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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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now on 7 news. >> two s. florida teams playing with a gun, one would lose his life. details up at. >> hillary clinton claiming victory in the south carolina primary after easily beating bernie sanders. >> a baby from south florida snatched from her south florida home was found in orlando. the cool spill continues, but only for a little longer. good evening. i am robbin simmons. >> and i am robbin. 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is 7 news at 11:00. >> off the top 11, two teams play with the gun on police say one of them was suddenly shot by mistake. hello, and good evening again. police are investigating another tete tragedy. >> tonight, the family is speaking up.
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is in miami gardens with more. >> walter: famimi members filled the street after a family member was shot and killed. >> man: an accident at the house, and i looked out totoee what was going on. >> they identified the victim as 14-year-old tovaris, also known as junior. they were called to terrace and 22nd avenue around 3:5. it went off, one failing wanted. >> man: i will never see him again. my kids will never see him agaiai >> this was the scene outside of jackson memorial saturday afternoon. grieving tragedy. >> he was the smallest of the group, but also the toughest. >> the neighbor said he watched the team grow up with s kids. he is now have a hard time knowing that the smiley faces gone. >> man: i will be honest with you, i'm just holding back tears right now. live process bi will never see this kid again. that is the reality that everybody has to face right no
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again. >> still no word on where the two teenagers got again. reporting in miami gardens, 7 ne, the night team. now at 11:00, the democrats screre as in south carolina e week after the gop. tonight, the votes are in. life night team coverage of the race to the white house. >> the race was called just minutes after the pole was closd. hillary clinton came away with a win tonight in south carolina. she did big numbers, 73.5 percent to bernie center's 26 percent. and with that landslide victory, clinton said her campaign is now going national. >> is definitely on her side. bernie sanders took the loss tonight in south carolina, and moving on using every minute again to gain support ahead of super tuesday.
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>> reporter: she now has the lead heading into the largest that they of line of voting. sanders tells his supporters not to count them out. . >> reporter: saturday night in south carolina, hillary clinton called game on. >> woman: tomorrow, this campaign goes nationil! heering] >> after running away with nearly 75 percent of the vote is the first southern state primary, the former secretary of state said that she had momentum on her back. it was the black vote that moved up big for mrs. clinton >> woman: we will compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything, and we're not taki anyone, for granted. bernie sanders did his best to downplay expectations for saturday's primary.the democratat socialist candidate was not even in the state on
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to the dozen states of voting on tuesday. >an: it is about transforming america. it is about thinking big and the kind of country he wts to become. >> on the republican trail, one-time competitor chris christie stepped out for the front-runner. >> man: on tuesdsy, will you make tennessee trump country? >> a marco rubio is still doubling down. >> man: i cannot imagine him being the nominee, and i'm telling you guys, i will be in this race as lows takes, all 50 states in every territory to make sure i indicated. >> ted cruz locked in a tight race with his home stage and others, now pleading with republican vots to to show. >> man: we risk using the greatest country in the world. we are four days. i'm calling on you, with all of your energy, with all of your passion.
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of the 12 state swing tuesday may have a less cluttered path to the white house. hillary clinton will be in south florida for a campaign stop in miami, and donald trump will also be in south florida, stopping at palm beach on the same day. liz nagee, 7 news night team. >> also, and infant affected and abandoned. the baby girl turns up hundreds of miles away from her home in south florida. the two month old was finally found in orlando after her kidnapping triggered a statewide amber alert. nicole has the latest. >> nicole: tonight we were told by their broward county sheriff'f'office that little taraji kemp, just two months old, was found abandoned in an apartment in unincorporated orange county near orlando. that is where she was found. at the same time, a person of interest have been located. she is still talking to detectives. this should give the parents
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to figure out exactly how their little girl ended up 200 miles away. >> woman: i was like a thank you card, thank you jehovah. it was a miracle. >> a miracle that baby taraji kemp is safe, discovered in orlando 18 hours after she was taken from this s neighborhood near ft. lauderdale. [beeping] >> the amber alert first broadcast at 3:00 a.m., and baby girl kidnapped by two men, perhaps it again. e two month old snatched from her mother's bed. >> woman: it just after 11:00 a.m., we got a call about a home invasion and kidnapping. the parents of a two-year-old girl reported an armed intruder came in and took her daughter. >> woman: we hear her crying and screaming about her child with the police officer was talking to them. >> police scrambled to set up a perimeter, but it was too late. the search continued into the early morning hours, deputies surrounded the apartment building. a helicopter flying overhead.
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announced they were lookining for this woman, 23-year-old stephanie augustin is a person of interest. she was later found, but at that time, no baby taraji. >> right now, investigators are working very closely with the parents. they're talking with the parents and several other people in the home. >> man: we are trying to get them get information out there. >> this woman left the apartment without comity, but the neighbors are not shy about expressing their concern. >> woman: that is heart wrenching. it is boh my god. i do not know what to put that. >> after nightfall, the family home is still dark and quiet, marked by investigators. use that the baby girl had been found turned concerning to really for neighbors. >> man: i'm glad everything turned out all right. it is a blessing. >> woman: i prayed for her and her family. it is very disappointing inside someone would do that. >> this two month old has been taken to a hospital in orlando. she will be spending thnight
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precaution. they said that she had no visible injuries on her. they say that they cononnue to talk to stephanie augustin, the person of interest. so far though, no arrest. reporting near ft. lauderdale, nicolele7 news. family and friends santa final farewell twists-year-old boy who shot and killed. hundreds gathering at new birth after this church in opa-locka to say goodbye to king carter. he was fatally shot in front of his miamhome on saturday. religious leaders are now calling for in and to the killings. >> man: thank you for being a sacrificial lamb so the police department can get along with the stste attorney's office and get along with the churches and get along with the pastors and get along with the parents and get along with the people and get along with the community. thank you, king! >> police are still looking for a car connected to to the shooting. take a look at your screen, it is a 1999 black lexus gs300. if you have any information,
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and migrants say to see by a carnival cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. the legend of pittsburgh cruise was traveling from key west to cozumel mexico and people on board is putting 16 people on a raft 50 miles off the coast of cuba. pittsburgh steeler's athletes taking to instagram to share pictures. the spokeswoman jennifer de la cruz said the migrants will be turned over to immigration officials at the next stop. life from the night team, we take a look at the beautiful night at town. >> i just want to repeat, again, brent cameron life from the weather center. >> we have been able to get the repeat button for three nights in a row, and back to jackets tonight. first thing on sunday morning, then we look at a little bit of
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that will happen during the afternoon tomorrow.that will set us for a warming trend, especially as we go into a swing spring. the spring is three weeks from tomorrow, but heheing into the new month of march, temperatures will be on quite a rebound. 63 miami, 61 in ft. lauderdale, consistent in the 60s and keys with a breeze coming out of the north. that will keep us cool tonight, and as we start the day tomorrow, in fact, the noon hour, 72 degrees at lunchtime. a mild ocean breeze. a few clouds also arriving out of the ocean. temperatures, compared to average, will be close to the seasonal mark. ending into monday, 78 for high, 63 for a low, very close to what we typically by this time of year. after that, temperatures will ben the warm side, above 80 for a time. we will talk about about this coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, brent. >> coming up, seven news at
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getting a chance to live out his dream, thanks to kindhearted firefighters. >> lus, a reptile rollcall for the hunters who stepped up
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a two-year-old boy in a tough battle for his life. he became a firefighter for one day. the little boy from oklahoma was fighting a rarform of cancer ice when the local fire department found out he loves firefighters, they went out of their way to brighten up estate. jace has been fighting a rare form of cancer since he was 16 months old. >> woman: it is a wrap void tumor. at the time, they founa tumor had encased his colon. >> after finishing up another round of treatment, the
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decided to surprise them. >> child: wow! >> he was a bit hesitant at first. >> climb all the way up there. >> but quickly warmed up to the crew. >> man: should we turn the siren on? >> jason got to ride on a big red and she, complete with sins and lights. speed 61. >> man: he was asking questions the whole time, wants to knonowhat everything did. >> did you get to ride in the fire truck? >> child: yes. >> was it fun? >> child: yes. >> he got to write down the pole, try out the hose, and even got a badge. >> man: that makes you an official member of air department. about that? [cheering] [applause] >> woman: you have no idea about the joy on his face. he ere's been so much pain and hurt, he needed it and enjoyed it. all do. i cannot think the oklahoma city fire department ough. this is something we will all
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>> for the day was only planned for jase, family and friends said they got a lot about the surprise two. >> man: take everything and just have fun with it. enjoy everything around. >> love hard because you never know with the next day will be. >> child: that little boy's face says it all. they have created a go fund me account to help pay fofo hospital can find it on a website, >> all right. a reptile rescue, into the deep blue sea. a loggerhead sea turtle blasting back into her natural habitat. if she goes. she was rescued back in december. the turtleleas unable to dive underwater and had a fishing:00 in her flipper. now she is 10 pounds heavier and ready to hit the weights, all thanks to the turtle hospital who do great work. dozens of people crowded at key west beach to see the releas all right. amateur hunters gathering in davie to collect python praises. awards were given to those who
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burmese python's. the conservation commission teed up with the fish and wildlife foundation of florida for the month long burmese python removal competition. thatis what happened. it was a effort to help protect the animals in the everglades from the base of the snakes. you are wching wsvn.
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the volunteers working hard for the past two weeks building two new homes. >> and we're live on one e the bills. >> reporter: is a beautiful saturday in february, but what is even more beautiful than the sunny, blue skies and the e te of hundreds of volunteers to build families home of the greens. >> isbeautiful to see them build the home of the dreams of a beautiful a spectacular day. >> is part of the shares habitat for humanity project,
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there are a total of 10 newly built homes, each sponsored by a company or foundation. this blue home, sponsored by wsvn 7 news. >> channel 7 has been a longtime sponsor of habitat days. in fact, today, channel 7 has sponsored 32 homes. >> man: you can only watch channel 7. [laughter] >> this reaction is the reason hundreds of volunteers spend their free time rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty. >> over the last two weeks, we had more than 1600 volunteers to their part. everything from carpentry to landscaping to lay down tiles and roofing. erything. it is a labor of love, and people really seem to enjoy it. i know the families are so appreciative of all the efforts.>> seven news.
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with meteorologist brent cameron. >> not a bad way to start the weekend. on saturday,)after the chilly start, temperatures were able to bounce back. we are on the cool side now, 63 miami, and everyone else's near the 60 degree mark. 61 in ft. lauderdale in key west with dry conditions over land. you do not have to look too far offshore before you find some more clouds. and if you look very carefully, a couple of littltlsprinkles just offshore that could impact some beach locations for a very temporary time during the overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow winds will take a little bit of a turn of e ocean waters. for now, winds are generally out of the north at nine. a breeze on a fairly light side, and humidity is also in the comfortable range of 56 percent. now, we have high pressure keeping things very quiet, clear across most of the southern states. we find a little more activity
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showers. temperatures are still above average for much of the nation. this is w-pressure with some rain, a few bands of snow as well. tonight, for us, this area of high pressure is in control of air ekend, keeping things on the quiet side. temperatures feeling very nice during the day, but we will find more in the way of clouls tomorrow. this is the reason why. the high begins to move way, and it is sinking air that provides all the stability that will be leaving. we will find more of a cloudy pattern heading into the new workweek with temperatures going up. we wl find the warming trend starting tomorrow, gradually taking over the next few days. the boating forecast involves no advisories for miami-dade and broward, height is when the next hourur keep this in mind, a new small craft advisory in effect for the keys. temperatures going from the 50s tonight, and then your s sen day forecast, warming up by the minute and second half of the week. that is your seven on seven
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time now for 7sports with mike dipasquale. >> is official. after signing will waivers, joe johnson signs with the keys. he could make his miami debut tomorrow with the new york knicks. in the road in boston, first quarter, the pullback jumper. a game-high 21 for the dragon. heat after one.
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part of a 10 to to run. derek soldier rebounds, 83 for adley. he is now 57, 52. d wade, the jumper, 8019. heat up 80 b79. jake bwder with a limp, end zone a 19 to 7 right. miami has 20 turnovers, and this one is not good. the heat lose 101 to 89. >> and in columbmb, seth jones knocks a floater. he ties into two. later, a scramble, and there's a lead. the cats are not done. the @power play coming up, and logan shaw lights it a three. he goes to a shootout. brandon novitsky nearly loses his puck. he keeps a score to keep the cats life. heat loses control, 43 for the e start up.
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to 1. final home game of the season, senior day, always great for players and families. they pick up to play the game, five and half minutes left. the drives for late, plus the file. the free throw, now miami is up by three. angel rodriguez, three ball. three rodriguez, and they when this one 73 b65. king, by the way, beat the top ranked gators. >> thank you, mike. >> that is 7 news 11:00. i'm jeff lennox. >> and i am robbin simmon have a great night, and we will
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