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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. off theop this noon, a busy highway shut down affecting problems on 836 to i 395. >> christine: elitsa bizios is on the ground with an update. >> reporter: good afternoon, ladiesnd we are going to show you a live look. the guys are prepping this area. what happened right here last night is when reports first came in a closure happening just before 8 o'clock this morning, all p lanes from 836 east to 395 east, they are shut down. what happened, a bridge joint came out of place. this areaere eastbound lanes of 395 just west of biscayne boulevard.
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area is unsafe. right now, it is a hurry up and waitituation with hopes that the main repair equipmenthat they need will get here soon. we're anticipating it will be open before rush hour. they're basically saying they haveo get the equipment in here, fix the roadway and once we get the okay from the engineer that the roadway is safe, we will be happy to open the roadway. >> reporter: as as of now,@ the troopers are not telling us how this happened, how this thing came undone from this lane here that's being called a bridge joint. last night is when the reports first started coming in. there were f@ur cars damaged. flat rims, flat tires. this is why this road has been shut down because of the b bdge joint over here coming undone. if you have to get to the
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so once again, it is a hurry up and wait situation. they're waiting for that essential equipment to come in. you heard from the trooper there they're hoping they can get there here in time to reopen the roadways at 4 o'clock. for now, we are live in miami, elitsa bizios, 7 news. and our team coverage continues with a look from above helping drivers get around it. >> christine: 7's ralph rayburn is above the scene to help get around it. >> traffic reporter: and you know whis road is one that of many that funnels peoplento the port of miami. 836 meets395. that is thisser is ya hereful instead of coming eastbound on 395, they have to go i-95 northbound or southbound. you can see the traffic backup we estimatee is about a mile
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if you'r' going to be using 836 to try and get to 395, you can go north on i-95 to the tuttle causeway, that's 195 and then over to the beach. you can go southbound or get off at north miami avenue exit or biscayne boulevard exit if you have business in downtown or brickle area. that's the story fromm skyforce hd, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. now at noon, police arresting another teen in connection with the shooting death of a x-year-old boy. three teens now behind bars following the child tragedy. >> christine: the details of the case and the victims in the community, they say they've had enough. omar lewis is live with more. >> omar: good afternoon. the police tell us that the third suspect in the killing of king carter is just 16 years old himself. they have arrested him and booked him into jail.
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warning saying an arrest doesn't take away the pain. miami-dade police say they've gotten a full confession from 16-year-old tamar, a third teen arrested for the murder of king carter. the innocent six-year-old ultimadely lost his life over a feud that started on facebook, a dispute detectives tell us involved 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old erwin presley and 16-year-old tamar t. three owe fighting against someone named juju. they decided to take the dispute from online to on the street, showing up looking for him at this apartment complex on northwest 12th avenue and 103rd street. that's when investigators say a shootout between juju and the trio began. >> you see kids out here and still shot.
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middle of it all, king carter shot walking to store to buy candy. >> reporter: the spot he was killed is marked with teddy bears and balloons and notes of love. seeing him on the ground is something he can't get out of his head. >> i'm scarred. some sometimes, since that happen, i don't really sleep. i may go to sleep and wake back up. sometimes i just sit outside. >> reporter: the news of another arrest comes days after those who knew king carter gathered to mourn and march. >> a baby, a baby. my baby was six. >> like a sword that won't ever heal, like a sore. it's painfnf. >> reporter: now face charges for attempted murder and second-degree murder as the focus turns to fighting juju. >> anybody elsls who have something to do with this, turn
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if you don't, god will deal with you. karma comes q qckly nowadays. >> reporter: and police are looking for a black 1999 lexus g 6-300 f. youave any information about either of those whereabouts, pick up the phone and call crime stoppers 305-47tips. we're told that the tamar will appear in juvenile court. they're planning king's funeral tomorrow and will have a viewing later tonight. this happened in northwest miami-dade, omar lewis, 7 news. a man behind bars accused of shooting a teen ager. gilbert taken@into custody. he is charged with murder for the shooting of gordon. he was shot in the knee o 75th street wednesday evening. he was taken to jmh where he continues to recover.
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person who shot david theame night just blocks away. they are have not confirm t t the the shootings are connected. if you have any information out that case, the number to call is 305-471-tips. alsoin the news today, a traffic stop trouble here for a miami police officer. someone inside a car opening fire and 7's alex de armas is live in miami where four men were taken into custody. >> reporter: well it's been miami. a police officer was shot at several times. now four people are in custody. gunshots ring out early friday morning in this miami neighborhood. the target ark city of miami police officer. >> it's a crazy world. and sleep and be awakened by gunshots. >> reporter: surveyillance video capturing the moment this driver stops.
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the officer follows. >>hen i woke up, my heart was beaten and i was pretty afraid. i was thinking what is happening out there and was that directed to us, something else? >> reporter: that as off was not shot. he never fired his gun. >> it was a a chaotic situation. >> reporter: it started when the officir tried making a traffic stop here an 4th avenue. >> there are four subjects in the vehicle. one exits the vehicle and shoots at the officers several times. we don't know why this violent action, it's something tha has us very worried. >> bam, bam, bam and heard the cop cars and look out the window and saw t t cops chasing somebody. >> reporter: the car took off and stoed at lejeune road near northwest 9th street. that's where you can see a blown out window and bullet holes in this car. here's video of the four suspects, two men and two women as they're handcuffed and in custody.
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weren't hurt. >> no, no, thank god . all my kids and family safe. >> reporter: again, that afternoon. we are still waiting to get the names of those four people in custody. they're facing several charges. reporting live in the city of miami, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. south florida getting another taste of winter with temperatures down in the 50s and could get colder by the weekend. >> diana: and live look outside our north bay village studio where is we will be feeling the 40s. >> christine: meteorologist karlene chavis is in the weather sen twer the details. >> karlene: that's rite. we are looking at a cool saturday. it will be the coldest day in your 7 on 7 forecast. inland areas in the upper 40s as well as low 50s right around the coastal areas. we're going to slowly warm up as
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weekend next week. taking a look at temperatures, pretty consistent at 69 degrees, fort lauderdale also and key west 68 degrees in west kendall. taking a look at the storm tracker radar, it has been dry. it has been mostly clear. it is beautiful as we go into the friday forecast. pretty nice out there. as we woke up, we are talking about temperatures in the 50s across the board, 56 degree this is morning, miami, 54 in fort lauderdale, 60s in the keys. days. we're going to stay on the cool side this weekend and once again in the low 50s, upper 40s for first thing tomorrow morning, inland areas and then we're going to slowly start to warm up as we go into the week ahead. what about the daytime hiems? 80s are right around the corner. i will let you know when coming up. also on 7, police identifying the killer who went on a rampage inside a company in kansas. now we're learning more about
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including convictions right here in south florida. 7's ashley jones is live at the news desk to fill us in. >> ashley: police in kansas say four people including the shooter killed, 14 others injured. and turns out police in miami-dade and broward counties are no stranger to him. the sheriff identifying the gunman as cedric ford, a 38-year-old plant worker who had several convictions in florida over the last decade. they included burglary, grand theft, fleeing from an officer, aggravated fleeing, carrying a concealed weapon all from broward and miami-dade counties. local media in kansas reporting his facebook page says he's originally from miami. >> mr. ford residing in newton, kansas, had been served pfa, protection order at 3:30 that afternoon. 3:30 gets served, 5 o'clock we
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>> reporter: an a series of attacks in the small town, the crime scene scattered over several areas. one crime scene the plant where the shooter worked. >> we heard a pop, pop an thought it was metal falling on the ground. doors open people screaming saying go to the front and everybody turned around saying no he's out front so they started going right over here. >> we have 14 people in various hospitals newson medical center, wesley and st. francis. they range from stable to critical and one going into surgery as we speak. >> repter: heston is about 35 miles north of wichita and community of about 3700 residents. on thursday, it was the scene of a law enforcement presence as
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exell plant. employees who made it out alive are in disbelief of what p happened. >> our hearts go out to our employees and families who are enduring this tragedy. >> repter: and investigators say ford did not appear to be targeting specific individuals. he was instead shooting at random. in the plex, ashley jones, 7 news. a t coast guard rescued ree men sailing from turks and cay kos hen their catamaran began taking on water. they were rescued miles north of the dominican republic and transferred to puerto rico in good health. president obama putting his trip to florida on his agenda today. he's visit@ing an advanced battery plant in jacksonville.
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the stimulus package. he signed the plan shortly after taking office. it was aimed to help recover from the 2008 recession. and new polls show where the democrats stand heading into their florida faceoff. >> diana: according to university, hillary clinton holds a lead over bernie sanders. the former secretary of state has 59 percent support, the senanar 33. majority. of women support clinton and majority of young voters are backing sanders. >> christine: and now to the rest of the debate, the latest facing off. joel has the latest. >> reporter: with super tuesday four days away the tension among the candidates was palable during the campaign of the season.
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fiveve times four weeks ago. >> reporter: marco rubio trailing donald tru by double digits tussles over everything. the appealing of obamacare bringing the two to crescendo. >> he says five things. >> reporter: ted cruz finished third in the last three contests and leads in texas also piled on trump about his unwillingness to release tax returns before trump fired back >> this guy is an a joke artist and liar. >> reporter: what's become a typical response from an a typical person. >> they're rushing to camp up with trump. >> reporter: ben carson going mostly unnoticed pleading to get
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>> can someone attack me please? >> reporter: bernie sanders hitting hillary clinton hard. >> i have not given speeches to wall street for hundreds of thousands. >> christine: and if you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download the voice your choice app. and ordering enforcement of a law requiring women to wait 24 hours before terminating pregnancy. did not have enough facts or evidence and victims of rape, incest or human trafficking, but opponents say it is a woman's
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and needed, a ittle boy meeting his hero in the lowe down. and annual awards dinner taking place in south florida. 7 news there to@ take home a big prize. and we have an event for you on this weekend. on sunday, we have tour de broward taking place at miramar regional park. we're talking 7 a a. to 1 p.m. mother nature is cooperating. we will be on the cool side but no rain chances going into your sunday forecast and high of 74.
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up. parts of 395 shut down and causing big problems this noon. >> diana: and could affect everyone headed to the beach for a big event. ralph rayburn to tell us more. >> traffic reporter: keeping an eye on things for you, the constructi crew that's working here continues to pour cement and do repairs to this joint. it is part of the 395 overpass to goes over to miami beach. the people being affected, the drivers being affected are those that use the 836 expressway coming from the west to east. that's this roadway here, goes over the river there. you can see the traraic backup eabound. that is the only lane, the only two lanes blocked by florida highway patrol as you come
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get over to south beach food and wine festival that all of the events that start at 1 o'clock, you can still use i-95 coming southbound or going northbound. but you'll avoid this area because 395 is open in that area. on the 836 expressway, you're not going to be able to do that. you have to go north on i-95 or south on i-95 and fd an exit. they're suggesting that you use the tuttle, the julia tuttle or the jfk causeway right near channel #, you can get over to the beach. florida department of transportation, folks say they expect these repairs to be done very close to rush hour this afternoon. of course, we will be back up checking out that situation for yoyo that's our story from skyforce hd, i'm ralph rayburn reporting live. it was a dream come true for a five-year-old boy meeting the
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>> diana: roshh lowe shows us how he was left with a gift and h@ is saj he will never forget. it's today'sowe down. >> reporter: shawn kennedy is five years old and in fight for his life. >> he has a brain cancer, a very, very rare form of pediatric braim cancer. and he's inor a big fight becausus it is inoperable. >> repepter: shawn has always had a dream to meet his hero, stefan curry of the golden state warriors. that dream came true. >> he wanted to meet him, spend time with him and joke around, hang out with him is unfathomable. >> reporter: this wasn't just a momentary meeting. they sat with him. >> hung out with him for at
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>> reporter: this is the man responsible for the once-in-a-lifetime meeting, mike, a friend of the warrior head coach. >> stef and all the guys were just tremendous. >> reporter: he gave more than his time to shawn. he gave him game shoes and signed them. >> whoa, stef's shoes, shawn. look at that. what is that >> my name. >> who gavav you these? >> stef curry. >> reporter: he said one day he would meet the super star's kids and had another message. >> keep being brave. >> keep being brave because you're a brave little boy. >> reporter: we met up withfamily as they were departing about to go home.
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because one act of kindness is go so far. new york. he leaves with those ses and message and memories of the game when curry hit a big 3 to seal the victory for the warriors against the heat. and curry hits a big shot, he points to the heavens. and so does shawn. >> do that again, shawn. do that again. what does stef do? >> we're going to include this little boy in prayers. action. and student pulled from a
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fine out how old he really is. the seminole boat parade held their annual awards party. winners for different categories during the parade. >> tonight is a huge celebration for all of those that put in extra effort. we have boaters new this year that maybe didn't win but they're ihvited to see what it takes to be a winner and hopefullll they will win next year. we have all of our corp. pratt sponsors. it takes a village. we're able to celebrate everybody that hemmed us and we'r'r so grateful.
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president bob was there. good afternoon, south florida. this afternoon we're still on the dry side. we can anticipate that going into the weekend. it's going to be gorgeous out there. mostly quiet conditions. radar quiet and temperatures in the 60s. 68 in bimini and 69 degrees in fort lauderdale, 69 in key west. the wind speeds are picking up. they calmed down a little bit in key west under 10 miles an hour and marathon and miami, bimini's at 15, 9 in fort lauderdale, the gusts picking up aswell. 18 miles per hour with current wind b gusts in miami and into the 20s for bimini and naples and 16 currentedly in key west. we have dry air in place right behind a resent front that front soggy conditions. things start to clear out nicely and we will keep that trend going. right behind the front, cooler
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we will see plenty of sunshine. those temperatures will be on the cool side as we go into t t weekend for tomorrow morning. first thing tomorrow morning we will have overni lows over the inland areas, 50s along the coast an daytime highs in the 70s. we're going to warm up with the wind shifts more out of the northeast an east next week and that will bring the return of the 80s as soon as tuesday. so going into today, there is a moderate risk of rip currents at the local beach, boaters use cautioio biscayne bay at a moderate chop. also small crafted a sizery is in place for the keys, waters are roughing up a little bit more as they are chop by the coastal wers and winds north between 10 to 20 knotsful next high tide i i miami will be -- actually has passed. the low tide will be at 4:37 this afternoon an ten for the low tide for key west will be at 5:58his afternoon. going into later on, daytime
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part, upper 60s for the keys,, overnight lows in the 50s and inland areas inhe 40s. your 7 on 7 forecast has gradual warmup for tuesday and wednesday. a trip to paradise sling into troubled waters. as 7's lynn martinez report, some passengers are accusing royal caribbean of negligence in a class-action lawsuit. >> reporter: passengers taking action against royal caribbean. more than 4500 passengers aboard anthem of the seas when it sails into storms earlier this month. some accusing theompany of t literally putting their lives in danger. >> what we've come to learn and know publicly that they knowingly and intentionally sailed into essentially a hurricane. they did that know inging they were putting 45,000 people's leaves at risk.
12:31 pm
the suit claims that the company was only thinking abo money. >> concurrent with the leaving t noaa said there would be going to be hurricane-force winds. the cise left pause that's how they make their money. >> some of the collateral damage from the storm. they tried to keep the water out, squishy, some of the rails are broken. >> reporter: the cabin tolol them to stay in their cabins. >> if you've never been on a cruise before, this is reminiscent to hurricane joaquin that sunk in october. >> i think it's particularly more scary because it was months
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and 33 crew members died in an eerily similar situation. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson calling on the ntsb to seek answers. >> the thing about this storm was it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruisepship with thousands of passengers go sail right i io it? >> reporter: lynn martinez, 7 news. >> christine: royal caribbean saying the company does not comment on pending litigation. changes coming to subway the company adding antibiotic free chicken to its menu. it's becoming the firstst fast food chain to make the change in all stores. the sandwich will be available startiti march 1. coming up next from the plex, it looked like a mythical
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the's a perfectly good explanation behind the magical sight. and surf's up is just right for extreme competition. (stock market bell) >> and we are watching wall street this noon. the dow is up about 10 points. the nasdaq is up 21. and the s&p is p 21 points. 7 news at noon is coming right
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# eastbound 836 shut down because of a piece of road that needs urgentnrepair. traffic very backed up. you can still get on 395 from 95 north south. and an arrest in the
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king carter. the suspect is 16-year-old tamar. he and two others open fire catching the little boy in the cross fire saturday. the gunfight trigggged by argument on social media. investigators are looking for fourth personful and four men behind bars after one of thempen fire on a miami officer during a traffic stop the bullets flying at northwest 9th street and 42nd avenue t. officer did not fire back and was not hurts. ps bes taking a look across country now. a 43-year-old man taken to jail for posing as high schoo student. arthur, a ukrainian national changed his name to asher potts. parents and students at the school say they are shocked. >> his mentality, level of
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girls in the school that are minors and underage and basically a grown man in here miepresenting himself. >> he's an adult. that'sp scary. >> police say he stayed in the states after his visa expired. he's charged with identity theft and tampering with public records. there were plenty of pups to go around wednesday in minnesota. the humanan society flying 42 pups to minneapolis to be rescued. the dogs are adopted within days once they make that big move. they're so cute. and surfer hitting the waves for epic win in honolulu. john-john winning the surfing competition. they tackled 60-feet waves here to take home the ultimate title
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he is the youngest surfer ever to win that competition. >> christine: that blows my mind. how do you probleming for for at? >> diana: not around here you don't. a fairy tale ending led
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ps bes a little girl reunited with her pony after it caused quiui the stir through the streets of california. people couldn't believe their eyes hen they saw a tiny unicorn roaming the area. >> dna: the owner returning hole getting thehe fairy tale
12:41 pm
ashley jones with this story. >> ashley: that pony wasn't quite the mythical creature theyy thought it was but led police on a chase they won't soon forget. this is julie et. >> i love my pony. she likes apples and carrots. >> ashley: she makes a child's eam come true. she appears being a real life unicorn and poses pictures for a living. >> she got afraid and pulled it out of the guy's hand and then she runned away. >> reporter: people driving down avenue 12th calald 911 with an unlikely story. >> the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around onh the roadway.
12:42 pm
mythical animals people don't nor pally see them. >> she was kind of running amuck in orchards with white blooms and she kind of blended in. she's not real tall and turned out to be stealthier thane imagined >> reporter: a heart-breaking scene. i was afraid and we hadded to catch her in the dark. >> reporter: with the chp helicopter shining its spotlight, she rode in on her horse shady. they're old friendsful >> they had met before. i just kind of kind of walked off and luckily we had the other resident there to get us on the property and get in an inclosed spot. >> the call came out that the unicorn was in custody. i think as intense as the situation was that this was the comedic relief needed at the
12:43 pm
i laughed and cried and thank god. >> reporter: with nobody hurt, it's a fairy tale endingor this pony. she has explaining to . >> she got into time out because she was being a bad pony. >> ashley: the unicorn was in custody. theydded that she was no worse for wear but a little sore for running five miles. ashley jones, 7 news. >> you know, sometimes you have to tell people there are no unicorns out there. >2> 7 news at noon not over yet. coming up next. >> olympic dreams coming up. >> i'm mike dipasquale. your f fst place florida panthers get a key player back as they look to extend their
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highlights against the coyotes are coming up. and seems to be a sense of
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details later in 7 sports.what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun.
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or fly down a waterslide. with chooso your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, thth add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. let's make this one for the books. >> christine: police thriller
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plus an inspiring hero skiing his way into hearts around the world and battle of gods. here's what is at the movies. >> ages have passed since the gods walk among us. >> reporter: gods of egypt is about a mortal warrior taking on the god of darkness to restore peace in egypt. the gods of old egypt clash in a tale of good and evil. gods ofgypt is rated pg 13. >> survive out here you... >> reporter: triple 9, shows us that sometimes the hind between right and wrong can be a bit hazy at best.
12:48 pm
cops blackmailed into a heist. >> it's about a group of corrupt cops being controlled by the russian mafia. triple 9 is rated r. eddy the eagle bed on the true story of the most belove bad ski jumper in olympic history. the inspirational movie looks at the life of underdog ski jumper, who wouldn't let anything stand in the way of his olympic dreams, even if it led himh along the way. he knew about eddy since he was 19. >> in australia, we were captivated by eddy because he's kind of poster child and something we hold high in
12:49 pm
eddie the eagle is rated pg 136789 dead pool holding onto the top spot and these three movie wills be looking to dethrone it. topping the buzz, justin bieber bieber's dad is getting married. some friends recording him popping the question. sources say justin is all for his soon to be step mom but no word if he will get the wedding singer gig. and bobby brown and his wife are expecting a baby and just had a girl seven months ago and also have a sun. bobby brown's daughter with whitney houston died last year. and company wants4to reclaim owned.
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august and jenner was seen driving it at birthday party and denied it was actual present. it was a hockey night in south florida. first place florida p pthers ended in six-game home stand against the arizona coyotes. campbell fands vincent in front. 18th of the season. career assist tied at one. stay that had way mid way through the season. welcome back sasha, 2-1 panthers. four minutes in. and jas r, 18th of the season. career high, he misses time and he's better than ever. andd roberto standing on his head. and making saves all over the place. panthers win.
12:51 pm
five points. big night f r alexander. >> i felt pretty good. couple of goals off the line and great to get back into action and win this game. >> mike: we hoped to get an update with chris bosh during the charity event. and dwyane wade and his wife was there. chris bosh did attend the event but dd not talk to the media. there seems to be a seasons of optimism regarding his health status while he deals with another blood clot. >> they are continuing to find ways and an explore options. that's the best way to deal with it. and it's not my position. you know, he's friend of mine and all i care about is how he's feeling in his every day life. basketball comes secondary when
12:52 pm
hope he's feeling good and positive and from there is a decision he will have to make. the heat are off until they begin back-to-back games saturday and new york knicks sunday. dwyane wade season high 32 against golden state. a lot of guys are stepping up while this team makes for healthy bodies may be that way for a while. >> we don't have excuses. we also, our plan is six or nine guys will be better. we try to be aggressive and win a lot of games. lady canes hosting tenth ranked louisville. cardinals on a 21-0 run. in transition, home finale of
12:53 pm
3a finals. hoop and foul, westminster loses title game. pga tour n florida swing continues today with rlund two of the classic in palm beach gardensful highlights at six. i'm mike dipasquale. have a great day, everyone. bes we're following a news alert. live pictures now of chris christie thehe standing next to donald trump. the reason is the new jersey governor is endorsing the new jersey front runner in his run for the presidency. chris christie dropping out of the race after a weak showing in resent polls.
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right back. >> karlene: good afternoon, south florida. dry temperatures on the radar. 68 degrees in marathon, wind speeds picking up at 10 miles per hour in miami, also in marathon, 9 miles per hour in fort lauderdale but those gusts are also picking up as well in the teens for miami as well as key west. we have t breeze out of the northwest, dry air in place and as well cool temperatures. we're going to have the temperatures for tomorrow morning, overnight lows that
12:57 pm
50s and warming trend as we go into the week ahead or excuse me medium risk, moderate risk at the beach, use caution for both, small-craft advisory for the keys. back in the 80s by tuesday. and that is 7 news at noon. thank you for watching. i'm christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diaz. hope you have a nice weekend. stay warm. see you back here monday morning.
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company. >> today on "fablife"... "fablife's" red carpet awards special! >> i wasn't expecting this. i didn't have anything prepared. >> with giuliana rancic. have you had awkward celebrity moments on the carpet? (laughing) >> you guys are giving my secrets away. >> the biggest fashion misses and giving them our own red-carpet re-do plus, the legend himself, wolfgang puck. >> yououet all these recipes i cook for the oscars. look at that. >> oh.n. >> oh, boy. >> it's our oscars show, so i'm taking you guys behind the scenes for all of the academy awards hustle. come on, let's go. donatella! i'm rushing back right now. how's the mood? how's she doing? i didn't-- did you know we had no gas? >> it said 35 miles, and then it went down to-- it's gone down to 10. >> you never see a gas station when you need one. >> i know, yeah. >> it's all going up in flames.


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