulled way to safety and into the hoax his friend qua was key sam. daquon's parents have a ples aj for his friend eye want thoorchg the young man who pulled him into his house you know for saving hip. i'm very thankful. god nose i thank you when i heard about my son when i he got shot yesterdaz. i mean it really terrified me
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road i thought that was my son laying there. when he got shot he ran on my pomp and a collapsed and drug him inside and called 911. sam himself was shot on valentine's day. one time it wep in here and came out. yet another story of young people being shot. in miami-dade. they've been all too familiar. >> we just need justice and every one getting to to help our family out. >> and so while the police are stopping short of making he any weks ceks between the two shoot forgz now. have you family members saying that both victims with re with each other yesterday before the shots rang out. anybody with information on this one, any information on what happened on 71 street at 14th avenue. 75th street over at 19th 19th avenue. pick up the phone right way and call crime stopper at 305-471-tips you can collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police. we're live in northwest
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sheldon fox. 7 news. >> craig: and live coverage continue witit walter morris. he he is live at scene way first grader w shot last weekend. a memorial yal for that young student is set to get underway shortly. walter. >> well, craig in about a half hour. members of of this community gathering again. they are calling for an end to gun violence after that 6-year-old killed. now, thissally set to start just hours after the teen's charged in the death plaik their >> >> reporter: a memorial grows as two teens appear in court wednesday. both as the 6-year-old was killed. >> circumstances are you charged with second degree murder and premeditated murder. and he said a few words as he stood before the judge. as to counted one. second degree murder, no bond. count 2679 attempted premeditated murder, no bond. irwin presley also making an a peerns.
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with bhain identified as juju on social ming wenting with guns in the the streets. they were pumping each other out on facebook and ended up in gunfire. ave afternoon. police say the teens spotted their target and got out of the car and started shooting ch the man firing back. 6-year-o king on his way to get can ti caught in the crossfire and fatally wiewfnltd the boys father telling 7 news one of the teens calling them moments before they were arrested wednesday morning. crying saying i'm so sorry blade. and police say preston was on probation for strong armed roish and wearing gps monitor at the time. shooting. news of the death gal va niegz the community. hundreds rallying behind the community and calling for an end to gun violence. as king's family waits for justice. presley and add amounts wait for the@hearing ouch and no bond on
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for attempted premedicated murder. and poce have not said which teen they believe fired the fatal shot and no word on their intended target. reporting live in northwest miami-dade. walter morris. 7 news. >> >> lynn: all right w!lter. shootings, killings becoming all too common across south florida. head at 6:00. emotional story as more parents of victim of gun violencee are dpoorlg change. >> >> craig: liver look outside our 7 news studios. it is crisp and clear out there. fantastic dada and tomorrow get ready for more ave cool down. >> belkeys: its gorgeous. chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center with more on. this p pl. >> lynn: >> phil: and a gore doctor day. today was the start of a cold spell. it will stick around through the weekend. clear night in store. temperatures should drop into the low 50s across south florida. that chill will continue on friday.
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degrees with a nice light breeze and right now it appear that saturday morg could be the coldest day of this strempleg meefn while here is the storm tracker. yesterday wep were worrying about possible heavy rainfall well, today looking beautiful, into nice and dry. it will stay this way through tuesday. our next best chance of rainfall could be next wednesday. high pressure will be dominating weather pushing in cold air. this will be the the pat erp at least throughout saturday and sunday. where he going to need those jackets so. average low. 63678 average high 79. we'll be waking up tomorrow in the low 50s. saturday morning 50 degrees a longs the coast. could see the 40s inland. still a nice chilly day on sunday but then by next week, we start to warm up once again. i'll have a lot more on our chilly forecect a little later on. >> all right phil. thank. >>
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dpaition slalz confirming three new cases of zika virus i isouth florida. and bricking the to ta tall here to 13. broward has seen four case. the statewide stands at 35679 the mosquito born virus what been throirchgd birth defects which is why pregnant woman need to be especially careful. zika causes the following symptom. rash, fever, joint pain and red-eyes. they last between seven to ten days. >> 24 hour zika hot lqne in florida. we've got it to answer any questions, concern you might v. there's the number. 855 hng 622-67 35. we also have it on our web site. all that information >> also on 7a a cruise line traffing in troubled waters. passengers following suit because one reason or another the ship they staild on sailed
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and the battle of the royal caribbean an them of the seas to. night passengers are taking action. lynn martinez with detail in from the news desk. lynn. and the trip to paradpiez was cut short after their ship sail into a nasty storm. now customer are accusing the company of 234eg la against. >> lynn: passengers taking action against royal caribbean. more than 4400 passengers on board an. they seas when it sailed into a storm earlier this movement some accuse td coif deliberately putting their lives in danger. >> what we've come to learn and what has become known publicly is royal caribbean knowingly and intentionally sailed into whatt was a potentially a hurricane and they did that knowing that they were putting 4000 people's lives at rieks a. >> lynn: a class action lawsuit filed by royal caribbean by a south florida firm representing 756 the passenger. the suit claims that the company was only thinking about money.
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they seas leaving the noaa forecasted hurricane force winds. but nont the less royal caribbean because they want to stay on schedule wall and get to the ports because thawz how they make their money continue ievmentd and they sailed there. >> here is some of the collatatal damage from the storm. they tried to to keep the water out but it'squish. the rails are broken. >> >> lynn: passengers say foor a terrifying 12 hours, the ship was rocked by wave and hurricane force winds fl the captain ordering them to stay in their cabins while they weathered the storm. >> if you've never been on a criewrs before this could of been the care rift thing t tt ever happened to someone. >> lynn: the incident recommend ma nent nt in a another ship. a cargo ship sunk in another hurricane. hurricane joaquin. and el faro was lot of. and i think it's scary because a
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a a hurricane and lives weree lost. >> lynn: royal caribbean is also under federal vaismghts florida senator bill bill nelson calling for the ntsb to seek answers. >> the thing about this storm was it wa forecast for days, so why in the world were the cruise ship with thousands of passengers go sailing right into it? >> lynn: royal caribbean set companandoes not comment on pending litigation. at the news desk. lynn martinez. 7 news. >> belkeys: a repeat round of dris truks as a tornado out break stretch nooz a second full day. the tornado trouble spanning thousands of miles in more than a dozen states. >> craig: virginia latest to get hit with deadly resul. danielle knox in the plex with with this now. daelle. >> danielle: and guys, two
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and the damage is wide spread. another deadly round of storms pummeling states up a and down the east coast. >> he openene the front door and when he de did he said ma marks and i ran. >> danielle: two days of storm. over 50 tornadoes reported. seven killed and hundreds of thousands now without power in the last 48 hours. in virginia a state of emergency declared. tornadoes leaving dozens injured. several critically and four dead. this is tragic man. i ver seen nothing like this before. >> danielle: three people nay mobile home park killed including 2-year-old little boy. >> and powerful wind lift thrirg trailer 300-ya and slamming it into a church. >> our prayers go out to thehe three people that lost their life and we thank god. we wept throw a lot of damage but the church is still standing and we'll recover. >> >> danielle: cars crumpled
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>> the car were tossese about and i'm so sorry people were killed. >> and the tornado tearing down power lines and splitting trees trapping some in the wreckage. >> i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> reporter: >> danielle: three more o tornadoes touching down in the sunshine state packing ferocious winds n. noh carolina five tornadoes causing a path of destruction. four people inside this home when heavy rains and winds sent a massive tree toppling on to the room. the residents emerging safely. my heart goes out to smi one who lost their home or loved ones in this. >> danielle: the w%ather system leading to mass flight cancellations s d school closings in several states. live in the plex. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> >> craig: to politic now. a texas size debatee getting ready to hit the stage as republican presidential hopefuls gear up to face off.
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line. super tuesdayust day way. alex diprato with more on this. alex. >> reporter: and the steak are high belkeys. how the candidates form may affect how the voters choose on super tuesday. >> the final preps underway in houston for the debate. florida rubio and ohio govenor john kasich tguring the state of that noocht the big question now is any can any one stop dop ald trump? the front runner says he will be ready. >> we'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. so far every one that has tacked me has goned down. >> marco rubio has been tack trump. somethininloo that likely won't stop on the debate stage. the front runner in this race donald trump has ee liewted to the fact that he thinks parts o o obama care are pretty good. >> then ted cruz whos bas faced sufficient questions after failing to consolidate evangelical support in na vad and especially in south carolina.
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he is being treated unfairly. i'm curious how many reporters ask marco rubio after losing four states in a row so when do you drop out? and he is not running but 2012 republican nom 23450e mitt romney has thrown himself back into the discussion calling on donald trump top release his tax returns suggesting there could be a bombshell in there. there. either he is not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he what nt been paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pay. >> reporter: trump responding thursday morning mitt romney who is one of the dumbest and worse candidates in the history of politics is now pushing me on tax return. dope. rounding out t t debate stage john kasich and ben carson who still believe they have a way forward. >> well, donald trump has been talking a lot about building a wall on the u.s. mexico boarder
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former mexican president va sin that. bleep wall. he should pay for. it he has got the money. >> reporter: not mincing words there and coming up on 7 new at 6:00 there, say new poll out and it may surprise you to where donald trump and mark. >> o rubio stand, we'll have the numbers coming up on 7 news at six oivelgt l le in the news plex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> belkeys: reminder now is a great time to down load the seven voice yr choice app. a it has theaferg is happening on the campaign trail. it's available for eam and android devices. >> craig: and we havehis news alert now. getting word after a deadly discscery made in pompano beach. >> belkeys: nicole linsalata is live on the scene there to tell us more. nicole. >> reporter: well, bell key, i can tell you deputies have a lot
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we're in the area of 130 northeast 25th street off could pen road in pompano beach. i'm going to step out of way. you can see the scene. partf scene behind me in this residential neighborhood thru see bso has the crime scene investigative unit. this is what they are telling uts. they say at # they received a call in this neighborhood at the address i just gave you for shots fired. so the deputy shows up and he goes inside the home and finds a man inside the home dead but he was unable to tell if he been shot or something else happened. he as we as fchs and paramedics called farther units and then realized there were other folks in the house a well m those folks we're told are cooperati but exactly what they are telling deputies about what happened is still unclear. that is what we're being stole right now so a lot of questions. we know we have man who is in that house. he is dead and we're told he does notive in that howches
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talking to deputies about what they think may have happened. as soon as a we know more we'll bring to you. now reporting live in pompano beach. 7 news. thank. >> craig: much me coming up on 7 news. people without a place to call home night after a misiske lead tie dangerous fire. we're live in the next half hour. >> belkeys: a cold hearted act making a heartbreaking vacation. what happened on their plane coming up. >> craig: double trouble at sea after a fishing boat t nds up in trouble. >> belkeys: and wine, food and so much more. we'll take you out live to the south beach wine and food festival. check it out head at 6:00.
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>> belkeys: now at 5:00, a
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kicked off a flight. >> craig: and the family was told to get off. lynn has more. >> lynn: and this poor little giecht the family was told to get off the fght and that came from rude passenger ooze a family touching down in arizona after a uncomfortable experience after getting kicked off a flight that inded with a plawvmentd they why on the trip to washington to visit family because dad has can sempt but flight was interrupted before i 7-year-old giovanni's allergic reaction. i'm sorry. it's not my fault. >> he says it was another passenger's fault because of what was o in theirarry on. one has a dog and said no way. i'm not get ofght plane with my dog. giovanni is allerc to dogs. he began to get itchy and get highs. the mom informed the flight a ten dapt which delayed the take off. the family never expected what happened next.
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they got up and gathered to get their stuff and as they did mem on the the plane began to clap crushing leigh little geo van next. now they are trying turn something terrible in alive lesson. a man's call for courtesy say a message he leave behind as the family prepares to move on. the airline allegiance has been in contact with the family and offered a apologies for that experience and inconvenience. in the newsplex. lynn martinene 7 news. >> lynn: people clapped? what is the mat we are people sph? >> craig: a yeah, something else. a caca up in flames. a texas police officer going a above and beyond the call of duty here. >> belkeys: a controversial proposal to drill for florida up for debate. >raig: and stay tune for a sneak peak on what is to cop on one of fox's hottest show coming back soon. we'll see what might be coming around the bend for ckie and friends.
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>> >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> >> phil: and we're starting out with a cold stremple mere that will stretch in through the weekend. high pressure building in a all across the region and again mostly sunny through sunday. as far as any rainfall is concerned or dry. at least through the early part of next week, our next best chance for rainfall will be on
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how about those temperature? colder temperature head. average low was 63 degrees. right now saturday morning appear to be the coldest morning of this stretch so farar here is the storm tracker. dry every where. and again the moisture that we had yesterday long gone. it should remain dry throughout the weekend. it is really going to be days. here's the marine forecast for tonight. small craft scer sigh caution. 20 knot winds. biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for you throughout the florida keys, adviser rirks do to the wind and seas, coastal waters rough. next high tide 10:31. 10:26 in fort lauderdale. key rar got the next high tide 10:54. 11:41. key west. clear skies and a knight nice breeze. uldn't be surprised to seat upper 40s in the with western suburb. tomorrow cool sunshine. dry, highs upper 60s to the low 50e6789s hers your
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again, saturday could be the cot coldest morning fort strempleg but by next week we're back up into the 80s for highs. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> >> craig: that is it for this edition of 7 news at 5:00. thank you for watching. i'm craig stevens.
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raich keep it here. 7 news at five 30e is next. >> craig: see youat 6:00. >> a.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. a. >> danielle: and good evening everybody. we begin with this devoping story. we're talking about a death investigation in poll pompano beach. a fatal shooting at a home there. >> >> lynn: it is our top story on the scene and nicole whrin whrin has an update on what is going on. nicole. >> reporter: we, lynn, it's a confusion one. we're at 130 northeast 56th 56th street in pompano beach. that's the house where all this is hpening. let me step out of way. you can see this largely pompano beach. this is what police deputies say they know at this point. they say a little after 2:00 they got a call that the fired. a deputy showed up along with paraheadache and reride that


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