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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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starts now. real-time cled captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. and there is a live look outside our north bay village studios on this chilly morning. let's gate check on the recast. >> diana: meteorologist karlene chavis is in the weather center. >> karlene: good morning. we are not in the coldest air yet. as we go into tomorrow, we will be right back in the 40ss first thing. we're talking mid to upper 40s and qe will feel a chill in the weekend forecast and sundayy slight warmup back in the 50s for the overnight lows and then the upper 70s for the daytime highs. taking a look at current temperatures, 61 degrees in key west. an as wereak down the day, we are talking about a high of 69 degree, limited chances of rain showers throughouou the day as we have dry air in place. it is pretty quiet as far as rain showers, nothing as well as clouds. we are looking for a mostly
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coming up. just days after a six-year-old boy was shot and killed in front of his home, two more teens are hit by gunfire. and the community says they have had enough of the violence plaguing their streets. >> diana: and ty push for change. we begin with an arresting development in one of those shootings. 7's omar lewis is live at jackson memorial hospital this morning with the details. >> omar: good morning. the miami-dade police department said progress has been made because an arrest has been made in connection to one of the cases. no one is celebrating. while one teenager is recovering here in the hospital, another will never get that chance. a young man's name is spelled out in a loving tribute in the very spot where he went down after being shot a day earlier. people marching and praying to honor the murdered 17-year-old david and all the other people shot in miami-dade county. >> our commumuty they're afraid
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>> reporter: his mother came out through the unbearable pain. david was shot wednesday on 71st street and 14th avenue before lives. they envieted 7 news into their home thursday morning. >> somebody came out of the car an shot him. and how far away were you when he was shot? >> right down the street. we c c't keep losing people. >> reporter: then this's what happened to the now hospitalized 16-year-old gordon. an arrest warrant obtaibed by 7 news said 27-year-old gilbert was pickedd up in connection with gordon's shooting. he was shot in the knee on 75th and 19th avenue. >> he could be gone. (inaudible) all i can think about is going through my head. >> he collapsed on my porch and i drug him inside.
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of street violence and taking an a toll on the community. >> if you have problem are, come together. go to the person parent, let them no what's going on. why you pull guns on people, man. >> everybody got their fingers in the dam and what's going to happen the wall's going to come down. >> we just need justice and hike help our family out. >> reporter: they are trying to determine if those two shootings are connected. one thing isor sure they need more people from the community to call in and give those tips f. you know something, if you saw something, pick up the phone and call miami-dade crime stoppers 305-471-tips. live in miami, omar lewis, today in florida. meanwhile, a community continues to mourn the loss of a six-year-old taken by gunfire.
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held for king caer. >> get your child the help they need. they're growing up to be killers and this is just not right.t. >> reporter: a passionate cry to p stop the violence. more than 100 people rallying behind the family of king carter behind the complex where he was gun down. >> a baby, a baby. my son was six. >> reporter: he was walking for candy when gunfire erupted at 112th avenue. carter hit by a stray bullet. the call to end gun violence stopping traffic marching down 103rd street. many carrying signs that read justice for kids. >> it's like a sword that won't ever heal. it's a sword. it's painful. and it's real. and`these guys still killing one another.
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>> reporter: the march coming to an enat this growing memorial. >> the court appearance just after his murder. >> reporter: a facebook fight push 18-year-old leonarded a adams and mr. presley to this a apartment complex. presley was on probation and wearing a gps monitor. >> we arenot going any where. >> reporter: and king's family vowing to do everything they can to keep other families from feeling the loss like theirs >> speak up. they could be your kid. and when it's your kid and you standing in my shoes you want somebody to sak up. >> reporter: and king carter's family said they will be focussing on his fuel set to take place today. porting in miami-dade, walter morris, today in florida.
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bringing calls for change. community leaders and some of those lost loved ones speaking out their familili. we will have more ahead on that at 5:30. and we have an a news alert to tell you about with a police investigation in miami. >> diana: 7's alex de armas has the very latest for us. >> reporter: we can tell you that we arealong northwest 42nd avenue and 8th street and there are at least a dozen police cars here and officers with investigators as well trying to investigate something hereful we just got here to the scene. i can tell you within the crime scene i see at least two police cars and that car right now, i want to show you has a blown out window there. there's more damage to the car. i've seen detectives with their flashlights taking a closer look at this car. again, a lot of activity here on
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we are working to get more informatio an active scene here. as soon as we go anything else we will bring it to you. in the city of miami, alex de armas, today in florida. after year's long civil rights investigation, the miami police department and justice department have reached an agreement in ways of reducing police-involved shootings. the department has agreed to better supervised patrol officer, enhanced trainin on how the de-escalate situations when police arrive on the scene, improve internal affairs investigation and allow for monitoring of all investigations. the department will be monitored for compliance over the next four years. a possible south florida connection to a mass shooting in kansas. a police officer near wichita is being hailed a a hero for stopping a series of shootings in an a fact toy. he killed four peoplen an wounded 14 otherss before being shot. the shooter stormed the factory
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>> we heard a pop, pop an thought it was metal falling on the ground t. doors open people screaming coming out going the front and they said no he's to the frontnt and everybody started going to the back over here. >> diana: low ecal media identifying him as cedric ford. his facebook page says he's origin fally from miami. thegop presidential candidates faced off last night in ther last debate before super tuesday. >> diana: and while five squared off, two took center stage. christine cruzs in the plex with those highlights. christine: as you mentioned, thereay have been five men on stage, but for most of the debate we saw two. marco rubio going after donald trump, attacking him on the hiring of illegal workers and ha he says is trump's lack of a
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first hear trump respond to former mexican president, mr. fox, who used an exmre sieve saying mexico would never pay for a wall on the border. >> i will and the wall just got ten-feet taller, believe me. i saw him make that -- i saw him make the statement. i saw him use the word that he used. i can only tell you, if i would have used half of that word, it would have been national scandal. this guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television and should be ashamed of himself and should apologize. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers, he will be using illegal immigrants to do itit >> such a cute sound byte. >> second thing about the trade war, the ties and clothes you china.
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>> why don't you make them in america? >> you don know a thing about business. i watch them repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i thought you were repeating yourself five seconds ago. >> i watch him... >> let's talk about your plans. >> he says five things. everyo's dumb, make america great, win, win, win, lines are around the table every night. >> donald gave over $50,000 to three democratsnd two republicans. when you're funding open border politicians, you shouldn't be surprised when you fight for open borders. i think if you want to know who will secure the borders and follow through, you ought to ask who has a record before they were candidate for president to
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i'm the only one on this stage that has that record. >> reporter: watching the debate last night, former president george bush and first lady. the primary here in florida is march 15th. coming up, we will show you the current standings of the gop candidates in the sunshine state f. you haven't done so already, now is a good time to download the voice wrour choice app always updated with the campaign trail. in the plex, christine cruz. president obama traveling to florida today. he's scheduled to visit a battery plant in jacksonville. he will tour the plant where he will also talk about the progress the american economy has made since he signed the
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the latest official count manatee showing more than 6,000 marine mammals in south florida. the florida fish an wildlife commission saying the count this year an last year are the only two times where manatee population exceeded 6,000. this count does, however, not represent the minimal numb per since many of the manatees go undetect td. after haas year's count, the wildlife service announced their position to reclassify the federal status fromendangered to threatened. good news there. coming up next, have merc the spin off of full house hitting the web. we will tell you all about it in the morning trend. and dream come true for a five-year-old boy battling a rare disease. the story how he got to meet his hero when we return. if well, an a a dip in the jet stream has much of the nation feeling a chill this morning. we have our own south florida chill.
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not the warm spot on the p map. that's los angeles at 59.
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dj asking for help to raising her three boys. all episodes are available to netflix subscribers with some familiar faces coming back. good morning, south florida side. winds are picking up, 12 in key west, 7 miles per hour currently a little bit less with conditions picking up in fort lauderdale and miami. the gust u.s. are also picking up in the keys currently in the 20s. taking a look at the big view.
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much of the nation seeing a push for clouds of the pacific northwest along the coastline. we have snow moving from illinois now exiting moving toward boston. the northeast seeing some snow. we're going to stay on the mostly dry side as we're on the backside of a front moving out. with that being said, a dip in the jet stream bringing much cooler temperatures. we are off to a cool start and haven't seen anything yet. the 40s will return first thing tomorrow morning. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 40s. dry condition wills stick around as highh pressure, the dominant force going into the weekend. we're going to stay on the cal side, below normal and then trend, a little bit of a warming trend, still in the 70s as we go into sunday, and we could have sprinkle or two right off the northeast breeze going into your sunday. beach an boating, while we do have a small-craft advisory in place, also keep in mind that there's no risk of rip currents
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if anything going into today. biscayne bay will be choppy. small-craft advisory in place for the key, coastal waters rough. next high tide in miami at 10:45 and key west this morning at 11:53. so nice, cool, y. going to be a putful day. it will be in the 70s for the most part across the board, upper 60s in the keys and clear an cold night. we're going to be -- now models are suggesting upper 40s and low 50s. upper 40s we will feel in tin land areas and stay dry. taking a look at the forecast t chill will be in the air going into the weekend forecast and back in the 80s as soon as tuesday. and straight ahead on today in florida. a new study showing that a classic breakfast food is on the decline.
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and milk. welcome back. it w w a dream come true for a five-year-old meeting a valuable player. >> diana: rosh lowe shows us what he will never forget in this edition of the lowe down. >> reporter: sean kennedy is
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for his life. >> he has brain cancer and an it's very rare, rare form of pediatric brain cancer. he's in for a big fight because it is inoperable. sese has always had a dream to meet his hero basketball great stefan curry, the star player for the golden state warriors. wednesday night that dream came true. stef is sean's idol and not only to get to meet him but spend time with him, joke around is unfathomable. >> reporter: this wasn't just a momentary meeting. he sat with sean and his brother before the game. >> they hung out with him at least 45 minutes after. >> reporter: this is the man responble for the once-in-a-lifetime family. mike, a friend of thearrior head coach. >> they were just tremendous. >> reporter: curry gav more
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he gavee him a pair of his game shoes and signed them. look at those, sean. what is that, what is your name? shawn. >> who gave you these? >> curry. >> reporter: he said one day he will meet the super star's kids. he had another message. > keep being brave. >> keep being brave because you're a brave little boy. we met up with this family as they were about to go home. they will never forget this trip. one act of kindness and goodness niagara falls, new york. he leaves with those shoes and message he will hold close to his heart.
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game, when curry hit a big three to seal the victory for the war yards for the hat and hits a big shot, he points to the heavens and so does shawn. >> do that again, shawn. what does stef do? we're going to prayer and keep this little boy in your prayers. >> reporter: rosh lowe, 7 news. >> how special is that? >> great story. coming up, community members say they've had enough. residents gathering to stop the gun violence in south florida. plus we've gotot the latest numbers from the polls. see which way the sunshine state
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white house. that i today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. a news alert this morning, shots fired in a south florida neighborhood. >> diana: this morning the demand for action andustice are growing louder. police combing for clues after aeadly discovery inside a home. and cruise that some passengers say turned into a nightmare and now has royal caribbean facing a wave of legal trouble.


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