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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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festival. >> hello and good evening everybody. the turnpike turned into a virtual parking lot. >> belkeys: not fun. elitsa bizios with the update. elitsa. >> reporter: belkeys, such a headache for so many drivers. we've all been stuck in traffic we don't want to be stuck in but today was an exceptionally bad day dor for drivers the roads renopg miami just before 4:00 in the afternoon on friday but not before this. >> we have here a mess. >> reporter: a major traffic nightmare a a day. >> drivers stuck and frustrated ood an terrible, terrible, terrible. >> i'm already 25 minutes late for work so not goo >> reporter: florida highway patrol has had to assist and close the roadway. >> reporter: all lines from 836 tees east to 395 east shut down because of this steel beam known as a bridge joint coming choose.
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thursday night. >> several cars struck that beam causing damage to the vehicles and under care afnlg those vehicles. >> reporter: by day graik break ep ga near sent to the scene satisfaction the situation deciding the road was not safe for drivers. >> we don't know exactly what caused it. >> reporter: here's what it looked like from a would. 7 skyforce flying over head. >> ee we even escorted some of their equipment into the scene so they could start working. >> reporter: on the ground you could see workers using that equipment to mame the repair. >> here this are pour age glue like mismixture into the gap to seal it back up. >> as cruised worked into the afternoon traffic still not of moving. delaying people headed to south beach for the food and wine ves festival eye can't believe this going on but then again, welcome to miami. >> reporter: and that guy really just sharing the sentiment of so mandrivers that were stuck for several hours on the roadway. but again, the good news tonight
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have reopened just before 4 o'clock. they did so for the the rush hour. hopefully it eases some of those traffic headaches. for now we're live in miami. a let's elitsa bizios. 7 news. >> belkeys: south florida already feeling another taste of winter. time to take a chill pill this weekend. chief meteorologist phil ferro in the weather center with tonights dip in degrees. >> belkeys: phil. >> phil: all right cold weather love. rejoyce and enjoy. after this weekend we're going wa up possibly 80 degrees for the high by the middle of next week. we're looking at a chilly night croos s. temperatures should dip into the 50s. actually the coldest temperature will be tomorrow morning. as a matter of fact the coldest temperature of the day is usually just before sunrise. we will probably see morning lows right around 50 and maybe some upper 40s in the with western suburbs. and sunday, not as cold.
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the cool side but by the early part of the next week we start to heat up. here's the storm tracker. it is dry all a across the the area. and it will remain this way over the next five days. now, we will a stais taste of cold air this morning. this is how you woke up in broward county. 54 degrees in fort lauderdale. miami this morning 56. 52 for new home stesmed and even the keys feeling a little bit of cool weather 60 in mara thofnl 61 the wake up temperature today in key west. high pressure will build in over the weekend. th means we'll get the cold air coming in out of the north. bundle up. so for tomorrow morning waking up to 50. upper 450es. anywhere west of the turnpike then we warm up high of 81, then another nice cool down by the end of next week. i'll have a lotore on our local forecast a little later on. >> >> reporter: >> craig: and now traffic stop trouble. have joo oo just thinking about what what is happeningut there. >> craig: an officer under fire.
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sought group fighting. >> craig: the group tracked down after danger on duty. >> and liz nagy is live for news miami where the tense moments unfold. liz. >> reporter: craig, tonight miami police say they are still questioning four people that are in custody after they say they were inside a car with where a man inside that car go to out and started firing at a city of miami police officer about 4:20 this morning. >> the gunfire started early before sun up in the city of miami friday. >> it's a crazy world in front of your house to be sleeping and get wake enup by gunshots. >> reporter: miami police were trailing the car. police say that area is known for prostitution. >> before the officer was able goift his car, he was attacked about with a barrage of gunfire from the vehicle. td assailant got back in the car and took off. >> when i woing my heart was beating. i was frayed.
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>> reporter: a few blocks down the road. >> bang, bang, bang and you heard td cops scars andndars chasing everyone. >> reporter: that's when police say officers with the tack ta clel cle unit surround the car at legume loat road. and they handcuffed the driver and three passengers. another man and two women. they recovered a gun inside the hyundai, a gun tha@ didn't injury the police officer its wa aimed at. >> no physical injuries on him but he is obviously shaken. >> reporter: miami police say their officer did not fire back. they are still not releasing the officer's name tonight nort naivmentz four people that they have in custody. they do say that a four of those people will be facing charges and are expected to be booked into jail tonight. we're live in miami. riz nay gee. 7 news. >> belkeys: okay liz, thanks the state attorney general confirming two new cases of the zika rye virus in s.1 in
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14. the other in bro wamptd thief seen five cases. to the tall statewide stands at 37. aflt cases were acquired in other countries. the mosquito born illness is especially dangerous for pregnant woman and has been throirchgd serious birth defects. while brazil is currently experience the largest out break, i has spread to at least 20 other latin american countries. zika causes the following symptoms. rash, fever, joint pain, and red-eyes. they currently last seven to ten days. there's a 24 hour zika hot line in florida tot answer questions and any concerns you might v. the number 855-622-6735. if you didn't gett no worries. we have all that info on our web site at the u.s. coast guard rescuing a group of boaters north of the dominican republic.
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caicos when their catamaran started taking on water. they were hoisted into a chopper and flown to a base in puerto rico. >> craig: also at 5:00, police officer hailed a hero. the. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooting. >> craig: after a gunman goes on a deadly rampage. >> i saw the shell cases come out of assault rifle. that vif vichtd i can still see it. >> craig: tonight a south florida connection to the kansas killing. >> the shooting spree ended with ur people including the gunman dead. >> belkeys: it all came to and he at the factory where hundreds work and hubs of pep were rking. matt fin man reports on what may have triggered the rampage. >> reporter: authorities in kansas are still putting the pieceses together following a shooting free the lane mow factory here. the gunman identified as 38-year-old cred wrik ward.
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pro an abuse order half hour before it began. >> he was armed with an assault rifle and automatic pistol. who was residing in kansas with a pfa. 3:30 at 5:00 the firstst shooting. >> reporter: unclear what prompted the soting but they say he has several prior offenses in florida and kansas including for a decade including rest, burglary and theft. and they say the officer who shot and killed him say hero. this man was not going totop shooting. the the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: but expxpts say no matter how quickly the police respond, there will still casualties in active shooter situations unless employer start take the threat posed by workplace violence more seriously. >> congress may not have the aps to do something about it but we
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hold office i'll keep bringing this up. even if it's not getting the same attention that it should snoolt sheriff's office is not releasing any more informamaon about that protective order but says it could of sparked this rampage. in hesston can 1us matt fizz. 7 news. >> craig: meanwhile the details about the man behind the shoot rg coming to light now. >> belkeys: his troubled past leleing back to south florida where he was charged with several crimes over the jeer. 7's rosh lowe has more on the man behind the tragedy. >> reporter: cedric ford had a history in scht we wanted to learn more. we went to this apartment complex in southwest miami-dade trying to learn more about him from family and friends. no answer at an apartment there. >> miss ford, can we get a quick comment. >> reporter: but we did speak toy neighbor who was shocked by the story. >> i can only imagine what he is she is going thrgh. i don't know.
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up the road. >> >> reporter: ford are wounding three from storm nieg a factory where he worked. killing three before he was killed by police. >> from southwest miami-dade to up north miami-dade we spent the day tracing the footprints of ford in s. we discovered he did have a criminal history in 2000 he was arrested for moong other things grand theft in pim brook pines and a listed a address in northwest miami-dade. here's his mug shot from the miami-dade case. in miami-dade he a criminal history. in 2009, charged with battery. 1999 charged with cannabis possession. 1997 burglary. 1996, a weapons charge. for the weapons charge he served probation. the 2005 battery charge #-d was not pros ciewghtsz and the 1997 no burglary c crge into action taken. foshed was marked with his runs in with the law and seemed to leave the area several years ago
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kansas. in northwest miami-dade. rosh lowe. 7 news. >> >> craig: politics now. new jersey govenor chris christie taking on a supportg row for the race in the white house. he is backing donald trump. >> >> belkeys: speak of the trum. the republican front runner making fun of rco rubio and using a water bot tole do it. >> the infamous water bottle. the attack keep coming as the steaks get higher. >> craig: trump andubio rerely going at it. super tuesday just day way. alex diprato with more on this alex. >> reporter: well, craig, the endorsement coming as the attacks. today donald trump and marco rubio took their jabs tie whole new level accusing one another
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at last night's debate. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump as president of the united states. > reporter: govenor chris tee dropped out of race for president but today through his support behind donald trump. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs book at home and around the world tn donald trump. >> reporter: on the trail the republicans are ceeng up their attacks on one another. donald trump use aing water to say marcoco riewz rubio was seat h- sweating duringg last night's debate. it's rubio. >ut marco rubio telling supporters it was trump who was actually doing the sweating. last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks he went back stage. he was having a melt down. >> first he this little make up thing applying make up around his mustache because he a sweat must taj tamp the verbal jabs
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this guy say joke artist and this guy say liar. donald trump. marco rubio and ted cruz went after one another. >> donald, relax. go head. i'm relaughed. you're the basket case. donald, don't get nervous. >> go head. i promise you there is nothing about you that makes any one nervous. people fead feel bad watch. you don't have one republican senator backing you novment o. not one. you don't have the endorsement of one represent represent senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of of yourself. >> if he build the wall the way he wilt trump towers he will be using illegal immigrants to do it. >> but the debate is final will are weather lam almost 600 delegates gowp for grabs on super tiewssments if he hadn't in her receipted $2 million you know wherere he would be right
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fiery exchanges there on super tuesday. voters in 13 states go to the polls. live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> craig: and coming up at 6:00 o here night a new poll is out. a look for the fight for florida on the democratic side. you'll want to join us for those results at 6:00. >> belkeys: there is a lot more coming up here on 7 news. police say they arrested another teen in connection to a young boy's shooting death. this as friends and family prep to say goodbye. >> craig: another family feeling thankful their little one is head hope home from the 4079 after being hit by a car. >> belkeys: big bills gar nen ago tension at a south florida business and helping police make an arrest. >> craig: and a historic day inside an operating room. the woman given hope to having a baby thanks to break through surgery.
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>> >> belkeys: a ground break operation bringing new hope for certain women who have been told they can never get pregnant. doctors are calling this a big break through. >> craig: a team of surgeons performing the first uterus transplant in u.s. history. danielle nomple is here about the story. danielle. >> danielle: and i have to tell you guys. this is incredible. the fairs temp at a surgery that has been tried to in sweend that has resulted in several successful births. a ground breaking procedure giving home hope to women who thought having a child was impossible. surgeons in the cleveland clinic
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first uterus trans plan. surgery. transplant. we would take from ah an organ dor and prepare that to put inside the recipients. and based out of cleveland's cling heading up the experience. this week's trans plant was the first of ten attempt nps the clinical try. the transplant has been performed in sweerd went where they have seen success. recipients of a uterus must be healthy woman who were born without a uterus. had it removed or had uterine damage. and most cases it's say. some infection. but these women will have to undergo invitro vert ta la disaition. it will lieu the women who would of only gotten pregnant froro using a surrogate mom to experience having a baby growing in their body.
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after the transplant too begin the invitro process to try and get pregnant. if that happens the moment can only give birth via c sefnghts the uterus is removed from the resip yanlt's body after girnlg birth to one or two children. >> danielle: pretty incredible stuff. the cleveland cling will have more detail coming up next week the at a conference. and the mother we saw in the piece who is 26 years old is stable oofl live in the plex. danielle knox. 7 news. >> craig: next up from the newsplex. and and to nice edition of the low down. 1 foot many frocht other. and then another. there is it is. a driver. >> craig: >> >> belkeys: a fik p- picture of a jacket. you want to watch this.
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>> belkeys: hey erybody. welcome. do you love it? it's our new 7 news social media center. isn't it great? we'll be here talking about what everybody is talking bon instagram andwitter and tum bler and facebook. you name t we'll be talking about it here.( a year ago today exactly you guys were talking about this. remember this dress. this dress that broact internet. some people saw white and god. some people thousand it was blue
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arguing about. it with well, guess, whaht a year later we're talking about again but not about the dress. we're talking about the jacket. have you seen this. this jacket. it's an a dedas jacket. someone posted it on tum bler and the user said that she saw black and brown but her friends saw white and blue. some people are ven seeing green. what do you see? all right sm let't' talk about it. people on twitter talking about this m all day. at exodus they say they see blewish gray and whihi. i don't know. i see blew and white myself. but hey, whatever. at m under core pat tray 67. theyee brown and black. i don't next i see something dirchl like i said. i see blew and white. i can't remember what i saw on the dress. that was too long ago. tweet us at and let us know what you think.
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our new sevment the in sta book twitter gram tum bler sevment all wrapped into one. it's our new social media center. we'll be here all the time talking via social med yacht come on joint the conversation. live in the news plex. i'm belkeys nerey. phil has got the@ the weather. >> now 7 weather with chief meteororogist p pl ferro. >> phil: speak of jackets. we're going to need one. this weekend. send the to belkeys. all right. let's take a look at what's happening croots southeast. clear skies will route. we have high pressure sitting across the area. look at all the clear skies right here. that's what we are going to enjoy over the next 24 to 48 hours. it will be dry at least through the early part of next week. we may see few showers for tuesday and wednesday head of another weak front that will rief for thursday and friday. and as far as temperatures are concerned, a chilly weekend i in store. waking up to 50 tomorrow and it
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with we warm up just a little bit for sunday and then warmer temperatures will come right back to our area look at the lows here. on wednesday morning, 71 degrees. taking a look at the temperatures across the state. 60 degrees right now in pensacola. as we head east on i-10. 59 in tallahassee. northern florida pretty cool. 57 in jacksonville. 59 in gainesville. e i-4 corridor this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. tampa 58a. at the theme parks 64 degrees ch we've seen a beautiful day here today. plenty of clear skies and nice breeze. right now temperatures are in the 60's. 71 in fort lauderdale. and the keys have seen a fantastic day. temperatures right now in the upper 60s. the wind is vair able at 6 miles per hour. so the storm streark not protecting anything as far as rain is concerned. and we should remain rain free at least 'til tuesday or
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and a couple showers could show up. let's take a look at marine forecast. as you caution and tonight especially small craft. the seas will be building 6 feet in the gulf stream current. gulf stream bay way moderatat chop. nowrt florida keys also with an advise roimplet coastal water churn turning choppy. next high tide miami 10:45 for new fort lauderdale. key largo 11:48. 11:53 in key west. clear skies stage dry. over night lows in the 50s and 60s for the the keys and we could see upppp 40s in the western suburbs. mostly sunny. nice breeze tomorrow. highs in the upper 60s to the low 70s here's your extended out look. sunday. 56 for a loasm then we start to warm up. high of 81 by the middl of next week. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>> craig: that is 7 news at 5:00 on friday. thanks for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it right here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and now at 53:40, a young child hity a police cruiser heading home from the hospital. good evening everybody. police say that child darted into danger on his skooter. >> lynn: and an officer could not stop his cruiser in time of sheldon fox is live at jackson


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